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History of commit frequency

CVS Commit History:

   2020-05-22 12:56:49 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (624)
Log message:
revbump after updating security/nettle
   2020-05-06 16:05:09 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (591) | Package updated
Log message:
revbump after boost update
   2020-03-08 17:51:54 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2833)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for libffi
   2020-01-18 22:51:16 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1836)
Log message:
*: Recursive revision bump for openssl 1.1.1.
   2020-01-12 21:20:50 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (574)
Log message:
*: Recursive revbump from devel/boost-libs
   2019-11-26 11:24:11 by Mark Davies | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
cfitsio: update to 3.470

fix linking of libcurl.

Version 3.47 - May 2019

  - Added set of drivers for performing ftps file transfers.

  - Tile sizes for compression may now be specified for any pair of
    axes, where previously 2D tiles where limited to just X and y.

  - Fix to ffgsky and ffgkls functions for case of keyword with long
    string values where the final CONTINUE statement ended with '&'.
    If the final CONTINUE also contained a comment, it was being
    repeated twice when passed back through the 'comm' argument.

  - Fix made to ffedit_columns() for case of multiple col filters
    containing wildcards.  Only the first filter was being searched.

  - fits_copy_rows (ffcprw) can now handle 'P'-type variable-length

  - Fix made to an obscure case in fits_modify_vector_len, where a
    wrongly issued EOF error may occur.

  - Added internal fffvcl() function.

Version 3.46 - Oct 2018 (Ftools release)

  - Improved the algorithm for ensuring no tile dimensions are smaller
    than 4 pixels for HCOMPRESS compression.

  - Added new functions intended to assist in diagnosing (primarily
    https) download issues: fits_show_download_progress,
    fits_get_timeout, fits_set_timeout.

  - Added the '-O <file>' option to fpack, which previously existed only
    for funpack.  Also added fpack/funpack auto-removal of .bz2 suffix
    equivalent to what existed for .gz.

  - For the fpack '-table' cases, warning message is now sent to stderr
    instead of stdout.  This is to allow users to pipe the results from
    stdout in valid FITS format.  (The warning message is otherwise placed
    at the start of the FITS file and therefore corrupts it.)

  - Fix made to the '-P' file prefix option in funpack.

  - Added wildcard deletion syntax for columns, i.e. -COLNAM* will delete
    the first matching column as always; -COLNAM*+ will delete all matching
    columns (or none); exact symmetry with the keyword deletion syntax.
   2019-11-23 07:58:14 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
(devel/cfitsio) Updated 3.390 to 3.450

(from docs/changes.txt), sorry for long lines.
Version 3.45 - May 2018

  - New support for reading and writing unsigned long long datatypes.
    This includes 'implicit datatype conversion' between the unsigned long
    long datatype and all the other datatypes.

  - Increased the hardcoded NMAXFILES setting for maximum number of
    open files from 1000 to 10000.

  - Bug fix to fits_calc_binning wrapper function, which wasn't filling
    in the returned float variables.

  - Fixed a parsing bug for image subsection and column binning range
    specifiers that was introduced in v3.44.

Version 3.44 - April 2018

  - This release primarily patches security vulnerabilities.  We
    strongly encourage this upgrade, particularly for those running
    CFITSIO in web accessible applications.

    In addition, the following enhancements and fixes were made:

  - Enhancement to 'template' and 'colfilter' functionality.  It is now
    possible to delete multiple keywords using wildcard syntax. See
    "Column and Keyword Filtering Specification" section of manual for

  - histo.c uses double precision internally for all floating point
    binning; new double-precision subroutines fits_calc_binningd(),
    fits_rebin_wcsd(), and fits_make_histd(); existing
    single-precision histogram functions still work but convert values
    to double-precision internally.

  - new subroutine fits_copy_cols() / ffccls() to copy multiple columns

  - Fix in imcompress.c for HCOMPRESS and PLIO compression of unsigned
    short integers.

  - Fix to fits_insert_card(ffikey).  It had wrongly been capitalizing
    letters that appeared before an '=' sign on a CONTINUE line.

Version 3.43 - March 2018

The NASA security team requires the following warning to all users of

   The CFITSIO open source software project contains vulnerabilities
   that could allow a remote, unauthenticated attacker to take control
   of a server running the CFITSIO software.  These vulnerabilities
   affect all servers and products running the CFITSIO software.

   The CFITSIO team has released software updates to address these
   vulnerabilities.  There are no workarounds to address these
   vulnerabilities.  In all cases, the CFITSIO team is recommending an
   immediate update to resolve the issues.

  - Fixed security vulnerabilities.

  - Calls to https driver functions in cfileio.c need to be macro-
     protected by the HAVE_NET_SERVICES variable (as are the http and
     ftp driver function calls).  Otherwise CMake builds on native
     Windows will fail since drvrnet.o is left empty.

   - Bug fix to ffmvec function.  Should be resetting a local colptr
     variable after making a call to ffiblk (which can reallocate Ftpr->
     tableptr).  Originally reported by Willem van Straten.

   - Ignore any attempted request to not quantize an image before
     compressing it if the image has integer datatype pixels.

   - Improved error message construction throughout CFITSIO.

Version 3.42 - August 2017 (Stand-alone release)

   - added https support to the collection of drivers handled in cfileio.c
     and drvrnet.c.  This also handles the case where http transfers are
     rerouted to https.  Note that this enhancement introduces a dependency
     on the libcurl development package.  If this package is absent, CFITSIO
     will still build but will not have https capability.

   - made fix to imcomp_init_table function in imcompress.c.  It now writes
     ZSIMPLE keyword only to a compressed image that will be placed in the
     primary header.

   - fix made to fits_get_col_display_width for case of a vector column
     of strings.

Version 3.42 - March 2017 (Ftools release only)

   - in ftp_open_network and in ftp_file_exist, added code to repeatedly
     attempt to make a ftp connection if the ftp server does not respond
     to the first request. (some ftp servers don't appear to be 100% reliable).

   - in drvrnet.c added many calls to 'fclose' to close unneeded files,
     to avoid exceeding the maximum allowed number of files that can be
     open at once.

   - made substantial changes to the ftp_checkfile and http_checkfile routines
     to streamline the process of checking for the existence of a .gz or .Z
     compressed version of the file before opening the uncompressed file
     (when using http or ftp to open the file).

   - modified the code in ftp_open_network to send "\r\n" as end-of-line
     characters instead of just "\n".  Some ftp servers (in particular,
     at now require both characters, otherwise the
     network connection simply hangs.

   - modified the http_open_network routine to handle HTTP 301 or 302 redirects
     to a FTP url.  This is needed to support the new configuration on
     the heasarc HTTP server which sometimes redirects http URLS to a ftp URL.

Version 3.41 - November 2016

   - The change made in version 3.40 to include strings.h caused problems on
     Windows (and other) platforms, so this change was backed out. The reason
     for including it was to define the strcasecmp and strcasencmp functions, so
     as an alternative, new equivalent functions called fits_strcasecmp and
     fits_strncasecmp have been added to a substitute. All the
     previous calls to the str[n]casecmp functions have been changed to
     now call fits_str[n]casecmp. In addition, the previously defined
     ngp_strcasecmp function (in grparser.c) has been removed and the calls to
     it have been changed to fits_strcasecmp.

   - The speed.c utility program was changed to correctly call
     the gettimeofday function with a NULL second arguement.

Version 3.40 - October 2016

   - fixed a bug when writing long string keywords with the CONTINUE convention
     which caused the CONTINUE'd strings to only be 16 characters long, instead
     of using up all the available space in the 80-character header record.

   - fixed a missing 'defined' keyword in fitsio.h.

   - replaced all calls to strtok (which is not threadsafe) with a new ffstrtok
     function which internally calls the threadsafe strtok_r function.  One
     byproduct of this change is that <strings.h> must also be included
     in several of the C source code files.

   - modified the ffphbn function in putkey.c to support TFORM specifiers that
     use lowercase 'p' (instead of uppercase) when referring to a variable-length
     array column.

   - modified the lexical parser in eval.y and eval_y.c to support bit array
     columns (with TFORMn = 'X') with greater than 256 elements. Fix to bitcmp
     function:  The internal 'stream' array is now
     allocated dynamically rather than statically fixed at size 256.
     This was failing when users attempted a row filtering of a bitcol
     that was wider than 256X. In bitlgte, bitand, and bitor functions, replaced
     static stream[256] array allocation with dynamic allocation.

   - modified the ffiter function in putcol.c to fix a problem which could
     cause the iterator function to incorrectly deal with null values.  This
     only affected TLONG type columns in cases where sizeof(long) = 8, as well
     as for TLONGLONG type columns.

   - Fix made to uncompress2mem function in zcomprss.c for case where output
     uncompressed file expands to over the 2^32 (4Gb) limit.  It now
     checks for this case at the start, and implements a 4Gb paging
     system through the output buffer.  The problem was specifically
     caused by the d_stream.avail_out member being of 4-byte type uInt,
     and thus unable to handle any memory position values above 4Gb.

   - fixed a bug in fpackutil.c when using the -i2f (integer to float) option
     in fpack to compress an integer image that is scaled with non-default values
     for BSCALE and BZERO. This required an additional call to ffrhdu to reset
     the internal structures that describe the input FITS file.

   - modified fits_uncompress_table in imcompress.c to silently ignore the
     ZTILELEN keyword value if it larger than the number of rows in the table

   - Tweak strcasecmp/strncasecmp ifdefs to exclude 64-bit MINGW
     environment, as it does not lack those functions. (eval_l.c,

   - CMakeLists.txt: Set M_LIB to "" for MINGW build environment (in
     addition to MSVC).

   - Add *.dSYM (non-XCode gcc leftovers on Macs) to
     clean list.  Install libs by name rather than using a wildcard.

   - configure: Fix rpath token usage for XCode vs. non-XCode gcc on Macs.
   2017-08-01 16:59:08 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (211)
Log message:
Follow some http -> https redirects.
   2016-06-19 09:40:17 by Mark Davies | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Don't install testprog
   2016-06-18 11:06:11 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated devel/cfitsio from 3.37 to 3.39 (from doc/changes.txt)
Version 3.39 - April 2016

   - added 2 new routines suggested by Eric Mandel:
      ffhisto3 is similar to ffhisto2, except that it does not close the
         original file.
      fits_open_extlist is similar to fits_open_data except that it opens
         the FITS file and then moves to the first extension in the user-input
	 list of 'good' extensions.

   - in ffpsvc and ffprec, it is necessary to treat CONTINUE, COMMENT, HISTORY,
     and blank name keywords as a special case which must be treated differently
     from other keywords because they have no value field and, by definition,
     have keyword names that are strictly limited in length.

   - added the Fortran wrapper routines for the 2 new string keyword reading
     routines (FTGSKY and FTGKSL), and documented all the routines in the
     FITSIO and CFITSIO users guides.

   - in ffinttyp, added explicit initialization of the input 'negative'
     argument to 0.

   - added new routine to return the length of the keyword value string:
         fits_get_key_strlen / ffgksl.
     This is primarily intended for use with string keywords
     that use the CONTINUE convention to continue the
     value over multiple header records, but this routine can be used
     to get the length of the value string for any type keyword.

   - added new routine to read string-valued keywords:
          fits_read_string_key / ffgsky
     This routine supports normal string keywords as well as long string
     keywords that use the CONTINUE convention. In many cases this routine
     may be more convenient to use then the older fits_read_key_longstr

   - changed the prototype of fits_register_driver in fitsio2.h so that the
     pointer definition argument does not have the same name as the pointer
     itself (to work around a bug in the pgcc compiler).

   - added the missing FTDTDM fortran wrapper definition to f77_wrap3.c.

   - modified and to add LDFLAGS_BIN for task linker
     flages, which will be the same as LDFLAGS except on newer Mac OS X where
     an rpath flag is added.

   - modified to add a new "make utils" command which will \ 
     fpack, funpack, cookbook, fitscopy, imcopy, smem, speed, and testprog.
     These programs will be installed into $prfix/bin.

   - fixed a bug when attempting to modify the values in a variable-length
     bit ("X") column in a binary table.

   - reinstated the ability to write HIERARCH keywords that contain characters
     that would not be allowed in a normal 8-character keyword name, which had
     been disabled in the previous release.

Version 3.38 - February 2016

     The Intel 15 and 16 compilers (and potentially other compilers) may silently
     produce incorrect assembly code when compiling CFITSIO with the -O2 (or
     higher) optimization flag. In particular, this problem could cause  CFITSIO
     to incorrectly read the values of arrays of 32-bit integers in a  FITS file
     (i.e., images with BITPIX = 32 or table columns with TFORM = 'J')  when the
     array is being read into a 'long' integer array in cases where the long
     array elements are 8 bytes long.

     One way to test if a particular system is affected by this problem is to
     compile CFITSIO V3.37 (or earlier) with optimization enabled, and then
     compare the output of the testprog.c program with the testprog.out file
     that is distributed with CFITSIO. If there are any  differences in the
     files, then this system might be affected by this bug. Further tests
     should be performed to determine the exact cause.

     The root cause of this problem was traced to the fact that CFITSIO was
     aliasing an array of 32-bit integers and an array of 64-bit integers to the
     same memory location in order to obtain better data I/O efficiency when
     reading FITS files.  When CFITSIO modified the values in these arrays, it
     was essential that the processing be done in strict sequential order from
     one end of the array to the other end, as was implicit in the C code
     algorithm. In this case, however, the compiler adopted certain  loop
     optimization techniques that produced assembly code that violated  this
     assumption.  Technically, the CFITSIO code violates the "strict \ 
     assumption in ANSI C99, therefore the affected CFITSIO routines have been
     modified so that the aliasing of different data types to the same memory
     location no longer occurs.

   - fixed problem in configure and which caused the programs that
     are distributed with CFITSIO (most notably, fack and funpack) to be build
     without using any compiler optimization options, which could make them
     run more slowly than expected.

   - in imcompress.c, fixed bug where the rowspertile variable (declared as 'long')
     was mistakenly declared as a TLONGLONG variable in a call to fits_write_key.
     This could have caused the ZTILELEN keyword to be written incorrectly in
     the header of tile-compressed FITS tables on systems where sizeof(long) = 4.

   - in imcompress.c, implemented a new set of routines that safely convert
     shorter integer arrays into a longer integer arrays (e.g. short to int)
     where both arrays are aliased to the same memory location.  These
     special routines were needed to guard against certain compiler optimization
     techniques that could produce incorrect code.

   - modified the 4 FnNoise5_(type) routines in quantize.c to correctly
     count the number of non-null pixels in the input array.  Previously the
     count could be inaccurate if the image mainly consisted of null pixels.
     This could have caused certain floating point image tiles to be
     quantized during the image compression process, when in fact the tile
     did not satisfy all the criteria to be safely quantized.

   - in imcomp_copy_comp2img, added THEAP to the list of binary table
     keywords that may be present in the header of a compressed image
     and should not be copied to the uncompressed image header.

   - modified fits_copy_col to check that when copying a vector column, the
     vector length in the output column is the same as in the input column.
     Also modified the code to support the case where a column is being copied
     to an earlier position in the same table (which shifts the input column
     over 1 space).

   - added configure option (--with-bzip2) to support reading bzip2 compressed
     FITS files.  This also required modifications to drvrmem.c and drvrfile.c
     This depends on having the bzlib library installed on the
     local machine.  This patch was submitted by Dustin Lang.

   - replaced calls to 'memcpy' by 'memmove' in getcolb.c, getcold.c,
     getcole.c, and getcoli.c to support cases where the 2 memory areas
     overlap. (submitted by Aurelien Jarno)

   - modified the FITS keyword reading and writing routines to potentially
     support keywords with names longer than 8-characters.  This was implemented
     in anticipation of a new experimental FITS convention which allows longer
     keyword names.

   - in fits_quantize_double in quantize.c, test if iseed == N_RANDOM,
     to avoid the (unlikely) possibility of overflowing the random number
     array bounds. (The corresponding fits_quantize_float routine already
     performed this test).

   - in the FnNoise5_short routine in quantize.c, change the first 'if'
     statement from "if (nx < 5)" to "if )nx < 9)", in \ 
order to support the
     (very rare) case where the tile is from 5 to 8 pixels wide.  Also make
     the same change in the 3 other similar FnNoise5_* routines.

   - in the qtree_bitins64 routine in fits_hdecompress.c, must declare the
     plane_val variable as 'LONGLONG' instead of int.  This bug could have
     caused integer overflow errors when uncompressing integer*4 images that
     had been compressed with the Hcompress algorithm, but only in cases
     where the image contains large regions of pixels whose values are close
     to the maximum integer*4 value of 2**31.

   - in fits_hcompress.c, call the calloc function instead of malloc when
     allocating the signbits array, to eliminate the need to individually
     set each byte to zero.

   - in the ffinit routine, and in a couple other routines that call ffinit,
     initialize the *fptr input parameter to NULL, even if the input
     status parameter value is greater than zero.  This helps prevent
     errors later on if that fptr value is passed to ffclos.

   - modified ftcopy, in edithdu.c, to only abort if status > 0 rather
     than if status != 0. This had caused a problem in funpack in rare

   - in imcompress.c changed all the calls to ffgdes to ffgdesll, to support
     compressed files greater than 2.1 GB in size.

   - fixed bug in ffeqtyll when it is called with 4th and 5th arguments
     set to NULL.

   - in fitsio.h, added the standard C++ guard around the declaration of the
     function fits_read_wcstab.  (reported by Tammo Jan Dijkema, Astron.)

   - in fitsio.h, changed the prototype variable name "zero" to \ 
"zeroval" to
     avoid conflict in code that uses a literal definition of 'zero' to mean 0.

   - tweaked and to use LDFLAGS instead of CFLAGS
     for linking, use Macros for library name, and let fpack and funpack
     link with shared library.

   - modified an 'ifdef' statement in cfileio.c to test for '__GLIBC__'
     instead of 'linux' when initializing support for multi-threading.

   - modified ffeqtyll to return an effective column data type of TDOUBLE
     in the case of a 'K' (64-bit integer) column that has non-integer
     TSCALn or TZEROn keywords.

   - modified ffgcls (which returns the value in a column as a formatted string)
     so that when reading a 'K' (TLONGLONG) column it returns a long long integer
     value if the column is not scaled, but returns a double floating point
     value if the column has non-integer TSCALn or TZEROn values.

   - modified fitsio.h to correctly define "OFF_T long long" when using
     the Borland compiler

   - converted the 'end of line' characters in simplerng.c file to the unix
     style, instead of PC DOS.

   - updated CMakeLists.txt CMake build file which is primarily used to
     build CFITSIO on Windows machines.

   - modified fits_get_keyclass to recognize ZQUANTIZ and ZDITHER0 as
     TYP_CMPRS_KEY type keywords, i.e., keywords used in tile compressed
     image files.

   - added test to see if HAVE_UNISTD_H is defined, as a condition for
     including unistd.h in drvrfile.c drvrnet.c, drvrsmem.c, and group.c.

   - modified the CMakelist.txt file to fix several issues (primarily for
     building CFITSIO on Windows machines)..

   - fixed bug when reading tile-compressed images that were compressed with
     the IRAF PLIO algorithm.  This bug did not affect fpack or funpack, but
     other software that reads the compressed image could be affected.  The
     bug would cause the data values to be offset by 32768 from the actual
     pixel values.

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