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psify Pretty print C, CLU, SCHEME, Java and ARGUS source files
psjoin Concatenate PostScript files
pslib C-library to create PostScript files
psutils Utilities for manipulating PostScript documents
ptexenc Library for Japanese pTeX and its tools
py-Pdf PDF library
py-cups Python bindings for the CUPS API
py-pisa HTML2pdf converter
py-pslib Python bindings for pslib
py-reportlab Powerful PDF-generating toolkit for Python
rlpr lpr work-alike to print directly to remote printer
rtf2latex Filter that converts RTF (MS's Rich Text Format) into LaTeX
rtf2latex2e RTF to LaTeX2e converter
ruby-Ascii85 (V) Ascii85 encoder/decoder
ruby-gnome2-poppler Ruby binding of poppler-glib
ruby-net-ping (V) Ping interface for Ruby
ruby-pdf-reader Library for accessing the content of PDF files
ruby-pdf-writer PDF generation library
ruby-prawn Fast and nimble PDF generator for Ruby
scribus Publishing layout with graphical interface
scribus-qt4 Publishing layout with graphical interface
stylewriter Apple StyleWriter driver for un*x
tcl-pdflib Tcl interface to PDFlib for generating PDF files
teTeX Thomas Esser's TeX distribution for UNIX compatible systems
teTeX3-bin TeX distribution for UNIX compatible systems - binaries
teTeX3-texmf Machine-independent part of teTeX
teTeX3-texmfsrc Sources for machine-independent part of teTeX
tex-2up TeX package to print a document two-up
tex-2up-doc Documentation for tex-2up
tex-IEEEtran LaTeX class for IEEE journals and conferences
tex-IEEEtran-doc Documentation for tex-IEEEtran
tex-SIstyle Package to typeset SI units, numbers and angles
tex-SIstyle-doc Documentation for tex-SIstyle
tex-a0poster Support for designing posters on large paper
tex-a0poster-doc Documentation for tex-a0poster
tex-a4wide Wide a4 layout for LaTeX
tex-a4wide-doc Documentation for tex-a4wide
tex-a5comb A5 paper sizes support for LaTeX
tex-a5comb-doc Documentation for tex-a5comb
tex-abc Support ABC music notation in LaTeX
tex-abc-doc Documentation for tex-abc
tex-acmconf Class for ACM conference proceedings
tex-acmconf-doc Documentation for tex-acmconf
tex-acmtrans Class and BibTeX style for ACM Transactions
tex-acmtrans-doc Documentation for tex-acmtrans
tex-acromake Make commands for acronyms in LaTeX
tex-acromake-doc Documentation for tex-acromake
tex-advdate LaTeX package to print a date relative to today
tex-advdate-doc Documentation for tex-advdate
tex-algorithm2e Floating algorithm environment with algorithmic keywords
tex-algorithm2e-doc Documentation for tex-algorithm2e
tex-algorithms A suite of tools for typesetting algorithms in pseudo-code
tex-algorithms-doc Documentation for tex-algorithms
tex-amscls AMS document classes for LaTeX
tex-amscls-doc Documentation for tex-amscls
tex-amsmath AMS mathematical facilities for LaTeX
tex-amsmath-doc Documentation for tex-amsmath
tex-amsrefs LaTeX-based replacement for BibTeX
tex-amsrefs-doc Documentation for tex-amsrefs
tex-anonchap LaTeX style to make chapters be typeset like sections
tex-anonchap-doc Documentation for tex-anonchap
tex-answers Setting questions (or exercises) and answers
tex-answers-doc Documentation for tex-answers
tex-arabi (La)TeX support for Arabic and Farsi, compliant with Babel
tex-arabi-doc Documentation for tex-arabi
tex-arabtex Macros and fonts for typesetting Arabic
tex-arabtex-doc Documentation for tex-arabtex
tex-babel Multilingual support for Plain TeX or LaTeX
tex-babel-doc Documentation for tex-babel
tex-babelbib Multilingual bibliographies
tex-babelbib-doc Documentation for tex-babelbib
tex-bagpipetex MusixTeX macros to typeset bagpipe music
tex-beamer A LaTeX class for producing presentations and slides
tex-beamer-doc Documentation for tex-beamer
tex-beton Use Concrete fonts
tex-beton-doc Documentation for tex-beton
tex-bezos Packages by Javier Bezos
tex-bezos-doc Documentation for tex-bezos
tex-bibtex Reference management software for LaTeX
tex-bibtex-doc Documentation for tex-bibtex
tex-bibtopic Include multiple bibliographies in a document
tex-bibtopic-doc Documentation for tex-bibtopic
tex-block LaTeX block letter style for the letter class
tex-block-doc Documentation for tex-block
tex-bold-extra LaTeX package to use bold small caps and typewriter fonts
tex-bold-extra-doc Documentation for tex-bold-extra
tex-boxedminipage LaTeX package for producing framed minipages
tex-boxedminipage-doc Documentation for tex-boxedminipage
tex-braket Dirac bra-ket and set notations for LaTeX
tex-braket-doc Documentation for tex-braket
tex-breakcites LaTeX package to a line break in multiple citations
tex-breakcites-doc Documentation for tex-breakcites
tex-cancel LaTeX package to place lines through maths formulae
tex-cancel-doc Documentation for tex-cancel
tex-capt-of Captions on more than floats
tex-capt-of-doc Documentation for tex-capt-of
tex-captdef Declare free-standing \caption commands
tex-captdef-doc Documentation for tex-captdef
tex-caption Customising captions in floating environments
tex-caption-doc Documentation for tex-caption