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History of commit frequency

CVS Commit History:

   2009-11-06 23:32:32 by Dan McMahill | Files touched by this commit (35) | Package removed
Log message:
deprecate the individual geda packages.  They are now distributed upstream as a \ 
single package which is in cad/geda
   2009-08-26 21:58:47 by Jens Rehsack | Files touched by this commit (1461) | Package updated
Log message:
bump revision because of graphics/jpeg update
   2009-06-14 20:16:35 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (15)
Log message:
Convert @exec/@unexec to @pkgdir or drop it.
   2009-05-20 02:58:30 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (277) | Package updated
Log message:
Recursive ABI depends update and PKGREVISION bump for readline-6.0 shlib
major change.

Reported by Robert Elz in PR 41345.
   2009-02-01 06:20:01 by Dan McMahill | Files touched by this commit (15) | Package updated
Log message:
Update the geda suite to 1.4.3.  Changes since the last packaged
version (1.4.0) are listed below.

  Changes in this release only (since v1.4.0):
       Carlos Nieves Onega (1):

     * Fix missing %s in two strings.

   Patrick Bernaud (1):
     * Fix memory leak in gschem.

   Peter Clifton (2):
     * Fix verilog and VHDL netlist backends
     * Add libgeda/po/POTFILES.skip for intl/plural.c

   Peter TB Brett (1):
     * Don't crash on zero snap grid spacing [2026598]

   Werner Hoch (4):
     * Fix drawing artefact in rubbernet drawing code
     * update the pinnumbers if a slot attribute is deleted
     * o_delete_text(): only call o_attrib_slot_update() for COMPLEX
     * libgeda: fixed EOL handling for mixed windows/linux usage

   Changes in this release only (since v1.4.1):
       Ales Hvezda (2):

     * Fixed up all icon-theme-installer files to work with non-bash
     * Bumped the revision on libgeda's shared library and updated

   Carlos Nieves Onega (1):
     * Changed shell from bash to sh in icon-theme-installer

   Dan McMahill (1):
     * Avoid insecure temp file usage.

   Peter Clifton (3):
     * gattrib: Don't special-case ignore components with "graphical"
     * gattrib: Don't crash if we can't find data in the sheet. Bug
     * Calculate bounds of new object when copying an embedded complex.

   Werner Hoch (1):
     * libgeda: changed object adding flag for embeded symbols [#1692626]

   Changes in this release only (since v1.4.2):
       Patrick Bernaud (1):

     * Enable promotion of attributes when adding a component from guile.

   Peter Clifton (7):
     * gschem: Ensure we invalidate the region of text's origin marker
     * gnetlist: Fixup systemc backend
     * gschem: Don't add invalid attributes to the multiattrib dialog list
     * gschem: Check for self-connecting COMPLEX before deleting. Fix
     * gschem: Remove stretched object from stretch list if we delete it
     * o_move_end_rubberband(): Rework creating connectivity lists. Fix
     * gschlas: Fix segfault opening file

   Peter TB Brett (1):
     * Validate calls to scm_c_eval_string(). [2105219]

   Werner Hoch (1):
     * gschem: redraw empty preview on configure events [#2159047]
   2008-06-20 03:09:45 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (993)
Log message:
Add DESTDIR support.
   2008-02-01 03:34:25 by Dan McMahill | Files touched by this commit (25) | Package updated
Log message:
update the gEDA suite to version 1.4.0

Release notes for the gEDA/gaf stable snapshot


   This is the third major stable release of gEDA/gaf. It rolls up the
       various feature additions, code cleanup, and bug fixes that have
       occurred over the past five months. Major highlights include:

     * Many usability improvements to the various programs
     * Optional support for desktop integration (GNOME and KDE)
     * Many improvements to component library handling (internals and
       component selection dialog)
     * libgeda is now internationalized
     * Many language translation updates to gschem and gattrib
     * Improved error handling throughout all the programs
     * Fixes to the spice-sdb backend to support slotting
     * Rendering improvements and speedups in gschem
     * A bunch of new tests in gsymcheck to catch a few common errors
     * Improved support for running under MinGW
     * Lots and lots of code cleanup and improvements throughout all the
     * The usual slew of bugs and quirks fixed

   NOTE: This is a stable snapshot and should be packaged up by
   distribution package maintainers.


   Changes in this release only (since v1.3.1):
       Peter Clifton

     * Fix typo in Dutch translation
     * Fix use after free corruption when consolidating nets
     * Invalidate component cache when updating symbols. [#1880211]
     * Only call gdk_window_invalidate_rect() when drawing to a GdkWindow.

   Werner Hoch
     * gsymcheck: improved the pintype check, added test case
     * Added new pintype test symbol and output to EXTRA_DIST
     * gsymcheck: test for misplaced attributes
     * gsymcheck: moved obsolete and forbidden attribute checks
     * fixed error handling bug in run_source_command() [#1869941]
     * forward status messages from the library command to the log
     * fixed two symbols with missplaced pin attribute errors
     * detach missplaced symbol attributes
     * fixed symbol with invalid pintype attribute
     * Update the pinnumbers when updating a symbol with slots
     * Updated German translation of gschem

   Ales Hvezda
     * Updated documentation from the official wiki website
     * Changed Edit/Undo and Add/Bus hotkeys
     * Fixed reversed VDD/VSS nets in this hex schmitt trigger
     * Fix a crash when running a script that calls (gschem-image ...)

   Bernd Jendrissek
     * Update Afrikaans translation to fix spelling error.

   Bert Timmerman
     * libgeda Dutch translation updates

   For all the other changes from last development series (1.3.x):
     * [1]gaf-1.3.0 Release Notes
     * [2]gaf-1.3.1 Release Notes

   Notes/Bugs/Errata/Known Issues/Last Minute Issues

     * Many thanks to everybody who contributed to this snapshot and
       previous development snapshots.
     * Updates to this stable snapshot (1.4.x series) will occur if people
       find issues.
     * The next major stable snapshot (1.6.x) will probably happen in the
       middle of this year.
     * Please submit all bugs to the [3]bug tracker.
   2007-05-31 14:48:35 by Dan McMahill | Files touched by this commit (22) | Package updated
Log message:
update to 20070526

Release notes for the gEDA/gaf 20070526 snapshot



     * libgeda's shared library version is now 29:0:0.
     * Added  "recently used files" File menu option. Now you can open up
       files  you  used recently (and if you have a gafrc your components
       should  be  found  too)  and  open  those files up in a new gschem
       window. (Ivan Stankovic)
     * Merge  of  the noscreen branch (many changes). This branch removed
       all  cached  screen  coordinates. Now all calculations are done in
       world  coordinates and should yield some drawing improvements. End
       users  should  not  notice  any  difference (other than the slight
       speed up). (Peter Clifton)
     * Many  improvements  to  the "Write image..." dialog box in gschem.
       gschem   can   now   export   any   image  that  gtk+  (gdk-pixbuf
       specifically)  can write (png, jpg, ico, bmp, etc...). Libgd is no
       longer   an   optional   dependency   and   cannot  be  used  with
       libgeda/gschem. (Carlos Nieves Onega)
     * Improved  the  auto  placing  mechanism.  One improvement (amongst
       others)  is  in  the  cases of: if the attribute overlap with pins
       (including  pinnumbers),  or  the pin connection direction where a
       net  is  supposed  to  be  drawn,  then  the  attributes are moved
       automatically. (Carlos Nieves Onega)
     * A  few  improvements  to  the  component  place selector including
       adding  ok  button  to  hide  the  component  insert  dialog box).
     * Added  items  (links to the wiki and FAQ) to the gschem help menu.
       (Peter Brett)
     * Fixed  a  nasty  bug  that was causing random crashes with keymaps
       that did not have a valid keyval/keysym. (Peter Clifton)
     * Fixed  the  drawing of dotted arcs/circles when the dot spacing is
       too small to render. (Peter Clifton)
     * Fixed  component  selector  filter to be case insensitive. (Carlos
       Nieves Onega)
     * Added  PageUp  and  PageDown  hotkeys  to  change pages in gschem.
       (Peter Brett)
     * Fixed  the  ordering  of  buttons  in  all  gtk dialog boxes to be
       correct  (based  on  what gtk+/gnome/desktop conventions). (Carlos
       Nieves Onega)
     * Added  %%Orientation  to  DSC  block  in  postscript output. (Mike
     * Fixed  color  printing  of  select  objects (should not output the
       selected color). (Peter Clifton)
     * Added  hotkeys  to  decrease  and  increase the snap grid spacing.
       (Carlos Nieves Onega and Peter Brett)
     * Improved keymap filling routines (Werner Hoch and Patrick Bernaud)
     * Fixed a couple of small memory leaks. (Ales Hvezda)
     * The usual slew of bug fixes by many individuals.
     * A bunch of code cleanup/fixes by various individuals.
     * Various language translations updated by various individuals.

     * New gnetlist backends written: Calay and Osmond. (John Doty)
     * Moved  the  loading  of  scheme  files using the "-l" command line
       before  the  schematics are loaded (this allows the scheme code to
       modify the various search paths).
     * Various  improvements  to  the  spice-sdb  backend  including  the
       treatment  of  slotted  parts  (so that pins are emitted in pinseq
       order). (Stuart Brorson)
     * Added  and improved a bunch of regression tests. The vast majority
       of  these tests are now run during make distcheck. (Stuart Brorson
       and Ales Hvezda)
     * A few bugs fixed. (Various)

     * Added doxygen generated docs. (Stuart Brorson)
     * A bunch of bugs fixed. (Stuart Brorson and Peter Clifton)

     * Removed  the  html  version of the gsch2pcb tutorial. Instead, the
       gsch2pcb  tutorial  is  now  part  of  the  wiki thanks to several
       individuals (Patrick Doyle and Bogdan Petrisor).
     * Updated  the  wiki  snapshot to the latest web wiki version. (Ales
     * Misc improvements to various wiki scripts. (Ales Hvezda)

     * Added greek mu character. (Carlos Nieves Onega)
     * Added upper case greek omega character. (Jens Persson)

     * No significant changes.

     * Added refdes_renum test suite. (Dan McMahill and Stuart Brorson)
     * Incorporated  --gentle  into  refdes_renum which doesn't overwrite
       refdes'es already numbered. (Stuart Brorson)
     * Moved  gschemdoc  to  the gschem package. Bunch of improvements to
       the    gschemdoc    script   related   to   finding   local/remote
       documentation. (Carlos Nieves Onega)

     * Fixed  automake  infrastructure  to  install  2N3904 model for the
       TwoStageAmp example. (Stuart Brorson)

   For more a detailed changes, please look in the appropriate ChangeLogs
   in the source tarballs.
   2007-02-21 14:23:58 by Dan McMahill | Files touched by this commit (25) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 20070216 snapshot.  Many changes and improvements since the
last snapshot.  A highly abbreviated list is:

  - fixes to postscript output
  - fixes to arc handling
  - added some functions for embedding and deembedding symbols
  - many changes to the internal data structure.
  - fix a bug which could cause missing connectivity on a bus
  - improvements to attribute handling
  - fix a bunch of compiler warnings.
  - various other bug fixes

  - improvements and bug fixes to the autonumber code
  - improvements to the various file selection dialogs
  - improvements to attribute handling
  - improvements to the internal data structure
  - various other bug fixes

  - fixes for guile-1.8
  - update the gsch2pcb backend to allow running or never running m4 for pcb
  - changed "package" to "refdes" in the BOM/BOM2 backends
  - added a drc2 regression test
  - bugfix in the allegro backend
  - other misc fixes

  - added 4 missing characters to complete the hungarian character set
  - add greek mu

  - man page improvements

  - enhanced sorting functions
  - various bug fixes

  - add an option to gsch2pcb to let the user prevent m4 from ever being run
    when looking for pcb footprints.
  - let gsch2pcb look both for "name" and "name.fp" when \ 
looking for a footprint
    called "name".
  - use some configure options to set the default gsch2pcb footprint search paths
    rather than hardcoding them.
  - added a script to do non-flattened verilog netlisting
  - added options to gschlas to embed or de-embed all symbols in a schematic
   2006-10-23 11:43:13 by Dan McMahill | Files touched by this commit (16) | Package updated
Log message:
update to 20061020

Release notes for the gEDA/gaf 20061020 snapshot



   libgeda  and gschem no longer use libgdgeda (which was a gEDA specific
       hack to the libgd library). gEDA/gaf now wants to use the original
       GD  library.  (Wojciech  Kazubski  and  Carlos  Nieves  Onega with
       cleanup by others)
     * gEDA/gaf now compiles out of the box on cygwin. (Cesar Strauss)
     * Fixed  bug  #1553544: "New pages inadvertently created when adding
       nets in gschem" (Peter Clifton)
     * New component selection dialog box for gschem. This one is so much
       better  than  the  original  one.  Please  test  it out and submit
       comments to the mailing lists. (Patrick Bernaud)
     * The preview window is inside the file selectors again. The preview
       window has been refactored and improved. (Patrick Bernaud)
     * gschem  now places a title block (or any component the user wants)
       when a new page/window is created. This solves the common complain
       that the initial zoom is way to far out. (Carlos Nieves Onega)
     * Improvements  to  the  new  print  dialog box: Make print settings
       sticky for session. (Peter Brett)
     * Fixed  bug #1527465: Do a zoom extents for all pages when the main
       window is maximized. (Carlos Nieves Onega and others)
     * Fixed  bug  #1565433:  Added  the border in the gdk-pixbuf's image
       output. (Carlos Nieves Onega)
     * New  dialog  for  user  confirmation  before  closing  a page or a
       window.  This  is  also a great improvement over the previous exit
       confirm dialog box. (Patrick Bernaud)
     * Various language translations updated.
     * libgeda's shared library version is now 27:0:0.
     * Many more bug fixes and code cleanups. (various people)

     * Fixed   PCB  cursor  related  issues  (Peter  Clifton  and  Stuart
     * Minor cleanup of gnet-PCB backend. (Thien-Thi Nguyen)

     * Made  gattrib throw up GUI window warning user of no components or
       attributes. (Stuart Brorson)
     * File  browsers  in gattrib are now the same ones that gschem uses.
       (Patrick Bernaud)
     * The usual bug fixes and code cleanup. (various)

     * Updated the wiki snapshot to the latest web wiki version.

     * linear/lm311-1.sym:  Removed  the  GND  false  connection  of  the
       symbol.  (Ramakrishnan  Muthukrishnan,  John  Luciani,  and Carlos
       Nieves Onega).
     * Lots of off grid symbols cleaned up. (Werner Hoch)

     * Adds  newline that is missing from the "Found Pintype=..." message
       in s_check_pintype() in s_check.c. (Jeff Mallatt and Carlos Nieves
     * gsymcheck  now  counts the number of distinct pinnumbers specified
       in  all  slotdef= attributes. Uses that number, plus the number of
       net=  pins, to compare with the "footprint size" when checking for
       that warning. (Jeff Mallatt and Carlos Nieves Onega).

     * Applied  patches for the cygwin port. Lots of various improvements
       to  make  gschemdoc more Windows friendly (at least under cygwin).
       (Cesar Strauss, Peter Brett, and Carlos Nieves Onega)

     * No significant changes

   For more a detailed changes, please look in the appropriate ChangeLogs
   in the source tarballs.

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