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((V)irtual = Package is only listed here)
9menu Simple menu patterned after the plan9 user interface
Addresses Address book for GNUstep
JBidwatcher eBay sniping, bidding and monitoring software
JMdict Japanese-Multilingual electronic dictionary
ascii ASCII character table program
asr-manpages alt.sysadmin.recovery man page distribution
astrolog Astrology program for X11 and alpha-numeric terminals
attica Qt library that implements the Open Collaboration Services API
autocue Time-based text formatter, sending output to xcb for pasting
basket Feature-rich note-taking KDE application
bbappconf Configure the behaviour of an application under Blackbox
bbdb Insidious Big Brother DataBase, a rolodex-like database Emacs program
bbweather Show current weather conditions
blccc Blinkenlights Chaos Control Center
bottlerocket Home Automation Software for the X10 FireCracker kit
brs Interactive King James Version Bible
bsdiff Size efficient binary diff and patch tools
bsdstats BSD-Stats collector script
buffer Buffer sporadic binary I/O for faster tape use
calibre E-book library management application
celestia Free real-time 3D space simulator
chipmunk Shell-like tool for hardware debugging
chord Produce PS sheet-music from text input
cksfv Check and create simple file verification (SFV) listings
color-theme Emacs-lisp mode for skinning your emacs
colorblind Pixel Filter for colorblind accessibility
colorize Log colorize perl script
colorls ls(1) that can use color to display file attributes
colortail Colour-able replacement for tail(1)
cowsay Configurable talking cow
cstream General-purpose stream-handling tool with bandwidth limiting
cuecat Read and parse barcodes from your CueCat barcode reader
cuetools Set of utilities to manipulate cue and toc files
deskbar-applet Omnipresent, versatile search interface for the GNOME Desktop
dgpsip Differential GPS over IP communication device
dialog Display dialog boxes from shell scripts
dirdiff Displays differences between directories
dnetc Official client
dotfile GUI dotfile generator program to create .config files
dpkg Package maintenance system for Debian
dt Virtual consoles for NetBSD/mac68k (and macppc?)
dtach Small program that emulates the detach feature of screen
dvorakng US English Dvorak keyboard tutor
dvtm Dynamic virtual terminal manager
dync awk-like utility with C as language
easymenu Software used to generate menu systems
ec2-ami-tools Amazon EC2 AMI Tools (bundle, create, upload AMIs to S3)
ec2-api-tools Amazon EC2 API tools (register, launch, administer instances)
edict Japanese-English dictionary file
elizatalk Eliza talkback program
elscreen Window manager within Emacs
emacs-wiki Wiki major mode for emacs, which aims for implicit and natural markup
epm ESP generates software packages from a list of files
esniper Simple, lightweight tool for sniping ebay auctions
fast-user-switch-applet (V) Switch between users from the GNOME Panel
fbreader Ebook reader software
fd File and directory management tool
fep General purpose front end for command line editing
figlet Print text banners in fancy ASCII art characters
figlet-fonts Additional fonts for figlet
firelib Library for predicting fire spread rate, intensity, and more
gaupol Subtitle editor
gelemental Periodic table viewer
getopt Program to help shell scripts parse command-line parameters
gkrellm-flynn GKrellM2 plugin that shows system load with a DooM marine
gkrellm-launch GKrellM plugin to allow quick launch of applications
gkrellm-leds GKrellM plugin that monitors CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock keys
gkrellm-moon GKrellM2 moonclock plugin
gkrellm-weather Gkrellm2 weather plugin
gnome-devel-docs The GNOME 2 developer's guide
gnome-user-docs The GNOME 2 users guide
gnome-utils Set of useful GNOME2 utilities and applications
gnuls GNU ls utility with color support
goffice0.10 Library of document-centric objects and utilities
goffice0.6 Library of document-centric objects and utilities
goffice0.8 Library of document-centric objects and utilities
gok GNOME On-Screen Keyboard
gone Terminal locking utility with many improvements over lock(1)
gperiodic Displays a periodic table of the elements
granulate Program for splitting files in place
gwaei Japanese dictionary for GNOME
hanzim Chinese character learning-aid program
heirloom-banner Collection of standard Unix utilities (banner)
heirloom-cal Collection of standard Unix utilities (cal)
heirloom-calendar Collection of standard Unix utilities (calendar)
heirloom-hd Collection of standard Unix utilities (hd)
heirloom-more Collection of standard Unix utilities (more)
heirloom-od Collection of standard Unix utilities (od)
heirloom-printenv Collection of standard Unix utilities (printenv)
heirloom-printf Collection of standard Unix utilities (printf)
heirloom-random Collection of standard Unix utilities (random)
heirloom-sleep Collection of standard Unix utilities (sleep)
heirloom-split (V) Collection of standard Unix utilities (split)
heirloom-sum Collection of standard Unix utilities (sum)
heirloom-tcopy Collection of standard Unix utilities (tcopy)
heirloom-time Collection of standard Unix utilities (time)
heyu Home Automation Software for the X10 CM11A
howm Write fragmentarily and read collectively
ibutton-pdkit 1-Wire Public Domain Kit Version 2.00
ipbt High-tech ttyrec player
iselect Curses based Interactive Selection Tool
ja-less Less + zcat + ISO-2022 + UTF-8 - a pager similar to more and pg
ja-man Japanese on-line manual pages of NetBSD
jhd Japanese Hexadecimal Dump
jive Filter that converts English text to Jive
kaccessible Provides accessibility services like focus tracking for KDE
kalzium periodic table of elements
kanjidic Japanese Kanji information
kanjidic2 Japanese Kanji information
kanjipad Japanese handwriting recognition
kbruch KDE exercise fractions
kcharselect KDE character selector
kchm KDE CHM file viewer
kchmviewer CHM (MS HTML help file format) viewer
kde-wallpapers4 Wallpapers for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kdeaccessibility3 Accessibility support for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kdeaddons3 Add ons for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kdeadmin3 System administration tools for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kdeadmin4 System administration tools for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kdeartwork3 Artwork for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kdeartwork4 Artwork for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kdeedu3 Edu{tainment,cation} tools for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kdepim-runtime4 Runtime requirements for the KDE PIM tools
kdepim3 Personal Information Management tools for the KDE desktop
kdepim4 Personal Information Management tools for the KDE desktop
kdepimlibs4 Support libraries for PIM for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kdeplasma-addons4 Plasmoids
kdeutils3 Utilities for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kdrill Kanji quiz and japanese dictionary
kgeography KDE geography trainer
kig KDE interactive geometry
kiten KDE Japanese reference/learning tool
klettres KDE app to help learn the alphabet and read some syllables in languages
kmag KDE screen magnifier
kmousetool KDE mouse manipulation tool
kmouth KDE Speech Synthesizer frontend
kodos GUI for creating, testing and debugging Python REs
koffice KDE Office Suite
koffice-l10n-da Danish language pack for KOffice
koffice-l10n-de German language pack for KOffice
koffice-l10n-en_GB English (Great Britain) language pack for KOffice
koffice-l10n-es Spanish language pack for KOffice
koffice-l10n-et Estonian language pack for KOffice
koffice-l10n-fi Finnish language pack for KOffice
koffice-l10n-fr French language pack for KOffice
koffice-l10n-pl Polish language pack for KOffice
kp The Keyboard Practicer, touch-type training program
kremotecontrol KDE frontend for your remote controls.
kstars KDE desktop planetarium
ktouch KDE touch typing tutor
kturtle KDE educational programming environment
kwordquiz KDE flash card trainer
labelnation Command-line label, business card printing program
latin-words-bin Latin-to-English dictionary program (Linux binary)
less Pager similar to more and pg
libcarddav CardDAV library
libcdio CD-ROM access library
libkdeedu Common library for KDE educational apps
libkgeomap World-Map Library interface for KDE
libkvkontakte KDE library for asynchronous interaction with vkontakte.rusocial network
libquantum Quantum computing simulation library
libreoffice Office productivity suite
libreoffice3-bin Integrated office productivity suite (binary pkg)
libutf UTF-8 character set support library, including regular expressions
lile Input Line Editor that wraps itself around programs
linux-words English word list
loco Colorize file or standard input and print on the standard output
logsurfer Processes logfiles and performs certain actions
lookup Electric dictionary agent for Emacs
lv Powerful Multilingual File Viewer
m17n-contrib Collection of contributed works used with the m17n library
m17n-db The m17n database used by the m17n library
m17n-docs Documents for the m17n library
marble KDE desktop globe
mirmon Monitor the state of mirror servers
mkcue Generates a CUE sheet from a CD
mmv Move, copy, append or link multiple files using wildcard patterns
mnemosyne Sophisticated flash-card tool which optimizes your learning process
molden Displaying MOLecular DENsity
most Pager (like less) which has support for windows and binary files
mousetweaks Mouse accessibility software
mtail Small tail workalike that performs output coloring
multitail View one or multiple files
nxtvepg NextView EPG decoder
open2300 WS 23xx weather station support software
open2300-mysql WS 23xx weather station MySQL support
openoffice3 Integrated office productivity suite (version 3)
openoffice3-bin Integrated office productivity suite (binary pkg)
orca Screen reader
p5-App-MrShell Mr. Shell runs a command on multiple hosts
p5-Array-PrintCols Perl5 module to print arrays of elements in sorted columns
p5-Business-CreditCard Perl5 module to validate/generate credit card checksums/names
p5-Business-ISBN Perl5 module to work with International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs)
p5-Business-ISBN-Data Data for the p5-Business-ISBN package
p5-Business-UPS Perl5 module to handle UPS rate calculation and package tracking
p5-ControlX10-CM11 Perl5 module for controlling the X10 CM11A controller
p5-ControlX10-CM17 Perl5 module for controlling the X10 CM17A controller
p5-File-MMagic Perl5 module to guess file types
p5-File-MMagic-XS File Type With XS (a la mod_mime_magic)
p5-File-Tail Perl5 module for reading from continuously updated files
p5-I18N-LangTags Perl5 functions for dealing with RFC3066-style language tags
p5-Locale-Codes Perl5 module for ISO 3166, 639, 4217 and 15924 codes
p5-Locale-Maketext Perl framework for localization
p5-Locale-Maketext-Fuzzy Maketext from already interpolated strings
p5-Locale-Maketext-Lexicon Use other catalog formats in Maketext
p5-Locale-Maketext-Simple Simple interface to Locale::Maketext::Lexicon
p5-Locale-US Perl 5 module to maps US two-letter codes to states and vice versa
p5-Locale-libintl Perl internationalization library
p5-Mac-Macbinary Perl5 module for decoding Macbinary files
p5-Mac-PropertyList Work with Mac plists at a low level
p5-Msgcat Perl5 module to use the message catalog functions
p5-Parse-Win32Registry Parse Windows Registry Files
p5-Scalar-List-Utils (V) Perl subroutines that would be nice to have in the perl core
p5-Scalar-Util-Refcount (V) Perl module to show an object's reference count
p5-Search Perl5 module to provide framework for multiple searches
p5-Vroom Slide Shows in Vim
parchive Create or use Parity Volume Set (PAR and Pnn) files
parley KDE vocabulary trainer
pciids Repository of PCI IDs (pci.ids database)
pdmenu Simple console menu program
php-orangehrm Open source Human Resource Management (HRM) solution
pinfo Przemek's Info Viewer
ppower X10 controller software for the CM11A interface
pty-redir Attach a program's stdio to a pty
py-anita Automated NetBSD Installation and Test Application
py-anki Flashcard learning program (v1)
py-anki2 Flashcard learning program (v2)
py-carddav Simple way of accessing a CardDAV resource
py-kde4 (V) Python bindings for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
py-libanki Flashcard learning program (support libraries)
py-readline (V) Line editing support for Python
qbrew Homebrewer's recipe calculator
qterm Utility to recognise terminal type automatically
reed Auto-scrolling file viewer
rlwrap Provides command line editing and history for other commands
rocs KDE graph theory IDE
root OO framework for data analysis and visualisation
root-tail Allows printing of text directly to the X11 root window
routeplanner-cli Highway trip planner written in Python
rox-memo Reminds you about things
rpm The Red Hat Package Manager
ruby-ansi Collection of ANSI escape code related libraries
ruby-bundler Manage your application's dependencies
ruby-columnize Ruby module to print an Array in column-sorted order
ruby-commander The complete solution for Ruby command-line executables
ruby-configuration Library for loading Ruby configuration files
ruby-daemons Toolkit to convert Ruby scripts to a daemon
ruby-gem_plugin Gem-based plugin system
ruby-launchy Ruby class for launching applications
ruby-progressbar Text Progress Bar Library for Ruby
ruby-sprockets Rack-based asset packaging system
ruby-sprockets22 Rack-based asset packaging system
ruby-transaction-simple Mixin library for adding transaction support to objects
ruby-typed-array Provides methods for creating type-enforced Arrays
rubygems Ruby standard for publishing and managing third party libraries
rump Virtualized NetBSD kernel components in userspace
sch Curses-based schedule management tool
sci Curses based data entry via templates
screen Multi-screen window manager
send-pr GNATS problem reporting tool
siag Poor man's office suite with spreadsheet, word processor, etc
since Utility to monitor log files
softmaker-office-demo SoftMaker Office (TextMaker and PlanMaker) demo version (Linux binary)
splitvt Run two shells in a split window/terminal
stellarium Generate photorealistic skies with OpenGL
step KDE interactive physical simulator
superkaramba KDE desktop widgets
sweeper KDE system cleaner
taskjuggler Project management tool
tds Web diary system
team Portable multi-buffered tape streaming utility
tellico Collection manager for KDE
tellico-kde3 KDE application for organizing your collections
teseq Terminal control sequence analyzer
tmux BSD-licensed terminal multiplexer (GNU Screen alternative)
topless Display command output on the whole screen like ``top''
ttyrec ttyrec is a tty recorder
udfclient UDF file system reader/writer for CD/CD-RW/DVD*RW/DVD-RAM and images
ukpostcodes UK national postcode information
uptimec Uptime Project client
upx (V) Ultimate packer for executables
urjtag JTAG tool
usbids Repository of USB IDs (usb.ids database)
usbprog Firmware loader for usbprog programming adapter
utftools UTF-aware wc, fmt, expand, and unexpand
vera Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms
vfu Small, handy, easy-to-use file manager
visual-regexp Easily design and debug regular expressions graphically
vttest vt100/vt220/xterm test utility
vym Generate and manipulate maps which show your thoughts
watch Watch a program with update intervals
wdic English dictionary for Korean
whohas Query several packaging systems for a program
window Windowing environment for ASCII terminals
xchm CHM viewer for UNIX
xdg-utils Tools to assist applications with various desktop integration tasks
xfce4-weather-plugin Xfce weather plugin
xjdic Japanese dictionary
xorg-docs Xorg documentation that does not fit anywhere else
xorg-sgml-doctools Xorg documentation that does not fit anywhere else
xrolodex Motif/X11 rolodex application
xtail Like tail -f on a bunch of files at once
xtend Monitors X10 commands using heyu to automate UNIX functions
xtide (V) X11 tide predictor
yelp Help browser for GNOME 2 desktop
yelp3 Mallard capable help browser
yrolo Contact management software
zorro Simple to-do list manager
zyGrib GRIB file viewer for weather data
zyGrib-maps High resolution map files for zyGrib