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((V)irtual = Package is only listed here)
0verkill 0verkill is bloody 2D action deathmatch-like game in ASCII-ART
2048-cli The game 2048 for your Unix terminal
4stAttack Game in which you have to try to out-smart your opponent
abuse Full color 320x200 arcade quality platform shooter
accelerator3d Fast-paced, 3D, first-person shoot/dodge-'em-up
adom Ancient Domains of Mystery - yet another roguelike game
afternoonstalker Robot-killing video game
agm Multiple-word anagram search program
alephone Classic 2.5D FPS game engine, updated to use SDL
amaze Curses-based maze game
amor KDE creature for your desktop
an Very fast anagram generator
angband-tty Tolkien based variant of Moria for tty/console displays
angband-x11 Tolkien based variant of Moria for X11 displays
anise Adventure game scripting engine
aop Aop is a curses based arcade game with only 64 lines of sourcecode
armagetronad Tron clone in 3D with advanced gameplay and multiplayer
armagetronad-server Server for the armagetronad game
arx-libertatis Cross-platform, open source port of the Arx Fatalis RPG
asc Turn based strategy game
asciiquarium ASCII art aquarium
atomix Puzzle game
atque Marathon game map utility
barrage Rather destructive action game
bastet Bastard Tetris
batrachians Fly-eating frog game
battalion Virtual reality 3D GL game for X11
battleball 3d game of soccer, with tanks
billardgl 3D Billard using OpenGL hardware acceleration
blindmine Minesweeper clone that you can play with your eyes closed
blinken Memory enhancement game
blokus Abstract strategy board game for two to four players
bluemoon Blue Moon game with AI
bomber bomber game
bomberclone Multi-player Bomberman clone
bos Invasion - Battle of Survival (real-time strategy game)
bovo Five-in-a-row Board Game
bridge-hands Generate hands for duplicate bridge
burgerspace Hamburger-smashing video game
bzflag OpenGL tank game
cbzone Simple classic game of 3D tank warfare
ccgo Go board with IGS and gnugo interface
cgoban The complete goban. A Go server client and sgf viewer/editor
cgoban-java Client for the KGS Go Server and SGF viewer/editor
chest Chess problem solver
chromium-bsu Fast paced, arcade-style, top-scrolling space shooter
circuslinux Clone of the Atari 2600 game Circus Atari
civctp-demo Civilization: Call to Power - graphical strategy (linux demo)
cmatrix Make your console feel like Nadbuchonazor's bridge
colchess Chess analysis engine
colchess-book-colchess Chess opening book for ColChess (default)
colchess-book-large Chess opening book for ColChess (large)
corewars Programs on a virtual machine, fighting each other
cosmosmash Space rock shooting video game
crack-attack Tetris Attack inspired game
crack-attack-sounds Music and sounds for crack-attack
craft Warcraft-like game for X11
crafty Chess engine
crafty-book-medium Chess opening book for Crafty (medium)
crafty-book-small Chess opening book for Crafty (small)
crafty-doc Documentation for Crafty chess engine
crimsonfields Tactical war game in the tradition of Battle Isle
criticalmass SDL/OpenGL space shoot'em up game
crossfire-client Multi-player graphical arcade and adventure game; X11 client
crossfire-client-gtk Multi-player graphical arcade and adventure game; GTK client
crossfire-client-gtk2 Multi-player graphical arcade and adventure game; GTK2 client
crossfire-server X11 multi/single player game similar to gauntlet and nethack
d2x Descent II port
dd2 Shoot'em up arcade game for one or two players
defendguin Clone of the arcade game Defender
digger Digger Remastered
dipmap Generate postscript maps from results of play-by-email Diplomacy games
doom1 Shareware levels for Doom
dopewars Make a fortune dealing drugs on the streets of New York
duckmaze Puzzle game
dungeon Classic game of Dungeon
eboard Graphical user interface for playing chess
einstein-puzzle Computer implementation of a puzzle invented by Albert Einstein
enigma Puzzle game similar to Oxyd/Rock'n'Roll/Marble Madness
et Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for Linux
eus-demo Eric's Ultimate Solitaire (linux demo)
exchess Experimental chess engine
exchess-book-medium Chess opening book for EXchess (medium)
exchess-book-small Chess opening book for EXchess (small)
exult Open-source Ultima 7 engine
exult-audio Digital music and digital wave sound effects data for Exult
falcons-eye Falcon's Eye NetHack
fillets-ng Puzzle game about witty fish saving the world sokoban style
fillets-ng-data Fish Fillets NG data files
finalbattle Multiplayer space battle simulation for X
fire Organic fireworks demo
fkiss Kisekae viewer
flare-engine Fantasy action RPG using the FLARE engine
flare-game Fantasy action RPG using the FLARE engine
flightgear The FlightGear Simulator
flightgear-data FlightGear Simulator data files
fltk-sudoku FLTK example Sudoku game creator and solver
foobillardplus Free OpenGL-billard game
fortune Fortune cookie generator
fortune-strfile Tool to prepare a fortune database
fortunes-calvin Fortunes from the famous Calvin & Hobbes comic strips
fortunes-de German data files for fortune
fortunes-futurama Fortunes from the Futurama animated TV series
fortunes-h2g2 Fortunes from Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
fortunes-it Italian fortunes
freeciv-client Freeciv client
freeciv-manual Manuals for freeciv (game, client, and server)
freeciv-server Freeciv game server
freeciv-share Machine independent files for Freeciv
freecol Turn-based strategy game based on the old game Colonization
freedroid Clone of the C64 game Paradroid
freesci Interpreter for Sierra On-Line's SCI games
frotz Curses-based interpreter for Infocom-compatible games
frozen-bubble Pop the frozen bubbles
fruit Chess playing engine
galaxa Space game based loosely on Galaga
gamazons GNOME program for playing the game Amazons
gargoyle Graphical player for Interactive Fiction games
gate88 Deep space intergalactic battle
gbrainy Brain teaser game and trainer
gcompris Educational games for children
gemdropx Color puzzle game for X11 similar to Gem Drop
genecys-client Client for Genecys MMORPG
genecys-data Game datafiles for Genecys
ggz-client-libs GGZ Gaming Zone libraries
glaxium Space-ship OpenGL shoot them up
glickomania Clear a board by removing groups of identical, adjacent tiles
gltron 3D lightcycle game inspired by the movie Tron
gnome-games GNOME2 games collection
gnome-games-extra-data GNOME2 games collection - extra data files
gnome-mastermind Mastermind (the game)
gnome-sudoku Number grid logic puzzle
gnuchess GNU chess engine
gnuchess-book Chess opening book for GNU Chess (default)
gnuchess-book-medium Chess opening book for GNU Chess (medium)
gnuchess4 The classic GNU chess
gnugo Go playing program
gogui GUI for Go-playing programs
golddig Fast action game designed for use with X
granatier clone of the classic Bomberman game
greed Strategy game: eat as much as possible
grhino Othello (Reversi) engine
gtetrinet Multiplayer tetris game for GNOME2
gtkballs GTK+ clone of Color Lines
gtklevel9 GTK+ port of the Level 9 text adventure interpreter
gtkmagnetic Interpreter for text adventures from Magnetic Scrolls
gturing GNOME2 turing machine emulator
heretic2-demo Heretic2 - first person Quake 3D engine based (linux demo)
hex-a-hop Hexagonal tile-based puzzle game
hitori Logic game similar to Sudoku
holtz Engine for the abstract strategy games Zèrtz and Dvonn
hugo Interactive fiction design system and interpreter
icbm3d 3D X11 game of defense
icebreaker Penguin capturing simulation
imaze Multiplayer, networked, action,x 3D maze game
InterLOGIC Logic/puzzle game based on the old Amiga game Balls
ioquake3 Open source Quake 3 distribution
ioquake3-pk3 Newer pk3 files for ioquake3
ioquake3-raspberrypi Open source Quake 3 distribution (Raspberry Pi version)
ivan Graphical roguelike featuring deep gameplay
jetpack Arcade action game for X Windows
jin Graphical client for chess servers
jools Bejeweled clone
kajaani-kombat Rampart-like multiplayer game set in space
kajongg Maj Jong game
kanagram KDE letter order game
kanatest Flash-card program to memorise Japanese kana
kapman Pac-Man clone
kapooka Puzzle game
katomic Build complex atoms with a minimal amount of moves
kblackbox Find the balls hidden in the black box by shooting laser beams
kblocks classic falling blocks game
kbounce single player arcade game with the elements of puzzle
kbreakout a Breakout-like game
kdiamond build lines of three similar diamonds
ketm Old-school 2d-scrolling shooter
kfourinline a four-in-a-row game for KDE
kgoldrunner action game where the hero runs through a maze
khangman KDE hangman game
kigo an open-source implementation of the popular Go game
killbots KDE port of the classic BSD console game robots
kiriki an addictive and fun dice game for KDE
kjumpingcube a simple tactical game for KDE
klavaro Touch Typing Tutor
klickety a strategy game for KDE, an adaption of the Clickomania game
klines inspired by well known game of Color Lines
kmahjongg a tile matching game for one or two players
kmines KDE version of the classic minesweeper game
knavalbattle a network-enabled implementation of the famous ship sinking game for KDE
knetwalk a game for system administrators
knightcap Chess engine with 3D OpenGL-rendered chessboard
knightcap-brain Book of losing moves for KnightCap
KoboDeluxe Multi-way scrolling shoot 'em up game for X
kolf a miniature golf game for KDE
kollision a simple ball dodging game
konquest a game of galactic conquest for KDE
koth The classic shoot the other tank artillery game, networked
kpat a multiplicity of different solitaire games
kreversi the old reversi board game, also known as Othello.
kshisen a solitaire-like game played using the standard set of Mahjong tiles
ksirk a computerized version of a well known strategy game
ksnakeduel a simple snake duel game for KDE
kspaceduel two player game with shooting spaceships flying around a sun.
ksquares game of Dots and Boxes
ksudoku a logic-based symbol placement puzzle
ktuberling kids game: make your own potato
kubrick a game based on the Rubik's Cube puzzle
kye Puzzle game
lbreakout Breakout-style arcade game
lbreakout2 Breakout-style arcade game
level9 Curses port of the Level 9 text adventure interpreter
lgeneral Panzer General play-a-like, uses Panzer General data files
lgeneral-data Panzer General data files for lgeneral
lgogdownloader Download games from GOG
libggz GGZ Gaming Zone libraries
libkdegames library for the kdegames package
libkmahjongg library for loading and rendering of Mahjongg tilesets
lincity Free clone of SimCity for X11
lincity-ng Open source SimCity like game
liquidwar Unique multiplayer wargame
lmarbles Atomix-like puzzle
lnl L&L - Labyrinths & Legends - Fantasy RPG
LostPixels Blinken Sisters - Hunt for the Lost Pixels (80s-style Jump'n'Run)
lpairs Memory game matching pairs of cards
lskat Lieutenant Skat card game for two players
ltris SDL tetris clone
maelstrom-sdl High resolution version of Asteroids (SDL version)
maelstrom-x11 High resolution graphics version of Asteroids (X11 version)
majesty-demo Fantasy kingdom simulation (demo)
marathon-evil Game data for Marathon EVIL scenario, playable with Aleph One
marathon-trilogy Bungie game data files, playable with the Aleph One engine
minami Text adventure
mirrormagic Nice little puzzle game with color graphics and sound
mirrormagic-sdl Nice little puzzle game with color graphics and sound
monsterz Puzzle game similar to the famous Bejeweled or Zookeeper
moon-buggy Game on the Moon
moria Rogue-like game with a different sense of scale than Rogue
MyGoGrinder Program to solve Go (Weiqi, Baduk) problems
nagi Clone of Sierra's AGI
nethack Meta-package for NetHack with x11, Qt, and tty versions
nethack-lib Data files for Nethack
nethack-tty The tty/console based version of NetHack
nethack-x11 The X11+tty version of NetHack
netmaj Mahjongg game with network and 1-4 player(s) support
netmaze X windows-based multiplayer combat game (like Midi Maze)
netris Everybody's darling T*tris in a networked version
neverball Puzzle/action game similar to Super Monkey Ball
newvox Voxel-style landscape rendering fly-by
nighthawk C64 Paradroid clone
ninvaders Space invaders, curses style
omega Complex rogue-like game of exploration with a sense of humor
onscripter Interpreter to execute a script for NScripter
openmortal Parody of Mortal Kombat with real characters
openttd Open source clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe
openttd-data Free data files for OpenTTD
orbital_eunuchs_sniper Overhead shooting game
pag Platform Arcade Game
palapeli a jigsaw puzzle game based on KDE technology
picmi a nonogram puzzle game
pingus Lemmings(TM) Clone
pioneers GNOME version of the Settlers of Catan board game
plib Libraries for writing portable games/realtime interactive apps
pmars The official Core Wars simulator
polyglot UCI to WB adapter (for chess engines)
powder Multiplatform roguelike game with graphics
powermanga Arcade 2D shoot-em-up game
powwow Client to play MUDs
prboom Multiplayer-capable and modified version of DOOM
prboom-plus Multiplayer-capable and modified version of DOOM
pushover Remake of Pushover, a fun puzzle game
puzzles Collection of small one-player puzzle games by Simon Tatham
py-easyAI Easy-to-use game AI algorithms
py-ranking Library for ranking collection
py-renpy Visual Novel Engine written in Python
py-trueskill Python module implementing the TrueSkill rating system
pysolfc Over 1000 solitaire games
pytraffic Computer version of a popular board game
qonk Small space build-and-conquer strategy game
qqwing Sudoku puzzle generator and solver
qstat Program that gathers real-time statistics from game servers
quadrupleback Game where intruders must be circled
quake Legendary first person shoot'em up game
quake2forge Enhanced Quake II engine
quake6 Quake over IPv6
quakedata Game data files for Quake
quakeforge Improved Quake engine
quakespasm Enhanced Quake engine using SDL
quarry Multi-purpose GUI for several board games
REminiscence Engine to play Flashback by Delphine Software
rftg AI opponent(s) for the card game Race for the Galaxy
robotfindskitten Yet another zen simulation
rocksndiamonds Game like Boulder Dash, Emerald Mine, or Sokoban
rocksndiamonds-levels DX, Emerald Mine, and Sokoban levels for Rocks'N'Diamonds
rollemup Multi Ball, Player, Platform, Media, Cool Pinball game
rtcw Return to Castle Wolfenstein for Linux
ruby-squib Tool for prototyping card and board games
sarien Adventure Game Interpreter (AGI) for Sierra On-Line Titles
scid Shane's Chess Information Database
scummvm LucasArts Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion
scummvm-bass Beneath a Steel Sky
scummvm-fotaq Flight Of The Amazon Queen
scummvm-tools Conversion and compression tools for ScummVM
sex Yet another program for spouting silly, random phrases
simgear Simulator Construction Tools
singularity Endgame: Singularity game
sirius Othello game for GNOME2
sjeng Engine for chess variations (bughouse, suicide, etc.)
sl Animated SL that runs across the terminal when you type `sl'
solarus Open-source Zelda-like 2D game engine licensed under GPL
spaceracer 3D car racing game
spellcast Game of dueling wizards for two players
spider Solitaire card game from xcontrib
stegavorto Discover secret messages embedded in the works of great authors
stratagus Real-time strategy engine
sudoku-cli Commandline version of sudoku board game
supertux 2D jump\'n run game in the style of the Super Mario ones
supertuxkart Free 3D kart racing game
svb Spy Vs. Bob, the timeless classic
tads TADS compiler and interpreter
tanked Multiplayer internet tank game for X11
teeworlds Fast-paced retro multiplayer shooter
teg Round-based computer board game
tetrinetx Server for an addictive 6 player tetris game
thew The hermit worm
tileworld Game based on Chip's Challenge
toppler Tower Toppler/Nebulous clone
tscp Tom Kerrigan's Simple Chess Program
tuxmath Educational math arcade game
tuxracer 3D penguin racing game using OpenGL
tyrquake Conservative branch of Quake
ufoai UFO Alien Invasion
uqm Ur-Quan Masters
urban U.R.B.A.N The Cyborg Project
velena Perfect-play engine for connect four
violetland Help a girl by name of Violet to struggle with monsters
vms-empire Solitaire Empire (sometimes called VMS Empire)
wargames Simulated interaction with the W.O.P.R. computer from War Games
warmux Battle game
warzone2100 Real-time strategy and real-time tactics hybrid computer game
wesnoth Fantasy turn-based strategy game
wordwarvi Side-scrolling shoot 'em up '80s style arcade game
wormz Networked game for X11
wtf Translate common Internet acronyms
xbat XEVIOUS like shooting game
xbill Stop the dreaded Windows virus from infecting computers
xblast 2-6 player kill the other guy with bombs game. A real blast!
xblockout 3D-tetris-like game
xboard Graphical frontend for chess engines and servers
xboing Breakout style game for X11
xbomb Square, hexagonal, and triangual minesweeper clone
xbomber Colorful game where you blow other people/robots up
xbreaky Breakout game for X11
xconq Xconq is a general strategy game system
xcowsay Display a cow and message on your desktop
xdaemon (V) BSD Daemon sticking on your desktop (like xteddy)
xdaemon2 (V) BSD Daemon sticking on your desktop (like xteddy)
xdemineur Minesweeper game for the X Window System
xdoom 3D shoot-em-up for 8-bit X11 displays
xemeraldia Game of breaking blocks
xevil Side scrolling, bloody action game
xfreecell Popular freecell card game for X
xfrisk X11 version of the classic Risk board game
xgalaga Very fast true-to-the-original port of galaga for X11
xgospel X11 based IGS client for online go playing
xjewel X windows-based dropping jewels game
xjig Jigsaw puzzle
xjump Jumping game for X
xkobo Multi-way scrolling shoot 'em up game for X. Strangely addictive
xlennart Stop the dreaded systend virus from infecting computers
xmahjongg The Chinese game of Mah Jongg for X11
xmris Version of the Mr Do video arcade game for X
xnibbles Winding snakes game for X11
xpat2 X11 solitaire game with 14 variations
xpenguins (V) Little penguins walking along the tops of your windows
xpilot Networked space battles for X11
xpipeman Connect the pipes to contain the water flow game for X11
xpuyopuyo Tetris-like puzzle game
xracer XRacer is a clone of the popular Psygnosis game Wipeout
xrick Rick Dangerous clone for X
xroach Cockroaches hide under your windows
xroads Overhead view maze-based shoot 'em up game
xsc Star Castle clone
xscavenger Loderunner clone with sound for X11
xscorch Multiplayer tank shoot-em-up
xscrabble X version of the popular board game, for 1 to 4 players
xskat Play the card game Skat
xsokoban Classic logical game
xsoldier Updated xgalaga type game with awesome graphics
xtris Multi-player version of a popular game for the X Window system
xtux 2D multi-player shootout using images from the Open Software scene
xu4 Remake of Ultima IV
xvier Four-in-a-row game
xworm Classic game with apples and hungry worm
xye Kye clone
xzip Z-code interpreter for X11 (Infocom game format)
zombies Simple robots-like game where you destroy the zombies
zoom Plays Infocom-compatible games, with graphics support
ztrack Simple curses-based pseudo-3D driving game