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((V)irtual = Package is only listed here)
AfterShotPro Photo management software
CRWInfo Extracts exposure information and thumbnails from Canon RAW files
Cenon Vector graphics / CAD / DTP program
Coin Free, portable, Open Inventor API implementation
GMT Generic Mapping Tools
GUIlib Very simple GUI framework library
GraphicsMagick X application for displaying and manipulating images
ImageMagick Package for display and interactive manipulation of images
ImageMagick6 Package for display and interactive manipulation of images
ImageViewer GNUstep image display application
Mesa Graphics library meta package, similar to SGI's OpenGL
MesaDemos OpenGL examples and Demos
MesaLib The Mesa 3D Graphics Library
MesaLib7 Graphics library similar to SGI's OpenGL
Ngraph The 2D graph and data analysis program
OpenRM The OpenRM Scene Graph API
PanoTools View, create, edit, and remap panoramic images
R-latticeExtra Extra graphical utilities based on lattice
SDL2_image Load images as SDL surfaces
SDL_image Load images as SDL surfaces
TiffIO Tiff support for QT image loader
aalib ASCII Art library
adaptagrams Tools for adaptive diagrams
adwaita-icon-theme Standard GNOME icons
agg High Quality Rendering Engine for C++
ansilove ANSI and ASCII art to PNG converter
aqsis Renderman clone
arc-theme Arch theme for GTK2, GTK3 and desktops
artist Elisp drawing package with mouse and keyboard support
asymptote Powerful descriptive vector graphics language for technical drawings
autopano-sift-C SIFT Feature Detection implementation
autotrace Convert bitmap to vector graphics
aview ASCII Art image viewer
babl Dynamic pixel conversion library
barcode Create bar codes as EPS (program and library)
bktr2jpeg Write jpeg image captured from /dev/bktr to file
blender Fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite
blender-doc Documentation for Blender
blinkenthemes Blinkenlights simulator themes
blinkentools Blinkenlights movies tools collection
breeze-icons Breeze icon themes
cairo Vector graphics library with cross-device output support
cairo-gobject Vector graphics library with cross-device output support
cairomm C++ API for cairo
cal3d Skeletal based 3d character animation library in C++
cal3d-examples Tools and demos for cal3d library
cambevao Grabs jpg images from bktr and ov511+ based USB webcams
camediaplay Digital camera downloading tool for Epson/Sanyo/Olympus/Agfa camera
camlimages Image processing library for Objective Caml
cdlabelgen Generate frontcards and traycards for CDs
cheese Use your webcam to take photos and videos
cinepaint Motion picture painting and image retouching program
circos Concise, explanatory, unique and print-ready data visualization
claraocr Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program for books
clutter Open GL based interactive canvas library
clutter-box2d Clutter Box2D integration library
clutter-gtk GTK+ Integration library for Clutter
clutter-gtk0.10 GTK+ Integration library for Clutter (0.10)
clutter-mx Clutter-based widget set
cnxtview Creative WEBCAM Notebook Utility Programs
cogl Modern 3D graphics API
comix Image viewer specifically designed to handle comic books
compface 48x48x1 image compression and decompression (X-face utility)
cpia2view USB cameras based CPiA2 Utility Programs
cqcam Free Color QuickCam control program
darktable Photography workflow application
dcraw Raw digital camera decoder
deforaos-camera DeforaOS desktop camera
deforaos-icon-theme Artwork for the DeforaOS desktop
denemo GUI musical score editor written in C/GTK+
dia Program for creating diagrams of all kinds
dia-python Program for creating diagrams of all kinds (Python plugin)
digikam Advanced digital photo management application (KDE4)
digikam-doc-kde3 Documentation for Digikam (KDE3)
digikam-kde3 Advanced digital photo management application (KDE3)
djview4 Portable DjVu viewer and browser plugin
djvulibre-lib Compression library for scanned documents
djvulibre-tools Compression library for scanned documents
drraw (V) Simple web based presentation front-end for RRDtool
dvipng Convert TeX DVI files to PNG or GIF
dx Open Visualization Data Explorer
dxsamples Sample data for Open Visualization Data Explorer
edje Interface Abstraction Library and Toolset
elementary-xfce-icon-theme Elementary icons forked, extended and maintained for Xfce
enblend-enfuse Combines overlapping images without seams, with good exposure
eog Eye of GNOME: an image viewing and cataloging program
eog-plugins Plugin collection for eog
eog-plugins-map Plugin collection for eog - map plugin
eog3 Eye of GNOME: an image viewing and cataloging program
eom Eye of MATE: an image viewing and cataloging program
epeg Fast JPEG scaling library for thumbnail generation
evas Enlightened Canvas Library
evas-buffer Evas buffer engine
evas-edb Evas Edb image loader
evas-eet Evas EET image loader
evas-gif Evas GIF image loader
evas-jpeg Evas JPEG image loader
evas-pmaps Evas PMAPS image loader
evas-png Evas PNG image loader
evas-software-x11 Evas software X11 engine
evas-tiff Evas TIFF image loader
evas-xpm Evas XPM image loader
ewipe Presentation editor and viewer based on Tcl/Tk
exif Grab Exif information from digital camera images
exifprobe EXIF data extractor
exiftags Utility to read Exif tags from a digital camera JPEG file
exiv2 Image metadata manipulation
exiv2-organize Image metadata manipulation
extrema Visualization and data analysis tool
f-spot Full-featured personal photo management application
f4l Development environment for Macromedia Flash
fbm Fuzzy Pixmap Manipulation utilities
feh Imlib2 based image viewer
flickrnet .NET library for accessing Flickr
fly Command-file interface for creating and modifying PNG images
fnlib Color font rendering library for X11R6
fotoxx Program for editing image files from a digital camera
frameworks Stop-motion animation frame capture software
freeglut Alternative to the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) library
freeimage Library for supporting PNG, BMP, JPEG, and TIFF
freeimageplus Library for supporting PNG, BMP, JPEG, and TIFF - C++ Wrapper
freetype FreeType libraries and utilities
freetype-lib TrueType font rendering engine and library API
freetype-utils Utilities for manipulating TrueType fonts
freetype2 Font rendering engine and library API
fujiplay Download pictures from some Fujifilm digital cameras
g2 Powerful, easy to use 2D graphics library
gd Graphics library for the dynamic creation of images
gdchart Easy to use, fast C API for creating charts and graphs
gdk-pixbuf The GNOME image loading library
gdk-pixbuf2 Image loaders for gtk2
gdk-pixbuf2-jasper Image loaders for gtk2 - jasper module
gdk-pixbuf2-xlib Image loaders for gtk2
geeqie Image viewer
gegl Graph based image processing framework
gegl0.2 Graph based image processing framework (0.2 version)
geomview Interactive geometry viewing program
get_ds7 Read pictures from a FUJIFILM DS-7(DS series) digital camera
gexiv2 GObject-based wrapper around the Exiv2 library
gfract Gtk-based fractal program
gif2png Convert GIF files to PNG
gif320 GIF file viewer for use with VT-320 terminals
giflib GIF image format library
giflib-util GIF image format utility
gifsicle Create, edit, and inspect GIFs from shell
giftrans Manipulate GIF89a images' transparency, comment and other data
gimmage GTKMM-based image viewing program
gimp The GNU image manipulation program
gimp-color-manager Gimp Color Manager plugin
gimp-docs-de Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-en Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-es Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-fr Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-it Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-ja Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-ko Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-nl Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-nn Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-pl Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-ru Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-sv Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-zh_CN Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-exif-browser EXIF data browser plugin
gimp-fix-ca GIMP plugin to correct chromatic aberration (CA)
gimp-high-pass-filter General purpose high-pass filter plugin for GIMP
gimp-liquid-rescale Content-aware image resizing plugin for the GIMP
gimp-rawphoto Digicam RAW file importer for GIMP
gimp-refocus-it Refocus images
gimp-resynthesizer Gimp plug-in for texture synthesis
gimp-ufraw GIMP plug-in for raw digicam import
gimp-warp-sharp Image sharpening script for GIMP
gimp-webp WebP Gimp I/O plugin
gimp2-wideangle GIMP plugin for wideangle lens distortions
giram Giram Is Really A Modeller
girara Library to develop simple and minimalist user interface
glclock (V) OpenGL-based pocket watch
gle GL subroutines for drawing tubing and extrusions
glew OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library
glfw GLFW is a free, Open Source, multi-platform library of OpenGL
glitz OpenGL 2D graphics library and a backend for gl output in cairo
gliv OpenGL image viewer
glm C++ mathematics library for graphics programming
glpng Load PNG images directly as OpenGL textures
glu GLU polygon tessellation facility for Mesa
glut GLUT Graphics library similar to SGI's OpenGL
glw GL widget for Athena and Motif
glx-utils OpenGL glxgears and glxinfo
gmic Full-featured image processing framework
gmngview Simple GTK-based MNG viewer
gnome-backgrounds Set of background images for the GNOME Desktop
gnome-icon-theme Theme consisting of a set of icons for GNOME
gnome-icon-theme-extras Extra icons for the GNOME icon sets
gnome-icon-theme-symbolic Symbolic icons for the GNOME icon sets
gnome-nds-thumbnailer (V) Thumbnailer for GNOME for Nintendo DS ROMs
gnome-themes-standard Default themes for the GNOME desktop
gnuplot Portable interactive, function plotting utility
gocr GOCR is a set of OCR tools
goocanvas Cairo-based canvas widget for GTK+
goocanvas2 Cairo-based canvas widget for GTK+3.0
goocanvasmm C++ wrappers for goocanvas
gource Software version control visualization
gphoto2 Digital camera access command line client
gpick Advanced color picker
gpicview Lightweight image viewer
gqview GTK2-based graphic file viewer
gqview-devel GTK2-based graphic file viewer (development version)
grace (V) GRaphing, Advanced Computation and Exploration of data
grap Language for typesetting graphs
graphite2 Cross-platform rendering for complex writing systems
graphviz Graph Drawing Programs from AT&T Research and Lucent Bell Labs
graphviz-dot-mode Graphviz dot mode for Emacs
gri Language for scientific graphics applications
gst-plugins0.10-cairo Open source multimedia framework - cairo plugin
gst-plugins0.10-jpeg Open source multimedia framework - jpeg plugin
gst-plugins0.10-png Open source multimedia framework - png plugin
gst-plugins1-cairo Open source multimedia framework - cairo plugin
gst-plugins1-jpeg Open source multimedia framework - jpeg plugin
gst-plugins1-png Open source multimedia framework - png plugin
gthumb Image viewer and browser for the GNOME Desktop
gthumb3 Image viewer and browser for the GNOME Desktop
gtkam Digital camera access graphical client (GTK2)
gtkglext OpenGL extension to GTK
gtkimageview Image viewer widget for GTK
gtksee Gtk-based image viewing and cataloging program
guetzli JPEG encoder with great compression at high quality
guile-cairo Guile wrapper for cairo
gwenview KDE image viewer
gwenview-i18n-kde3 Translations for gwenview image viewer
gwenview-kde3 Image viewer for KDE whose aims are ease of use and speed
h5utils Utilities for conversion from/to HDF5
hermes Library for conversion of pixel graphics
hicolor-icon-theme Standard icon theme called hicolor
hp2xx HPGL converter and previewer
hugin Panorama photo stitcher
iGMT Interactive Mapping of Geoscientific Datasets
icon-naming-utils Adapts GNOME and KDE icon names to the Icon Naming Specification
ilmbase High dynamic-range (HDR) image file format library and tools
imlib Image manipulation library for X11
imlib-gtk Image manipulation library for X11 (gtk bits)
imlib2 Image manipulation library
impress WYSIWYG vector graphics application
inkscape Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) editor
ivtools Drawing editors for PostScript, TeX, and web graphics
jasper Software-based reference implementation of the JPEG-2000 codec
jbig2dec JBIG2 decoder library
jbigkit JBIG-KIT lossless image compression library
jhead Extract EXIF header from JPEG image
jpeg IJG's jpeg compression utilities
jpeg2ps Convert jpeg images to PostScript level 2 or 3
jpeg_ls JPEG-LS codec (lossless/near-lossless codec)
jpeginfo Generates informative listings from JPEG files
jpegoptim JPEG optimizer
jpegpixi Low-loss JPEG interpolator to remove bad pixels
jpegquality Print quantization tables of a JPEG file
kamera KDE digital camera manager
kbarcode KDE barcode and label printing application
kcolorchooser KDE color chooser
kde-base-artwork KDE KSplash theme
kdegraphics-mobipocket Library to support mobipocket ebooks
kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer Graphics file format plugins for Strigi Desktop Search
kdegraphics-thumbnailers Graphics file format thumbnailers for KDE
kdegraphics3 Graphics programs for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kgamma KDE screen gamma values kcontrol module
kiconthemes Support for icon themes
kimageformats Image format plugins for Qt5
kipi-plugins Common plugin structure for KDE4 programs
kipi-plugins-calendar-kde3 Kipi calendar plugin (KDE3)
kipi-plugins-kde3 Kipi (KDE Image Plugin Interface) plugins (KDE3)
kolourpaint KDE paint program
koverartist CD/DVD case designer
kphotoalbum Image organizer
kphotobook Powerful, intuitive KDE application to manage and organize your photos
kphotools KDE app which helps you creating fast online photo galleries in HTML
kplotting Lightweight plotting framework
kruler KDE screen ruler
ksaneplugin SANE Plugin for KDE
ksnapshot KDE screen capture program
lasem Lasem is a library for rendering SVG and Mathml
lcms Little Color Management System -- a color management library
lcms2 Little Color Management System - a color management library
lensfun Library for rectifying defects introduced by photographic equipment
lepton Lossless compression/decompression for JPEG images
leptonica Software for image processing and image analysis applications
lib3ds 3D Studio File Format Library
libXaw (V) X Athena Widgets Library from modular Xorg X11
libXpm (V) X PixMap Library from modular Xorg X11
libart High-performance 2D graphics library
libbpg Better Portable Graphics image format library
libcaca Graphics library that outputs text instead of pixels, in colour
libepoxy Library for OpenGL function pointer management
libexif EXIF file library
libexif-gtk EXIF file library (GTK2 interface)
libgdiplus Implementation of the GDI+ API
libggi General Graphics Interface library is a flexible drawing library
libggigcp Color management extension for GGI
libggimisc Miscellaneous graphics target features for GGI
libggiwmh Windows Manager hints library for GGI
libgii General Input Interface - API for all possible input sources
libgiigic General Input Configurator for GGI
libgltf Rendering library for glTF
libgnomecanvas GNOME Canvas library
libgnomecanvasmm C++ bindings for libgnomecanvas
libimagequant High-quality conversion of RGBA images to 8-bit indexed-color
libiptcdata Library to parse IPTC metadata
libjpeg-turbo Accelerated libjpeg with SIMD instructions
libkdcraw KDE digital camera raw image library wrapper
libkdcraw-kde3 C++ interface around dcraw
libkexif Image EXIF information library manipulation
libkexiv2 KDE wrapper around exiv2
libkexiv2-kde3 KDE wrapper for exiv2
libkface LibFace Library interface for KDE
libkipi KDE image plugin interface
libkipi-kde3 KDE Image Plugin Interface
libksane SANE Library interface for KDE
liblqr Content-aware image resizing library
libmpeg3 (V) MPEG decoding library and tools
libotf Library for handling OpenType fonts (OTF)
libpano13 Cross-platform library behind Panorama Tools and other stitchers
libpgf Progressive Graphics File (PGF) library
libpuzzle Libpuzzle is designed to quickly find visually similar images
libraw Raw decoding/processing library
libraw013 Raw decoding/processing library
librsvg SVG library for GNOME
libscigraphica Scientific data visualization and analysis library
libsixel DEC SIXEL graphics codec encoder/decoder and converter
libv4l Video4Linux userspace library
libvideogfx C++ library for low-level video processing
libwebp WebP image format library and tools
libwmf Library for reading and converting WMF (Windows Meta Files)
libxmi C/C++ function library for rasterizing 2D vector graphics
ljpeg Lossless JPEG codec
lprof ICC Profile generation tool (for IT8.7 targets)
luminance-hdr GUI application that aims to provide a workflow for HDR imaging
lxde-icon-theme LXDE icon theme
magicpoint X11 based presentation tool
mandelbulber 3D fractal explorer
mate-backgrounds Set of backgrounds packaged with the MATE desktop
mate-icon-theme Collection of icons used as the basis for MATE themes
mate-icon-theme-faenza Faenza and Faience icon themes for MATE desktop
mate-themes Icons and themes for MATE desktop
metacam Digital camera image meta-information reader
mgl Graphics library for NEC Mobilegear/PocketBSD, NetBSD/hpcmips
mng Multiple-image Network Graphics (MNG) reference library
mpeg2codec MPEG Software Simulation Group's MPEG-2 Encoder and Decoder
mpgtx Split and join MPEG files in various ways
mscgen Tool for drawing call sequence graphs
mypaint Fast and easy open-source graphics application for digital painters
ncview Visual browser for netCDF format files
netpbm Toolkit for conversion of images between different formats
ns-cult3d Netscape plugin for cult 3d files
numix-icon-theme Numix icon theme
numix-icon-theme-circle Numix Circle icon theme
nvidia-texture-tools Texture processing tools with support for Direct3D 10 and 11 formats
nvtv Tool to manipulate TV-Out settings on NVidia cards
ocrad GNU OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program
opencsg Image based CSG rendering library using OpenGL
opencv Library for computer vision problems
opencv-contrib-face OpenCV face recognition contributed module
opencv2 Library for computer vision problems
opendis Download images from Flashpoint Digita-based cameras
openexr High dynamic-range (HDR) image file format library and tools
openimageio OpenImageIO is a library for reading and writing images
openjpeg JPEG 2000 library
openjpeg15 JPEG 2000 library
optipng Advanced PNG Optimizer
osg High performance 3D graphics toolkit
oxygen-icons Oxygen icon set for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
p5-Apache-Gallery (V) Perl5/Apache module for handling image directories
p5-Barcode-Code128 Generate CODE 128 bar codes
p5-Chart Perl5 charting library
p5-Chart-ThreeD Three-Dimentional pie chart plotting
p5-GD Perl5 interface to gd graphics library
p5-GD-Barcode Create barcode image with GD
p5-GD-Graph-sparklines Perl module for creating sparklines
p5-GD-Graph3d GDGraph3d is a pkg to generate charts, using Lincoln Stein's
p5-GD-SVG Enables SVG output from scripts written using GD
p5-GD-SecurityImage Perl5 security image (CAPTCHA) generator
p5-GDGraph GDGraph is a package to generate charts, using Lincoln Stein's
p5-GDGraph-boxplot Boxplot - Box and Whisker Graph Module for Perl 5
p5-GDTextUtil Perl 5 text utilities for use with the GD drawing package
p5-GIFgraph GIFgraph is a package to generate graphs, using GD::Graph
p5-Gnome2-Canvas Perl bindings for libgnomecanvas and libart
p5-Gnome2-VFS (V) Perl bindings for the Gnome virtual file system
p5-GraphViz Perl interface to the Graphviz tools set
p5-GraphViz2 Wrapper for AT&T\'s Graphviz
p5-GraphicsMagick Object-oriented Perl interface to GraphicMagick
p5-Image-BMP Read BMP file information
p5-Image-ExifTool Perl module and program to read EXIF information
p5-Image-Imlib2 Interface to the Imlib2 image library
p5-Image-Info Perl module to extract meta information from images
p5-Image-Size Read the dimensions of an image in several popular formats
p5-PerlMagick Object-oriented Perl interface to ImageMagick
p5-RRDTool-OO Object-oriented interface to RRDTool
p5-SVG Perl module for generation of SVG images
p5-SVG-Graph Visualize your data in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format
p5-SWF-File Manipulating Flash movie (SWF) files
p5-Template-GD GD plugin(s) for the Template Toolkit
p5-cairo Perl bindings to the cairo graphics library
p5-cairo-gobject Perl module to integrate Cairo into the Glib type system
p5-clutter Perl interface to the 1.x series of the Clutter toolkit
panomatic Tool that automates the creation of control points in Hugin
paper-icon-theme Modern freedesktop icon theme
pcf2bdf (V) Convert X font from PCF to BDF
pdiff Image comparison through perceptually based image metric
pear-Image_Canvas Common interface to image drawing, making image source code
pear-Image_Color Manage and handles color data and conversions
pear-Image_Graph Package for displaying (numerical) data as a graph/chart/plot
pfstools Tools for manipulating HDR images and video frames
pgraf Portable graphics system
photopc Manipulate digital cameras on Fujitsu chipset
php-exif PHP extension to extract information from EXIF headers
php-gd PHP extension for GD graphics library
php-imagick PHP extension for ImageMagick graphics library
php-jpgraph Object Oriented class library for PHP
pixmap Pixmap editor based on XPM library
ploticus Versatile data visualization engine
ploticus-examples Examples for the ploticus data plotting suite
plotmtv Multipurpose X11 plotting program
plotutils Programs and library for plotting scientific data
png Library for manipulating PNG images
png2html Takes a PNG image and transforms it to a web page
pngcheck Verify the integrity of PNG, JNG, and MNG files
pngcrush Optimizer for PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files
potrace Utility for transforming bitmaps into vector graphics
povray Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer
prag Replacement to grap graph generator backend to pic
ps2eps Tool for generating EPS Format files from one-page PS documents
pstoedit Convert PostScript / PDF into various vector graphic formats
ptex Per-Face Texture Mapping for Production Rendering
py-OpenGL Python bindings for OpenGL
py-Pillow Python Imaging Library (Fork)
py-aafigure ASCII art to image converter
py-actdiag Simple activity-diagram image generator
py-altgraph Graph (network) package for constructing graphs
py-biggles Python module for creating 2D scientific plots
py-blockdiag Generate block-diagram image file from spec-text file
py-brewer2mpl Connect color maps to Python and matplotlib
py-cairo Python bindings for cairo (python-2.x version)
py-cairo3 Python bindings for cairo (python-3.x version)
py-cairocffi CFFI-based Cairo bindings for Python
py-cairosvg (V) Simple SVG Converter for Cairo
py-chart Create high quality Encapsulated Postscript, PDF, or PNG charts
py-cycler Composable style cycles
py-dot Python interface to Graphviz's Dot language
py-fits Python module for reading, writing, and manipulating FITS files
py-gdchart Python interface to GDChart
py-gdmodule Python interface to gd graphics library
py-ggplot Python implementation of the grammar of graphics
py-gnuplot Python package that interfaces to gnuplot
py-goocanvas Python bindings for GooCanvas
py-graphviz Python interface to the Graphviz package
py-gtkglext Python bindings for gtkglext
py-imagesize Parses image files' header and returns image size
py-imaging PIL, the Python Imaging Library
py-imagingtk Tk support for the Python Imaging Library (PIL)
py-matplotlib Matlab-style plotting package for Python
py-matplotlib-gtk2 GTK frontend for matplotlib
py-matplotlib-tk Tk frontend for matplotlib
py-mcomix GTK2 comic book viewer
py-nwdiag Simple network-diagram image generator
py-openexr Python module for ILM's OpenEXR image format and library
py-pandas (V) Python Data Analysis Library
py-piddle Python Plug In Drawing, Does Little Else
py-pycha Library for making charts with Python
py-pygal Python SVG graph plotting library
py-qrcode Python QR Code image generator
py-seqdiag Simple sequence-diagram image generator
py-sk1libs Set of python non-GUI extensions for sK1 Project
py-uniconvertor Universal vector graphics translator
qcomicbook Viewer for comic book archives
qimageblitz Interm graphical effect and filter library for KDE4.0
qiv Quick Image Viewer
qiviewer Qt image viewer, designed to be fast and lightweight
qore-glut-module GLUT Qore bindings
qore-opengl-module OpenGL Qore bindings
quesoglc Free implementation of the OpenGL Character Renderer (GLC)
qvplay Software for use with CASIO QV digital cameras
rabbit RD-document-based presentation application
radiance Physically-based, image-generating, backward raytracer
rayshade Extensible system for creating ray-traced images
refocus-it Refocus images
resize_image Fast image resizing tool
ristretto Xfce image viewer
rrdtool (V) Data analysis tool generating graphical representations
rrdtool12 (V) Data analysis tool generating graphical representations
ruby-RMagick Ruby binding to ImageMagick
ruby-SDL (V) Ruby extension library to use SDL library
ruby-cairo Ruby bindings for cairo
ruby-chunky_png Pure ruby library for read/write, chunk-level access to PNG
ruby-color Color value conversion and manipulation library
ruby-color-japanese Defines RGB value for Japanese color names
ruby-color-tools Provides colour space definition and manpiulation
ruby-gd Ruby extension to drive the GD library
ruby-gnome2-cairo-gobject Ruby binding of cairo-gobject
ruby-gnome2-clutter Ruby binding of Clutter
ruby-gnome2-clutter-gdk Ruby binding of GDK specific API of Clutter
ruby-gnome2-clutter-gstreamer (V) Ruby binding of Clutter-GStreamer
ruby-gnome2-clutter-gtk Ruby binding of Clutter-GTK
ruby-gnome2-gdk3 Ruby binding of GDK3
ruby-gnome2-gdkpixbuf Ruby binding of GdkPixbuf-2.x
ruby-gnome2-rsvg Ruby binding of librsvg
ruby-gnuplot Ruby interface to a gnuplot process
ruby-imlib2 Imlib2 bindings for Ruby
ruby-mini-magick Ruby wrapper for ImageMagick command line
ruby-oily_png Native mixin to speed up ChunkyPNG
ruby-opengl Ruby bindings for OpenGL, GLU and GLUT
ruby-rrdtool (V) Ruby binding for rrdtool
s10sh USB/serial userspace driver for Canon PowerShot cameras
sane-backends API for access to scanners, digital cameras, frame grabbers, etc
sane-frontends Frontends for access to scanners, digital cameras, frame grabbers etc
scidavis Data analysis and visualization package
scigraphica Data analysis and technical graphics
scrot Commandline screen capture util like import, but using imlib2
shotwell Shotwell is a photo organizer for the GNOME desktop
showimg Feature-rich image viewer for KDE including an image management system
silgraphite Font engine for complex non-Roman writing systems
silgraphite-ft FreeType wrapper for SIL Graphite
silgraphite-xft Xft wrapper for SIL Graphite
simage Library for image format loaders and front-ends
skencil Interactive drawing program
spcaview USB Cameras based SPCA5xx Utilities
svgpart KDE svg part
sxiv Simple (or small or suckless) X Image Viewer
tango-icon-theme Tango desktop project icon theme
tesseract Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine
tex-a2ping Advanced PS, PDF, EPS converter
tex-a2ping-doc Documentation for tex-a2ping
tex-animate Create PDF animations from graphics files and inline graphics
tex-animate-doc Documentation for tex-animate
tex-asyfig Commands for using Asymptote figures
tex-asyfig-doc Documentation for tex-asyfig
tex-auto-pst-pdf Wrapper for pst-pdf (with some psfrag features)
tex-auto-pst-pdf-doc Documentation for tex-auto-pst-pdf
tex-automata Finite state machines, graphs and trees in MetaPost
tex-automata-doc Documentation for tex-automata
tex-bbcard Bullshit bingo, calendar and baseball-score cards
tex-bbcard-doc Documentation for tex-bbcard
tex-bclogo Creating colourful boxes with logos
tex-bclogo-doc Documentation for tex-bclogo
tex-blockdraw_mp Block diagrams and bond graphs, with MetaPost
tex-blockdraw_mp-doc Documentation for tex-blockdraw_mp
tex-bpolynomial Drawing polynomial functions of up to order 3
tex-bpolynomial-doc Documentation for tex-bpolynomial
tex-circuitikz Draw electrical networks with TikZ
tex-circuitikz-doc Documentation for tex-circuitikz
tex-cmarrows MetaPost arrows and braces in the Computer Modern style
tex-cmarrows-doc Documentation for tex-cmarrows
tex-drv Derivation trees with MetaPost
tex-drv-doc Documentation for tex-drv
tex-dviincl Include a DVI page into MetaPost output
tex-dviincl-doc Documentation for tex-dviincl
tex-dvipng-doc Documentation for dvipng
tex-eepic Extensions to epic and the LaTeX drawing tools
tex-eepic-doc Documentation for tex-eepic
tex-ellipse Draw ellipses and elliptical arcs using the standard LaTeX2e picture environment
tex-ellipse-doc Documentation for tex-ellipse
tex-emp Encapsulate MetaPost figures in a document
tex-emp-doc Documentation for tex-emp
tex-epsincl Include EPS in MetaPost figures
tex-epsincl-doc Documentation for tex-epsincl
tex-epstopdf Convert EPS to 'encapsulated' PDF using Ghostscript
tex-epstopdf-doc Documentation for tex-epstopdf
tex-expressg Diagrams consisting of boxes, lines, and annotations
tex-expressg-doc Documentation for tex-expressg
tex-exteps Include EPS figures in MetaPost
tex-exteps-doc Documentation for tex-exteps
tex-featpost MetaPost macros for 3D
tex-featpost-doc Documentation for tex-featpost
tex-feynmf Macros and fonts for creating Feynman (and other) diagrams
tex-feynmf-doc Documentation for tex-feynmf
tex-feynmp-auto Automatic processing of feynmp graphics
tex-feynmp-auto-doc Documentation for tex-feynmp-auto
tex-garrigues MetaPost macros for the reproduction of Garrigues' Easter nomogram
tex-garrigues-doc Documentation for tex-garrigues
tex-gmp Enable integration between MetaPost pictures and LaTeX
tex-gmp-doc Documentation for tex-gmp
tex-graphics-pln LaTeX-style graphics for Plain TeX users
tex-graphics-pln-doc Documentation for tex-graphics-pln
tex-hatching MetaPost macros for hatching interior of closed paths
tex-hatching-doc Documentation for tex-hatching
tex-incgraph Sophisticated graphics inclusion in a PDF document
tex-incgraph-doc Documentation for tex-incgraph
tex-latexmp Interface for LaTeX-based typesetting in MetaPost
tex-latexmp-doc Documentation for tex-latexmp
tex-mcf2graph Draw chemical structure diagrams with Metafont/MetaPost
tex-mcf2graph-doc Documentation for tex-mcf2graph
tex-metago MetaPost output of Go positions
tex-metago-doc Documentation for tex-metago
tex-metaobj MetaPost package providing high-level objects
tex-metaobj-doc Documentation for tex-metaobj
tex-metaplot Plot-manipulation macros for use in Metapost
tex-metaplot-doc Documentation for tex-metaplot
tex-metapost Development of MetaFont for creating graphics
tex-metapost-doc Documentation for tex-metapost
tex-metauml MetaPost library for typesetting UML diagrams
tex-metauml-doc Documentation for tex-metauml
tex-mfpic Draw Metafont/post pictures from (La)TeX commands
tex-mfpic-doc Documentation for tex-mfpic
tex-mfpic4ode Macros to draw direction fields and solutions of ODEs
tex-mfpic4ode-doc Documentation for tex-mfpic4ode
tex-mp3d 3D animations
tex-mp3d-doc Documentation for tex-mp3d
tex-mparrows MetaPost module with different types of arrow heads
tex-mparrows-doc Documentation for tex-mparrows
tex-mpattern Patterns in MetaPost
tex-mpattern-doc Documentation for tex-mpattern
tex-mpcolornames Extend list of predefined colour names for MetaPost
tex-mpcolornames-doc Documentation for tex-mpcolornames
tex-mpgraphics Process and display MetaPost figures inline
tex-mpgraphics-doc Documentation for tex-mpgraphics
tex-mptopdf Script to convert mpost to PDF
tex-mptopdf-doc Documentation for tex-mptopdf
tex-pdfcrop Crop PDF graphics
tex-pdfcrop-doc Documentation for tex-pdfcrop
tex-pgfgantt Draw Gantt charts with TikZ
tex-pgfgantt-doc Documentation for tex-pgfgantt
tex-pictex Picture drawing macros for TeX and LaTeX
tex-pictex-doc Documentation for tex-pictex
tex-piechartmp Draw pie-charts using MetaPost
tex-piechartmp-doc Documentation for tex-piechartmp
tex-psgo Typeset go diagrams with PSTricks
tex-psgo-doc Documentation for tex-psgo
tex-pst-2dplot PSTricks package for drawing 2D curves
tex-pst-2dplot-doc Documentation for tex-pst-2dplot
tex-pst-3d PSTricks package for tilting and other pseudo-3D tricks
tex-pst-3d-doc Documentation for tex-pst-3d
tex-pst-3dplot Draw 3D objects in parallel projection, using PSTricks
tex-pst-3dplot-doc Documentation for tex-pst-3dplot
tex-pst-barcode Print barcodes using PostScript
tex-pst-barcode-doc Documentation for tex-pst-barcode
tex-pst-blur PSTricks package for blurred shadows
tex-pst-blur-doc Documentation for tex-pst-blur
tex-pst-circ PSTricks package for drawing electric circuits
tex-pst-circ-doc Documentation for tex-pst-circ
tex-pst-coil PSTricks package for coils, etc
tex-pst-coil-doc Documentation for tex-pst-coil
tex-pst-eps Create EPS files from PSTricks figures
tex-pst-eps-doc Documentation for tex-pst-eps
tex-pst-fill Fill or tile areas with PSTricks
tex-pst-fill-doc Documentation for tex-pst-fill
tex-pst-ghsb PSTricks package for HSB gradients
tex-pst-ghsb-doc Documentation for tex-pst-ghsb
tex-pst-gr3d Three dimensional grids with PSTricks
tex-pst-gr3d-doc Documentation for tex-pst-gr3d
tex-pst-grad Filling with colour gradients, using PStricks
tex-pst-grad-doc Documentation for tex-pst-grad
tex-pst-lens Lenses with PSTricks
tex-pst-lens-doc Documentation for tex-pst-lens
tex-pst-math Enhancement of PostScript math operators to use with pstricks
tex-pst-math-doc Documentation for tex-pst-math
tex-pst-node Nodes and node connections in pstricks
tex-pst-node-doc Documentation for tex-pst-node
tex-pst-osci Oscgons with PSTricks
tex-pst-osci-doc Documentation for tex-pst-osci
tex-pst-ovl Create and manage graphical overlays
tex-pst-ovl-doc Documentation for tex-pst-ovl
tex-pst-pdf Make PDF versions of graphics by processing between runs
tex-pst-pdf-doc Documentation for tex-pst-pdf
tex-pst-plot Plot data using PSTricks
tex-pst-plot-doc Documentation for tex-pst-plot
tex-pst-poly Polygons with PSTricks
tex-pst-poly-doc Documentation for tex-pst-poly
tex-pst-slpe Sophisticated colour gradients
tex-pst-slpe-doc Documentation for tex-pst-slpe
tex-pst-text Text and character manipulation in PSTricks
tex-pst-text-doc Documentation for tex-pst-text
tex-pst-tools PStricks support functions
tex-pst-tools-doc Documentation for tex-pst-tools
tex-pst-tree Trees, using pstricks
tex-pst-tree-doc Documentation for tex-pst-tree
tex-pst-vue3d Draw perspective views of three dimensional objects
tex-pst-vue3d-doc Documentation for tex-pst-vue3d
tex-pstools Produce Encapsulated PostScript from PostScript
tex-pstools-doc Documentation for tex-pstools
tex-pstricks PostScript macros for TeX
tex-pstricks-add Collection of add-ons and bugfixes for PSTricks
tex-pstricks-add-doc Documentation for tex-pstricks-add
tex-pstricks-doc Documentation for tex-pstricks
tex-repere Diagrams for school mathematics
tex-repere-doc Documentation for tex-repere
tex-roex Metafont definitions for `remove overlap' and `expand stroke'
tex-roundrect Metapost macros for highly configurable rounded rectangles
tex-roundrect-doc Documentation for tex-roundrect
tex-shapes Draw polygons, reentrant stars, and fractions in circles with Metapost
tex-shapes-doc Documentation for tex-shapes
tex-slideshow Generate slideshow with MetaPost
tex-slideshow-doc Documentation for tex-slideshow
tex-splines MetaPost macros for drawing cubic spline interpolants
tex-splines-doc Documentation for tex-splines
tex-suanpan MetaPost macros for drawing Chinese and Japanese abaci
tex-suanpan-doc Documentation for tex-suanpan
tex-tex-ps TeX to PostScript generic macros and add-ons
tex-tex-ps-doc Documentation for tex-tex-ps
tex-texdraw Graphical macros, using embedded PostScript
tex-texdraw-doc Documentation for tex-texdraw
tex-textpath Setting text along a path with MetaPost
tex-textpath-doc Documentation for tex-textpath
tex-threeddice Create images of dice with faces showing, using MetaPost
tex-threeddice-doc Documentation for tex-threeddice
tex-tikz-3dplot Coordinate transformation styles for 3d plotting in TikZ
tex-tikz-3dplot-doc Documentation for tex-tikz-3dplot
tex-tikz-cd Create commutative diagrams with TikZ
tex-tikz-cd-doc Documentation for tex-tikz-cd
tex-tikzinclude Import TikZ images from colletions
tex-tikzinclude-doc Documentation for tex-tikzinclude
tex-tikzmark Use TikZ's method of remembering a position on a page
tex-tikzmark-doc Documentation for tex-tikzmark
tex-tikzorbital Atomic and molecular orbitals using TiKZ
tex-tikzorbital-doc Documentation for tex-tikzorbital
tex-tikzpagenodes A single TikZ node for the whole page
tex-tikzpagenodes-doc Documentation for tex-tikzpagenodes
tex-tikzpfeile Draw arrows using PGF/TikZ
tex-tikzpfeile-doc Documentation for tex-tikzpfeile
tex-tikzposter Create scientific posters using TikZ
tex-tikzposter-doc Documentation for tex-tikzposter
tex-tikzscale Resize pictures while respecting text size
tex-tikzscale-doc Documentation for tex-tikzscale
tex-tikzsymbols Some symbols created using TikZ
tex-tikzsymbols-doc Documentation for tex-tikzsymbols
tex-xypic Flexible diagramming macros
tex-xypic-doc Documentation for tex-xypic
tgif Fully-featured X11 drawing program
tiff Library and tools for reading and writing TIFF data files
tkpiechart Tcl/Tk pie-chart utility; in Tcl, not as an extension
transfig (V) TeX document creation tool utilizing portable graphics
tuxpaint Drawing program for small children
tuxpaint-config Configuration program for tuxpaint
tuxpaint-stamps Rubber stamps for Tux Paint
ucview Video capture and display program based on unicap
unicap Uniform interface to video capture devices
urt Toolkit and library for raster image processing
vcg Visualization Tool for compiler graphs
veusz Scientific plotting package
vid Simple-minded image capture program for some USB webcams
viewfax Tool for displaying fax files in an X Window
viewnior Viewnior is a fast and simple image viewer
vigra Computer vision library
vnc2swf Record vnc session as flash movie
vp Image viewer
vtk Visualization toolkit
vtk-data Example data for VTK
vtk-docs Documentation for VTK (HTML)
wm-icons Efficient configurable icons distribution
wmphoto Dock-app that can show you a photo
wxsvg C++ library to create, manipulate and render SVG files
x11rec Very ad hoc X11 recorder which create a movie
xart Paint program (enhanced xpaint)
xbmbrowser View complete directories of X bitmaps and X pixmaps
xdot Interactive viewer for graphs written in Graphviz's dot language
xdvipresent Slide Presentations Using LaTeX/xdvi
xfce4-icon-theme Xfce icon themes
xfig CAD-like 2D drawing tool, good for colorful scale drawings & ISOs
xgc Graphics demo showing the X11 core protocol graphics primitives
xgraph Tool to draw a graph on an X11 display
xli X11 Image Loading Utility
xmbdfed (V) Motif-based BDF font editor with lots of features
xmorph X program for image warping and dissolving
xpaint Simple paint program
xplot Plotting program, most often used in conjunction with tcptrace
xplot-devel Plotting program (development snapshot)
xsane New improved frontend for SANE
xv X11 program that displays images of various formats
xzgv Image viewer
zathura-cb Adds comic book support to zathura
zathura-djvu Add DjVu support to zathura using djvulibre library
zphoto Flash-based photo album generator