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History of commit frequency

CVS Commit History:

   2020-03-25 12:18:31 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
p5-Perl-Tidy: Update to 20200110

## 2020 01 10

- This release adds a flag to control the feature RT#130394 (allow short nested \ 
  introduced in the previous release.  Unfortunately that feature breaks
  RPerl installations, so a control flag has been introduced and that feature is now
  off by default.  The flag is:

  --one-line-block-nesting=n, or -olbn=n, where n is an integer as follows:

  -olbn=0 break nested one-line blocks into multiple lines [new DEFAULT]
  -olbn=1 stable; keep existing nested-one line blocks intact [previous DEFAULT]

  For example, consider this input line:

    foreach (@list) { if ($_ eq $asked_for) { last } ++$found }

  The new default behavior (-olbn=0), and behavior prior to version 20191203, is \ 
to break it into multiple lines:

    foreach (@list) {
	if ( $_ eq $asked_for ) { last }

  To keep nested one-line blocks such as this on a single line you can add the \ 
parameter -olbn=1.

- Fixed issue RT#131288: parse error for un-prototyped constant function without \ 
  call parameters followed by ternary.

- Fixed issue RT#131360, installation documentation.  Added a note that the binary
  'perltidy' comes with the Perl::Tidy module. They can both normally be \ 
installed with
  'cpanm Perl::Tidy'
   2020-01-07 14:35:06 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 20191203

Upstream changes:
2019 12 03

- Fixed issue RT#131115: -bli option not working correctly.
  Closing braces were not indented in some cases due to a glitch
  introduced in version 20181120.

- Fixed issue RT#130394: Allow short nested blocks.  Given the following

    $factorial = sub { reduce { $a * $b } 1 .. 11 };

  Previous versions would always break the sub block because it
  contains another block (the reduce block).  The fix keeps
  short one-line blocks such as this intact.

- Implement issue RT#130640: Allow different subroutine keywords.
  Added a flag --sub-alias-list=s or -sal=s, where s is a string with
  one or more aliases for 'sub', separated by spaces or commas.
  For example,

    perltidy -sal='method fun'

  will cause the perltidy to treat the words 'method' and 'fun' to be
  treated the same as if they were 'sub'.

- Added flag --space-prototype-paren=i, or -spp=i, to control spacing
  before the opening paren of a prototype, where i=0, 1, or 2:
  i=0 no space
  i=1 follow input [current and default]
  i=2 always space

  Previously, perltidy always followed the input.
  For example, given the following input

     sub usage();

  The result will be:
    sub usage();    # i=0 [no space]
    sub usage();    # i=1 [default; follows input]
    sub usage ();   # i=2 [space]

- Fixed issue git#16, minor vertical alignment issue.

- Fixed issue git#10, minor conflict of -wn and -ce

- Improved some vertical alignments involving two lines.
   2019-10-27 15:04:38 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
(devel/p5-Perl-Tidy) Updated  from 20181120 to 20190915

## 2019 09 15
    - fixed issue RT#130344: false warning "operator in print statement"
      for "use lib".

    - fixed issue RT#130304: standard error output should include filename.
      When perltidy error messages are directed to the standard error output
      with -se or --standard-error-output, the message lines now have a prefix
      'filename:' for clarification in case multiple files
      are processed, where 'filename' is the name of the input file.  If
      input is from the standard input the displayed filename is '<stdin>',
      and if it is from a data structure then displayed filename
      is '<source_stream>'.

    - implement issue RT#130425: check mode.  A new flag '--assert-tidy'
      will cause an error message if the output script is not identical to
      the input script. For completeness, the opposite flag '--assert-untidy'
      has also been added.  The next item, RT#130297, insures that the script
      will exit with a non-zero exit flag if the assertion fails.

    - fixed issue RT#130297; the perltidy script now exits with a nonzero exit
      status if it wrote to the standard error output. Prevously only fatal
      run errors produced a non-zero exit flag. Now, even non-fatal messages
      requested with the -w flag will cause a non-zero exit flag.  The exit
      flag now has these values:

         0 = no errors
         1 = perltidy could not run to completion due to errors
         2 = perltidy ran to completion with error messages

    - added warning message for RT#130008, which warns of conflicting input
      parameters -iob and -bom or -boc.

    - fixed RT#129850; concerning a space between a closing block brace and
      opening bracket or brace, as occurs before the '[' in this line:

       my @addunix = map { File::Spec::Unix->catfile( @ROOT, @$_ ) } ['b'];

      Formerly, any space was removed. Now it is optional, and the output will
      follow the input.

    - fixed issue git#13, needless trailing whitespace in error message

    - fixed issue git#9: if the -ce (--cuddled-else) flag is used,
      do not try to form new one line blocks for a block type
      specified with -cbl, particularly map, sort, grep

    - iteration speedup for unchanged code.  Previously, when iterations were
      requested, at least two formatting passes were made. Now just a single pass
      is made if the formatted code is identical to the input code.

    - some improved vertical alignments

## 2019 06 01
    - rt #128477: Prevent inconsistent owner/group and setuid/setgid bits.
      In the -b (--backup-and-modify-in-place) mode, an attempt is made to set \ 
      of the output file equal to the input file, if they differ.
      In all cases, if the final output file ownership differs from input file, \ 
any setuid/setgid bits are cleared.

    - Added option -bom  (--break-at-old-method-breakpoints) by
      merrillymeredith which preserves breakpoints of method chains. Modified to \ 
also handle a cuddled call style.

    - Merged patch to fix Windows EOL translation error with UTF-8 written by
      Ron Ivy. This update prevents automatic conversion to 'DOS' CRLF line
      endings.  Also, Windows system testing at the appveyor site is working again.

    - RT #128280, added flag --one-line-block-semicolons=n (-olbs=n)
      to control semicolons in one-line blocks.  The values of n are:
        n=0 means no semicolons termininating simple one-line blocks
        n=1 means stable; do not change from input file [DEFAULT and current]
        n=2 means always add semicolons in one-line blocks
      The current behavior corresponds to the default n=1.

    - RT #128216, Minor update to prevent inserting unwanted blank line at
      indentation level change.  This should not change existing scripts.

    - RT #81852: Improved indentation when quoted word (qw) lists are
      nested within other containers using the --weld-nested (-wn) flag.
      The example given previously (below) is now closer to what it would
      be with a simple list instead of qw:

      # perltidy -wn
      use_all_ok( qw{
      } );

    - RT#12764, introduced new feature allowing placement of blanks around
      sequences of selected keywords. This can be activated with the -kgb*
      series of parameters described in the manual.

    - Rewrote vertical algnment module.  It is better at finding
      patterns in complex code. For example,

           /^-std$/ && do { $std       = 1;     next; };
           /^--$/   && do { @link_args = @argv; last; };
           /^-I(.*)/ && do { $path = $1 || shift @argv; next; };

           /^-std$/  && do { $std       = 1;                 next; };
           /^--$/    && do { @link_args = @argv;             last; };
           /^-I(.*)/ && do { $path      = $1 || shift @argv; next; };

    - Add repository URLs to META files

    - RT #118553, "leave only one newline at end of file". This option \ 
was not
      added because of undesirable side effects, but a new filter script
      was added which can do this, "examples/".
   2019-08-11 15:25:21 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3557) | Package updated
Log message:
Bump PKGREVISIONs for perl 5.30.0
   2018-11-25 15:51:03 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 20181120

Upstream changes:
## 2018 11 20

    - fix RT#127736 Perl-Tidy-20181119 has the EXE_FILES entry commented out in
      Makefile.PL so it doesn't install the perltidy script or its manpage.

## 2018 11 19

    - Removed test case 'filter_example.t' which was causing a failure on a
      Windows installation for unknown reasons, possibly due to an unexpected
      perltidyrc being read by the test script.  Added VERSION numbers to all
      new modules.

## 2018 11 17

    - Fixed RT #126965, in which a ternary operator was misparsed if immediately
      following a function call without arguments, such as:
        my $restrict_customer = shift ? 1 : 0;

    - Fixed RT #125012: bug in -mangle --delete-all-comments
      A needed blank space before bareword tokens was being removed when comments
      were deleted

    - Fixed RT #81852: Stacked containers and quoting operators. Quoted words
      (qw) delimited by container tokens ('{', '[', '(', '<') are now included in
      the --weld-nested (-wn) flag:

          # perltidy -wn
          use_all_ok( qw{
                } );

    - The cuddled-else (-ce) coding was merged with the new cuddled-block (-cb)
      coding.  The change is backward compatible and simplifies input.
      The --cuddled-block-option=n (-cbo=n) flag now applies to both -ce and -cb
      formatting.  In fact the -cb flag is just an alias for -ce now.

    - Fixed RT #124594, license text desc. changed from 'GPL-2.0+' to 'gpl_2'

    - Fixed bug in which a warning about a possible code bug was issued in a
      script with brace errors.

    - added option --notimestamp or -nts to eliminate any time stamps in output
      files.  This is used to prevent differences in test scripts from causing
      failure at installation. For example, the -cscw option will put a date
      stamp on certain closing side comments. We need to avoid this in order
      to test this feature in an installation test.

    - Fixed bug with the entab option, -et=8, in which the leading space of
      some lines was was not entabbed.  This happened in code which was adjusted
      for vertical alignment and in hanging side comments. Thanks to Glenn.

    - Fixed RT #127633, undesirable line break after return when -baao flag is set

    - Fixed RT #127035, vertical alignment. Vertical alignment has been improved
      in several ways.  Thanks especially to Michael Wardman and Glenn for sending
      helpful snippets.

      - Alignment of the =~ operators has been reactivated.

          $service_profile =~ s/^\s+|\s+$//g;
          $host_profile =~ s/^\s+|\s+$//g;

          $service_profile =~ s/^\s+|\s+$//g;
          $host_profile    =~ s/^\s+|\s+$//g;

      - Alignment of the // operator has been reactivated.

          is( pop // 7,       7, 'pop // ... works' );
          is( pop() // 7,     0, 'pop() // ... works' );
          is( pop @ARGV // 7, 3, 'pop @array // ... works' );

          is( pop       // 7, 7, 'pop // ... works' );
          is( pop()     // 7, 0, 'pop() // ... works' );
          is( pop @ARGV // 7, 3, 'pop @array // ... works' );

      - The rules for alignment of just two lines have been adjusted,
        hopefully to be a little better overall.  In some cases, two
        lines which were previously unaligned are now aligned, and vice-versa.

          $expect = "1$expect" if $expect =~ /^e/i;
          $p = "1$p" if defined $p and $p =~ /^e/i;

          $expect = "1$expect" if $expect =~ /^e/i;
          $p      = "1$p"      if defined $p and $p =~ /^e/i;

    - RT #106493; source code repository location has been added to docs; it is

    - The packaging for this version has changed. The module is much
      smaller.  Supporting modules have been split out from it and placed below
      it in the path Perl/Tidy/*.

    - A number of new installation test cases have been added. Updates are now
      continuously tested at Travis CI against versions back to Perl 5.08.
   2018-08-22 11:48:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3558)
Log message:
Recursive bump for perl5-5.28.0
   2018-02-21 08:39:42 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 20180220

Upstream changes:
2018 02 20
      - RT #124469, #124494, perltidy often making empty files.  The previous had
        an index error causing it to fail, particularly in version 5.18 of Perl.

        Please avoid version 20180219.

  2018 02 19
      - RT #79947, cuddled-else generalization. A new flag -cb provides
        'cuddled-else' type formatting for an arbitrary type of block chain. The
        default is try-catch-finally, but this can be modified with the
        parameter -cbl.

      - Fixed RT #124298: add space after ! operator without breaking !! secret

      - RT #123749: numerous minor improvements to the -wn flag were made.

      - Fixed a problem with convergence tests in which iterations were stopping

      - Here doc targets for <<~ type here-docs may now have leading \ 

      - Fixed RT #124354. The '-indent-only' flag was not working correctly in the
        previous release. A bug in version 20180101 caused extra blank lines
        to be output.

      - Issue RT #124114. Some improvements were made in vertical alignment
        involving 'fat commas'.
   2018-01-03 08:51:23 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
p5-Perl-Tidy: update to 20180101.

  2018 01 01
      - Added new flag -wn (--weld-nested-containers) which addresses these issues:
        RT #123749: Problem with promises;
        RT #119970: opening token stacking strange behavior;
        RT #81853: Can't stack block braces

      - Fixed RT #114359: Missparsing of "print $x ** 0.5;

      - Deactivated the --check-syntax flag for better security.  It will be
        ignored if set.

      - Corrected minimum perl version from 5.004 to 5.008 based on perlver
        report.  The change is required for coding involving wide characters.

      - For certain severe errors, the source file will be copied directly to the
        output without formatting. These include ending in a quote, ending in a
        here doc, and encountering an unidentified character.
   2017-12-30 13:47:21 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 20171214

Upstream changes:
Perltidy Change Log
  2017 12 14
      - RT #123749, partial fix.  "Continuation indentation" is \ 
removed from lines
        with leading closing parens which are part of a call chain.
        For example, the call to pack() is is now outdented to the starting
        indentation in the following experession:

            # OLD
                -text    => "New Document",
                -command => \&new_document
                -side   => 'bottom',
                -anchor => 'e'

            # NEW
                -text    => "New Document",
                -command => \&new_document
                -side   => 'bottom',
                -anchor => 'e'

        This modification improves readability of complex expressions, especially
        when the user uses the same value for continuation indentation (-ci=n) and
        normal indentation (-i=n).  Perltidy was already programmed to
        do this but a minor bug was preventing it.

      - RT #123774, added flag to control space between a backslash and a single or
        double quote, requested by Robert Rothenberg.  The issue is that lines like


        confuse syntax highlighters unless a space is left between the backslash and
        the quote.

        The new flag to control this is -sbq=n (--space-backslash-quote=n),
        where n=0 means no space, n=1 means follow existing code, n=2 means always
        space.  The default is n=1, meaning that a space will be retained if there
        is one in the source code.

      - Fixed RT #123492, support added for indented here doc operator <<~ \ 
        in v5.26.  Thanks to Chris Weyl for the report.

      - Fixed docs; --closing-side-comment-list-string should have been just
        --closing-side-comment-list.  Thanks to F.Li.

      - Added patch RT #122030] Perl::Tidy sometimes does not call binmode.
        Thanks to Irilis Aelae.

      - Fixed RT #121959, PERLTIDY doesn't honor the 'three dot' notation for
        locating a config file using environment variables.  Thanks to John

      - Minor improvements to formatting, in which some additional vertical
        aligmnemt is done. Thanks to Keith Neargarder.

      - RT #119588.  Vertical alignment is no longer done for // operator.
   2017-09-17 14:52:57 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
p5-Perl-Tidy: update to 20170521.

  2017 05 21
      - Fixed debian #862667: failure to check for perltidy.ERR deletion can lead
        to overwriting abritrary files by symlink attack. Perltidy was continuing
        to write files after an unlink failure.  Thanks to Don Armstrong
        for a patch.

      - Fixed RT #116344, perltidy fails on certain anonymous hash references:
        in the following code snippet the '?' was misparsed as a pattern
        delimiter rather than a ternary operator.
            return ref {} ? 1 : 0;

      - Fixed RT #113792: misparsing of a fat comma (=>) right after
        the __END__ or __DATA__ tokens.  These keywords were getting
        incorrectly quoted by the following => operator.

      - Fixed RT #118558. Custom Getopt::Long configuration breaks parsing
        of perltidyrc.  Perltidy was resetting the users configuration too soon.

      - Fixed RT #119140, failure to parse double diamond operator.  Code to
        handle this new operator has been added.

      - Fixed RT #120968.  Fixed problem where -enc=utf8 didn't work
        with --backup-and-modify-in-place. Thanks to Heinz Knutzen for this patch.

      - Fixed minor formatting issue where one-line blocks for subs with signatures
        were unnecesarily broken

      - RT #32905, patch to fix utf-8 error when output was STDOUT.

      - RT #79947, improved spacing of try/catch/finally blocks. Thanks to qsimpleq
        for a patch.

      - Fixed #114909, Anonymous subs with signatures and prototypes misparsed as
        broken ternaries, in which a statement such as this was not being parsed
            return sub ( $fh, $out ) : prototype(*$) { ... }

      - Implemented RT #113689, option to introduces spaces after an opening block
        brace and before a closing block brace. Four new optional controls are
        added. The first two define the minimum number of blank lines to be

         -blao=i or --blank-lines-after-opening-block=i
         -blbc=i or --blank-lines-before-closing-block=i

        where i is an integer, the number of lines (the default is 0).

        The second two define the types of blocks to which the first two apply

         -blaol=s or --blank-lines-after-opening-block-list=s
         -blbcl=s or --blank-lines-before-closing-block-list=s

        where s is a string of possible block keywords (default is just 'sub',
        meaning a named subroutine).

        For more information please see the documentation.

      - The method for specifying block types for certain input parameters has
        been generalized to distinguish between normal named subroutines and
        anonymous subs.  The keyword for normal subroutines remains 'sub', and
        the new keyword for anonymous subs is 'asub'.

      - Minor documentation changes. The BUGS sections now have a link
        to CPAN where most open bugs and issues can be reviewed and bug reports
        can be submitted.  The information in the AUTHOR and CREDITS sections of
        the man pages have been removed from the man pages to streamline the
        documentation. This information is still in the source code.

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