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   2023-04-23 16:03:08 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (11) | Package updated
Log message:
boost: updated to 1.82.0


New Libraries
a C++11 client for the MySQL database server, based on Boost.Asio, from Ruben Perez.
Updated Libraries
Now uses core/enable_if.hpp header instead of the deprecated utility/enable_if.hpp.
Added the ability to customise the execution of a completion handler when an \ 
operation completes immediately.
Added user-defined literals for buffer types.
Added a new protocol type local::seq_packet_protocol to represent AF_UNIX with \ 
Exposed sigaction() flags via an optional argument to signal_set::add.
Change allocator_binder, executor_binder, and cancellation_slot_binder to \ 
support detection of unspecialised associators.
Fixed ambiguity in associated_cancellation_slot<reference_wrapper>::get().
Fixed awaitable<> handling for completion signatures containing \ 
Fixed experimental::channel<> try_send failure after a cancel.
Fixed thread_pool::join() deadlock when the pool has no internal threads.
Fixed pipe release() when using io_uring.
Fixed data initialisation and cleanup issues in the io_uring backend.
Fixed a dangling reference issue in the execution context overload of \ 
Ensured buffered messages can still be received when an \ 
experimental::channel<> is closed.
Fixed the any_completion_handler assignment operator.
Constrained the constructor of any_completion_handler to prevent accidental copying
Changed to use uint64_t for OpenSSL options, to match OpenSSL 3.
Fixed deferred interoperability with multiple completion signatures.
Fixed channels to add partial support for C++11 and C++14.
Added missing handler tracking source location support to co_composed and \ 
'awaitable<>' coroutines, when awaiting packaged asynchronous operations.
Fixed some 'potential null dereference' and shadow variable warnings.
Fixed a asio::buffer overload selection when used with const_buffers_1 and \ 
Disabled the runtime check for current Windows version unless targeting older \ 
Fixed compatibility between buffered stream wrappers and move-constructible \ 
streams, such as ssl::stream<>.
Fixed basic_socket_acceptor::async_accept compatibility with lambdas that have a \ 
deduced return type.
Fixed as_tuple compatibility with legacy completion tokens.
Fixed redirect_error compatibility with new completion tokens.
Fixed a potential, Windows-specific program termination due to exceptions that \ 
should have been allowed to escape from a destructor.
Prevented inadvertent co_await of boolean expressions.
Fixed result handling and support for custom allocators in experimental::use_coro.
Fixed variadic template emulation for is_async_operation and completion_signature_of.
Fixed incorrect reuse of a moved-from result in experimental::promise.
Fixed experimental::coro use with custom allocators.
Fixed seek_cur behaviour with stream-oriented files on Windows.
Various additions and modifications to the documentation.
Consult the Revision History for further details.
When compiled for x86 targets supporting AVX, vector instructions are now used \ 
for 128-bit atomic loads and stores.
For 32-bit x86 targets, 64-bit atomic loads and stores with memory_order_seq_cst \ 
semantics will now issue a memory ordering instruction.
Removed atomic<T>::storage() accessors and atomic<T>::storage_type \ 
types that were deprecated in Boost.Atomic 1.73. Users are recommended to use \ 
atomic<T>::value() and atomic<T>::value_type instead.
Add error_codes use source_location
tcp_stream uses the correct executor of the timer.
error_categories use numeric ids
file_body supports seek
Added an overload of hash_value for std::nullptr_t.
Added is_tuple_like and an overload of hash_value for tuple-like types.
Changed string hashing to use mulxp1_hash. This improves both quality and speed.
Added boost/core/snprintf.hpp header with portable definitions of snprintf, \ 
vsnprintf and their wchar_t counterparts.
Deprecated boost/core/is_same.hpp and boost::core::is_same. The header will be \ 
removed in a future release. Users are advised to use Boost.TypeTraits or C++ \ 
standard library type traits instead.
Marked boost::ref member functions and associated methods with noexcept.
Marked boost::swap function with noexcept, depending on whether the type \ 
supports a non-throwing swap operation.
Added boost::core::launder, a portable implementation of std::launder.
Added BOOST_CORE_ALIGNOF, a portable implementation of alignof.
Added boost::core::max_align_t, a portable equivalent of std::max_align_t, and \ 
boost::core::max_align, the alignment of max_align_t.
Added boost::core::memory_resource, a portable equivalent of \ 
std::pmr::memory_resource from C++17.
Added boost/core/serialization.hpp, a collection of primitives allowing \ 
libraries to implement Boost.Serialization support for their types without \ 
including a Serialization header and thereby making their libraries depend on \ 
Added boost::data, an implementation of std::data.
Added boost::size, an implementation of std::size.
Updated boost::span to use boost::data which adds support for range construction \ 
from an std::initializer_list.
Added boost::identity, an implementation of std::identity. This facility has \ 
been moved from Boost.Functional.
Avoid implicit cast from size_t to uint32_t
Fixed compilation errors that could have been caused by path conversion \ 
constructors being too permissive on the accepted arguments.
v4: path::remove_filename now presesrves the trailing directory separator.
Added path::remove_filename_and_trailing_separators, which removes the filename \ 
and directory separators preceding it from the path. This behavior is similar to \ 
path::remove_filename in Filesystem v3, but is also usable in v4.
Added path::replace_filename, which replaces filename in a path.
Updated implementation of the library version selection to avoid ODR violations.
On Windows, added a workaround for querying file attributes for files in SMBv1 \ 
shares. Previously, directories in SMBv1 shares could have been reported as \ 
regular files. This does not affect SMBv2 or later.
Major improvements
Support geographic buffer for (multi)linestrings and (multi)polygons
Comparable distance: Add support for dynamic geometries
Support covered_by() for box, geometry combinations
Solved issues
WKT: allow tabs and new lines
Fixes for union
Various fixes in examples
Breaking changes
The WKT output presentation of an empty polygon is now POLYGON() to make it \ 
consistent with other geometries
Replace detail::span and detail::make_span with implementations in boost::core
Documentation improvements
Protect usage of std::min and std::max in some cases, contributed by Han Jiang \ 
(min,max macros are illegially set by popular Windows headers so we need to work \ 
Added test to catch usage of unprotected min,max tokens in the library in the future
Fixes to support latest clang-14 and deduction guides in gcc-11+
boost::hash support.
Caller-provided serializer storage.
value_to supports missing elements for std::optional.
Fix parser suspend inside an escape character.
Make sentinel() return a unique pointer.
get_system_locale and dependents will now correctly favor LC_ALL over LC_CTYPE \ 
as defined by POSIX
utf8_codecvt::out returns partial for trailing (UTF) surrogates
Add boost::locale::util::locale_data to parse a locale
boost::locale::info::encoding() result is now in uppercase as documented, e.g. \ 
"UTF-8" instead of "utf-8"
Support M49 country codes such as en_001 or en_150
Treat en_US_POSIX as an alias for the C locale
Improve error for missing segmentation support (i.e. without ICU)
Fix compiler warnings
Deprecated C++11 support: We now require C++14 as a minimum standard. Our \ 
minimum tested compiler versions are now Clang-5, GCC-5 or MSVC-14.1.
Added Estrin's method for polynomial evaluation.
Fix various issues in non-central distributions to allow for larger \ 
non-centralities see 939.
Added CMake install target.
Fix special_functions.hpp to disable anything which can't be used in an \ 
exception-free environment.
Get condition number calculation working in C++14.
Fix constexpr table driven functions to avoid massive slowdown when the code is \ 
not actually constexpr, see 923.
Improve tanh_sinh boundary handling, see 894.
Add Linux arm64, s390x and Apple M1 testing, fix up test cases to handle 128-bit \ 
long doubles.
Improve constexpr math functions to better handle infinities and NaN's.
Make the integrators const-correct.
Fix tanh_sinh integrator in case the function underflows, see 898.
Don't use std::cbrt as some platforms still don't support it.
Stop non-central T from raising spurious FE_INVALID exceptions, see 892.
Fix binomial distribution edge case.
Improve ibeta handling of very small arguments, see 884.
Improve ibeta handling of infinities and NaN's, see 878.
Improve error handling in powm1, see 781.
Improve root-finder bracketing to bracket faster when the exponent is \ 
super-large or small.
Fix root finding edge cases, see 873.
Lots of miscellaneous warning fixes.
Add assertions when using features which require C++17 for better error messages \ 
when invoking the compiler in a lower std version.
Multi-index Containers:
Serialization now uses unsigned long instead of collection_size_type, and \ 
multi_index_container serialization class version has been bumped from 2 to 3 to \ 
reflect this change. Reading old archives may fail for custom archive types \ 
giving special treatment to collection_size_type values: if this is the case, \ 
globally define the macro \ 
compatibility in reading operations.
Maintenance work.
Deprecated C++11 support: We now require C++14 as a minimum standard. Our \ 
minimum tested compiler versions are now Clang-5, GCC-5 or MSVC-14.1.
Added a new forward declaration header.
Update Eigen interoperability so we no longer rely on Eigen's details, see 479.
Add Cmake install target.
Fix cpp_dec_float construction from string in standalone case for better error \ 
handling, see 499.
Remove redundent definitions when in C++17 mode, see 530.
Fix the error handling in standalone itrunc and ltrunc.
Fix potentially uninitialized storage when parsing octal strings.
Add arm64 and s390x CI testing.
Add some missing expression template unpacking code for powm, see 506.
Add convert_string overload accepting a (std::)string instance
Add quoted to output (quoted UTF-8) paths (std::filesystem or boost::filesystem) \ 
to streams
Implemented the boost::pfr::is_implicitly_reflectable and the machinery for \ 
specializing aggregates as reflectable or not
Implemented boost::pfr::get by type of an element in the aggregate.
Implemented the BOOST_PFR_ENABLED macro to detect library support for reflection
Fixed missing terminating character
Fixed the boost/pfr/config.hpp compilation on older compilers
Workaround for broken C++17 stuctured binding in old compilers
Avoid -Wzero-as-null-pointer-constant warnings
Fixed multiple typos, thanks to Denis Mikhailov for the fixes.
Added missing #pragma once
Multiple fixes and improvements for the docs.
Added management for extern processes to V2 (still experimental)
Deprecated wait_for & wait_until in V1 - they will be removed in the future!
Fixed typos in docs and comments, thanks to Chocobo1 for the PR
Fixed multithreading flag detection for backtrace_create_state if \ 
Boost.Core string_view and std::string_view interoperability
Fixed several unused variable warnings
Fixed sprintf deprecation warnings
Fixed undefined behavior in basic_cstring::rfind
Added CI through Github Actions
Major update.
Added node-based, open-addressing containers boost::unordered_node_map and \ 
Extended heterogeneous lookup to more member functions as specified in P2363.
Replaced the previous post-mixing process for open-addressing containers with a \ 
new algorithm based on extended multiplication by a constant.
Fixed bug in internal emplace impl where stack-local types were not properly \ 
constructed using the allocator of the container which breaks uses-allocator \ 
Add url::format with automatic percent-encoding
URL router example
set_params convenience function
Support implicit conversions to string_view
Parsing constructors are implicit
string_token::arg has virtual destructor and slice protection
Improvements and Bug fixes:
WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN macro redefinition warning
Comparison differentiates absent and empty components
Detect hier_part_rule with empty-port-like segments
Segments comparison as if normalized works above root
hier-part path-rootless considers invalid segments
port as number is set to 0 when it overflows
ipv4 to string overflow detection algorithm
Now uses core/addressof instead of the deprecated utility/addressof.
   2023-01-22 17:24:29 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (18) | Package updated
Log message:
boost: Update to 1.81.0

Version 1.81.0

New Libraries

  * URL: A library for parsing, modifying, and printing URLs using only C++11,
    from Vinnie Falco and Alan de Freitas. Features include fast compilation,
    strong invariants, and strict compliance using a memory-friendly approach.

Updated Libraries

  * Asio:
      + Added the consign completion token adapter, which can be used to attach
        additional values to a completion handler.
      + Added any_completion_handler<>, which can be used to type-erase
        completion handlers.
      + Added experimental::co_composed to enable lightweight implementations
        of user-defined asynchronous operations using C++20 coroutines.
      + Add range-based experimental::make_parallel_group() overloads.
      + Added any_completion_executor, a type-erased wrapper for executors that
        are associated with completion handlers.
      + Added missing context query to use_future's executor.
      + Added nothrow constructor overloads to execution::any_executor<> and
      + Optimised representation of empty execution::any_executor objects to
        improve the performance of copy and move operations.
      + Added an associated_cancellation_slot specialisation for std::
      + Changed I/O objects to return their executors by const reference.
      + Changed associated to use deduced return types for all two-argument get
      + Fixed spawn implementation to catch unhandled exceptions and rethrow
        them outside of the spawned "thread".
      + Fixed spawn to ensure the completion handler is dispatched through the
        correct executor.
      + Fixed cleanup of of terminal-state spawn "thread" objects.
      + Fixed spawn and co_spawn implementations to dispatch cancellation
        handlers on the correct executor.
      + Changed semantics of 'dispatch' to mean the executor is used as-is.
      + Deprecated the execution::execute customisation point and sender/
        receiver facilities.
      + Added a C++11 parallel_group example.
      + Fixed example code to not use the deprecated resolve conversions.
      + Fixed an ambiguity in experimental::channel_traits specialisations.
      + Added a specialised channel implementation for the for R(error_code)
      + Made cancelled() public on the async_compose 'self' object.
      + Added io_executor_type and get_io_executor to the async_compose 'self'
      + Fixed implementation of release() for Windows overlapped handles.
      + Enabled deferred awaiting for experimental::coro, regularised
        experimental::use_coro, and fixed allocator handling.
      + Cleaned up experimental::promise and made it an asynchronous operation
      + Constrained post/defer overloads on ability to require blocking.never.
      + Changed descriptor implementation to fall back to fcntl if ioctl fails
        with ENOTTY when setting non-blocking mode.
      + Fixed Xcode deprecation warnings related to use of sprintf.
      + Fixed the arguments passed to select_reactor::run when it is run on an
        internal thread.
      + Fixed compilation errors when BOOST_ASIO_DISABLE_SMALL_BLOCK_RECYCLING
        is defined.
      + Updated detection of C++20 coroutine support on clang 14 and later.
      + Changed standard library feature detection to always enable std::
        invoke_result when targeting C++17 or later.
      + Fixed detection of return type deduction with MSVC.
      + Updated the asynchronous operation requirements to relax the
        requirements on the associated executor.
      + Added io_uring to the implementation notes.
      + Consult the Revision History for further details.
  * Beast:
      + Add buffers_generator
      + Add beast::http::message_generator
      + Added buffer_ref, so beast buffers can be used with asio.
      + Support for per-operation cancellation
      + C++20 awaitable examples.
      + websocket per-message compression options
      + websocket timeout option api
      + multiple content length error
      + Support for default-completion and rebind
  * Container Hash:
      + Major update.
      + The specializations of boost::hash have been removed; it now always
        calls hash_value.
      + Support for BOOST_HASH_NO_EXTENSIONS has been removed. The extensions
        are always enabled.
      + All standard containers are now supported. This includes std::
        forward_list and the unordered associative containers.
      + User-defined containers (types that have begin() and end() member
        functions that return iterators) are now supported out of the box.
      + Described structs and classes (those annotated with
        BOOST_DESCRIBE_STRUCT or BOOST_DESCRIBE_CLASS) are now supported out of
        the box.
      + hash_combine has been improved.
      + The performance (and quality, as a result of the above change) of
        string hashing has been improved. boost::hash for strings now passes
        SMHasher in 64 bit mode.
      + The documentation has been substantially revised to reflect the
  * Core:
      + empty_value members are now marked as constexpr.
      + Added fclose_deleter, a deleter that calls std::fclose on a pointer to
      + Bit manipulation utilities in boost/core/bit.hpp now explicitly require
        unsigned integers on input. (#129)
      + bit_width now returns int instead of a value of the input argument
        type. This follows resolution of LWG3656.
  * Describe:
      + To allow the inclusion of enumerators.hpp, bases.hpp, and members.hpp
        when the option -pedantic is used, the invocation of
        BOOST_DESCRIBE_ENUM has been moved from modifiers.hpp into a separate
        header, modifier_description.hpp. As a consequence, modifiers.hpp no
        longer includes enum.hpp. Code that has been relying on this implicit
        inclusion may fail, and will need to be fixed to include enum.hpp.
  * DLL:
      + Fixed path_from_handle implementation for Windows platforms, thanks to
        @SaltfishAmi for the bug report 57.
  * Filesystem:
      + Deprecated: path construction, assignment and appending from containers
        of characters, such as std::vector<char> or \ 
std::list<wchar_t>, is
        deprecated in v3 and removed in v4. Please use string types or
        iterators instead.
      + Deprecated: boost/filesystem/path_traits.hpp header is deprecated and
        will be removed in a future release. The header contained
        implementation details of path and should not be used in user's code.
      + Previously deprecated APIs will now generate compilation warnings on
        use. To suppress these warnings, BOOST_FILESYSTEM_ALLOW_DEPRECATED
        macro can be defined when compiling user's code.
      + Fixed compilation due to a missing include on POSIX systems that do not
        support *at APIs. (#250)
      + On Windows prior to 10, added a workaround for network share filesystem
        that produces ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER when constructing directory
        iterators. (PR#246, #245)
      + On Windows, fixed weakly_canonical failing with an
        ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION error code if the path started with the \ 
        prefix. (#247)
      + Added support for std::string_view, boost::string_view and boost::
        container::string (as well as respective wchar_t counterparts) in path
        constructors, assignment and appending operations. (#208)
      + path constructors, assignment and appending operations taking a pair of
        iterators will no longer accept iterators with value types that are not
        one of the supported path character types.
      + On Windows, improved compatibility of directory_iterator with various
        mounted filesystems and Wine releases prior to 7.21. (#255, #266)
      + On Windows, deduplicated files are now reported as regular files rather
        than reparse files. (#262)
  * Fusion:
      + Added fusion::identity_view (PR#240)
      + Added support for associative sequences on fusion::transform_view (PR#
      + Fixed compilation for the case when fusion::reverse_view used with an
        associative sequence (PR#237)
      + Fixed Clang 13 -Wdeprecated-copy warnings (PR#261)
      + A small dependency reorganization. Now boost::ref and boost::
        noncopyable are used from Boost.Core (PR#249)
      + Added CI testing on Linux and MacOS for clang and gcc, fixed CI testing
        on Windows (PR#245, PR#236)
      + Improved docs and fixed typos (#234, PR#235, PR#238)
  * Geometry:
      + Solved issues
          o #1048 Index: Fix dangling references when Indexable is returned by
            value by IndexableGetter
          o #1076 Union: in rare cases it might miss one polygon
          o #1081 Union: due to precision it might miss interior rings
      + Bugfixes
          o #1063 Intersection: fix a bug in intersection of simple spherical
          o #1064 Formulas: fix a consistency issue in geodesic direct formulas
          o #1088 Point: Fix regression for custom point types
          o Various fixes for missing include files, warnings, C++20
            compilation errors and documentation
  * Histogram:
      + Major update.
      + Added new accumulators::fraction to compute fractions, their variance,
        and confidence intervals
      + Added interval computers for fractions: utility::clopper_pearson,
        utility::wilson_interval, utility::jeffreys_interval, utility::
        wald_interval which can compute intervals with arbitrary confidence
      + Added utility::confidence_level and utility::deviation types to pass
        confidence levels as probabilities or in multiples of standard
        deviation for all interval computers, respectively
      + Fixed internal sub_array and span in C++20
  * Iterator:
      + function_output_iterator now supports perfect forwarding of the
        assigned values to the wrapped function object. (PR#73)
      + Fixed compilation of constructing a function_input_iterator from result
        of post-incrementing another function_input_iterator. (#75)
      + The result of post-incrementing an iterator based on iterator_facade
        now supports operator->. (it++)->foo is equivalent to (*it++).foo,
        which was supported before.
  * JSON:
      + Added object::stable_erase.
      + Added parse overload for std::istream and operator>> for value.
      + Added rvalue ref-qualified accessors for value.
      + Conversion traits were redesigned.
      + Added conversion support for described classes and enums, std::optional
        , std::variant, and null-like types (including std::nullptr_t, std::
        nullopt_t, and std::monotype).
      + Added non-throwing conversion from value to user types.
  * LexicalCast:
      + Fixed compilation while casting volatile arithmetic types. Thanks to
        Giovanni Cerretani for the bug report #50.
      + Removed usage of deprecated headers. Thanks to Michael Ford for the PR
  * Locale:
      + Major update with some breaking changes.
      + C++11 support is now required, support for C++03 and earlier is dropped
      + Some enums have been converted to enum classes - Avoids name clashes
      + Replace -sICU_LINK_LOCALE & -sICU_LINK by fine-grained configuration
        options as done in Boost.RegEx
      + Fix detection of libiconv allowing Boost.Locale to be build (again) on
        some platforms
      + Remove use of and support for std::auto_ptr
      + Make the codecvt using wchar_t on Windows assume/use UTF-16 enconding
      + Performance improvements: Make basic_format, date_time & hold_ptr
        movable, Fix use of format cache
      + Make Boost.Locale compatible with more ICU versions (especially the
      + Fix RTTI definitions for some classes (visibility issues)
      + Fix compatibility of the ICU backend with some libc++ versions
      + Fix return value of some operators to correctly return non-const *this
      + Fix int-overflow on negative roll of years in date_time
      + Handle or suppress many warnings which makes the build log cleaner
      + Add support for more Windows codepages
      + Fix support for Windows codepages like ISO-2022-JP
  * Nowide:
      + Fix build failure of tests on MSVC
  * Stacktrace:
      + The library does not use COM initialization any more. Thanks to Alex
        Guteniev for the bug report, clarifications and PR PR#123!
      + The library now may use BOOST_STACKTRACE_BACKTRACE_INCLUDE_FILE macro
        value while detecting the libbacktrace availability in b2, thanks to
        Ben Gemmill for the bug report #115.
      + Added BOOST_STACKTRACE_BACKTRACE_FORCE_STATIC macro to force a single
        backtrace_state static instance while using the libbacktrace. Thanks to
        the Rasmus Thomsen for the bug report #118!
      + Avoid unresolved references when including only the boost/stacktrace/
        stacktrace.hpp header. Thanks to the Long Deng for the bug report #116.
      + Optimized stacktrace printing by not calling strlen on Windows
        platforms. Thanks to Alex Guteniev for the bug report #122
  * PFR:
      + Improved detection of aggregate initializables in C++14 mode, thanks to
        Denis Mikhailov for the PR PR#97.
      + Suppress clang-tidy warnings, thanks to Alexander Malkov for the PRs PR
        #109, PR#104.
      + Use fold expressions if they are supported by the compiler. Thanks to
        Jean-Micha?l Celerier for the PR PR#96.
  * STLInterfaces:
      + Fix two ill-formed iterator_interface operators in pre-C++20 iterators
        with a const value_type.
  * System:
      + The macro BOOST_SYSTEM_DISABLE_THREADS can now be defined to disable
        the use of <mutex> (e.g. on single-threaded libstdc++).
      + Added value_type, error_type, in_place_value, in_place_error to result
      + Added emplace to result<>.
  * Unordered:
      + Major update.
      + Added fast containers boost::unordered_flat_map and boost::
        unordered_flat_set based on open addressing.
      + Added CTAD deduction guides for all containers.
      + Added missing constructors as specified in LWG issue 2713.
  * Variant:
      + Avoid recursive inclusion of headers, thanks to Nathan Sidwell for the
        bug report #101.
      + Removed usage of deprecated headers, thanks to Michael Ford for the PR
      + Fixed compilation on clang in C++23 mode, thanks to Ed Catmur for the
        PR PR#98.
  * Variant2:
      + Added support for boost::json::value_from and boost::json::value_to.

Version 1.80.0

Known Issues

These are patches from library authors which were found too late to be fixed in
the release.

  * Config
      + Support for libcpp15 which removes std::unary_function and std::
        binary_function. Patch.
  * Filesystem
      + Directory iterators may fail to construct for a network share on
        Windows prior to 10, see PR#246 and #245. Patch.
      + On Windows, weakly_canonical fails to process paths that start with the
        "\\?\" prefix, see #247. Patch.
      + On POSIX systems that don't support *at APIs, compilation fails due to
        a missing include, see #250. Patch.
  * Unordered
      + Containers are not in a valid state after moving, see #139. Patch.
      + Fix MSVC /RTCc build runtime failures. Patch.

New Libraries

  * No new libraries.

Updated Libraries

  * Asio:
      + Added a deduced trailing return type to all asynchronous operations, to
        enable the new form of async_result for C++11.
      + Moved append, prepend, as_tuple, and deferred to the boost::asio
        namespace, and made them compatible with C++11.
      + Made experimental::parallel_group compatible with C++11.
      + Added buffer() overloads for contiguous containers, such as std::span.
      + Added the ability for awaitable<>-based coroutines to directly co_await
        operations that are packaged as function objects.
      + Changed spawn() to be a completion token-based asynchronous operation,
        and added support for cancellation. The basic_yield_context token now
        supports move-only and variadic result types. When targeting C++11 and
        later, spawn() and basic_yield_context are implemented in terms of
        Boost.Context directly.
      + Added the is_async_operation trait and async_operation concept.
      + Added the completion_signature_of trait.
      + Added converting move construction/assignment to posix descriptors,
        serial ports, pipes, Windows object_handle, Windows stream handles, and
        Windows random-access handles.
      + Added release() member functions to pipes, Windows stream handles, and
        Windows random-access handles.
      + Enabled support for Endpoint implementations that return void pointers
        from their data() member functions, as per the documented Endpoint type
      + Removed all() and race() from experimental::promise, as experimental::
        parallel_group covers this functionality.
      + Added source locations to exceptions and error codes produced by the
        synchronous and asynchronous operations.
      + Fixed compatibility with OpenSSL 3.0.4 and later.
      + Fixed compatibility with with -masm=intel.
      + Explicitly stated that socket shutdown() calls are thread-safe with
        respect to certain other synchronous operations on the same socket.
      + Optimised the move construction of I/O objects where only the executor
        type differs.
      + Fixed the detection of std::invoke_result for clang/libc++.
      + Fixed an issue where experimental::parallel_group initiation
        incorrectly moved arguments instead of forwarding them.
      + Fixed a sequencing issue in the implementation of post(), dispatch(),
        and defer().
      + Fixed the awaitable<> implementation to propagate exceptions from
        awaited initiation functions through the current completion handler.
      + Fixed detection of std::aligned_alloc with gcc 7.
      + Changed to avoid using the soon-to-be-deprecated std::aligned_storage
        on newer compilers.
      + Fixed detection of std::aligned_alloc for older Apple platforms.
      + Removed faulty assertions from experimental::coro implementation.
      + Added defence against Qt-defined macros when building with Intel C++.
      + Changed the implementation of the select_reactor, on Windows, to ensure
        that any exception resulting from failure to recreate its interrupter's
        sockets will be allowed to propagate out through io_context::run().
      + Fixed various compiler warnings.
      + Updated all composed operations examples, and the C++11 timeouts
        example, to use the new async_result form.
      + Added composed operation and coroutine examples for C++20.
      + Consult the Revision History for further details.
  * Atomic:
      + Improved portability of endianness checks on ARM, AArch32 and AArch64
        targets. (#59)
      + Fixed compilation with MSVC 14.0 (Visual Studio 2015) in C++17 mode. (#
  * Filesystem:
      + On Windows, added a fallback implementation for querying file
        attributes in case if the file cannot be opened with
        ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED error. This may allow status and symlink_status to
        succeed for system files and directories that are not reparse points or
        symlinks. (#234)
      + On Windows, added a workaround for FAT/exFAT filesystems that produce
        ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER when querying file attributes. This affected
        status and symlink_status, which reported that files do not exist, and
        directory iterators, which failed to construct, as well as other
        dependent operations. (#236, #237)
      + Worked around a compilation problem on RTEMS. (PR#240)
      + On Linux, corrected switching to sendfile copy_file implementation if
        copy_file_range failed with ENOSYS in runtime. The sendfile fallback
        implementation used to skip the filesystem type check and could fail
        for some filesystems.
      + On POSIX systems supporting openat and related APIs defined in
        POSIX.1-2008 and on Windows Vista and later, improved protection of
        remove_all against CVE-2022-21658 that was implemented in the previous
        release. The previous fix could still result in removing unintended
        files in certain conditions. Other systems remain vulnerable.
  * GIL: NOTICE: We are planning BREAKING switch to C++17 as minimum required
    C++ language version in one or two releases after Boost 1.80 (#676)
      + Added
          o GSoC 2020: Added Perona-Malik anisotropic diffusion algorithm (PR#
          o GSoC 2020: Added histogram class and related functionality (PR#499)
          o GSoC 2020: Added histogram equalization feature (PR#514)
          o GSoC 2020: Added histogram matching algorithm (PR#515)
          o GSoC 2020: Added ability to stack images either horizontally (
            hstack) or vertically (vstack) (PR#506)
          o GSoC 2020: Added adaptive histogram equalization algorithm (PR#516)
          o GSoC 2020: Added Standard Hough Transform and circle rasterization
          o GSoC 2020: Added Bresenham's algorithm for line rasterization (PR#
          o GSoC 2021: Added rotation of image by arbitrary angle around its
            center (PR#565)
          o GSoC 2021: Added rasterization support for ellipse based on "An
            Efficient Ellipse-Drawing Algorithm" by Jerry Van Aken (PR#585)
          o Added image constructor from compatible view (PR#520)
          o Added inverse function for affine matrix3x2 (PR#527)
          o Added standard morphological transformations (PR#541)
          o Added for_each_pixel overload for any_image (PR#648)
          o Added C++17 polymorphic memory resource typedefs for image class (
      + Changed
          o BREAKING: The required minimum C++ version is changed from from
            C++11 to C++14. Currently, large parts of GIL still compile with a
            C++11 compiler. However, there is no guarantee that it stays that
            way, and any compilers that do not support at least C++14 are
            considered unsupported as of now.
          o BREAKING: any_color_converted_view() is deprecated and will be
            removed in the next release. Use color_converted_view() instead,
            which provides the same feature.
          o BREAKING: apply_operation for any_image is deprecated and will be
            removed in the next release. Use variant2::visit instead, which
            provides the same feature. (PR#656)
          o Moved numeric extension to core (PR#573)
          o Added support for C++17's <filesystem> (PR#636) The availability of
            the std::filesystem is detected automatically, unless the
            BOOST_GIL_IO_USE_BOOST_FILESYSTEM macro is defined that forces the
            preference of the Boost.Filesystem.
          o Renamed pixel_multiply_t to pixel_multiplies_t and pixel_divide_t
            to pixel_divides_t (PR#655)
          o Renamed io/dynamic_io_new.hpp to io/detail/dynamic.hpp (PR#653)
          o Moved function construct_matched into boost::gil::detail namespace
            as it was only used by other implementation details (PR#653)
          o Made packed_pixel trivially copyable and assignable (PR#679)
          o Replace deprecated libtiff v4.3 typedefs with C99 fixed-size
            integers (PR#685)
      + Removed
          o BREAKING: Removed support for GCC 5 (PR#572)
          o Removed deprecated.hpp (PR#627)
      + Fixed
          o Fixed conversion from RGB to HSL (PR#505)
          o Fixed conversion from RGB to signed CMYK (PR#522)
          o Removed unnecessary numeric cast in hsv.hpp (PR#530)
          o Fixed default constructor for homogeneous_color_base for reference
            pixel elements (PR#542)
          o Fixed returning reference to local temporary object in
            subchroma_image_view (PR#556)
          o Added missing header guards in diffusion.hpp (PR#568)
          o Fixed any_image_view<>::const_t (PR#526)
          o Fixed C++20 incompatibilities in I/O extensions (PR#617)
          o Ensured all examples build without errors (PR#628)
          o Fixed convolve_2d for images with float32_t channel model (PR#577)
          o Fixed for_each_pixel for non-1d iterable views (PR#621)
          o Fixed: is_equal_to_sixteen in PNG I/O was less-than test (PR#650)
          o Re-allow devicen_t with two components (PR#654) It was
            unintentionally removed in Boost 1.72
          o Fixed memory leak in image class for empty dimensions (PR#649)
      + Acknowledgements
          o Cypre55, Samuel Debionne, Mike-Devel, Edward Diener, Peter Dimov,
            Omar Emara, Dhruva Gole, Nicolas Herry, Eugene K, Avinal Kumar,
            Gaurav Kumar, Marco Langer, Pranam Lashkari, Mateusz ??oskot,
            Giovanni Mascellani, Debabrata Mandal, Gopi Krishna Menon, Ren??
            Ferdinand Rivera Morell, Felix Morgner, Harshit Pant, Paul92, Andr
            ?? Schr?der, Scramjet911, Siddharth, Dirk Stolle, Prathamesh
            Tagore, theroyn, Olzhas Zhumabek
  * Graph:
      + Bug fixes:
          o Fix bug in stoer_wagner_min_cut where vertices are not merged at
            the end of each mincut phase (#286)
          o Fix conversion warning for return type of strong_components (#293)
          o Fix compilation failure of boykov_kolmogorov_max_flow named
            parameter overload (#232)
      + General code improvements:
          o Remove redundant call to combine in astar_search_no_init_tree (#260
          o Remove redundant child_idx argument of d_ary_heap_indirect<>::child
          o Improve documentation for traversal categories (#303)
      + Acknowledgements
          o Viktor Pti, Sebastian Brockmeyer, Etienne dg
  * Histogram:
      + Fixed segfault in indexed when trying to iterate over histogram with
        axes of zero size (physical or logical) under certain conditions
      + Removed previously deprecated API
          o class accumulators::thread_safe: use accumulators::count<T, true>
          o Methods accumulators::sum::large and accumulators::sum::small: use
            accumulators::sum::large_part and accumulators::sum::small_part
          o Type alias algorithm::reduce_option: use algorithm::reduce_command
          o Template function axis::traits::static_options: use axis::traits::
          o Template function axis::traits::static_is_inclusive: use axis::
          o Type alias indexed::range_iterator: use indexed::iterator
          o Type alias indexed::accessor::reference: use indexed::accessor::
  * Iterator:
      + For C++11 and later, added support for perfect forwarding of values
        written to function_output_iterator. (PR#73)
      + Added protection against writing to function_output_iterator a result
        of dereferencing another function_output_iterator.
  * JSON:
      + Added non-const value::at overloads.
      + Added the ability to manually choose endianness of the platform.
      + Added string::subview() overload.
      + Fixed segfault in array::erase(it).
      + Fixed low performance of serialize on libc++.
      + Fixed ambigious conversion to std::string_view on GCC 8.
      + Fixed parsing on big-endian platforms.
      + Fixed handling of comment after trailing comma.
  * LEAF:
      + API breaking change: throw leaf::exception(....) now becomes
      + Fixed a bug in support for a rare build configuration (exception
        handling enabled, diagnostics disabled)
      + Using nullptr instead of 0 throughout
      + Fixed pedantic warnings
  * Locale:
      + Deprecated support for C++03 and earlier, C++11 will be required in the
        next release
      + Provide -sICU_LINK_LOCALE as a temporary replacement for -sICU_LINK
        which is incompatible with Boost.Regex. -sICU_LINK_LOCALE and -
        sICU_LINK are deprecated and will be replaced by ICU_*_NAME options to
        be compatible with Boost.Regex
      + Fix UB/assertion failure in the ICU collator implementation when
        transforming empty strings
      + Fix some issues related to visibility of classes in shared libraries
        (Unix only)
      + Fix compatibility with C++20 mode
      + Fix compatibility with BOOST_USE_WINDOWS_H
      + Fix build failures due to missing includes
      + Handle or suppress many warnings which makes the build log cleaner
  * Log:
      + Bug fixes:
          o Fixed binding incorrect local address in UDP socket-based
            syslog_backend when IPv6 address is used for the syslog server. (#
          o Added a workaround for a bug in libstdc++ from gcc 11.2. When
            max_size_decor was used on a formatting stream, std::codecvt::
            do_length incorrectly accessed the input buffer and caused a buffer
      + See changelog for more details.
  * Math:
      + Deprecated C++11 support: from 2023 we will require C++14 as a minimum
        standard. This will mean GCC-5 or MSVC-14.1 as a minimal requirement.
      + Add constexpr fma support, see 734.
      + Add support for the Chatterjee Correlation Coefficient, see 770.
      + Added support for the logarithm of the PDF for all the distributions.
      + Improve support for building with no exception or RTTI support.
      + Some minor bug fixes for [sub 1]F[sub 1] corner cases, see 778.
  * Multiprecision:
      + Mark C++11 support as deprecated: from 2023 we will move to requiring
        C++14 as a minimum standard level. That will drop support for GCC
        versions prior to 5 and MSVC prior to 14.1.
      + Fix conflict between boost/cstdfloat.hpp and this library.
      + Clean up lots of gcc and clang warnings.
      + Fix input streaming of composite types (complex, interval rational)
        where there is a trailing delimeter in the stream and no whitespace.
      + Fix constexpr integer square root where the input is 1, 2 or 3.
      + Add missing #include of <memory> to float128.hpp.
      + Correct 2-arg constructor for class number to prevent ambiguity in some
      + Correct and make more consistent behaviour of divide-by-zero in
  * Multi-index Containers:
      + Maintenance work.
  * Nowide:
      + Major performance improvement for Bulk I/O with files
      + basic_filebuf: Fix wrong return value of sync when fflush failed
      + basic_filebuf: Fix possible undefined behavior in a corner case when
        nothing was actually written but buffer is in "write" mode
      + basic_filebuf: Limit putback of characters (i.e. pbackfail) only
        allowing putback of buffered characters (may be only 1 character)
  * Optional:
      + Added specializations for std::hash<boost::optional<T>>. \ 
This is a
        breaking change for programs that define such specializations
        themselves. For more details see specs.
  * STLInterfaces:
      + Fix #53: "missing 'typename' prior to dependent type name
      + Fix #54: "Concept check fails on .data() of a view on contiguous
        iterator_interface instantiations"
      + New additions to make it easy to write views and view adaptors that
        work like, and interoperate with, the ones in the standard library:
          o Add workalikes for C++23's std::bind_back() and std::
            range_adaptor_closure for pre-C++23 code.
          o Add templates closure and adaptor to make writing view adaptors
            easier, following the examples in P2387.
  * System:
      + When an error_code is converted to std::error_code and then back to
        error_code, the original is now restored, if possible.
      + Reworked the conversion from error_category to std::error_category to
        avoid the one-time allocation that shows up on leak checkers.
      + Added a constructor that allows replacing the source location of an
        error_code, and a corresponding assign.
      + Added a converting constructor to result.
  * Unordered: Major update:
      + Refactor internal implementation to be dramatically faster
      + Allow final Hasher and KeyEqual objects
      + Update documentation, adding benchmark graphs and notes on the new
        internal data structures
  * Utility:
      + In string_view/string_ref, fixed max_size returning incorrect value. (#
      + Removed noexcept specifier from string_view::compare as it may throw on
        some input arguments. (#94)
      + In string_view/string_ref, added support for calling substr with no
        arguments. (#96)
      + Added string_view::contains methods that were introduced in C++23. (#93
      + In string_view, added asserts in remove_prefix/remove_suffix methods to
        enforce the precondition that the prefix/suffix length does not exceed
        the string view size. The previous (undocumented) behavior of silently
        clamping the prefix/suffix length is deprecated and will be removed in
        a future release. (#92)
  * Wave: Fixed bugs:
      + #24: Line numbers wrong after conditional section
      + #160: one test fails with error C2660 and error C2440 under msvc /
        permissive- mode
      + #161: BOOST_WAVE_THROW_NAME_CTX does not result in a context callback
        and always throws
      + #162: When Boost headers are included in the preprocessed translation
        unit, Wave fails in boost/integer.hpp(99)

Updated Tools

  * Build:
      + Includes release of B2 version 4.9.2.

Version 1.79.0

Known Issues

These are patches from library authors which were found too late to be fixed in
the release.

  * Boost.JSON array::erase can segfault, see #692. Patch.

New Libraries

  * No new libraries.

Updated Libraries

  * Asio:
      + Added bind_allocator.
      + Added file_base::sync_all_on_write flag.
      + Added missing implementation of basic_file::release().
      + Added per-operation cancellation support to signal sets.
      + Exposed recycling_allocator as part of the public interface.
      + Added the nodiscard attribute to a number of functions.
      + Added OpenSSL 3.0 compatibility.
      + Added support for adopting an existing SSL* into an ssl::stream<>.
      + Enabled executor_work_guard<> in all build configurations.
      + Enabled movable socket iostreams when using clang.
      + Fixed bind_cancellation_slot and bind_executor compatibility with
        legacy completion tokens.
      + Fixed associator specialisations for experimental::append and
      + Fixed associated_allocator primary template.
      + Fixed io_uring implementations of async_receive_from for sockets and
        write_some_at for files.
      + Fixed io_uring feature detection.
      + Fixed experimental::coro's per-operation cancellation.
      + Fixed memory management in experimental::promise's type-erased
        completion handlers.
      + Fixed move operator= implementation for ssl::stream.
      + Fixed any_io_executor implementation to work when both
      + Fixed implementation of basic_socket::at_mark() when using the
        sockatmark() system call.
      + Changed the recycling allocator to use the default alignment as the
        minimum alignment for allocations.
      + Added a workaround for apparent coroutine codegen bug with Apple's
      + On Windows, changed the file support to open files using the same
        sharing mode as fopen().
      + On Linux, fixed UNIX domain sockets implementation to correctly handle
      + Fixed implementation of experimental::basic_channel::reset() and
      + Fixed potential undefined behaviour in the experimental::promise.
      + Changed the co_spawn implementation to dispatch cancellation signals
        through the executor in some circumstances.
      + Fixed various header inclusion issues.
      + Fixed various warnings.
      + A number of documentation enhancements, including:
          o Added an overview of Asio's asynchronous model.
          o Reworked reference and requirements documentation in terms of
            asynchronous model.
          o Updated documentation for dispatch(), post(), and defer().
          o Documented per-operation cancellation for serial ports.
          o Clarified the non-concurrency guarantees made for allocators.
          o Reverted the io_context reference documentation to use
          o Added more detailed reference documentation to make_strand(),
            make_work_guard(), ip::address_v4, ip::address_v6, experimental::
            basic_channel, and experimental::basic_concurrent_channel.
          o Re-arranged and extended the Overview documentation to cover
            recently added features.
      + Added a C++11 example showing file descriptor passing over local
      + Added C++14 examples of wrapping callback-based APIs in asynchronous
      + Consult the Revision History for further details.
  * Assert:
      + source_location().file_name() and source_location().function_name() now
        return "" instead of "(unknown)".
      + Added a source_location constructor from std::source_location.
      + Changed BOOST_CURRENT_LOCATION to more closely match the behavior of
        std::source_location::current(), such as being usable at top level or
        as a default function argument.
  * Atomic:
      + Fixed compilation for Universal Windows Platform (UWP). (#54)
      + Added BOOST_ATOMIC_NO_DARWIN_ULOCK configuration macro. The macro
        affects compilation on Darwin systems and disables ulock-based
        implementation of waiting and notifying operations. This may be useful
        to comply with Apple App Store requirements. (#55)
  * Beast:
      + Added missing include for file_body test.
      + Fixed WebSocket handshake response on failure.
      + Fixed open append mode for file_posix and file_win32.
      + Fixed file open with append/append_existing flag on Windows
      + Fixed clang-cl UTF8 path handling for file_win32 and file_stdio.
      + Added ARM64 builds to drone CI.
      + Fixed async_base documentation link.
      + Added tests for file open in append/append_existing mode.
      + Updated CI to include gcc 11, clang 12, msvc 14.3.
      + Added individual tests to CMake workflow.
      + We'd love to know how you or your company use Beast, consider adding an
        entry to the Companies and Individuals Using Beast list.
      + See the full Release Notes for a complete list of changes.
  * Core:
      + Made boost::pointer_traits SFINAE friendly, addressing LWG3545. (Glen
      + Added boost::allocator_traits that uses the individual allocator access
        traits. This implementation supports C++03 and above. (Glen Fernandes)
      + Updated the allocator access traits to support most of the C++11
        allocator model in C++03. (Glen Fernandes)
      + boost/iterator.hpp is deprecated and will be removed in a future
        release. The header defines boost::iterator template, which is
        equivalent to std::iterator in <iterator> header. However, since std::
        iterator is itself deprecated in C++17, users are advised to remove
        boost::iterator or std::iterator use from their code.
      + Added boost::core::verbose_terminate_handler, a utility function
        intended to be passed to std::set_terminate that prints information
        about the uncaught exception to stderr.
  * Describe:
      + Enabled unions in BOOST_DESCRIBE_STRUCT and updated examples to check
      + Added example of defining a fmtlib class formatter.
      + Added example of defining a fmtlib enum formatter.
      + Added example of printing pointers to members.
  * Filesystem:
      + v3: path::replace_extension now works in terms of v3 definition of path
        ::extension rather than v4.
      + Fixed compilation of path appending and concatenation operators with
        arguments of types convertible to path or compatible string type. (#223
      + On POSIX systems that support fdopendir and O_NOFOLLOW and on Windows,
        remove_all is now protected against CVE-2022-21658. The vulnerability
        is a race condition that allows a third party process to replace a
        directory that is being concurrently processed by remove_all with a
        directory symlink and cause remove_all to follow the symlink and remove
        files in the linked directory instead of removing the symlink itself. (
      + On Windows, in remove and remove_all implementation, use POSIX
        semantics for file removal, when supported by the OS (Windows 10 1709
        and later). When POSIX semantics is supported, the file name is removed
        from the filesystem namespace as soon as the file is marked for
        deletion, even if it is still open and in use. With legacy Windows
        semantics, the file name remains present in the the filesystem
        namespace until the last file handle to the file is closed, which
        allows the file marked for deletion to be opened and prevents creating
        new files with the same name. (#216)
      + On Windows, remove and remove_all now support deleting read-only
        directories. Support for removing read-only non-directory files was
        added previously.
      + On Windows, directory_iterator internal implementation has been
        reworked to better utilize modern Windows APIs, which may improve
        performance while handling symlinks.
      + On Windows, initialize internal WinAPI function pointers early, if
        possible, to allow Boost.Filesystem operations to be invoked in global
        constructors. This is only supported on MSVC, GCC, Clang and compatible
      + On Windows, resize_file should no longer fail with an error if the file
        to be resized is opened.
      + Disabled use of the statx syscall on Android prior to 11.0 (API version
        30). The syscall is blacklisted by seccomp and causes process
        termination in runtime. (#229)
      + Deprecated: boost/filesystem/string_file.hpp header is deprecated and
        will be removed in a future release. The header is no longer included
        by boost/filesystem.hpp by default. Users are advised to implement the
        functionality themselves or migrate to other implementations.
      + Deprecated: Windows CE support is deprecated and will be removed in a
        future release. Windows CE has been untested for many years and is
        likely non-functional.
  * Geometry:
      + Major change
          o PR#977 Rescaling is turned off by default. This avoids many related
            bugs in set operations and buffer.
      + Improvements
          o PR#923 Added algorithm closest_points for cartesian point/geometry.
          o PR#939 Added algorithm closest_points for other coordinate systems
            and geometry combinations excl. boxes.
          o PR#961 Added Web Mercator projection.
          o PR#966 More efficient cartesian distance strategy used in simplify.
      + Solved issues
          o #956 Result of simplify algorithm with incorrect closure.
          o #962 Runtime error in R-tree deserialization due to load factor.
          o #971 R-tree insertion time impacted by use of long double on ARM
      + Bugfixes
          o PR#936 Envelope of polygon containing pole.
          o PR#948 Spherical and geographic envelope for near meridian
          o PR#974 Spheroidal normalization utilities for NaN coordinates.
          o Various fixes in set operations and buffer.
  * Integer:
      + Optimized integer_log2 implementation to use bit operations internally.
        This allows to employ bit instructions available on most modern CPUs. (
  * IO:
      + Added boost::io::basic_nullbuf, a null stream buffer, and boost::
        basic_onullstream, a null output stream (Glen Fernandes).
  * Iterator:
      + In counting_iterator, added support for built-in 128-bit integer types
        supported by gcc and clang and compatible compilers on some target
      + Silenced gcc warnings about deprecated implicit copy assignment
        operator in counting_iterator.
  * JSON:
      + Standalone mode of the library is removed. Users who wish to continue
        using standalone JSON can switch to the C++ Alliance fork.
      + Add std::error_code overloads.
      + Add boost::source_location to error_codes.
      + Add support for JSON Pointer.
      + Naturally grow string during serialization.
  * LEAF:
      + Support for FreeRTOS and other embedded platforms
      + Improved diagnostic information
      + Improved configuration macros
      + BOOST_LEAF_CHECK using statement expressions under __GNUC__
      + Fixed symbol demangling bug
  * Log:
      + General changes:
          o In text_file_backend, added support for appending to a previously
            written log file, when file rotation is used and log file names use
            file counters.
          o Breaking change: The file_collector interface has changed:
              # scan_for_files method returns a scan_result structure that
                contains information collected during the scan;
              # is_in_storage method added for testing if a path refers to a
                file within the target storage directory.
          o Added a new invoke_manip stream manipulator that can be used for
            injecting user's function into a stream output expression.
      + Bug fixes:
          o Fixed file counter being set to zero if the user calls
            text_file_backend::scan_for_files multiple times, and the second
            and the following calls don't find any new files. (#179)
      + See changelog for more details.
  * Multi-index Containers:
      + Improved the efficiency of count operations in ranked indices from O(
        log(n) + count) to O(log(n)). Contributed by Damian Sawicki.
      + Maintenance work.
  * Nowide:
      + Fix compilation issues on some platforms (e.g. GCC 11 on MinGW-w64 and
      + Fix missing include when using BOOST_USE_WINDOWS_H and
      + Add sanity check when using boost::nowide::stat with boost::nowide::
  * Optional:
      + Fixed issue #98.
      + Fixed issue #92.
      + Added support for BOOST_NO_IOSTREAM.
      + Now aligned storage uses unsigned char rather than char to avoid UB.
      + Now using cv-unqualified value_type with placement new to avoid UB.
  * Predef:
      + Version 1.14.0
      + Add detection of LoongArch (from Zhang Na).
  * QVM:
      + Added constexpr under C++17
      + Improved single header distribution
  * Smart Pointers:
      + Added boost::get_allocator_pointer to obtain the Allocator pointer from
        the result of boost::allocate_unique (Glen Fernandes).
  * System:
      + Added a boost::source_location parameter to throw_exception_from_error.
      + Added throw_exception_from_error overloads for errc::errc_t, std::
        error_code, std::errc, std::exception_ptr.
      + result<T>::value now automatically supplies BOOST_CURRENT_LOCATION to
        throw_exception_from_error via a default argument.
      + Added an errc::make_error_code overload taking a source location.
  * ThrowException:
      + Added boost::throw_with_location, a more lightweight alternative of
        BOOST_THROW_EXCEPTION for programs that do not use Boost.Exception.
  * Unordered:
      + All containers have been updated to support heterogeneous count,
        equal_range and find.
      + All containers now implement the member function contains.
      + erase_if has been implemented for all containers.
      + All containers have been updated to support heterogeneous erase and
      + Changed behavior of reserve to eagerly allocate.
      + Various warning fixes in the test suite.
      + Update code to internally use boost::allocator_traits.
      + Switch to Fibonacci hashing.
      + Update documentation to be written in AsciiDoc instead of QuickBook.
  * Variant2:
      + Added operator<< for monostate.
  * Wave:
      + C++11 now required for building Wave itself
      + Fixed bugs:
          o #135: Comma operators in array subscripts are deprecated in C++20
          o #137: Simple unknown directive => found_unknown_directive is not
            called, stripped of pound.
          o #138: Empty ifdef block does not emit line directive for missing
          o #143: Parsing __has_include() fails with trailing tokens
          o #145: Sanitizer complains about reset_version()
          o #147: bitwise operations between different enumeration types are

Updated Tools

  * Build:
      + Includes release of B2 version 4.8.2.
   2022-01-29 12:03:58 by Amitai Schleier | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
If we're gcc on Darwin, but GCCBASE is defined, set BOOST_TOOLSET=gcc
(instead of 'darwin'). Fixes Snow Leopard build with lang/gcc10.
   2022-01-10 02:23:31 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (13) | Package updated
Log message:
boost: Update to 1.78.0

Version 1.78.0

Known Issues

These are patches from library authors which were found too late to be fixed in
the release.

  * Boost.Build silently skips installation of library headers and binaries in
    some cases, see #104.
      + Fixed in PR#113, patch.
  * Boost.Atomic fails to build when targeting UWP, see #54. Patch.

New Libraries

  * No new libraries.

Updated Libraries

  * Asio:
      + Added an io_uring backend that may optionally be used for all I/O
        objects, including sockets, timers, and posix descriptors.
      + Added support for files, with new new classes for stream-oriented and
        random-access files. This feature currently supports I/O completion
        ports on Windows, and io_uring on Linux.
      + Added support for portable pipes on POSIX and Windows (when I/O
        completion ports are available).
      + Added support for registered buffers, which are optimised when using
        the io_uring backend.
      + Added experimental support for channels, that may be used to send and
        queue completions as messages.
      + Implemented improvements to experimental::coro.
      + Disabled aligned_alloc on clang when using an MSVC runtime.
      + Changed to use a faster implementation for ip::network_v4::canonical().
      + Added template specialisations for common uses to improve compile time.
      + Reduced the size of io_context executors to a single pointer.
      + Increased the small object buffer size for execution::any_executor and
      + Fixed multi-signature handling when variadic templates are disabled.
      + Fixed compatibility with new versions of gcc and clang.
      + Fixed compilation on Solaris.
      + Fixed defence against Qt-defined macros when building with MSVC.
      + Improved error messages emitted by ssl facilities.
      + Fixed bind_executor compatibility with completion tokens.
      + Fixed build errors when BOOST_ASIO_USE_TS_EXECUTOR_AS_DEFAULT is
      + Added missing move assignment operator to awaitable<>.
      + Fixed an access violation when using coroutines with MSVC, due to
        incorrect alignment of allocated memory.
      + Fixed a cleanup issue in experimental::parallel_group that occured when
        the execution context was shut down with parallel operations still
      + Added clarifications to the documentation on concurrency hints.
      + Added documentation on error handling techniques for C++20 coroutines.
      + Fixed various warnings.
      + Consult the Revision History for further details.
  * Assert:
      + Added source_location::to_string.
  * Atomic:
      + Use process-local futex operations on Android for non-IPC waiting and
        notifying operations.
      + Added support for Linux targets that only define SYS_futex_time64
        syscall, such as riscv32.
      + Added a workaround for incorrect result of std::alignment_of on clang 8
        for 64-bit types on 32-bit x86 targets.
      + Added a ulock backend for waiting and notifying operations on Darwin
        systems since Mac OS 10.12, iOS 10.0, tvOS 10.0 or watchOS 3.0.
      + On Windows, corrected discrepancy between atomic-type
        ::always_has_native_wait_notify and the corresponding capability macros
        when targeting Windows 8 or later. The library will now directly use
        WaitOnAddress and related APIs from public headers and therefore
        require user to link with synchronization.lib if the user requires
        Windows 8 or later by defining BOOST_USE_WINAPI_VERSION, _WIN32_WINNT
        or similar macros. The library is linked automatically on compilers
        that support auto-linking (e.g. MSVC).
      + Added support for types with padding bits, except unions, on compilers
        that provide a way to clear the padding bits. This feature is supported
        by gcc 11 and MSVC 14.2 (compiler version 19.27) and newer, as well as
        other compilers supporting similar intrinsics. On compilers that don't
        allow to clear the padding bits, types with padding are still generally
        not supported with the exception of 80-bit long double on x86 targets.
        A new BOOST_ATOMIC_NO_CLEAR_PADDING capability macro is defined to
        indicate when clearing the padding is not supported.
      + Initializing constructors of atomic_ref and ipc_atomic_ref no longer
        use atomic instructions to clear the padding bits in the referenced
        object. This reduces the cost of the atomic reference construction.
      + Initializing constructors of atomic and ipc_atomic are now constexpr
        for enums, classes and floating point types. For classes and floating
        point types, the constructors are constexpr if the compiler supports
        constexpr std::bit_cast, the type has no padding bytes and no padding
        is required to implement native atomic operations.
      + In accordance with C++20, default constructors of atomic and ipc_atomic
        now perform value initialization of the contained object. For types
        without a user-defined default constructor, this means the
        default-constructed atomic will be zero-initialized.
      + Added a workaround for compilation error on AIX caused by the assembler
        tool not supporting numeric labels. (PR#50)
      + Added a workaround for compilation error with Visual Studio 2015 prior
        to Update 3. (#52)
      + See changelog for more details.
  * Beast:
      + This maintenance update brings minor bug fixes and updated CI
      + Fixed security vulnerability CVE-2016-9840 in zlib implementation.
      + Fixed WebSocket permessage_deflate implementation. This should result
        in an increase in compression performance when using Beast WebSockets.
      + Removed the test stream and test framework's dependency on RTTI. You
        can now use our handy test stream to check your embedded asynchronous
        communications code!
      + We'd love to know how you or your company use Beast, consider adding an
        entry to the Companies and Individuals Using Beast list.
      + See the full Release Notes for a complete list of changes.
  * Core:
      + Added a generic implementation to <boost/core/cmath.hpp>, enabled when
        BOOST_CORE_USE_GENERIC_CMATH is defined or when the platform does not
        provide the necessary facilities in <cmath>.
      + Added boost::core::type_name, a utility function that returns the name
        of a type as a string.
      + Added boost::span, a C++11 implementation of C++20's std::span (Glen
  * Describe:
      + Added has_describe_enumerators, has_describe_bases,
      + Added enum_to_string, enum_from_string.
      + Added relational and stream insertion operators.
      + Added descriptor_by_name, descriptor_by_pointer.
  * DLL:
      + Fixed missing #include, thanks to Denis Blank (PR#54)
      + Dropped TravisCI in favor of GithubAction CI
  * Filesystem:
      + v4: path::filename and path::iterator no longer return an implicit
        trailing dot (".") element if the path ends with a directory \ 
        Instead, an empty path is returned, similar to C++17 std::filesystem.
        This also affects other methods that are defined in terms of iterators
        or filename, such as path::stem, path::compare or
        lexicographical_compare. For example, path("a/b/") == \ 
path("a/b/.") no
        longer holds true. (#193)
      + v4: path::lexically_normal no longer produce a trailing dot (".")
        element and omits a directory separator after a trailing dot-dot \ 
        element in the normalized paths.
      + v4: path append operations now consider root name and root directory in
        the appended path. If the appended path is absolute, or root name is
        present and differs from the source path, the resulting path is
        equivalent to the appended path. If root directory is present, the
        result is the root directory and relative path rebased on top of the
        root name of the source path. Otherwise, the behavior is similar to v3.
      + path::lexically_normal now converts directory separators to preferred
        separators in the root name of the normalized paths.
      + Optimized overloads of path::assign, path::append, path::concat and the
        corresponding operators to avoid unnecessary path copying and reduce
        the amount of code redundancy.
      + On POSIX systems, fixed absolute(p, base) returning a path with root
        name base.root_name() if p starts with a root directory. In such a case
        p is already an absolute path and should be returned as is.
      + create_directories no longer reports an error if the input path
        consists entirely of dot (".") and dot-dot ("..") \ 
elements. The
        implementation is no longer using recursion internally and therefore is
        better protected from stack overflow on extremely long paths.
      + On Windows, remove now supports deleting read-only files. The operation
        will attempt to reset the read-only attribute prior to removal. Note
        that this introduces a possibility of the read-only attribute being
        left unset, if the operation fails and the original value of the
        attribute fails to be restored. This also affects remove_all. (#216)
      + remove_all now returns static_cast< uintmax_t >(-1) in case of error,
        similar to C++17 std::filesystem.
      + Fixed a linking error about unresolved references to
        Boost.ContainerHash functions when user's code includes boost/
        filesystem/path.hpp but not boost/container_hash/hash.hpp and the
        compiler is set to preserve unused inline functions. (#215)
      + Added a workaround for MSVC and compatible compilers eliminating path
        globals cleanup in release builds. This could lead to a memory leak if
        Boost.Filesystem shared library was repeatedly loaded and unloaded in
        the process. (#217)
  * Geometry:
      + Improvements
          o PR#894 Optimization and refactoring of rtree queries.
          o PR#913 DynamicGeometry and GeometryCollection support in various
            algorithms (undocumented for now).
          o PR#922 DynamicGeometry and GeometryCollection support in distance
            (undocumented for now).
      + Solved issues
          o #867 Poor performance of rtree query iterator with nearest
            predicate for big k.
          o #870 Compilation error in boost::geometry::self_turns.
          o #896 Assertion failure in get_turns with
      + Bugfixes
          o PR#906 Invalid result of buffer on macos-11 with clang-12.
          o PR#921 Compilation errors with c++20 (various compilers) and gcc-5.
          o Various fixes in set operations and buffer.
  * JSON:
      + Standalone mode of the library is deprecated.
      + Allow external libraries to forward declare value_to and value_from.
      + Fixed signed integer overflow in number parsing.
      + Add support for /Zc:implicitNoexcept- on MSVC.
  * Lambda2:
      + Added special cases in operator<< and operator>> when the first
        argument is a stream, to allow std::cout << _1.
      + Added operator->*.
      + Added first, second.
  * Log:
      + General changes:
          o Updated detection of std::codecvt specializations for char16_t and
            char32_t for compatibility with C++17 and later. (PR#159)
          o Added support for C++17 std::byte type to receive methods of the
            inter-process message queue.
          o On Windows, when building the library for Windows 8 or later, the
            library will use nt62 tag in the version namespace to denote the
            target OS ABI. For example, the version namespace could be named as
            v2_mt_nt62. This name will be part of all symbols exported by the
            library. Use the BOOST_USE_WINAPI_VERSION macro consistenly when
            building Boost and your code to request the minimum target Windows
          o Improved performance of SSSE3 and AVX2 implementations of the dump
            stream manipulator.
          o Added support for CMake build system. Only library build is
            supported at this moment, Boost.Build is still used for running
      + Bug fixes:
          o Fixed a race condition on POSIX systems in reliable_message_queue::
            open_or_create or the equivalent constructor. Multiple threads or
            processes calling open_or_create concurrently with sending or
            receiving messages from the same queue could end up corrupting the
            queue contents and potentially crashing the process. (#162)
          o Added a workaround for b2 install failing on Windows because of
            missing boost_log_setup library if
            BOOST_LOG_WITHOUT_SETTINGS_PARSERS is defined. (#164)
      + See changelog for more details.
  * Math:
      + Add support for cubic roots.
      + Add support for constexpr versions of various standard library math
      + Add support for Bezier polynomials.
      + Improve worst-case tanh-sinh integration performance.
      + Disable inadvertant use of integral types in integration routines.
      + Minor update for erf approximations when the result is with 2ulp of 1.
      + Allow Bernoulli code to be used on platforms with no atomic integers.
      + Improve the mode of the non-central Chi Squared distribution.
      + Improve certain edge cases for <cstdfloat> complex-valued elementary
        functions, see #507.
  * Multi-index Containers:
      + Added contains to key-based indices (issue #35).
      + Added merge operations to key-based indices. The functionality goes
        beyond the standard specification for (unordered) associative
        containers in a number of ways, most notably:
          o The source index can be of any type, including non key-based
          o Partial merge is provided: for instance, x.merge(y,first,last)
            merges only the elements of y within [first,last).
      + Previous versions of splice for sequenced and random access indices
        were destructive, i.e. elements were copy-inserted into the destination
        and then erased from the source. Now, splice is based on node transfer
        much as merge in key-based indices, and has been similarly extended to
        accept source indices of any type: in fact, splice can be regarded as a
        frontend to the same functionality provided by merge in key-based
        indices. For reasons of backwards compatibility, the destructive
        behavior of splice has been retained in the case that the source and
        destination containers have unequal allocators.
      + The fact has been documented that index iterator types do only depend
        on node_type and the position of the index in its multi_index_container
        , (except for hashed indices, where uniqueness/non-uniqueness is also a
        dependency). This has implications on the validity of iterators to
        elements transferred by merge or splice. This property is a variant of
        what has been called SCARY iterators in the C++ standard mailing lists.
        SCARYness is currently (August 2021) not mandated for standard
      + Iterator SCARYness is now also preserved in safe mode.
  * Multiprecision:
      + Rework rational_adaptor to remove dependency on Boost.Rational and
        improve performance.
      + Fix issue with type_traits and clang, see #383.
      + Fixed buggy Lehmer's GCD routine, see #370.
      + Fix mpc_complex constructors so that lossy conversions are explicit,
        see #363.
      + Correct miscellaneous configuration issues (Intel intrinsic usage and
        Apple clang).
      + Correct some iostream operators for unsigned char types.
      + Correct mpq_rational conversions to integer types, see #342.
  * PFR:
      + Added missing #include <memory> for inclusion of std::addressof
      + Fixed -Wzero-length-array warning when dealing with empty aggregates
      + Fixed compilation on msvc compilers <= 1920 (thanks to Alexey Romanov
        aka @alexey-romanov)
      + Added basic CMakeLists.txt support (thanks to @pdimov aka Peter Dimov)
      + Multiple improvements for docs, including links to
      + Added misc/ script to remove boost:: and BOOST_
  * Predef:
      + Version 1.13.1
      + Fix spelling of "epoch".
      + Add missing parenthesis in sparc.h (from tkoecker).
      + Update documentation to use Rouge code styling and Amber general style.
  * Regex:
      + Breaking Change: Change \B to be the opposite of \b as per Perl
      + Change w32_regex_traits.hpp so that windows.h is no longer included.
      + Fxed fuzzing related issues #151, #152, #153, #156.
  * System:
      + Added support for source locations to error_code.
      + Added error_code::to_string, error_condition::to_string, error_code::
      + system_error::what() now contains the source location, if present.
      + Added result<T, E = error_code>, a class holding either a value or an
        error, defined in <boost/system/result.hpp>.
  * Utility:
      + Library documentation converted to QuickBook (thanks to Alan de
        Freitas, PR#79).
  * Variant2:
      + Added <boost/variant2.hpp>.
      + Added unsafe_get<I>.
      + Added visit_by_index.
      + Added operator<<.

Updated Tools

  * Build:
      + Includes release of B2 version 4.7.2.
   2021-09-29 18:11:04 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (14) | Package updated
Log message:
boost: updated to 1.77.0


New Libraries
A C++14 reflection library, from Peter Dimov. Provides macros for describing \ 
enumerators and struct/class members, and primitives for querying this \ 
A C++14, dependency-free, single header lambda library, from Peter Dimov. Allows \ 
simple function objects to be constructed via expressions such as _1 + 5, _1 % 2 \ 
== 0, _1 > _2, or _1 == ' ' || _1 == '\t'.
Updated Libraries
Added boost::anys::basic_any - a data type with customizable Small Object \ 
Optimization whose instances can hold instances of any type that satisfies \ 
ValueType requirements (many thanks to Ruslan Arutyunyan @rarutyun). If you are \ 
not sure that you really need it, then use boost::any instead.
Started using GithubActions CI for additional testing
Added support for cancellation of individual asynchronous operations.
Added the associator trait, used to generically forward associators.
Changed all asynchronous operations implemented in Asio to invoke their \ 
completion handlers as rvalue references.
Added support for asynchronous operations with multiple completion signatures.
Added operator&& and operator|| for awaitable<>, to allow \ 
coroutines to be trivially awaited in parallel.
Added the experimental::as_tuple completion token adapter.
Added the experimental::append completion token adapter.
Added the experimental::prepend completion token adapter.
Added the experimental::deferred completion token, whicih allows deferred \ 
execution of asynchronous operations.
Added the experimental::parallel_group class and \ 
experimental::make_parallel_group function.
Added experimental::promise, which allows eager execution and synchronisation of \ 
asynchronous operations.
Added the experimental::coro class template, a C++20 coroutine primitive with \ 
the ability to combine both asynchronous waiting (co_await) and yielding \ 
Added move assignment to ssl::stream<>.
Changed co_spawn to dispatch the coroutine's initial step to the executor.
Enabled additional optimisations for any_executor and any_io_executor when used \ 
with asynchronous operations.
Added the nodiscard attribute to awaitable<>.
Increased the number of cached slots in the default recycling allocator.
Changed the default allocator behaviour to respect alignment requirements, to \ 
support over-aligned types.
Ensured the result strings are always initialised in reverse name resolution.
Fixed recursive template instantiation issues in \ 
Fixed the any_io_executor equality operators to correctly return a result based \ 
on the target executor.
Fixed strand<> to avoid using a potentially moved-from executor.
Ensured gcc tests are not used for clang when detecting compiler features.
Disabled coroutines support for the clang shipped with MSVC.
Fixed compatibility with recent LibreSSL when OPENSSL_NO_SSL_INTERN is defined.
Fixed posix::basic_stream_descriptor move operations to work with non-defaulted \ 
Consult the Revision History for further details.
Added make_atomic_ref and make_ipc_atomic_ref factory functions for constructing \ 
atomic reference objects.
Added C++17 template argument deduction guides for atomic_ref and ipc_atomic_ref \ 
to allow omitting template arguments when they can be deduced from constructor \ 
This maintenance update brings minor bug fixes and updated CI reporting.
We'd love to know how you or your company use Beast, consider adding an entry to \ 
the Companies and Individuals Using Beast list.
See the full Release Notes for a complete list of changes.
boost::implicit_cast is now constexpr.
Fixed broken links.
Started using GithubActions CI for additional testing
boost/core/uncaught_exceptions.hpp has been modified for compatibility with Mac \ 
OS 10.4 and older.
More runtime checks for malformed ELFs in boost::dll::library_info
In boost::dll::library_info use info from .dynsym ELF section if .symtab is \ 
empty or missing
List protected ELF symbols in boost::dll::library_info as they are available for \ 
Remove unneeded convert from wchar_t to char on POSIX environment, thanks to \ 
Vladislav Shchapov
Started using GithubAction CI for additional testing
Introducing Boost.Filesystem v4. This new version of the library removes all \ 
deprecated features of v3 and also makes a number of breaking API changes \ 
intended to make Boost.Filesystem more compatible with std::filesystem \ 
introduced in C++17. The differences are described in the release notes and \ 
documentation using v3 and v4 tags and are also summarised in a separate \ 
section. Users can select Boost.Filesystem version by defining \ 
BOOST_FILESYSTEM_VERSION macro to either 3 or 4 when compiling their code. There \ 
is no need to separately compile Boost.Filesystem for each library version - a \ 
single binary supports both v3 and v4. Users should avoid using both v3 and v4 \ 
in the same application as this can lead to subtle bugs. Currently, v3 is the \ 
default. In a future release v4 will become the default, and eventually v3 will \ 
be removed. v4 is functional, but it is still a work in progress and there may \ 
be breaking API changes in the future.
v4: path::filename, path::stem and path::extension no longer consider root name \ 
or root directory of the path as a filename if the path only consists of those \ 
components. For example, on Windows path("C:").filename() used to \ 
return "C:" and path("C:\\").filename() used to return \ 
"\" and both will return an empty path now.
v4: path::stem and path::extension no longer treat a filename that starts with a \ 
dot and has no other dots as an extension. Filenames starting with a dot are \ 
commonly treated as filenames with an empty extension. The leading dot is used \ 
to indicate a hidden file on most UNIX-like systems.
New: Improved support for various path prefixes on Windows. Added support for \ 
local device prefix ("\\.\") and experimental support for NT path \ 
prefix ("\??\"). The prefixes will be included in the root name of a \ 
path. Note that using the prefixes with Boost.Filesystem v3 can lead to \ 
surprising results (e.g. path("\\\\.\\").stem() == "\\\\"). \ 
It is recommended to use the prefixes only with Boost.Filesystem v4.
Reworked path::lexically_normal implementation to eliminate some cases of \ 
duplicate dot (".") elements in the normalized paths.
New: Added runtime detection of the statx and getrandom system calls on Linux. \ 
This can be useful if the syscall is present at compile time but fails with \ 
ENOSYS at run time (for example, in Docker containers that restrict the syscall, \ 
even if available on the host).
New: Added support for disabling usage of various system APIs at library build \ 
time. This can be useful when a certain API is detected as present by the \ 
library configuration scripts but must not be used for some reason (for example, \ 
when runtime detection does not work on the target system). See the description \ 
of configuration macros in the library documentationfor for more details.
New: Added copy_options::synchronize_data and copy_options::synchronize options \ 
for the copy_file operation. These options allow to synchronize the written data \ 
and attributes with the permanent storage. These options are expensive in terms \ 
of performance, but allow to ensure reliability of the copied data. Note that \ 
copy_file performed implicit data synchronization on POSIX systems since \ 
Boost.Filesystem 1.74.0. This release adds support for more platforms and \ 
disables data synchronization by default while allowing the caller to explicitly \ 
request it.
Added handling of EINTR error code on POSIX systems for some system calls issued \ 
internally. In particular, EINTR could have been ignored on close, which on \ 
HP-UX would result in a leaked file descriptor.
In the copy_file implementations based on Linux sendfile and copy_file_range \ 
system calls, added handling of error codes indicating that a particular \ 
filesystem does not support the system call and fall back to the generic \ 
read/write loop. This should fix copy_file failing on eCryptFS and possibly \ 
other filesystems.
The copy_file_range system call is now used since Linux kernel 4.5, whereas \ 
previously it was only enabled since 5.3. The copy_file implementation will fall \ 
back to sendfile or read/write loop if copy_file_range fails to copy a given \ 
file across filesystems.
The copy_file implementations based on Linux sendfile and copy_file_range system \ 
calls will not be used on filesystems that are known to contain files with \ 
generated content. These system calls are incompatible with such files, and \ 
copying them would result in zero-sized files. The generic read/write loop will \ 
be used instead. Currently, the blacklisted filesystems are: procfs, sysfs, \ 
tracefs and debugfs.
In the copy_file implementation based on read/write loop, increased the maximum \ 
size of the buffer used for temporary storage and take into account the target \ 
filesystem block size for more optimal performance.
On Windows CE, calling current_path to obtain the current path for a process \ 
will now fail with an error instead of returning successfully with a root path. \ 
This platform does not support current directory. Changing the current path was \ 
already failing similarly in previous releases of Boost.Filesystem.
In canonical, fixed the check for a symlink referencing a directory above root, \ 
if an earlier symlink was resolved to an absolute path with a different root \ 
from the original path.
In canonical, added a limit for the maximum number of symlinks that can be \ 
resolved during the call. The limit is currently at least 40 symlinks.
On Windows, canonical and weakly_canonical will now use \ 
path::preferred_separator for the root directory separator in the resulting \ 
paths. This fixes "file not found" errors caused by Windows API not \ 
handling generic separators in UNC paths and paths that start with the Win32 \ 
filesystem prefix ("\\?\").
New: Added weakly_canonical overloads taking base path as an argument.
On Windows, weakly_canonical no longer fails with an error if the input path \ 
contains elements that do not exist in the filesystem but are cancelled by a \ 
subsequent dot-dot ("..") element. For example, \ 
weakly_canonical("C:\\a\\..") would previously fail if \ 
"C:\a" directory did not exist.
In read_symlink on Windows, corrected reparse point handling. The operation \ 
would return an empty path for some mount points (for example, created by Box \ 
cloud storage driver) and directory junction points that had empty print names. \ 
The new implementation now parses substitute name of the reparse point and \ 
attempts to reconstruct a Win32 path from it.
On Windows, file streams provided in boost/filesystem/fstream.hpp will use wide \ 
character paths on libc++ versions 7.0 and higher, when the standard library \ 
supports opening files with wide character paths.
On Windows, creating symlinks should no longer require elevated privileges, if \ 
Windows is configured in Developer mode.
With some compilers, global objects used internally in Boost.Filesystem are now \ 
destroyed after user's global destructors are called. This allows to call \ 
Boost.Filesystem methods during the program termination stage. In particular, \ 
this concerns the path locale that is used for character code conversion and can \ 
be installed by calling path::imbue. The supported compilers include MSVC, GCC \ 
and Clang, as well as other compilers that support customizing program \ 
initialization order through #pragma section (for MSVC-compatible compilers) or \ 
__attribute__ ((init_priority)) (for GCC-compatible compilers).
value_to supports TupleLike types.
value_to and value_from support std::array and similar types.
Implicit conversion operator from string to std::string_view.
std::hash specializations for json types.
Fixed allocation errors in object and key_value_pair.
Fixed crash when constructing array from a pair of iterators that form an empty \ 
Fixed assignment to an int of a floating point value that is out of \ 
representable range for int.
Started using GithubActions CI for additional testing
Fixed compilation for riscv32 target.
Added mp_intersperse, mp_split, mp_join
Multi-index Containers:
Maintenance work.
A MurMur Hash based implementation of hash_combine() is now used to reduce \ 
collisions count and improve quality of boost::pfr::hash_value()
Visual Studio 2017 now supported in C++14 mode (thanks to Denis Mikhailov aka \ 
Issues found by inspect tool were fixed
Fixed some warnings, including removal of extra semicolons in \ 
Added a compile time assert for inherited types (thanks to Denis Mikhailov aka \ 
Reflection of aggregates with non movable fields is now possible if guaranteed \ 
copy elision is on
Fixed spelling issues
Started using GithubActions CI for additional testing
This is a maintenance release.
Extend compiler coverage in CI.
Fix Boost compatibility for CMakeLists.txt.
The conversion operator from error_category to std::error_category has been \ 
improved and no longer requires <map> or <mutex>.
The comparison operators of error_category are now inline friends instead of \ 
member functions (a side effect of the previous change.)
error_condition now defers calling generic_category() to avoid instantiating the \ 
object until it's actually needed.
error_condition::failed and error_condition::message have been undeprecated, and \ 
operator bool() now once again returns failed().
The system category now doesn't call generic_category(), to avoid instantiating \ 
the object.
The return value of default_error_condition changes in some cases into an \ 
error_condition from the generic category, instead of from the system category. \ 
This happens on POSIX when the input error_code is from the system category and \ 
does not correspond to any errc_t value.
The interoperability of error_code and std::error_code has been improved \ 
substantially. It is now possible to construct boost::system::error_code from \ 
std::error_code, and it's possible to pass boost::system::error_code to \ 
functions taking std::error_code&.
A stream insertion operator for error_condition has been added.
Added to_chars for writing uuid strings without allocating
   2021-04-21 14:09:50 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (13) | Package updated
Log message:
boost: updated to 1.76.0

Updated Libraries

Added ip::scope_id_type type alias.
Added ip::port_type type alias.
Added std::hash specialisations for IP addresses.
Added std::hash specialisations for ip::basic_endpoint<>.
Refactored SFINAE usage to improve compile times.
Added friendship support to customisation points, and made most customisations \ 
Changed any_io_executor to a "strong typedef"-style class.
Fixed experimental::as_single to work with handler hook deprecation.
Ensured pthread condition variable attributes are cleaned up on all platforms.
Clarified thread safety notes on sockets and descriptors.
Ensured errno is not overwritten if socket() fails on macOS/FreeBSD.
Fixed work tracking for io_context and thread_pool executors when move-assigned.
Ensured internal call_stack objects are accessed only from implementation files.
Fixed I/O object move-assignment to ensure the executor is left in a valid state.
Fixed detection of compiler support for defaulted template argument on functions \ 
with MSVC.
Prevented the blocking.always property from being used with strand<>, as \ 
it did not produce the correct semantics.
Removed deprecated file asio/impl/src.cpp.
Fixed compilation with MSVC for ARM.

This update brings minor bug fixes and revamped CI reporting.
We'd love to know how you or your company use Beast, consider adding an entry to \ 
the Companies and Individuals Using Beast list.
See the full Release Notes for a complete list of changes.

Add support for using the standard C++11 placeholders with boost::bind.
Update boost::apply to use variadic templates and perfect forwarding.
Added [[no-discard]] attribute in all containers to catch bugs related to unused \ 
return values.
Replaced default standard exception classes with Boost.Container own classes, \ 
reducing considerably the included files overhead. Example: in MSVC 19 \ 
boost/container/vector.hpp preprocessed file size reduces from 1,5MB to 930KB. \ 
If you still want to use standard exception classes, you can define \ 
BOOST_CONTAINER_USE_STD_EXCEPTIONS before using any Boost.Container class.
Fixed bugs/issues:
GitHub 102: "flat_map::insert ambiguous with initializer list & pairs \ 
that need to convert".
GitHub 139: "flat_map merge and iterators".
GitHub 141: "small_vector does not propagate no throw properties of move \ 
operation of contained type".
GitHub 164: "Compile error when using pmr::map with a std::pair; works when \ 
using a std::tuple".
GitHub 171: "deque::clear() uses undefined behaviour".

Add implicit conversion between compatible reference wrappers.
Add boost/core/cmath.hpp, a portable implementation of the floating point \ 
classification functions from <cmath>.
Add boost/core/bit.hpp, a portable implementation of the C++20 standard header \ 
Fix BOOST_TEST_EQ, BOOST_TEST_NE for character types under C++20.
Revise allocator access utilities (now support VS2013, and no workarounds use \ 

BREAKING CHANGE: boost::dll::import was renamed to boost::dll::import_symbol to \ 
avoid collision with C++20 import keyword.
Updated docs, including FAQ section.

Updated compatibility with WASI platform.
Fixed an exception being thrown by path::remove_filename if the path is \ 
Fixed create_directories disregarding errors from file status query operations \ 
issued internally. This could result in incorrect error codes returned by \ 
BREAKING: In next release, we are going to drop support for GCC 5. We will also \ 
change the required minimum C++ version from C++11 to C++14.

Reduced compile-time dependencies:
linear_slist_algorithms use a simple node_ptr instead of std::pair on return.
list/slist use operator </operator == instead of std::equal_to/std::less.
Fixed GitHub 54: set.rbegin() looks like O(log(N))

Added wchar_t API support for named resources in operating systems that offer \ 
native wide character API (e.g. Windows). The following classes were updated \ 
with wchar_t name support:
Added BOOST_INTERPROCESS_FORCE_NATIVE_EMULATION macro option to disable the use \ 
of generic emulation code for process shared synchronization primitives instead \ 
of native POSIX or Winapi functions.
Fixed bugs:
GitHub 76 ("Cygwin compilation errors").
GitHub 92 ("bufferstream: Correct MSVC compilation warning").
GitHub 106 ("Use fallocate on truncate_file").
GitHub 120 ("segment_manager customization").
GitHub 122 ("Mark constructors/assignment/swap noexcept where possible").
GitHub 126 ("_ReadWriteBarrier is deprecated warning when compiling with \ 

Security Report from Bishop Fox.
Refactored value_from implementation; user customizations are now always \ 
preferred over library-provided overloads.
Fix imprecise parsing for some floating point numbers.
Fix link errors in standalone mode, when used alongside Boost.
Fix Boost.Build builds on GCC 4.8.

Dropped dependency on Boost.Math
Fixes for the CI and coverage
Bug fixes:
Corrected a formal race condition in the thread-safe log record queue \ 
implementation used in the unbounded_fifo_queue policy of the asynchronous_sink \ 
frontend. The race could be detected by TSAN, but it was not a real problem on \ 
most current CPU architectures and compilers.
When copying a logger with a channel attribute (e.g. channel_logger), the \ 
channel attribute is now deep-copied from the original logger. This means that \ 
modifying the channel in the new logger will no longer affect the original \ 
Replaced the use of std::allocator<void> in template parameters with a new \ 
tag type boost::log::use_std_allocator to silence libc++ warnings about the \ 
former being deprecated in C++17 and later. The tag indicates that the \ 
instantiated template should be using a specialization of std::allocator \ 
internally to allocate dynamic memory, so the change has no functional effect.
Boost.Log no longer defines __MSVCRT_VERSION__ macro on MinGW and MinGW-w64. \ 
Defining this macro caused incompatibility with UCRT, which is available as an \ 
option in recent MinGW-w64.
See changelog for more details.

Breaking Change: C++03 support is now removed, a C++11 or later conformant \ 
compiler is now required to use this library.
Added Z-test.
Added execution policy support to univariate and bivariate statistics: enables \ 
parallel execution (requires C++17 and <execution>).
Big update/improvement on CI testing.
Bivariate statistics now have integer support.
T-Test now has integer support.
Linear regression now has integer support.
Correct PDF of the beta distribution at the endpoints.
Correct use of Stirling's approximation in certain multiprecision cases.
Eliminate -Wimplicit-int-float-conversion on clang.
Fix some constexpr issues in quaternion/octonion.
Minor performance fix to tanh_sinh integration.
Update hypergeometric functions internal scaling to allow for 64-bit (long long) \ 
exponents with multiprecision types.

Git Issue 35: "New nothrow move traits are incomplete".

BREAKING CHANGE: Massive refactoring and code simplification makes C++11 an \ 
absolute requirement.
Use BOOST_TRY/CATCH in headers so code can be used in exception-free environments.
Correct corner case in pow.
Correct exception type thrown to match docs in lsb/msb.
Allow moves and operators between related but different types (ie types with the \ 
same allocator).

Fix discarding of characters for text file streams when seek or sync functions \ 
are used and newlines were converted (e.g. on Windows)
Fix potential use-after-free bug when reusing (via open) a file stream that has \ 
been closed
Fix potential invalid memory access when using a file stream that has been moved \ 
or swapped to where the source had a put-back character or was set to unbuffered \ 
Fix compatibility with ucrt runtime by not defining __MSVCRT_VERSION__
Known issues: Read performance for text files is degraded. Binary files and \ 
writing is unaffected.

Fixed MSVC warning C4702.

BREAKING CHANGE: After a year and three major Boost releases announcing this \ 
upcoming change, this is the FIRST RELEASE of the v2.2 branch. This branch has a \ 
number of major breaking changes to the Outcome v2.1 which shipped in Boost 1.75 \ 
and earlier, see the documentation for details.
VS2019.8 changed how to enable Coroutines, which caused Outcome to not compile \ 
on that compiler.
If on C++ 20, we now use C++ 20 [[likely]] instead of compiler-specific markup \ 
to indicate when TRY has likely success or failure.
BREAKING CHANGE: Previously the value of spare_storage(const \ 
basic_result|basic_outcome *) noexcept was not propagated over \ 
BOOST_OUTCOME_TRY, which causes things like stack backtraces captured at the \ 
point of construction of an errored result to get dropped at every TRY point. \ 
This has been fixed by adding an optional spare_storage to success_type<T> \ 
and failure_type<T>, as well as to auto success(T &&, ...) and \ 
auto failure(T &&, ...).
Bug fixes:
Boost.Outcome should now compile with BOOST_NO_EXCEPTIONS defined. Thanks to \ 
Emil, maintainer of Boost.Exception, making a change for me, Boost.Outcome \ 
should now compile with C++ exceptions globally disabled. You won't be able to \ 
use boost::exception_ptr as it can't be included if C++ exceptions are globally \ 
BREAKING CHANGE 244 It came as a shock to learn that BOOST_OUTCOME_TRY had been \ 
broken since the inception of this library for certain corner case code, which \ 
required a breaking change in how TRY works. See the changelog in the \ 
documentation for more detail.

Added a workaround for MSVC 2015 code miscompilation when an rvalue was used as \ 
a default value of a named parameter of a function.

Fixed reflection of types with missing const in SFINAE expressions in template \ 
constructor. Now reflection of aggregates with \ 
std::optional<std::chrono::duration<???>> fields works on any \ 
Standard Library implementation, even if LWG3050 is not fixed.
Comparison functions are now constexpr
Fixed numerous typos in docs

Worked around GCC bug affecting GCC versions 9.3-10.2.

Version 1.13
Add ARCH_PPC_64 predef.
Fix ARCH_WORD_BITS* redefinition warnings/errors.
Add ARCH_E2K, Elbrus 2000, architecture from Konstantin Ivlev.
Fix not handling recent C++ version that go above 10.x version.
Version 1.12
Switch to using the endian.h header on OpenBSD. (Brad Smith)
Fix not handling recent versions of stdcxx that go above version 9.
Fix including sub-BSD OS headers directly causing redef warnings.
Add CI testing of direct inclusion of all headers.
Add CI testing on FreeBSD for clang and gcc.
Add WORD_BITS set of predefs to detect the architecture word size. Initial \ 
implementation inspired by submission from Mikhail Komarov.
Add CI testing for Cygwin 32 and 64.

Property Tree has a new maintainer.
Fix usage of deprecated Boost.Bind features.
Link to Wikipedia fixed.
Use BOOST_OVERRIDE to fix GCC warnings.
Add extensive CI testing.

Regex is now header only except in C++03 mode.
Support for C++03 is now deprecated.
The library can now be used "standalone" without the rest of Boost \ 
being present.

Better support for pre-C++11 builds on clang.
Bigger warning for do not use boost::stacktrace::stacktrace in signal handlers.

Fix for Visual Studio managed code projects.

Improved generated code for the double buffered case.

Updated Tools
Includes release of B2 version 4.4.1.
   2021-01-01 09:19:02 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (22) | Package updated
Log message:
boost: Update to 1.75.0

New Libraries

  * JSON: JSON parsing, serialization, and DOM in C++11, from Vinnie Falco and
    Krystian Stasiowski.
      + Fast compilation requiring only C++11
      + Easy and safe modern API with allocator support
      + Compile without Boost, define BOOST_JSON_STANDALONE
      + Optional header-only, without linking to a library
  * LEAF: A lightweight error-handling library for C++11, from Emil Dotchevski.
      + Small single-header format, no dependencies.
      + Designed for maximum efficiency ("happy" path and \ 
"sad" path).
      + No dynamic memory allocations, even with heavy payloads.
      + O(1) transport of arbitrary error types (independent of call stack
      + Can be used with or without exception handling.
  * PFR: Basic reflection without macro or boilerplate code for user defined
    types, from Antony Polukhin.

Updated Libraries

  * Asio:
      + Enabled support for UNIX domain sockets on Windows.
      + Added executor-converting construction and assignment to ip::
      + Added compatibility between polymorphic executors and the (deprecated)
        handler invocation hook.
      + Added the experimental::as_single completion token adapter.
      + Added support for MSG_NOSIGNAL on more platforms by using
        _POSIX_VERSION to detect whether it is supported.
      + Added the ability to compile using libpthread on Windows.
      + Added workarounds for the Intel C++ compiler.
      + Added more support for detecting and optimising for handlers that have
        no custom executor.
      + Reduced lock contention for timer cancellation on Windows.
      + Reinstated a previously removed null-pointer check, as it had a
        measurable impact on performance.
      + Fixed the executor concept to test for a const-qualified execute().
      + Fixed any_executor support for builds without RTTI support.
      + Fixed the thread_pool unit test to work without RTTI support.
      + Fixed C++20 coroutines compatibility with clang on Windows.
      + Fixed some compatibility issues with Windows Runtime.
      + Fixed shadow name warnings caused by addition of asio::query.
      + Fixed a "logical ‘or’ of equal expressions" warning on linux.
      + Fixed a benign switch fallthrough warning.
      + Added missing push/pop_options.hpp includes.
      + Suppressed zero-as-null-pointer-constant warnings.
      + Fixed a comma-operator warning.
      + Updated the documentation to clarify when the select reactor is used on
      + Fixed potential ambiguity caused by any_executor comparisons and
      + Added detection of non-experimental C++20 coroutines on MSVC 19.8.
      + Fixed compatibility with uClibc.
      + Fixed strand<> adaptation of Networking TS executors when targeting
        older C++ versions or less conformant compilers.
      + Consult the Revision History for further details.
  * Atomic:
      + Implemented SSE2 and SSE4.1 versions of address lookup algorithm, which
        is used in the internal lock pool implementation. This may improve
        performance of waiting and notifying operations in heavily contended
      + Fixed a possible compilation error on AArch64 targets caused by
        incorrect instructions generated for bitwise (logical) operations with
        immediate constants. (#41)
  * Beast:
      + This update brings bug fixes and support for the
        BOOST_ASIO_ENBALE_HANDLER_TRACKING compile flag from Boost.Asio:
      + We'd love to know how you or your company use Beast, consider adding an
        entry to the Companies and Individuals Using Beast list.
      + See the full Release Notes for a complete list of changes.
  * Container:
      + New devector container.
      + Fixed bugs/issues:
          o #152 Tree-based containers have troubles with move-only types.
          o #156 Compile error with vector.
          o PR#157 Add missing include.
          o #159: pmr::monotonic_buffer_resource crashes on large single
          o #160: Usage of uses_allocator needs a remove_cvref_t.
          o #162: small_vector on MSVC x86 call-by-value crash.
          o #161: polymorphic_allocator(memory_resource*) non-standard
            extension causes headache.
          o PR#163: container_rebind for small_vector with options.
          o #165: Link error with shared library and memory_resource inline
          o PR#166: Fix encoding error in copyright headers.
          o PR#167: error: the address of 'msg' will always evaluate as 'true'
            warning with GCC 4.4.
          o #169: flood of warnings building dlmalloc_ext_2_8_6.c on clang11.
  * Endian:
      + endian_arithmetic no longer inherits from endian_buffer
      + When BOOST_ENDIAN_NO_CTORS is defined, the unaligned endian_buffer and
        endian_arithmetic are C++03 PODs, to enable use of __attribute__((
  * Filesystem:
      + New: Added creation_time operation, which allows to obtain file
        creation time. (Inspired by PR#134)
      + The returned value of last_write_time(p, ec) operation in case of
        failure has been changed to a minimal value representable by std::
        time_t instead of -1.
      + The returned value of hard_link_count(p, ec) operation in case of
        failure has been changed to static_cast<uintmax_t>(-1) instead of 0.
      + On POSIX systems, file_size will now indicate error code errc::
        function_not_supported if the path resolves to a non-regular file.
        Previously, errc::operation_not_permitted was reported.
      + On Linux, many operations now use statx system call internally, when
        possible, which allows to reduce the amount of information queried from
        the filesystem and potentially improve performance. The statx system
        call was introduced in Linux kernel 4.11.
      + Removed const-qualification from return types of some path methods.
        This could prevent move construction and move assignment at the call
        site in some cases. (#160)
      + On OpenBSD 4.4 and newer, use statvfs system call to obtain filesystem
        space information. (Inspired by PR#162)
      + On Windows, space now returns with an error if the provided path does
        not idendify an existing file. (#167)
  * GIL:
      + BREAKING: In next release, we are going to drop support for GCC 5. We
        may also change the required minimum C++ version from C++11 to C++14.
  * Histogram:
      + This update brings
          o Bug-fixes for corner-cases
          o Small documentation improvements
          o Fixes for new warnings from latest compilers and when compiling
            against the C++20 standard
      + See the full Release Notes for a complete list of changes.
  * Interprocess:
      + Fixed bugs:
          o #127: static assertion failure with boost interprocess 1.74 and
  * Intrusive:
      + Fixed bugs:
          o PR#48: MSVC "assignment within conditional" warning fix.
          o PR#49: Fix empty control statement warnings.
          o #52: Invalid casting in BOOST_INTRUSIVE_BSR_INTRINSIC.
  * Log:
      + Bug fixes:
          o Corrected the file counter that would be used in text_file_backend
            when generating the target file name (based on the pattern set by
            set_target_file_name_pattern method) when the log file is rotated.
          o Replaced a volatile version counter in basic_sink_frontend with an
            atomic. (#128)
          o In the asynchronous_sink frontend, resolved a possible conflict
            between flush and run methods, if run is called from a user's
            thread instead of the internal dedicated thread spawned by the
            frontend. (#131)
      + See changelog for more details.
  * Move:
      + Fixed bugs:
          o #30: (void) C-cast is a non-portable way of suppressing compiler
  * Mp11:
      + Added mp_pairwise_fold (suggested by Barry Revzin)
      + Removed mp_invoke (use mp_invoke_q)
  * Optional:
      + boost::none is constexpr-declared.
      + Fixed issue #78.
  * Outcome:
      + Announcements:
          o After a year and three major Boost releases announcing this
            upcoming change, this is the FINAL RELEASE of the v2.1 branch. From
            Boost 1.76 onwards, the v2.2 branch becomes the default. This
            branch has a number of major breaking changes to Outcome v2.1, see
            the documentation for details.
      + Enhancements:
          o The ADL discovered event hooks have been replaced with
            policy-specified event hooks instead. This is due to brittleness
            (where hooks would quietly self-disable if somebody changed
            something), compiler bugs (a difference in compiler settings causes
            the wrong hooks, or some but not all hooks, to get discovered), and
            end user difficulty in using them at all. The policy-specified
            event hooks can be told to default to ADL discovered hooks for
            backwards compatibility: set OUTCOME_ENABLE_LEGACY_SUPPORT_FOR to
            less than 220 to enable emulation.
          o Improve configuring OUTCOME_GCC6_CONCEPT_BOOL. Older GCCs had
            boolean based concepts syntax, whereas newer GCCs are standards
            conforming. However the precise logic of when to use legacy and
            conforming syntax was not well understood, which caused Outcome to
            fail to compile depending on what options you pass to GCC. The new
            logic always uses the legacy syntax if on GCC 8 or older, otherwise
            we use conforming syntax if and only if GCC is in C++ 20 mode or
            later. This hopefully will resolve the corner case build failures
            on GCC.
      + Bug fixes:
          o Boost.Outcome should now compile with BOOST_NO_EXCEPTIONS defined.
            Thanks to Emil, maintainer of Boost.Exception, making a change for
            me, Boost.Outcome should now compile with C++ exceptions globally
            disabled. You won't be able to use boost::exception_ptr as it can't
            be included if C++ exceptions are globally disabled.
          o #236 In the Coroutine support the final_suspend() was not noexcept,
            despite being required to be so in the C++ 20 standard. This has
            been fixed, but only if your compiler implements noop_coroutine.
            Additionally, if noop_coroutine is available, we use the much more
            efficient coroutine handle returning variant of await_suspend()
            which should significantly improve codegen and context switching
  * Polygon:
      + C++20 fixes for event_comparison_type, vertex_equality_predicate_type,
        and voronoi_predicates. (Glen Fernandes)
  * Preprocessor:
      + When variadic data is empty in C++20 mode with __VA_OPT__ support the
        variadic size has been corrected to be 0. This also means that in this
        C++20 mode it is now valid to convert to and from empty arrays and
        lists and variadic data. The end-user can read the "C++20 Support For
        Variadic Macros" part of the "variadic macros" topic for more
        information about empty variadic data in the library.
      + The macro BOOST_PP_IS_STANDARD() has been added for identifying if the
        currently used preprocessor is a C++ standard conforming preprocessor.
        A number of preprocessors which generally work correctly with the
        library but need various internal workarounds, including the currently
        default VC++ preprocessor, are not considered C++ standard conforming
        preprocessors. However most preprocessors, including among others gcc,
        clang, and the new but currently non-default VC++ preprocessor in
        VS2019, are C++ standard conforming preprocessors.
      + For C++ standard conforming preprocessors a number of the limits
        defined in the config/limits.hpp can now be changed to higher amounts
        for a TU. The end-user should read the "limitations" topic to
        understand how and which limits can be changed.
      + For C++ standard conforming preprocessors, in order to allow the
        maximum number of FOR and WHILE iterations, the beginning 'r' and 'd'
        iteration numbers in the user-defined macros start at 1 and not 2, as
        it did in previous releases. This could be a breaking change if these
        iteration numbers are used in the user-defined macros ( they probably
        would not be ), but the change was necessary to fix some arcane bugs
        when dealing with numerical/logical operations with maximum numbers as
        well to allow the user-defined macros to be called the correct possible
        maximum number of times. For non-C++ conforming preprocessors, this
        change was not made because those non-conforming C++ preprocessors
        generally have limitations which disallow the maximum number of looping
        constructs to be run, and it was felt not to introduce a possible
        breaking change to those more fragile preprocessors would be better. It
        was also felt that besides fixing some arcane preprocessor bugs and
        providing the possible maximum number of user-defined macro
        invocations, this change could be made because it has never been
        documented what the starting 'r' and 'd' iteration numbers actually are
        but only that these numbers are incremented for each iteration.
      + The library has been upgraded to assume variadic macro support for any
        compiler working with the library. Ostensibly this means that the
        library is now a C++11 on up library, yet most of the major compilers,
        including gcc, clang, and VC++, also support variadic macros in C++98/
        C++03 mode as long as strict compliance to C++98/C++03 is not turned on
        when using one of those compilers.
  * Rational:
      + Fix Rational operators to not break under new C++20 operator==
        rewriting rules. (Glen Fernandes)
  * Signals2:
      + Correct C++ allocator model support to fix compilation in C++20
        standards mode. (Glen Fernandes)
  * System:
      + The platform-specific headers windows_error.hpp, linux_error.hpp, and
        cygwin_error.hpp emit deprecation messages and are slated for removal.
      + The old names for generic_category() and system_category() emit
        deprecation messages and are slated for removal.
      + error_condition::failed is deprecated and is slated for removal.
        operator bool() for error_condition has been reverted to its old
        meaning of value() != 0. This is done for compatibility with std::
        error_condition as the next release is expected to improve
        interoperability with <system_error> even further. Note that this does
        not affect error_code::failed, which is still alive and well.
      + The overload of error_condition::message that takes a buffer is
        deprecated and is slated for removal, for the same reasons. Note that
        this does not affect error_code::message.
  * uBLAS:
      + Correct C++ allocator model support to fix compilation in C++20
        standards mode. (Glen Fernandes and Conrad Poelman)
  * VMD:
      + The VMD number parsing has been upgraded to support the ability for the
        end-user to change the number limits in the Preprocessor library.
      + The macro BOOST_VMD_IS_GENERAL_IDENTIFIER has been added to support the
        parsing of input that represents a preprocessor token which matches the
        VMD identifier syntax, without having to register the identifier as a
        specific identifier.
  * Wave:
      + Added new C++20 tokens, including the spaceship operator <=>
      + Fixed bugs:
          o #94: fix incorrect behavior of __LINE__ and __FILE__ under

New Libraries

  * STLInterfaces: A library of CRTP bases to ease the writing of STL views,
    iterators, and sequence containers, from Zach Laine.

Updated Libraries

  * Asio:
      + Added an implementation of the proposed standard executors (P0443r13,
        P1348r0, and P1393r0).
      + Added support for the proposed standard executors to Asio's I/O
          o The supplied executors now meet the requirements for the proposed
            standard executors. These classes also continue to meet the
            existing requirements for the Networking TS model of executors.
          o All I/O objects, asynchronous operations, and utilities will
            interoperate with both new proposed standard executors, and with
            existing Networking TS executors.
          o The any_io_executor type alias has been introduced as the default
            runtime-polymorphic executor for all I/O objects. This defaults to
            the execution::any_executor<> template. If required for backward
            compatibility, BOOST_ASIO_USE_TS_EXECUTOR_AS_DEFAULT can be defined
            to use the old asio::executor polymorphic wrapper instead.
          o Support for the existing Networking TS model of executors can be
            disabled by defining BOOST_ASIO_NO_TS_EXECUTORS.
      + Added converting move construction and assignment to
      + Enabled C++20 coroutine support when using gcc 10.
      + Added overloads of co_spawn that launch an awaitable.
      + Added a new constructor overload to use_awaitable_t's default executor
        adapter, to enable conversion between executor types.
      + Added support for using detached_t as a default completion token, by
        adding members as_default_on() and as_default_on_t<>.
      + Added a move constructor to ssl::stream<>.
      + Changed ssl::stream<> write operations to linearise gather-write buffer
      + Added compile-time detection of the deprecated asio_handler_invoke,
        asio_handler_allocate, and asio_handler_deallocate hooks, when
        BOOST_ASIO_NO_DEPRECATED is defined.
      + Implemented a number of performance optimisations.
      + Added source location support to handler tracking.
      + Implemented various improvements to the tool.
      + Added the tool, which processes handler tracking output
        to produce a list of "live" handlers.
      + Added the tool, which filters handler tracking output to
        include only those events in the tree that produced the nominated
      + Added changes for clang-based Embarcadero C++ compilers.
      + Fixed a deadlock that can occur when multiple threads concurrently
        initialise the Windows I/O completion port backend.
      + Fixed async_compose to work with copyable handlers when passed by
      + Fixed completion signature deduction in co_spawn.
      + Removed a spurious Executor base class from the executor_binder
      + Various fixes and improvements in the documentation and examples.
      + Consult the Revision History for further details.
  * Atomic:
      + Added missing const qualifiers to some operations in atomic_ref.
      + Added support for yield instruction on ARMv8-A. The instruction is used
        internally in spin loops to reduce CPU power consumption.
      + Added support for C++20 waiting and notifying operations. The
        implementation includes generic backend that involves the internal lock
        pool, as well as specialized backends for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD,
        DragonFly BSD and NetBSD. Atomic types provide a new method
        has_native_wait_notify, a static boolean constant
        always_has_native_wait_notify and a set of capability macros that allow
        to detect if the implementation supports native waiting and notifying
        operations for a given type.
      + Changed internal representation of atomic_flag to use 32-bit storage.
        This allows for more efficient waiting and notifying operations on
        atomic_flag on some platforms.
      + Added support for build-time configuration of the internal lock pool
        size. The user can define the BOOST_ATOMIC_LOCK_POOL_SIZE_LOG2 macro to
        specify binary logarithm of the size of the lock pool. The default
        value is 8, meaning that the size of the lock pool is 256, up from 64
        used in the previous release.
      + Added support for a new set of atomic types dedicated for inter-process
        communication: ipc_atomic_flag, ipc_atomic and ipc_atomic_ref. Users
        are recommended to port their code using non-IPC types for
        inter-process communication to the new types. The new types provide the
        same set of operations as their non-IPC counterparts, with the
        following differences:
          o Most operations have an added precondition that is_lock_free
            returns true for the given atomic object. The library will issue a
            compile time error if this precondition is known to be not
            satisfied at compile time.
          o All provided operations are address-free, meaning that the atomic
            object (in case of ipc_atomic_ref - the referenced object) may be
            located in process-shared memory or mapped into the same process at
            multiple different addresses.
          o The new has_native_wait_notify operation and
            always_has_native_wait_notify constant indicate support for native
            inter-process waiting and notifying operations. When that support
            is not present, the operations are implemented with a busy loop,
            which is less efficient, but still is address-free. A separate set
            of capability macros is also provided to indicate this support.
      + Added new atomic_unsigned_lock_free and atomic_signed_lock_free types
        introduced in C++20. The types indicate the atomic object type for an
        unsigned or signed integer, respectively, that is lock-free and
        preferably has native support for waiting and notifying operations.
      + Added new gcc assembler backends for ARMv8-A (for both AArch32 and
        AArch64). The new backends are used to implement operations not
        supported by compiler intrinsics (including 128-bit operations on
        AArch64) and can also be used when compiler intrinsics are not
        available. Both little and big endian targets are supported. AArch64
        backend supports extensions defined in ARMv8.1 and ARMv8.3.
      + Added support for big endian targets in the legacy ARM backend based on
        gcc assembler blocks (this backend is used on ARMv7 and older targets).
        Previously, the backend assumed little endian memory layout, which is
        significant for 64-bit operations.
      + Improved performance of seq_cst stores and thread fences on x86 by
        using lock-prefixed instructions instead of mfence. This means that the
        operations no longer affect non-temporal stores, which was also not
        guaranteed before. Use specialized instructions and intrinsics to order
        non-temporal memory accesses.
      + Fixed capability macros for 80-bit long double on x86 targets not
        indicating lock-free operations even if 128-bit atomic operations were
      + Fixed compilation of gcc asm blocks on Alpha targets.
      + In the gcc __sync* intrinsics backend, fixed that store and load
        operations of large objects (larger than a pointer size) could be
        non-atomic. The implementation currently assumes that small objects can
        be stored with a single instruction atomically on all modern
  * Beast:
      + This update brings bug fixes and support for the following changes
        changes in Boost.Asio:
      + Beast supports BOOST_ASIO_NO_DEPRECATED. Define this to help identify
        areas of your Beast and Asio code which use deprecated Asio interfaces.
      + Beast also supports BOOST_ASIO_NO_TS_EXECUTORS. Define this to identify
        uses of executors from the now potentially outdated Networking TS
      + Asio will use the Standard Executors model by default. You can prevent
        this behaviour by defining BOOST_ASIO_USE_TS_EXECUTOR_AS_DEFAULT in
        which the Networking TS model will be used by default. Setting this
        flag does not prevent a program from using executors from the Standard
        Executors model explicitly.
      + We'd love to know how you or your company use Beast, consider adding an
        entry to the Companies and Individuals Using Beast list.
      + See the full Release Notes for a complete list of changes.
  * Bimap:
      + Correct allocator usage (fixes C++20 compilation). (Glen Fernandes)
  * Config:
      + Implement BOOST_NO_CXX11_OVERRIDE and BOOST_OVERRIDE. (Glen Fernandes)
  * Core:
      + Implemented the allocator access utilities which provide a replacement
        for allocator_traits with individual traits and functions for each
        facility. They support the C++11 allocator model when possible and
        provide a fallback for C++98 compatibility. These are now used in
        Circular_Buffer, Wave, Lockfree, Heap, Smart_Ptr, Dynamic_Bitset,
        Format, Bimap and more. (Glen Fernandes)
  * DLL:
      + Multiple fixes for the library_info work on empty shared objects.
      + Compilation fixes for C++98 and C++11 modes (#28).
      + Fixes for smart_library manglings (thanks to XiaLiChao82 #37).
  * Endian:
      + Enabled scoped enumeration types in endian_reverse.
      + Enabled bool, enum, float, double in endian_reverse_inplace.
      + Added an overload of endian_reverse_inplace for arrays.
  * Filesystem:
      + Removed compile-time checks for support for symlinks and hardlink on
        Windows. Instead, a runtime check is used. (PR#142)
      + Fixed handling of reparse points in canonical and read_symlink on
        Windows. This also affects other algorithms that involve canonical and
        read_symlink in their implementation. (PR#100, #85, #99, #123, #125)
      + Fixed that read_symlink on Windows could potentially fail or cause
        failures elsewhere with a sharing violation error, if the same symlink
        was opened concurrently. (#138)
      + Fixed that is_symlink(directory_entry) would always return false, even
        if the directory entry actually referred to a symlink. (PR#148)
      + Added missing status inspection operation overloads for directory_entry
        and error_code (e.g. is_directory(directory_entry, error_code&)).
        Removed incorrect noexcept specifications for the overloads not taking
        the error_code arguments.
      + copy_file implementation has been updated to perform checks on the
        source and target files, as required by C++20 ([fs.op.copy.file]/4.1).
        In particular, the operation will fail if the source or target file is
        not a regular file or the source and target paths identify the same
      + copy_file on POSIX systems will now also copy the source file
        permissions to the target file, if the target file is overwritten.
      + New: Added copy_file implementations based on sendfile and
        copy_file_range system calls on Linux, which may improve file copying
        performance, especially on network filesystems.
      + Deprecated: The copy_option enumeration that is used with the copy_file
        operation is deprecated. As a replacement, the new enum copy_options
        (note the trailing 's') has been added. The new enum contains values
        similar to the copy_options enum from C++20. The old enum values are
        mapped onto the new enum. The old enum will be removed in a future
      + New: Added copy_options::skip_existing option, which allows copy_file
        operation to succeed without overwriting the target file, if it exists.
      + New: Added copy_options::update_existing option, which allows copy_file
        operation to conditionally overwrite the target file, if it exists, if
        its last write time is older than that of the replacement file.
      + New: copy_file now returns bool, which indicates whether the file was
      + New, breaking change: copy operation has been extended and reworked to
        implement behavior specified in C++20 [fs.op.copy]. This includes
        support for copy_options::recursive, copy_options::copy_symlinks,
        copy_options::skip_symlinks, copy_options::directories_only,
        copy_options::create_symlinks and copy_options::create_hard_links
        options. The operation performs additional checks based on the
        specified options. Applying copy to a directory with default
        copy_options will now also copy files residing in that directory (but
        not nested directories or files in those directories).
      + New: Added create_directory overload taking two paths. The second path
        is a path to an existing directory, which is used as a source of
        permission attributes to use in the directory to create.
      + Deprecated: copy_directory operation has been deprecated in favor of
        the new create_directory overload. Note that the two operations have
        reversed order of the path arguments.
      + equivalent on POSIX systems now returns the actual error code from the
        OS if one of the paths does not resolve to a file. Previously the
        function would return an error code of 1. (#141)
      + equivalent no longer considers file size and last modification time in
        order to test whether the two paths refer to the same file. These
        checks could result in a false negative if the file was modified during
        the equivalent call.
      + New: Added absolute overloads taking error_code argument.
      + Operations that have current_path() as the default value of their
        arguments and also have an error_code argument will use the
        current_path(error_code& ec) overload to obtain the current path, so
        that its failure is reported via the error_code argument instead of an
      + space now initializes the space_info structure members to -1 values on
        error, as required by C++20 ([]/1).
      + space on Windows now accepts paths referring to arbitrary files, not
        only directories. This is similar to POSIX systems and corresponds to
        the operation description in C++20. (#73)
      + New: Added implementation of temp_directory_path for Windows CE. (PR#25
      + New: Improved compatibility with WASI platform. (PR#144)
      + New: Improved support for Embarcadero compilers. (PR#130)
      + New: Added implementations of unique_path operation based on getrandom
        (Linux), arc4random_buf (OpenBSD/FreeBSD/CloudABI) and BCrypt (Windows)
        system APIs.
      + Deprecated: Auto-linking against system libraries on Windows with
        MSVC-compatible compilers is deprecated and will be removed in a future
        release. This affects users linking against static library of
        Boost.Filesystem. Users are advised to update their project build
        systems to either use a shared library of Boost.Filesystem, or
        explicitly specify the dependencies of Boost.Filesystem in the linker
        command line. Users of shared library of Boost.Filesystem are not
  * Flyweight:
      + Maintenance work.
  * Format:
      + Correct allocator usage (fixes C++20 compilation). (Glen Fernandes)
  * Geometry:
      + Improvements
          o PR#720 Additional R-tree constructors (thanks to Caian Benedicto).
          o Various improvements in buffer, set and relational operations.
      + Solved issues
          o #709 memcpy called for object with no trivial copy-assignment.
          o #721 Compilation error in bgi::detail::rtree::visitors::insert.
          o #727 MSVC warning: conditional expression is constant.
      + Bugfixes
          o PR#700 Missing cases for default strategies in distance algorithm.
          o PR#738 Longitudes out of range in direct geodesic formulas.
  * GIL:
      + Added
          o Added new constructor initializing any_image from r-value reference
            to any image (PR#486).
          o Implemented mechanism to reverse kernel_2d (PR#489).
      + Changed
          o BREAKING: Replace Boost.Variant with Boost.Variant2 (PR#474) which
            completes removal on uses of Boost.MPL (missing from Boost 1.72.0
            change added PR#274).
          o Use perfect forwarding from apply_operation to visit (PR#491).
      + Removed
          o BREAKING: Removed dependency on Boost.Variant
      + Fixed
          o Fixed invalid conversion from RGB8 to CMYK32 due to overflow (PR#
          o Fixed image constructor from other image (PR#477).
          o Fixed error plane_view_t is not a class or namespace name (PR#481).
          o Fixed interleaved_view factory using point<std::ptrdiff_t> for
            dimension (PR#487).
          o Fixed documentation replacing uses MPL with MP11 in tutorial (PR#
          o Fixed missing header in numeric/kernel.hpp to make it
            self-contained (PR#502).
      + Acknowledgements
          o Samuel Debionne, Pranam Lashkari, Mateusz Loskot, Debabrata Mandal
  * Heap:
      + Correct destruction of top node in skew_heap. (Glen Fernandes)
      + Correct and simplify allocator use. (Glen Fernandes)
  * Integer:
      + Fixed compilation of gcd in C++20 mode with clang 10.
      + Improved support for Embarcadero compilers. (PR#21)
  * Iterator:
      + boost/function_output_iterator.hpp header is now deprecated. Users
        should replace its inclusion with boost/iterator/
        function_output_iterator.hpp. (PR#51)
      + Improved support for Embarcadero compilers. (PR#55)
  * LexicalCast:
      + Fixed warnings on missing override (thanks to EugeneZelenko #35, #34).
      + Fixes for the the Embarcadero compilers (thanks to Edward Diener).
  * Log:
      + Bug fixes:
          o The syslog sink backend now verifies the IP version of the local
            and target addresses set by user. The addresses must have the same
            IP version as was specified in the ip_version named parameter on
            the sink backend construction (by default, IPv4 is assumed). When
            an address is obtained as a result of host name resolution, only
            addresses with matching IP version are considered. (#119)
      + New Features:
          o Move constructors and assignment operators of various components
            were marked noexcept.
          o Added a new range_manip stream manipulator that can be used for
            outputting elements of a range, optionally separated by a
          o Added a new tuple_manip stream manipulator that can be used for
            outputting elements of a tuple or any other heterogeneous sequence,
            optionally separated by a delimiter.
          o Added a new optional_manip stream manipulator that can be used for
            outputting optionally present values.
      + See changelog for more details.
  * Mp11:
      + Improved compilation performance of mp_with_index<N> for large N.
      + Added tuple_transform (contributed by Hans Dembinski.)
  * Multi-index Containers:
      + Added node extraction and insertion following the analogous interface
        of associative containers as introduced in C++17. This feature has also
        been extended to non key-based indices, in contrast to C++ standard
        library sequence containers, which do not provide such functionality.
      + Clarified documentation on read/write key extractors (issue #32).
      + Maintenance work.
  * Nowide:
      + The library now requires a C++11-compliant compiler and stdlib
      + LFS: Add support for files > 2 GB where the underlying system supports
      + Generic UTF conversion functions are now available in the boost::nowide
        ::utf namespace
      + Add support for stat with UTF-8 paths
  * Outcome:
      + Announcements:
          o The v2.1 branch is expected to be retired end of 2020, with the
            v2.2 branch becoming the default. You can use the future v2.2
            branch now using better_optimisation. This branch has a number of
            major breaking changes to Outcome v2.1, see the front page for
      + Enhancements:
          o BREAKING CHANGE void results and outcomes no longer default
            construct types during explicit construction. Previously if you
            explicitly constructed a result<T> from a non-errored \ 
            it default constructed T. This was found to cause unhelpful
            surprise, so it has been disabled.
          o New macro OUTCOME_ENABLE_LEGACY_SUPPORT_FOR. The macro
            OUTCOME_ENABLE_LEGACY_SUPPORT_FOR can be used to enable aliasing of
            older naming and features to newer naming and features when using a
            newer version of Outcome.
          o Concepts now have snake case style naming instead of camel case
            style. When Outcome was first implemented, it was thought that C++
            20 concepts were going to have camel case style. This was changed
            before the C++ 20 release, and Outcome's concepts have been renamed
            similarly. This won't break any code in Outcome v2.1, as
            compatibility aliases are provided. However code compiled against
            Outcome v2.2 will need to be upgraded, unless
            OUTCOME_ENABLE_LEGACY_SUPPORT_FOR is set to 210 or lower.
          o Concepts now live in OUTCOME_V2_NAMESPACE::concepts namespace.
            Previously concepts lived in the convert namespace, now they live
            in their own namespace.
          o New concepts basic_result<T> and basic_outcome<T> added. \ 
End users
            were finding an unhelpful gap in between is_basic_result<T> and
            value_or_error<T> where they wanted a concept that matched types
            which were basic_result, but not exactly one of those. Concepts
            filling that gap were added.
          o Operation TRY works differently from Outcome v2.2 onwards. This is
            a severely code breaking change which change the syntax of how one
            uses OUTCOME_TRY(). A regular expression suitable for upgrading
            code can be found in the list of changes between Outcome v2.1 and
      + Bug fixes:
          o #224 The clang Apple ships in Xcode 11.4 (currently the latest) has
            not been patched with the fixes to LLVM clang that fix noexcept(std
            ::is_constructible<T, void>) failing to compile which I originally
            submitted years ago. So give up waiting on Apple to fix their
            clang, add a workaround to Outcome.
          o Spare storage could not be used from within no-value policy
            classes. Due to an obvious brain fart when writing the code at the
            time, the spare storage APIs had the wrong prototype which
            prevented them working from within policy classes. Sorry.
  * PolyCollection:
      + Fixed internal ambiguity problem between boost::type_erasure::any and
        boost::any (issue #17).
      + Maintenance work.
  * SmartPtr:
      + Added owner_equals to shared_ptr, weak_ptr, local_shared_ptr.
      + Added owner_hash_value to shared_ptr, weak_ptr.
      + Added owner_equal_to, owner_hash.
      + Added std::hash specializations for shared_ptr, local_shared_ptr.
      + Added boost::hash support to, and std::hash, std::equal_to
        specializations for, weak_ptr.
  * Stacktrace:
      + Fixed a build error when compiled with -fno-exceptions (thanks to
        Jeremiah Rodriguez #91).
  * System:
      + operator bool() now returns failed() instead of value() != 0.
  * Type_Traits:
      + Implemented conjunction, disjunction, negation, is_trivially_copyable,
        is_scoped_enum, and is_unscoped_enum. (Glen Fernandes)
  * Variant:
      + Fixed warnings on missing override (thanks to EugeneZelenko #78).
      + Fixes for the the Embarcadero compilers (thanks to Edward Diener #79).
      + Updated header locations to avoid warnings about using deprecated
        headers (thanks to Andrey Semashev #80)
  * Variant2:
      + Added support for derived types in visit.
      + Improved compilation performance for many (hundreds of) alternatives.
      + Added support for visit<R>.
  * Wave:
      + Implement C++20 features for variadics, including __VA_OPT__ (PR#75)
      + Implement __has_include (PR#102)
      + Introduce new sample: check_macro_naming, useful with Boost itself (PR#
      + Fix compilation issue caused by std::allocator member removal in C++20
      + Repair Xpressive lexer and token_statistics sample (PR#79)
      + Repair lexertl lexer (PR#78)
      + Ensure hooks are run on predefined macros as well (PR#87)
      + Various minor bug fixes
      + C++98/03 support is now deprecated and will be removed in 1.77
  * YAP:
      + Fixed compilation errors for placeholders; they now work in the general
        case, and in particular work with yap::print().
      + constexpr all the YAP.
      + Fix printing of correct value category in yap::print().
      + Doc clarification.

Updated Tools

  * Boostbook:
      + Change encoding of generated documentation from US-ASCII to UTF-8.
        (Glen Fernandes)
   2020-05-06 15:33:53 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (17) | Package updated
Log message:
boost: updated to 1.73.0


Known Issues
These are patches from library authors which were found too late to be fixed in \ 
the release. Be careful as they have not been through the normal testing \ 

New Libraries
Standard library functions with UTF-8 API on Windows, from Artyom Beilis.

A dynamically resizable string of characters with compile-time fixed capacity \ 
and contiguous embedded storage, from Vinnie Falco and Krystian Stasiowski

Updated Libraries
* Update aligned_alloc to support older mingw32.
* Speedup compilation by not including <algorithm>.
* Maintenance work, including CI hardening.
* Fixed compatibility with C++20 concept syntax.
* Marked the POSIX descriptor classes' move constructors as noexcept.
* Added the ssl::host_name_verification class, which is a drop-in replacement \ 
for ssl::rfc2818_verification. The ssl::rfc2818_verification class has been \ 
marked as deprecated. As a consequence of this change, SSL support now depends \ 
on functions that were introduced in OpenSSL 1.0.2.
* Added an ssl::context constructor to take ownership of a native handle.
* Changed C++ language version detection with gcc to use __cplusplus macro.
* Fixed a work counting issue in the asynchronous resolve operation for endpoints.
* Fixed the strand<> converting constructors and assignment operators.
* Ensured that resolvers are restarted correctly after a fork.
* Fixed compatibility with the current NetBSD release.
* Removed spurious handler requirement checks in some async_read overloads.
* Changed the ssl::context class to propagate non-EOF errors from the \ 
add_certificate_authority function.
* Fixed a Windows-specific thread_pool destructor hang that occurred when the \ 
pool had an associated I/O object.
* Changed the select reactor to recreate the "self pipe trick" sockets \ 
on error. This addresses an issue on some versions of Windows, where these \ 
sockets are discconected after a system sleep.
* Fixed a compile error in the buffered streams due to the lack of reference \ 
collapsing in C++98.
* Changed the priority_scheduler example to demonstrate calls to shutdown() and \ 
* Removed some unnecessary null pointer checks.
* Changed Windows platform detection to recognise TV titles as Windows apps.
* Added some emscripten compatibility patches.
* Fixed a compile error in the use_awaitable_t::as_default_on function.
* Changed all uses of the boost.bind placeholders to use the boost::placeholders \ 
* Fixed a potential compile error in the async_compose implementation due to \ 
incorrect overload selection.
* Suppressed some non-virtual destructor warnings.
* Various documentation fixes and improvements.
* Added source_location.
* Implemented C++20 atomic_ref. See docs and especially the caveats section.
* Implemented atomic_flag::test operation, which was introduced in C++20.
* atomic<T> should now take into account alignment requirements of T, \ 
which makes a difference if those requirements are higher than that of the \ 
internal storage of atomic.
* Added static asserts enforcing the requirements on the value type T used with \ 
atomic and atomic_ref. This should prohibit invalid types from being used as \ 
* Improved internal lock pool implementation. The pool is larger, and lock \ 
selection accounts for atomic object alignment, which should reduce the \ 
potential of thread contention.
* Fixed incorrect x86 code generated for bit_test_and_* operations on 8 and \ 
16-bit arguments. Other architectures are not affected.
* Fixed a possible unaligned memory access in compare_exchange_* operations, if \ 
alignment requirements of value_type are less than that of the internal storage \ 
of atomic.
* boost/atomic/atomic.hpp no longer includes boost/atomic/atomic_flag.hpp and \ 
boost/atomic/fences.hpp and only defines the boost::atomic class template and \ 
related typedefs. Include the other headers explicitly or use boost/atomic.hpp \ 
to include all parts of Boost.Atomic.
* The atomic<T>::storage() accessor and associated \ 
atomic<T>::storage_type type are deprecated. Instead, users are advised to \ 
use atomic<T>::value() and atomic<T>::value_type, respectively. \ 
Users can define BOOST_ATOMIC_SILENCE_STORAGE_DEPRECATION to disable deprecation \ 
warnings for the time of transition. The deprecated pieces will be removed in a \ 
future release.
* Removed support for BOOST_ATOMIC_DETAIL_HIGHLIGHT_OP_AND_TEST. This macro was \ 
used as a helper for transition to the updated returned values of *_and_test \ 
operations in Boost.Atomic 1.67, which was released 2 years before 1.73.
* This is a maintenance update.
* Nested mutable_data_type in Beast dynamic buffers is deprecated.
* We'd love to know how you or your company use Beast, consider adding an entry \ 
to the Companies and Individuals Using Beast list.
* See the full Release Notes for a complete list of changes.
* IBM Z: Fix fcontext routines
* mips64/n64: .align 3
* Use OSPLAT MIPS32/MIPS64 to set different ABI
* Fix non-PIC in RISC-V assembly
* Added boost::polymorphic_downcast for references (thanks to Julien Delacroix \ 
for the patch).
* Significant docs update.
* Support constexpr in c++14 and above
* Make date_time all inline. Users no longer need to link the library for any \ 
functions. Library remains for build compatibility.
* Deprecate support for legacy io and USE_DATE_TIME_PRE_1_33_FACET_IO macro
* Misc documentation updates and bugfixes.
* Fixes and tests for demangling in boost::dll::smart_library
* Make UB sanitizers happy with boost::dll::load_mode::type
* Ceased dependence on MPL improving compile times
* Clang and ICC on Windows fixes and CI support for those platforms
* Maintenance work, including CI hardening and tests improving.
Dynamic Bitset:
* Fixed a portability issue in the definition of the maximum block limit.
* Maintenance work.
* Improvements
  - Missing input combinations in intersection() and introduction of tupled-output.
  - Added d3::point_xyz geometry model (thanks to Digvijay Janartha).
* Solved issues
  - Incorrect definition of EPSG:3785.
* Bugfixes
  - R-tree exception-safety improvement.
  - Andoyer inverse formula fixed for close points.
  - Fixed dangling reference in distance algorithm.
* Deprecation
  - Support for C++03 has been deprecated and Geometry will require C++14 from \ 
Boost 1.75 onwards.
* Added move constructor and move assignment operator to image class
* New member function size() in any_image_view class
* Replace Boost.Test with Boost.LightweightTest as the only test framework used \ 
in GIL. This also restructured the test/extension/io/ sub-tree and targets in \ 
related Jamfile-s.
* Removed remaining uses of Boost.MPL
* Renamed all macros using BOOST_GIL_ prefix
* Renamed all CMake configuration options using BOOST_GIL_ prefix
* Removed extension/dynamic_image/reduce.hpp as unused and possibly unfinished. \ 
An implementation attempt of techniques described in the paper Efficient \ 
Run-Time Dispatching in Generic Programming with Minimal Code Bloat by Lubomir \ 
Bourdev, Jaakko Jarvi.
* Removed direct dependency on Boost.MPL, Boost.System and Boost.Test.
* Started removing public macros for compile-time configuration of I/O extension \ 
BOOST_GIL_IO_TEST_ALLOW_WRITING_IMAGES. Instead, if a test target is built, it \ 
builds all its test cases unconditionally.
* Avoid longjmp interaction during destruction of I/O extension objects.
* Fixed missing alignment default value in constructor of image class.
* Fixed segmentation fault when reading corrupted PNG file.
* Fixed illegal initialization of return values in the old IOv1 interface of I/O \ 
* Added crop command to reduce algorithm
* slice command in reduce now works on category axis
* Added count accumulator, can be used to add arbitrary metadata to each cell
* sum algorithm gained a new argument to optionally sum only over inner bins
* Several fixes for bugs in corner cases
* Enhanced documentation
* Remove references to date_time compiled library.
* Fix forward decl lower and upper less equal.
* Misc bugfixes.
* Made all the IOS state saver classes non-copyable. (Glen Fernandes)
* Correctly handle error upon first read from the input stream when reading a \ 
quoted string. (Glen Fernandes)
* Implemented ostream_joiner for delimiter based joining. (Glen Fernandes)
* Relocated ostream_string from the Utility library to the IO library as ostream_put.
* Correctly handle stream width and fill in quoted output. (Glen Fernandes)
* Optimize quoted output to write directly to the stream buffer. (Glen Fernandes)
* Glen Fernandes became the maintainer of the IO library.
* Maintenance work, including CI hardening and better workarounds for broken \ 
standard libraries
* Default sink used in trivial logging, when no sinks are registered in the \ 
logging core, now automatically flushes output after each log record
* core::flush now performs a flush on the default sink used for trivial logging, \ 
when no sinks are registered.
* Added a workaround for some syslog API implementations (e.g. glibc), which do \ 
not save the application identification string in openlog call. Such \ 
implementations could access already freed memory on each syslog call, resulting \ 
in undefined behavior.
* Fixed that log file rotation on a specific day of month (e.g. \ 
rotation_at_time_point(boost::gregorian::greg_day(1))) could be silently ignored \ 
and not happen.
* Fixed that text_file_backend::rotate_file could throw if there were no log \ 
records written yet and target file name pattern was set.
* Ported various components of the library to std::allocator_traits to improve \ 
compatibility with C++20 allocators.
* Fixed compilation errors when building in MSYS2 Cygwin environment.
IMPORTANT: C++03 support is now deprecated and will be removed from March 2021.
* Added Cubic Hermite Interpolation.
* Added Modified Akima Interpolation.
* Added PCHIP Interpolation.
* Added Quintic Hermite Interpolation.
* Added entropy to numerous distributions.
* Allow trivial quadrature case where the two end points are equal, and in \ 
addition allow bounds to be interchanged.
* Fix exp_sinh quadrature to work with complex types over a non-native range.
* Fix miscellaneous compiler warnings in factorial.hpp.
* Use std::chrono rather than boost::chrono in timed pFq calculations.
* Remove much of the old boost::mpl dependencies to improve constexpr support.
* Added mp_unique_if (contributed by Kris Jusiak)
* Added mp_flatten
* Added mp_rotate_left, mp_rotate_right (contributed by Duncan Barber)
* Added mp_compose
* Added mp_power_set
* Added mp_partial_sum
* Added mp_iterate
Multi-index Containers:
* multi_index_container is now AllocatorAware.
* Swapping of internal KeyFromValue, Compare, Hash and Pred objects now selects \ 
the appropriate swap function between std::swap and ADL candidates, in \ 
accordance with standard specifications in [swappable.requirements]
* Provided some internal copy constructors and assignment operators whose \ 
default implicit definition is deprecated in C++11 onwards ([depr.impldec]), \ 
which was warned about on some compilers.
* IMPORTANT: Mark C++03 support as deprecated and due for removal in 2021.
* Big update to cpp_int adds faster Karatsuba and Coomba multiplication routines.
* Fix conversion of gmp_rational to long double and __float128
* Fix up libtommath support to function with the latest libtom releases.
* Fix up some incompatibilities with the latest Intel C++ compiler.
* Fix up constexpr arithmetic support for latest MSVC release.
* Performance of Outcome-based code compiled by clang has been greatly improved. \ 
The previous implementation of Outcome's status bitfield confused clang's \ 
optimiser, which caused low quality codegen. Unlike most codegen issues, this \ 
was noticeably in empirical benchmarks of real world code, as was shown by P1886 \ 
Error speed benchmarking.
* The safe part of the better_optimisation Outcome v2.2.0 future branch was \ 
merged to Outcome v2.1.3 which includes a new status bitfield implementation. \ 
This appears to not confuse clang's optimiser, and clang 9 produces code which \ 
routinely beats GCC 9's code for various canned use cases.
* Installability is now CI tested per commit. Due to installability of \ 
standalone Outcome (e.g. make install) breaking itself rather more frequently \ 
than is ideal, installability is now tested on CI per commit.
* Newer Concepts implementing compilers were unhappy with the early check for \ 
destructibility of T and E, so removed template constraints, falling back to \ 
static assert which runs later in the type instantiation sequence.
* A false positive undefined behaviour sanitiser failure in some use cases of \ 
Experimental Outcome was worked around to avoid the failure message.
* Suppressed a potential redundant move warning in boost::poly_collection::for_each.
* Fixed a bug by which elements were copied rather than moved in \ 
allocator-extended move construction and move assigment between collections with \ 
non-propagating, unequal allocators.
* Allocator-extended move construction no longer decays to allocator-extended \ 
copy construction for the legacy version of libstdc++-v3 shipped with GCC 4.8 \ 
(which can also be used by Clang).
* Added documentation on distribution of PDBs
* Fixed msvc-9 build
* Maintenance work, including test fixes fixing typos CI improvements and \ 
hardening, inspect tool fixes.
* Boost.test v3.13 see the Changes log for more details.
* New feature: It is now possible to combine tolerance indication, user message \ 
and collection comparison modifier in a single BOOST_TEST expression. See change \ 
logs for more details.
* Added an overload of throw_exception that takes a boost::source_location object.
* NOTE: Projects using BOOST_THROW_EXCEPTION with exceptions disabled will need \ 
to add a definition of this new overload.
* Added introspection of function templates for more recent C++ compilers \ 
versions from gcc and vc++. as well as all versions of clang. Older versions of \ 
vc++ before 14.0 and gcc prior to 4.8 may fail.
* Added specific introspection for elements of struct/class, enum, and union \ 
types, which can be used for more fine-grained introspection than the general \ 
'type' introspection.
* Maintenance work, including CI integration with inspect tool.
* The ostream_string facility has moved from the Utility library to the IO \ 
library as ostream_put.
* Removed unused includes
* Fixed zero-as-null-pointer-constat warnings
* Maintenance work, including typo fixes.
* Added support for std::hash, boost::hash.
* variant<T...> is now trivial when all types in T... are trivial. This \ 
improves performance by enabling it to be passed to, and returned from, \ 
functions in registers.
* Headers in boost/detail/winapi are deprecated and will be removed in a future \ 
* Boost.WinAPI headers no longer include winerror.h. Include \ 
boost/winapi/error_codes.hpp to get Windows error codes.
   2020-01-12 11:10:04 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (16) | Package updated
Log message:
boost: updated to 1.72.0

Version 1.72.0

Changed the async_initiate helper function to automatically deduce its return \ 
type, for C++11 or later.
Changed all asynchronous operations to use automatically deduced return types, \ 
for C++14 or later.
Introduced concepts to support async_initiate.
Added the nested template type rebind_executor to all I/O object types.
Changed the initiation function objects to report their associated I/O executor \ 
via the nested type executor_type and member function get_executor().
Added the default_completion_token trait, giving I/O executor types an \ 
associated default completion token type for use with asynchronous operations. \ 
This trait is specialised for the use_awaitable completion token, for example, \ 
to allow asynchronous operations to be used as follows: co_await \ 
Added missing async_initiate to the Windows-specific I/O objects' asynchronous \ 
Ensured that the executor type is propagated to newly accepted sockets.
Changed to require that Protocol copy and move operations never throw.
Changed to require that Endpoint default constructor and move operations never throw.
Added the noexcept qualifier to protocol accessors.
Added the noexcept qualifier to socket move constructors.
Fixed issues associated with opening serial ports on Windows:
Use the correct constant to initialise the RTS control flag.
Specify a default baud rate (9600).
Fixed a lost "outstanding work count" that can occur when an \ 
asynchronous accept operation is automatically restarted.
Consult the Revision History for further details.

Added a workaround for __float128 not being considered as a floating point type \ 
by some versions of libstdc++.
Improved compatibility with clang-win compiler.

This is a maintenance update containing bug fixes, and updates to use the new \ 
features delivered in Boost.Asio.
We'd love to know how you or your company use Beast, consider adding an entry to \ 
the Companies and Individuals Using Beast list.
See the full Release Notes for a complete list of changes.

Circular Buffer:
Fix: max_size() now takes the allocator's max_size() into account. (Glen Fernandes)

architecture s390x supported
execution_context removed

Made endian_reverse, conditional_reverse and *_to_* constexpr on GCC and Clang
Added convenience load and store functions
Added floating point convenience typedefs
Added a non-const overload of data(); changed its return type to unsigned char*
Added __int128 support to endian_reverse when available
Added a convenience header boost/endian.hpp

Extracted filesystem_error to exception.hpp; file_status and associated enums \ 
and functions to file_status.hpp; directory_entry, directory_iterator and \ 
recursive_directory_iterator to directory.hpp.
Deprecated: For backward compatibility operations.hpp still includes the new \ 
headers exception.hpp, file_status.hpp and directory.hpp, unless \ 
BOOST_FILESYSTEM_NO_DEPRECATED macro is defined. These implicit includes are \ 
considered deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Users are \ 
encouraged to include the new headers directly or include filesystem.hpp.
The filesystem_error exception is now implemented in the compiled library of \ 
Boost.Filesystem. Users may need to add linking with Boost.Filesystem library in \ 
their projects.
On POSIX.1-2008 platforms, use utimensat instead of utime. utime is declared \ 
obsolete in POSIX.1-2008 and can be disabled e.g. in uClibc-ng.
directory_iterator is now left in the end state on memory allocation errors.
In directory_iterator on POSIX systems, support for readdir/readdir_r has been \ 
reworked to avoid memory allocations for dirent structures when readdir is used. \ 
This reduces memory consumption and eliminates the possibility of buffer \ 
overruns in case if readdir produces a very long directory name.
On Windows, use Boost.WinAPI to select the target Windows version.
New: Added directory_options enum, which reflects the same named enum from \ 
C++20. The enum is supported in directory_iterator and \ 
recursive_directory_iterator to customize iteration behavior. In particular, the \ 
iterators now support skipping directories that can't be opened due to \ 
insufficient permissions. The symlink_option enum is now deprecated and should \ 
be replaced with directory_options.
By default, recursive_directory_iterator is now reset to the end state in case \ 
of errors, as required by C++20.
New: Added directory_options::pop_on_error option, which configures \ 
recursive_directory_iterator so that it attempts to recover from iteration \ 
errors by repeatedly invoking pop() until it succeeds or the end state is \ 
New: Added directory_options::skip_dangling_symlinks option, which configures \ 
recursive_directory_iterator so that it doesn't follow dangling directory \ 
symlinks and continues iteration instead of reporting an error.
Deprecated: The following members of recursive_directory_iterator are now marked \ 
as deprecated: level(), no_push_pending(), no_push_request(), no_push(). Users \ 
are advised to replace their use with the standard counterparts: depth(), \ 
recursion_pending(), disable_recursion_pending(). Note that recursion_pending() \ 
has the opposite meaning compared to no_push_pending() and no_push_request(). \ 
Deprecated methods will be removed in a future release.
Fixed path::lexically_relative (and any dependent algorithms) to correctly \ 
handle empty, dot and dot-dot path elements in its argument. The behavior is \ 
made closer to C++17 std::path::lexically_relative in that empty and dot path \ 
elements are ignored and dot-dot path elements are accounted by decreasing the \ 
number of dot-dot path elements to generate in the resulting relative path.

Glen Fernandes rewrote the implementations of factory and value_factory to \ 
provide the following features:
Support r-value arguments when possible
Support arbitrary number of arguments via variadic templates when possible
Support allocators that are final
Support allocators that use fancy pointers
Support for disabled exceptions (BOOST_NO_EXCEPTIONS)
Improved compilation times
The following features have been removed:
Increasing limits for C++03 compilers through \ 
Using boost::none_t in place of void through BOOST_FUNCTIONAL_FACTORY_SUPPORT_NONE_T

GSoC 2019: Lanczos resampling for image down scaling.
GSoC 2019: Methods for binary thresholding, inverted binary thresholding and \ 
truncation thresholding.
GSoC 2019: Otsu thresholding method.
GSoC 2019: Adaptive thresholding using mean or gaussian-weighted sum of the \ 
neighbourhood area.
GSoC 2019: Harris response calculation (corner detector without non-maximum \ 
GSoC 2019: Hessian corner detector.
GSoC 2019: Types for defining 2D kernel, kernel_2d and kernel_2d_fixed, in \ 
Numeric extension.
GSoC 2019: Implementation of 2D convolution as new function convolve_2d.
GSoC 2019: Box filtering using the average filter.
GSoC 2019: Blur function based on normalized mean filter.
GSoC 2019: Sobel and Scharr operators.
GSoC 2019: Median filter to remove noise from image.
Continued adding new test cases and significantly improved overall test coverage.
Documented purpose of cached_location_t.
Function convolve_1d in Numeric extension for convenient use of convolve_rows \ 
and convolve_cols.
Function extend_boundary in Numeric extension to perform image boundary extension.
Project release notes maintained in Markdown file

Move all tests, core features and extensions, inside test/ directory.

Replace Boost.MPL with Boost.MP11.
Removed use of Boost.TypeTraits.
Dropped support for GCC <= 4.8.
Remove include/boost/gil/version.hpp file as unused.

Undetermined value of default-initialized channel and pixel objects.
Undefined behaviour due to std::is_trivially_default_constructible specializations.
Crash when reading PNG files with an invalid header.
Applied the Rule of Three for numerous types.
Removed uses of deprecated implicit definition of defaulted copy assignment \ 
operator or copy constructor.

Several new features and performance improvements, some bug-fixes
See the full Release Notes for a complete list of changes

Improved compatibility with clang-win compiler.

Documentation clarifications.
Fixed scatterv bug when using explicit input buffer offsets.
Enable usage of MPI_Probe and friend with Intel MPI >= 2019.4
Symbol visibility on Windows

Added Hypergeometric functions 1F0, 0F1, 2F0, 1F1 and pFq.
Added Jacobi polynomial (and derivatives) evaluation.
Added Gegenbauer polynomial (and derivatives) evaluation.
Added Cardinal B-Splines (and derivatives) as polynomial functions in their own \ 
Added Cardinal Trigonometric Interpolation.
Added new statistics sub-section.
Added One Sample Student's T Test.
Added Anderson Darling test for normality.
Added Ljung Box test for auto-correlation.
Added Runs test for random sequences.
The headers boost/math/tools/univariate_statistics.hpp and \ 
boost/math/tools/bivariate_statistics.hpp, have been deprecated in favor of \ 
boost/math/statistics/univariate_statistics.hpp and \ 
Added The Empirical CDF distribution.
Reworked the Sterling approximation used by multiprecision gamma functions to be \ 
applicable to all the function that use the Lanczos approximation at regular \ 
precision. Also extended Lanczos approximations up to 100 decimal digit \ 

Big constexpr update allows cpp_int and float128 arithmetic to be fully \ 
constexpr with gcc and clang 9 or later, or any compiler supporting \ 
Fix bug in variable precision mpf_float which causes it to go into a tailspin \ 
trying to select the correct precision - see \

Standalone outcome is now make install-able, and cmake find_package() can find \ 
it. Note that you must separately install and find_package() Outcome's \ 
dependency, quickcpplib, else find_package() of Outcome will fail.
The git submodule mechanism used by standalone Outcome of specifying dependent \ 
libraries has been replaced with a cmake superbuild of dependencies mechanism \ 
instead. Upon cmake configure, an internal copy of quickcpplib will be git \ 
cloned, built and installed into the build directory from where an internal \ 
find_package() uses it. This breaks the use of the unconfigured Outcome repo as \ 
an implementation of Outcome, one must now do one of: 1. Add Outcome as \ 
subdirectory to cmake build. 2. Use cmake superbuild (i.e. \ 
ExternalProject_Add()) to build and install Outcome into a local installation. \ 
3. Use one of the single header editions.
For standalone Outcome, the current compiler is now checked for whether it will \ 
compile code containing C++ Concepts, and if it does, all cmake consumers of \ 
Outcome will enable C++ Concepts. Set the cmake variable CXX_CONCEPTS_FLAGS to \ 
an empty string to prevent auto detection and enabling of C++ Concepts support \ 
OUTCOME_TRY operation now hints to the compiler that operation will be \ 
successful. [P1886 Error speed benchmarking]( showed \ 
that there is considerable gain in very small functions by hinting to the \ 
compiler whether the expression is expected to be successful or not. OUTCOME_TRY \ 
previously did not hint to the compiler at all, but now it does. A new suite of \ 
macros OUTCOME_TRY_FAILURE_LIKELY hint to the compiler that failure is expected. \ 
If you wish to return to the previously unhinted behaviour, define \ 
OUTCOME_TRY_LIKELY(expr) to (!!expr).
Support for C++ Coroutines has been added. This comes in two parts, firstly \ 
there is now an OUTCOME_CO_TRY() operation suitable for performing the TRY \ 
operation from within a C++ Coroutine. Secondly, in the header \ 
outcome/coroutine_support.hpp there are implementations of \ 
eager<OutcomeType> and lazy<OutcomeType> which let you more \ 
naturally and efficiently use basic_result or basic_outcome from within C++ \ 
Coroutines -- specifically, if the result or outcome will construct from an \ 
exception pointer, exceptions thrown in the coroutine return an errored or \ 
excepted result with the thrown exception instead of throwing the exception \ 
through the coroutine machinery (which in current compilers, has a high \ 
likelihood of blowing up the program). Both eager<T> and lazy<T> can \ 
accept any T as well. Both have been tested and found working on VS2019 and \ 
clang 9.
make_error_code() and make_exception_ptr() are now additionally considered for \ 
compatible copy and move conversions for basic_result<>. This lets you \ 
construct a basic_result<T, E> into a basic_result<T, error_code>, \ 
where E is a custom type which has implemented the ADL discovered free function \ 
error_code make_error_code(E), but is otherwise unrelated to error_code. The \ 
same availability applies for exception_ptr with make_exception_ptr() being the \ 
ADL discovered free function. basic_outcome<> has less support for this \ 
than basic_result<> in order to keep constructor count down, but it will \ 
accept via this mechanism conversions from basic_result<> and \ 

Bug fixes:
The detection of [[nodiscard]] support in the compiler was very mildly broken.

Maintenance work.

Topic added which discusses emptiness
Support for the C++20 __VA_OPT__ construct
BOOST_PP_VARIADIC_HAS_OPT whether __VA_OPT__ is supported at the C++20 level
BOOST_PP_CHECK_EMPTY test for emptiness using __VA_OPT__ at the C++20 level
BOOST_PP_VA_OPT more flexible alternative to __VA_OPT__ at the C++20 level

Smart Pointers:
Implemented allocate_unique for scalars and arrays. (Glen Fernandes)

Boost.test v3.12 see the Changes log for more details.
New feature:
Support for C++17 std::string_view has been added.
Better diagnostic on boost::exception and no rtti mode (thanks to Mikhail Pilin \ 
/ [pull_request 234])

BOOST_VMD_IS_EMPTY updated to use __VA_OPT__ at the C++20 level has 100% reliability
   2019-11-03 11:39:32 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (274)
Log message:
devel: align variable assignments

pkglint -Wall -F --only aligned --only indent -r

No manual corrections.

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