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collectd-snmp Statistics collection daemon - snmp plugin
collectd-write_prometheus Statistics collection daemon - write_prometheus plugin
conky Free, light-weight system monitor for X
consolekit Framework for defining and tracking users, login sessions, and seats
consul Tool for service discovery, monitoring and configuration
coreutils GNU basic file, shell and text manipulation utilities
cpmtools Similar to mtools, except for CP/M filesystems
cpogm Copy owner, group and mode of a file
cpuburn CPU load testing utilities for Pentium pro and later
cpuid CPU identification feature
crashme Try to crash machine by executing random data as instructions
cuisine Small set of functions that sit on top of Fabric
cvsreport Message reports from CVS activity
daemond Run a command as a daemon
daemontools Service monitoring and logging utilities by djb
daemontools-encore Collection of tools for managing UNIX services
daemontools-run Configures daemontools to run supervised services
dbus Message bus system
dbus-glib GLib bindings for the D-BUS message bus system
dbus-python-common Python bindings for the D-BUS message bus system
dbus-sharp D-Bus for .NET
dbus-sharp-glib D-Bus for .Net GLib integration module
dc-tools Dreamcast bootable CDs tools (mainly from Marcus Comstedt)
dd_rescue Tool like dd(1) for rescuing data from media with errors
dd_rhelp Rescue hard disk helper
ddrescue GNU ddrescue is a data recovery tool
decode-dimms Decode memory DIMM SPD ROM info
deforaos-browser DeforaOS desktop file manager and desktop handler
deforaos-terminal DeforaOS desktop terminal emulator
depot Maps several separate packages into a tree without merging them
desktop-file-utils Utilities to manage desktop entries
detox Removes non-standard characters from filenames
devkitd NetBSD port of devkitd (for DeviceKit)
dfc Display file system space usage using graph and colors
di Alternative df command
direvent Daemon that monitors file system directories for events
dirsize Outputs aggregate size of all files in one or more directories
dirvish Fast, disk based, rotating network backup system
disk-filltest Detect Bad Disks by Filling with Random Data
diskscrub Utility to overwrite disks and scrub the data on them
dmassage Parser for dmesg(8)
dmenu-wld Dynamic menu for Wayland
dmesg2gif Output dmesg(8) device tree as GIF image
dmg2img Convert Apple dmg to HFS+ img format
dmidecode Print out DMI (SMBIOS) table in human-readable format
dmsdos Program to access DBLSPACE/DRVSPACE containers
dog Dog writes the contents of each given file, URL, or stdin
dosfstools Tools for working with FAT filesystems
dptutil DPT/Adaptec Storage Management software (dptutil)
dtb-arm-exynos5422 DTB files for arm exynos5422 based boards
dtb-arm-tegra124 DTB files for arm tegra124 based boards
dtb-arm-vexpress DTB files for arm vexpress based boards
dtb-arm64-sun50i DTB files for arm64 sun50i based boards
dtb-arm64-tegra210 DTB files for arm64 tegra210 based boards
dtc Device Tree Compiler (dtc)
dtpstree Display a tree of processes
dupeguru Find duplicate files
duplicity Remote encrypting incremental backup utility
dvd+rw-tools Tools for writing DVD+R[W] disks
dvdisaster Protects data on optical media with error correcting codes
dvdrecord This program allows you to create DVDs on a DVD-Recorder
e2fsprogs Second extended file system (ext2fs) management programs
easydiskpasswd Tool to unlock a password protected USB EasyDisk
edbus Convenience wrappers around dbus to ease integrating dbus with E17
efreet Interface Abstraction Library and Toolset
eggdbus GObject bindings for DBus
entr Run arbitrary commands when files change
erlang-goldrush Small, Fast event processing and monitoring for Erlang/OTP apps
erlang-lager Logging framework for Erlang/OTP
estd Dynamically sets the CPU-frequency on SpeedStep and PowerNow CPUs
etckeeper Store /etc in git, mercurial, bzr or darcs
etcmanage Automatically manage files in /etc
etcutils Utilities to programmatically edit configuration files
eventlog Support library for syslog-ng
exa Replacement for ls(1) written in Rust
extipl IPL compatible OS boot selector
fabric Simple Pythonic remote deployment tool
facette Time series data visualization and graphing
fakeroot Creates a fake root environment
fam File Alteration Monitor
fastfs Turn on/off delayed IO on a file system
fatback Recover deleted files from FAT filesystems
fdtools Manipulate file descriptor properties from shell scripts
fdupes Program for identifying or deleting duplicate files
file Tool for determining file type
filelight Graphical filesystem usage monitor
findnewest Recursively find newest file in a hierarchy and print its timestamp
findutils The GNU find, locate, updatedb, and xargs utilities
fix4SA110rev2 Modify arm32 binaries to work around SA rev2 problems
fixelfprot C program to fix ELF protection on .got table for PowerPC
flashrom Universal (coreboot/LinuxBIOS) flash utility
fluent-bit Fast and lightweight log processor and forwarder
foremost Recover various formats of files using typical data structures
free Displays memory usage
fs-kit User-level filesystem testing kit
fscd FreeBSD service check daemon to monitor services
fsviewer NextStep-like Filemanager for WindowMaker
ftwin Ftwin finds duplicate files according to their content
fzf Command-line fuzzy finder
gamin File alteration monitor