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History of commit frequency

CVS Commit History:

   2012-02-15 20:48:22 by Hans Rosenfeld | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
REPLACE_SH in installed shell script.
   2012-01-11 15:50:44 by Hans Rosenfeld | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Fix build on SunOS.
   2011-09-16 07:46:27 by OBATA Akio | Files touched by this commit (29) | Package updated
Log message:
   2010-03-16 17:02:21 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (10) | Package updated
Log message:
Update dependency to newer package path.


No functional change should be done.
   2010-01-04 21:46:06 by David Brownlee | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated audio/ampache to 3.5.3

Addresses the following security issue:

  v.3.5.3 20/12/2009
	- Added local authtype which uses PHP's PAM module
	- Correct potential security issues due to misuse of REQUEST for write
		operations rather then POST
		(Thx Raphael Geissert <>)

  v.3.5.2 19/11/2009
	- Fix typo that caused song count to not be set on tag xml response
	- Fix tag methods so that alpha_match and exact_match work
	- Fix limit and offset not working on search_songs API method
	- Fix import m3u on catalog build so it does something
	- Fix inconsistent view during catalog operations
	- Sort malformed files into "Unknown (Broken)" rather then leaving
		them in "Unknown (Orphaned)"
	- Fix API democratic voting methods (Thx kindachris)
	- Add server version information to API ping command
	- Fix Localplay API methods (Thx thomasa)
	- Improve bin/ to allow only verify, clean or add
		(Thx ascheel)
	- Fix issue with batch download and UNC paths (Thx greengeek)
	- Added config option to turn caching on/off, Default is off
	- Fix issue where file tag pattern was ignored if files have no tag
	- Add TDRC to list of parsed id3v2 tags
	- Fix issue where rating could get cached and not update the
		display correctly until a page reload
	- Fix User Stats having a formating issue and not listing the
		active playlist correctly
	- Fix incorrect default ogg transcode target format in the default
		config file
	- Fix issue where the user preferences were not respected by
		the streaming code due to caching
	- Fix issue where prevent multiple logins would prevent all logins

  v.3.5.1 24/06/2009
	- Make the PHP error a little clearer for windows users by indicating
		that their version of PHP is < 5.3 (required for windows)
	- Fix random methods not working for Localplay
	- Fix extra space on prefixed albums (Thx ibizaman)
	- Add missing operator on tag and rating searches so they will
		work with other methods (Thx
	- Fix get_art_url() so it returns something...
	- Fix problem with creating new playlists where it doesn't work
		but appending to an existing did.
	- Fixed issue with url_to_song, also cleaned up the code a bit
	- Fixed issue with Random All Catalogs
	- Fixed issues with API and Tag methods not working as advertised
	- Fix endless loop in getid3() with malformed genre tags in mp3s
	- Fixed show test page always returning false on web path
	- Update Man page to adhear to newer Debian rules
	- Fixed issue with Videos being incorrectly registered with stats
		and now playing as songs.
	- Fixed missing > in HTML for song row

  v.3.5 05/05/2009
	- Added complete Czech translation (Thx martin hason)
	- Add the AlmightyOatmeal-Sanity check to prevent a clean from
		removing all songs if your mount failed, but is still
		readable by ampache
	- Make the Lang Install page prettier
	- Added Check for hash,inet_pton,windows PHP Version to init so
		that upgrades without pre-reqs are handled correctly
	- Allow mms,mmsh,mmsu,mmst,rstp in Radio Stream URLs
	- Fixed a problem where after adding a track to a saved playlist
		there was no UI response upon deleting the track without
		a page refresh
	- Fix an issue where the full version of the album art was never
		used even when requested
	- Fix maxlength on acl fields being to small for all IPv6 addresses
	- Add error message when file exists but is unreadable do not
		remove unreadable songs from catalog
	- Fixed missing title tag on song browse for the title
		(Thx flowerysong)
	- Fix htmlchar'd rss feed url
	- Fix Port not correctly being added to URL in most cases
		even when defined in config
   2009-06-14 19:32:26 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (250)
Log message:
Remove @dirrm entries from PLISTs
   2009-05-03 16:29:16 by David Brownlee | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated audio/ampache to 3.5beta2 - updated to beta as fixes some iconv
related issues on NetBSD

  v.3.5-Beta2 04/07/2009
	- Fix ASX playlists so more data shows up in WMP (Thx Jon611)
	- Fix dynamic playlist items so they work in stream methods again
	- Fixed Recently played so that it correctly shows unique songs
		with the correct data
	- Fix some issues with filenames with Multi-byte characters
		(Thx Momo-i)
	- Add WMV/MPG specific parsing functions (Thx Momo-i)
	- Add text to /test.php for hash() and SHA256() support under PHP
	- Fix SHA256 Support so that it references something that exists
	- Fix incorrect debug_event() on login due to typo
	- Remove manage democratic playlist as it has no meaning in the
		current version
	- Run Dba::reset_db_charset() after upgrade incase people are playing
		hot potato with their charsets.
	- Move Server Preferences to Admin menu (Thx geekdawg)
	- Fixed missing web_path reference on radio creation link
	- Fixed remote catalog_clean not working
	- Fixed xmlrpc get image. getEncoding wasn't static

  v.3.5-Beta1 03/15/2009
	- Add democratic methods to api, can now vote, devote, get url
		and the current democratic playlist through the api
	- Revert to old Random Play method
	- Added proxy use for xmlrpcclient
	- Added Configuration 'Wizard' for democratic play
	- Fixed interface feedback issues with democratic play actions
	- Add extension to image urls for the API will add to others as
		needed due to additional query requirement. Needed to fix
		some DLNA devices
	- Fixed typo that caused the height of album art not to display
	- Modified database and added GC for tmp_browse table
	- Added get lyrics and album art using http proxy server #313
		+ username, password patch
	- Added lyricswiki link Ticket #70
	- Updated README language
	- Updated getid3 library 2.0.0b4 to 2.0.0b5
	- Make the Democratic playlist be assoicated with the user
		who sends it to a 'player'
	- Fixed missing page headers on democratic playlist
	- Show who voted for the sogns on democratic playlist
	- Increase default stream length to account for the fact that movies
		are a good bit longer then songs
	- Correct Issues with multi-byte characters in Lyrics (Thx Momo-i)
	- Added caching to Video
	- Added Video calls to the API
	- Remove redundent code from Browse class by making it extend
		nwe Query class
	- Update Prototype to
	- Add Time range to advanced search
	- Add sorting to Video Browse
	- Changed to new Query backend for Browsing and Dynamic Playlists

  v.3.5-Alpha2 03/08/2009
	- Fixed caching of objects with no return value
	- Fixed updating of songs that should not be updated during catalog
	- Added default_user_level config option that allows you to define
		the user level when use_auth is false. Also allows manual
		login of admin users when use_auth is false.
	- Fix Version checking and Version Error Message on install (Thx Paleo)
	- Moved Statistics to main menu, split out newest/popular/stats
	- Fixed bug where saved Thumbnails were almost never used
	- Fixed Localplay HTTPQ and MPD controls to reconize Live Stream
	- Added Localplay controls to API
	- Added Added/Updated filters to API include the ability to specify
		a date range using ISO 8601 format with [START]/[END]
	- Changed API Date format to ISO 8601
	- Fixed Incorrect Caching of Album records that caused the
		Name + Year + Disk to not be respected
	- Added Lyrics Patch (Thx alister55 & momo-i)
	- Fixed password not updating when editing an HTTPQ localplay
	- Added Video support
	- Fixed normalize tracks not re-displaying playlist correctly
	- Fixed now playing now showing currently playing song
	- Fixed now playing clear all not correctly refreshing screen
	- Fixed adding object to playlist so that it correctly shows the
		songs rather then an empty playlist
	- Added User Agent to IP History information gathering
	- Added Access Control List Wizards to make API interface
		setup easier
	- Added IPv6 support for Access Control, Sessions, IP History
	- Fixed sorting issue on artist when using search method
	- Updated flash player to 5.9.5
	- Fixed bug where you admins couldn't edit preferences of
		users due to missing 'key' on form
	- Added Mime type to Song XML

  v.3.5-Alpha1 12/31/2008
	- Fixed sort_files script so that it properly handles variable
		album art file names in the directories
	- Fixed issue where small thumbnails were used for larger images
		if gd based resizing was enabled in the config
	- Fixed so it doesn't produce errors
	- Made democratic play respect force http play
	- Make installation error messages more helpful
	- Added Swedish (sv_SE) translation (Thanks yeager)
	- Allow Add / Verify of sub directories of existing catalogs
	- Prevent an fread of 0 bytes if you seek to the end of a file
	- Added require_localnet_session config that allows you to exclude
		IP(s) from session checks, see config.dist
	- Added Nusoap ( library
		for use with future lyrics feature
	- Fixed problem with flash player where random urls were not being
		added correctly
	- Fixed problem with user creation using old method (Thx Purdyk)
	- Switched to SHA256() for API and Passwords
	- Added check for BADTIME error code from Last.FM and correctly
		return the error rather then a generic one
	- Fix http auth session issues, where every request blew away the
		old session information
	- Many other minor improvements (Thx Dipsol)
	- Fixed warnings in caching code (Thx Dipsol)
	- Massive text cleanup (Thx Dipsol)
	- Fixed tag searching and improved some other search methods to
		prevent SQL warnings on no results
	- Improved Test page checks to more accuratly verify putENV support
	- Make network downsampling a little more sane, don't require
		access level
	- Added caching to Playlist dropdown
	- Fixed double caching on some objects
	- Added base.css and 4 tag 'font' sizes depending on weight/count
	- Fixed inline song edit
	- Updated registration multi-byte mail.
	- Fixed vainfo.class.php didn't catch exception for first analyze.
	- Fixed iconv() returns an empty strings (Thx abs0)
	- Updated getid3 for multi-byte characters, but some wrong id3tags
		have occurred exception error.
        - Fixed use_auth = false not correctly re-creating the session if
                you had just switched from use_auth = true
	- Add links to RSS feeds and set default to TRUE in config.dist
        - Fixed Dynamic Random/Related URLs with players that always send
                a byte offset (MPD)
	- Added Checkbox to use existing Database
	- Updated language code and Fixed catalan language code
	- Added Emulate gettext() from upgradephp-15
	- Fixed Test.php parse error.
	- Updated multibyte character strings mail.
	- Fixed To send mail don't remove the last comma from recipient.
	- Updated More translatable templates.
	- Removed and Add LANGLIST (each languages
		translation statistics).
	- Fixed If database name don't named ampache, can't renamed tags
		to tag.
	- Fixed count issue on browse Artists (Thx Sylvander)
	- Fixed prevent_multiple_logins, preventing all logins (Thx hugh)
	- Fixed Export catalog headers so it corretly prompts you to download
		the file
	- Add ability to sort by artist name, album name on song browse
	- Implemented caching on artist and album browse, added total
		artist time to the many artist view
	- Fixed test config page so it bounces you back to the test page
		if the config starts parsing correctly
	- Fixed browsing so that you can browse two different types in two
		windows at the same time
	- Improved gather script for translations (Thx momo-i)
	- Added paging to the localplay playlist
	- Updated German Translation (Thx Laurent)
	- Fixed issue where Remote songs would never be removed from
		the democratic playlist
	- Fixed issue where user preferences weren't set correctly
		on stream (Thx lorijho)
	- Added caching of user preferences to avoid a SQL query on load
		(Thx Protagonist)
	- Fixed home menu not always displaying the entire contents
	- Fixed logic error with duplicate login setting which caused it
		to only work if mysql auth was used
	- Changed Passwords to SHA1 will prompt to reset password
        - Corrected some translation strings and added jp_JP (Thx momo-i)
	- Ignore filenames that start with . (hidden) solves an issue
		with mac filesystems
	- Fix tracking of stats for downloaded songs
	- Fix divide by 0 error during transcode in some configurations
	- Remove root mysql pw requirement from installer
	- Added Image Dimensions on Find Album Art page
	- Added Confirmation Screen to Catalog Deletion
	- Reorganized Menu System and Added Modules section
	- Fix an error if you try to add a shoutbox for an invalid object
		(Thx atrophic)
	- Fixed issue with art dump on jpeg files (Thx atrophic)
        - Fixed issue with force http play and port not correctly specifying
                non-standard http port (Thx Deathcrow)
	- Remember Starts With value even if you switch tabs
	- Fixed rating caching so it actually completely works now
	- Removed redundent UPDATE on session table due to /util.php
	- Added Batch Download to single Artist view
	- Added back in the direct links on songs, requires download set
		to enabled as it's essentially the same thing except with
		now playing information tied to it
	- Bumped API Version to 350001 and require that a version is sent
		with handshake to indicate the application will work
	- Removed the MyStrands plugin as did not provide good data, and does
		not appear to have been used
	- Added Catalog Prefix config option used to determine which prefixes
		should not be used for sorting
	- Merged Browse Menu with Home
	- Added checkbox to single artist view allowing you to enable/disable
		album art thumbnails on albums of said artist
	- Added timeout override on update_single_item because the function
		is a lie
	- Fix translations so it's not all german
	- Genre Tag is now used as a 'Tag', Browse Genre removed
	- Ignore getid3() iconv stuff doesn't seem to work
	- Improved, tries a translation first then strips
		invalid characters
	- Fixed album art not clearing thumbnail correctly on gather
	- Fixed localplay instance not displaying correctly after change
		until a page refresh
	- Fixed endless loop on index if you haven't played a song in
		over two years
	- Fixed gather art and parse m3u not working on catalog create
		also added URL read support to m3u import
	- Upped Minimum requirements to Mysql 5.x
	- Add codeunde1load's Web 2.0 style tag patch
	- Fixed typo in e-mail From: name (Thx Xgizzmo)
	- Fixed typo in browse auto_init() which could cause ampache to not
		remember your start point in some situations. (Thx Xgizzmo)
   2008-09-14 11:06:54 by David Brownlee | Files touched by this commit (7) | Imported package
Log message:
Added audio/ampache version 3.4.3

Ampache is a Web-based Audio file manager. It is implemented with
MySQL, and PHP. It allows you to view, edit, and play your audio
files via the web. It has support for playlists, artist and album
views, album art, random play, playback via Http/On the Fly
Transcoding and Downsampling, Vote based playback, Mpd and Icecast,
Integrated Flash Player, as well as per user themes and song play
tracking. You can also Link multiple Ampache servers togeather
using XML-RPC. Ampache supports GETTEXT translations and has a full
translation of many languages

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