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History of commit frequency

CVS Commit History:

   2021-07-21 16:40:32 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (29) | Package updated
Log message:
Bump PKGREVISION for affected packages by changing default Ruby's version.
   2021-07-17 19:49:21 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to vim 8.2.3172.

8.2.2801  free Pascal makefile not recognized
8.2.2802  Vim9: illegal memory access
8.2.2803  flicker when the popup menu has an info popup
8.2.2804  setting buffer local mapping with mapset() changes global
8.2.2805  Vim9: cannot use legacy syntax in Vim9 script
8.2.2806  Vim9: using "++nr" as a command might not work
8.2.2807  build fails with tiny features
8.2.2808  Vim9: increment and decrement not sufficiently tested
8.2.2809  Vim9: :def function compilation fails when using :legacy
8.2.2810  Vim9: crash when calling a function in a substitute expression
8.2.2811  Vim9: error for missing white space doesn't say where
8.2.2812  Vim9: still crash when using substitute expression
8.2.2813  cannot grep using fuzzy matching
8.2.2814  Vim9: unused variable
8.2.2815  status line flickers when redrawing popup menu info
8.2.2816  Vim9: comment below expression in lambda causes problems
8.2.2817  Vim9: script sourcing continues after an error
8.2.2818  no jump added  when opening terminal in current window
8.2.2819  finishing an abbreviation with multi-byte char may not work
8.2.2820  session file may divide by zero
8.2.2821  MS-Windows: unnessarily loading libraries when registering OLE
8.2.2822  MS-Windows: unnessarily loading libraries when unregistering
8.2.2823  MS-Windows: launching Vim from installer doesn't open README
8.2.2824  MS-Windows: build failure with MSVC
8.2.2825  code in checkreadonly() not fully tested
8.2.2826  compiler warnings for int to size_t conversion
8.2.2827  test file was not deleted
8.2.2828  Coverity complains about not checking rename() return value
8.2.2829  some comments are not correct or clear
8.2.2830  terminal colors are not updated when 'background' is set
8.2.2831  Vim9: expandcmd() not tested
8.2.2832  operator cancelled by moving mouse when using popup
8.2.2833  two key command cancelled by moving mouse when using popup
8.2.2834  Vim9: :cexpr does not work with local variables
8.2.2835  Vim9: leaking memory in :cexpr
8.2.2836  build failure without the +quickfix feature
8.2.2837  various code lines not covered by tests
8.2.2838  file extension .wrap not recognized
8.2.2839  default redirection missing "ash" and "dash"
8.2.2840  Vim9: member operation not fully tested
8.2.2841  MS-Windows: cursor wrong when 'lz' and 'stl' are set
8.2.2842  Vim9: skip argument to searchpair() is not compiled
8.2.2843  Vim9: skip argument to searchpairpos() is not compiled
8.2.2844  Vim9: memory leak when using searchpair()
8.2.2845  MS-Windows: warning for signed/unsigned comparison
8.2.2846  Vim9: "echo Func()" does not give an error for using void
8.2.2847  Perl not tested sufficiently
8.2.2848  crash when calling partial
8.2.2849  bufwrite not sufficiently tested
8.2.2850  recalling commands from history is not tested
8.2.2851  using <Cmd> mapping on command line triggers CmdlineChanged
8.2.2852  configure can add --as-needed a second time
8.2.2853  window is not updated after using <Cmd> mapping
8.2.2854  custom statusline cannot contain % items
8.2.2855  white space after "->" does not give E274
8.2.2856  get readonly error for device that can't be written to
8.2.2857  Vim9: exception in ISN_INSTR caught at wrong level
8.2.2858  test fails because of changed error message
8.2.2859  Tcl test fails because of changed error message
8.2.2860  adding a text property causes the whole window to be redawn
8.2.2861  Vim9: "legacy return" is not recognized as a return statement
8.2.2862  removing a text property causes the whole window to be redawn
8.2.2863  removing a text property does not redraw optimally
8.2.2864  Vim9: crash when using inline function
8.2.2865  skipping over function body fails
8.2.2866  Vim9: memory leak when using inline function
8.2.2867  build failure
8.2.2868  Vim9: when executing compiled expression trylevel is changed
8.2.2869  using unified diff is not tested
8.2.2870  CmdlineChange event triggered twice for CTRL-R
8.2.2871  unnessary VIM_ISDIGIT() calls, badly indented code
8.2.2872  Python tests fail without the channel feature
8.2.2873  not enough tests for writing buffers
8.2.2874  MS-Windows: screen redraws too often
8.2.2875  cancelling inputlist() after a digit does not return zero
8.2.2876  configure cannot detect Python 3.10
8.2.2877  insufficient tests for popup menu rightleft
8.2.2878  Vim9: for loop list unpack only allows for one "_"
8.2.2879  file extension .hsig not recognized
8.2.2880  unified diff fails if actually used
8.2.2881  various pieces of code not covered by tests
8.2.2882  Vim9: memory leak when lambda has an error
8.2.2883  MS-Windows manifest file name is misleading
8.2.2884  not enough cscope code is covered by tests
8.2.2885  searching for \%'> does not match linewise end of line
8.2.2886  various pieces of code not covered by tests
8.2.2887  crash when passing null string to fullcommand()
8.2.2888  Vim9: "k" command recognized in Vim9 script
8.2.2889  typo and verbose comment in Makefiles
8.2.2890  text property duplicated when data block splits
8.2.2891  cannot build with Perl 5.34
8.2.2892  error message contains random characters
8.2.2893  multi-byte text in popup title shows up wrong
8.2.2894  MS-Windows: using enc_locale() for strftime() might not work
8.2.2895  Vim9: random characters appear in some error messages
8.2.2896  spellfile functionality not fully tested
8.2.2897  Vim9: can use reserved words at the script level
8.2.2898  QuitPre and ExitPre not triggered when GUI window is closed
8.2.2899  Appveyor script does not detect nmake failure
8.2.2900  QuitPre is triggered before :wq writes the file
8.2.2901  some operators not fully tested
8.2.2902  spellfile functionality not fully tested
8.2.2903  cursor position wrong on wrapped line with 'signcolumn'
8.2.2904  "g$" causes scroll if half a double width char is visible
8.2.2905  no error when defaults.vim cannot be loaded
8.2.2906  ASAN reports errors for test_startup
8.2.2907  memory leak when running out of memory
8.2.2908  crash when using a terminal popup window from cmdline window
8.2.2909  build error with non-Unix system
8.2.2910  test for cmdline window and terminal fails on MS-Windows
8.2.2911  pattern "\%V" does not match all of block selection
8.2.2912  MS-Windows: most users expect using Unicode
8.2.2913  MS-Windows conpty supports using mouse events
8.2.2914  cannot paste a block without adding padding
8.2.2915  MS-Windows: when using "default" for encoding utf-8 is used
8.2.2916  operators are not fully tested
8.2.2917  spellfile functionality not fully tested
8.2.2918  builtin function can be shadowed by global variable
8.2.2919  using ":!command" does not work if it uses posix_spawn()
8.2.2920  still a way to shadow a builtin function
8.2.2921  E704 for script local variable is not backwards compatible
8.2.2922  computing array length is done in various ways
8.2.2923  EBCDIC build is broken
8.2.2924  superfluous extern declaration
8.2.2925  Vim9: line continuation comment uses legacy syntax
8.2.2926  Vim9: no good error for using :legacy in a :def function
8.2.2927  test commented out because it fails with ASAN
8.2.2928  the evalfunc.c file is too big
8.2.2929  accidentally enable tcl by default
8.2.2930  when a popup is visible a mouse move my restart Visual mode
8.2.2931  Vim9: line continuation comment uses legacy syntax
8.2.2932  select mode test fails
8.2.2933  when 'clipboard' is "unnamed" zp does not work correctly
8.2.2934  ASAN error when using text from the clipboard
8.2.2935  calculating register width is not always needed
8.2.2936  Vim9: converting number to bool uses wrong stack offset
8.2.2937  popup test fails if rightleft feature not enabled
8.2.2938  after using motion force from feedkeys() it sticks
8.2.2939  GTK: righthand scrollbar does not show with split window
8.2.2940  MS-Windows: cannot see the size when resizing
8.2.2941  Vim9: using `=expr` does not handle a list of strings
8.2.2942  Vim9: error when calling function with too few arguments
8.2.2943  Vim9: check for argument count ignores default values
8.2.2944  Vim9: no error when using job or channel as a string
8.2.2945  some buffer related code is not tested
8.2.2946  Vim9: substitute expression cannot be a List
8.2.2947  build failure without the channel feature
8.2.2948  substitute() accepts a number but not a float expression
8.2.2949  tests failing because no error for float to string conversion
8.2.2950  sound code not fully tested
8.2.2951  Vim9: cannot use heredoc for :python, :lua, etc.
8.2.2952  recover test fails on big endian systems
8.2.2953  Vim9: leaking memory when using heredoc script
8.2.2954  short file name extension for Scala not recognized
8.2.2955  Vim9: using filter in compiled command does not work
8.2.2956  Vim9: need to plan for future additions
8.2.2957  using getchar() in Vim9 script is problematic
8.2.2958  function list test fails
8.2.2959  sound_playfile() is not tested on MS-Windows
8.2.2960  swap file recovery not sufficiently tested
8.2.2961  keys typed during a :normal command are discarded
8.2.2962  MS-Windows command line arguments have wrong encoding
8.2.2963  GUI: mouse move may start Visual mode with a popup visible
8.2.2964  Vim9: hang when using space after ->
8.2.2965  Vim9: crash when calling function that failed to compile
8.2.2966  ml_get errors after recovering a file
8.2.2967  Vim9: crash when using two levels of partials
8.2.2968  Vim9: memory leak
8.2.2969  subtracting from number option fails when result is zero
8.2.2970  Python configure check uses deprecated command
8.2.2971  cannot yank a block without trailing spaces
8.2.2972  "%bd" tries to delete popup window buffers, which fails
8.2.2973  fix for recovery and diff mode not tested
8.2.2974  Greek spell checking uses wrong case folding
8.2.2975  Vim9: can only use an autoload function name as a string
8.2.2976  build failure without the +eval feature
8.2.2977  crash when using a null function reference
8.2.2978  warning for uninitialized variable
8.2.2979  not all options code is covered by tests
8.2.2980  popup window test is a bit flaky
8.2.2981  recovery test is not run on big-endian systems
8.2.2982  Vim9: future commands are not reserved yet
8.2.2983  Vim9: an inline function requires specifying the return type
8.2.2984  Vim9: test fails because of missing return statement
8.2.2985  Vim9: a compiled function cannot be debugged
8.2.2986  build failure without the profile feature
8.2.2987  build failure with normal features
8.2.2988  Vim9: debugger test fails
8.2.2989  Vim9: memory leak when debugging a :def function
8.2.2990  Jupyter Notebook files are not recognized
8.2.2991  Vim9: no completion for :vim9 and :legacy
8.2.2992  Vim9: completion for :disassemble is incomplete
8.2.2993  'fileencodings' default value should depend on 'encoding'
8.2.2994  various code is not fully tested
8.2.2995  linker errors with dynamic Python 3.10
8.2.2996  Vim9: when debugging cannot inspect local variables
8.2.2997  Vim9: disassemble test fails
8.2.2998  Vim9: disassemble test fails
8.2.2999  balloon sometimes does not hide with GTK 3
8.2.3000  Vim9: warning for uninitialized variable
8.2.3001  Vim9: memory leak when compilation fails
8.2.3002  Vim doesn't abort on a fatal Tcl error
8.2.3003  Vim9: closure compiled with wrong compile type
8.2.3004  Vim9: error for missing colon given while skipping
8.2.3005  Vim9: using a void value does not give a proper error message
8.2.3006  crash when echoing a value very early
8.2.3007  Vim9: test for void value fails
8.2.3008  startup test may hang
8.2.3009  startup test may hang
8.2.3010  not enough testing for viminfo code
8.2.3011  Vim9: cannot get argument values during debugging
8.2.3012  when 'rightleft' is set the line number is drawn reversed
8.2.3013  Vim: when debugging only first line of command is displayed
8.2.3014  Coverity warns for freeing static string
8.2.3015  Vim9: Assigning to @# requires a string
8.2.3016  confusing error when expression is followed by comma
8.2.3017  Vim9: debugger shows too many lines
8.2.3018  'quickfixtextfunc' formatting is lost when switching buffers
8.2.3019  location list only has the start position.
8.2.3020  unreachable code
8.2.3021  spaces allowed between option name and "!", "?", etc.
8.2.3022  available encryption methods are not strong enough
8.2.3023  Vim9: arguments for execute() not checked at compile time
8.2.3024  execute() function test fails
8.2.3025  not enough tests for quickfix end_col and end_lnum
8.2.3026  Vim9: cannot set breakpoint in compiled function
8.2.3027  Vim9: breakpoint in compiled function not always checked
8.2.3028  GUI mouse events not tested
8.2.3029  Vim9: crash when using operator and list unpack assignment
8.2.3030  Coverity reports a memory leak
8.2.3031  no error if a function name starts with an underscore
8.2.3032  build problems with MSVC, other crypt issues with libsodium
8.2.3033  no error when using alpha delimiter with :global
8.2.3034  installing packages on github CI sometimes fails
8.2.3035  Vim9: crash when calling :def function with partial
8.2.3036  Vim9: builtin function arguments not checked at compile time
8.2.3037  configure reports libcanberra when checking for libsodium
8.2.3038  Amiga built-in version string doesn't include build date
8.2.3039  Vim9: breakpoint at a comment line does not work
8.2.3040  GUI: dropping files not tested
8.2.3041  detecting if the process of a swap file is running fails
8.2.3042  swap file test fails
8.2.3043  Amiga: cannot get the shell size on MorphOS and AROS
8.2.3044  Amiga MorphOS and AROS: process ID is not valid
8.2.3045  minor typos
8.2.3046  Amiga MorphOS: Term mode is set using DOS packets
8.2.3047  increment and decrement don't allow for next command
8.2.3048  strange error for white space after ++ command
8.2.3049  JSON patch file not recognized
8.2.3050  cannot recognize elixir files
8.2.3051  Vim9: for loop with one list variable does not work
8.2.3052  Vim9: "legacy call" does not work
8.2.3053  Vim9: cannot assign to @@ in :def function
8.2.3054  Vim9: unpack assignment using "_" after semicolon fails
8.2.3055  strange error for assigning to "x.key" on non-dictionary
8.2.3056  Vim9: using default value in lambda gives confusing error
8.2.3057  Vim9: debugger test fails with normal features and +terminal
8.2.3058  Vim9: cannot use ternary operator in parenthesis
8.2.3059  Vim9: memory leak when using lambda
8.2.3060  Vim9: cannot use ternary operator in parenthesis
8.2.3061  testing the shell option is incomplete and spread out
8.2.3062  internal error when adding several text properties
8.2.3063  crash when switching 'cryptmethod' to xchaha20 with undo file
8.2.3064  Vim9: in script cannot set item in uninitialized list
8.2.3065  Vim9: error when sourcing script twice and reusing function
8.2.3066  Vim9: debugging lambda does not work
8.2.3067  building fails with Athena
8.2.3068  Unicode tables are slightly outdated
8.2.3069  error messages are spread out
8.2.3070  not enough testing for shell use
8.2.3071  shell options are not set properly for PowerShell
8.2.3072  "zy" does not work well when "virtualedit' is \ 
8.2.3073  when cursor is move for block append wrong text is inserted
8.2.3074  popup_atcursor() uses wrong position with concealing
8.2.3075  xxd always reports an old version string
8.2.3076  Vim9: using try in catch block causes a hang
8.2.3077  Vim9: an error in a catch block is not reported
8.2.3078  Vim9: profile test fails
8.2.3079  Powershell core not supported by default
8.2.3080  recover test fails on 32bit systems
8.2.3081  cannot catch errors in a channel command
8.2.3082  a channel command "echoerr" does not show anything
8.2.3083  crash when passing null string to charclass()
8.2.3084  Vim9: builtin function argument types are not checked
8.2.3085  JSONC files are not recognized
8.2.3086  Vim9: breakpoint on "for" does not work
8.2.3087  Gemtext files are not recognized
8.2.3088  with 'virtualedit' set to "block" Visual highlight is wrong
8.2.3089  garbage collection has useless code
8.2.3090  in rare cases the cursor may be somewhere in a folded line
8.2.3091  Vim9: default argument expr. cannot use previous argument
8.2.3092  Vim9: builtin function test fails without +channel feature
8.2.3093  tablabel_tooltip test fails with Athena
8.2.3094  Test_popup_atcursor_pos() fails without the conceal feature
8.2.3095  with 'virtualedit' set to "block" block selection is wrong
8.2.3096  temp files remain after running tests
8.2.3097  crash when using "quit" at recovery prompt
8.2.3098  popup window test is flaky on MS-Windows with GUI
8.2.3099  Vim9: missing catch/finally not reported at script level
8.2.3100  Vim9: no error when using type with unknown number of args
8.2.3101  missing function prototype for vim_round()
8.2.3102  test for crash fix does not fail without the fix
8.2.3103  swap test may fail on some systems
8.2.3104  Vim9: unspecified function type causes type error
8.2.3105  Vim9: type of partial is wrong when it has arguments
8.2.3106  Vim9: confusing line number reported for error
8.2.3107  Vim9: error for arguments while type didn't specify arguments
8.2.3108  test for remote_foreground() fails
8.2.3109  check for $DISPLAY never fails
8.2.3110  a pattern that matches the cursor position is complicated
8.2.3111  Vim9: confusing error with extra whitespace before colon
8.2.3112  in rare cases the cursor may be somewhere in a folded line
8.2.3113  no error when for loop variable shadows script variable
8.2.3114  Amiga-like systems: build error using stat()
8.2.3115  Coverity complains about free_wininfo() use
8.2.3116  Vim9: crash when debugging a function with line continuation
8.2.3117  Vim9: type not properly checked in for loop
8.2.3118  Vim9: "any" type not handled correctly in for loop
8.2.3119  compiler warning for unused argument
8.2.3120  crypt with sodium test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.3121  'listchars' "exceeds" character appears in foldcolumn
8.2.3122  with 'nowrap' cursor position is unexected in narrow window
8.2.3123  Vim9: confusing error when using white space after option
8.2.3124  Vim9: no error for white space between option and "=9"
8.2.3125  variables are set but not used
8.2.3126  Vim9: for loop error reports wrong line number
8.2.3127  Vim9: no error when adding number to list of string
8.2.3128  Vim9: uninitialzed list does not get type checked
8.2.3129  Vim9: imported uninitialized list does not get type checked
8.2.3130  Vim9: import test fails
8.2.3131  MS-Windows: ipv6 channel test is very flaky in the GUI
8.2.3132  compiler warns for size_t to colnr_T conversion.
8.2.3133  Vim9: memory leak when add() fails
8.2.3134  crash when using typename() on a function reference
8.2.3135  Vim9: builtin function arguments not checked at compile time
8.2.3136  no test for E187 and "No swap file"
8.2.3137  Vim9: no error when a line only has a variable name
8.2.3138  debugger test fails
8.2.3139  functions for string manipulation are spread out
8.2.3140  MS-Windows: ipv6 channel test is very flaky also without GUI
8.2.3141  no error when using :complete for :command without -nargs
8.2.3142  Vim9: type check for has_key() argument is too strict
8.2.3143  Vim9: wrong context if lambda called from profiled function
8.2.3144  Vim9: no error when using an invalid value for a line number
8.2.3145  Vim9: profile test fails without profile feature
8.2.3146  Vim9: line number wrong for :execute argument
8.2.3147  Vim9: profiling does not work with a nested function
8.2.3148  Vim9: function arg type check does not handle base offset
8.2.3149  some plugins have a problem with the error check
8.2.3150  Vim9: argument types are not checked at compile time
8.2.3151  Vim9: profiling fails if nested function is also profiled
8.2.3152  Vim9: accessing "s:" results in an error
8.2.3153  URLs with a dash in the scheme are not recognized
8.2.3154  Vim9: some type checks for builtin functions fail
8.2.3155  some option related code not covered by tests
8.2.3156  Vim9: term_getansicolors() test fails without +termguicolors
8.2.3157  crypt test may fail on MS-Windows
8.2.3158  strange error message when using islocked() with a number
8.2.3159  cursor displayed in wrong position after deleting line
8.2.3160  'breakindent' does not work well for bulleted lists
8.2.3161  Vim9: no error when reltime() has invalid arguments
8.2.3162  Vim9: argument types are not checked at compile time
8.2.3163  location list window may open a wrong file
8.2.3164  MS-Windows: reported version lacks patchlevel
8.2.3165  Vim9: in a || expression the error line number may be wrong
8.2.3166  Vim9: nested autoload call error overruled by "Unknown error"
8.2.3167  get E12 in a job callback when searching for tags
8.2.3168  Vim9: type error for constant of type any
8.2.3169  Vim9: cannot handle nested inline function
8.2.3170  Illegal memory access in test
8.2.3171  another illegal memory access in test
8.2.3172  MzScheme test fails
   2021-05-24 21:56:06 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3575)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for perl 5.34
   2021-04-23 08:31:35 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 8.2.2800


8.2.2557  compiler warning for shadowd variable
8.2.2558  no error if a lambda argument shadows a variable
8.2.2559  MS-Windows: guifont test fails on Windows XP
8.2.2560  setting 'winminheigt' does not take tabline into account
8.2.2561  not all textprop code is covered by tests
8.2.2562  GUI: star register changed when 'clipboard is "unnamedplus"
8.2.2563  cannot use multibyte characters for folding in 'fillchars'
8.2.2564  focus events end Insert mode if 'esckeys' is not set
8.2.2565  Vim9: "..=" not always recognized
8.2.2566  Vim9: Function name is not recognized
8.2.2567  Vim9: no error if variable is defined for existing function
8.2.2568  second time a preview popup is opened highlight is not set
8.2.2569  'fillchars' "stl" and "stlnc" items must be single byte
8.2.2570  tests fail when run as root
8.2.2571  test may leave file behind
8.2.2572  Vim9: crash when getting the types for a legacy function
8.2.2573  Vim9: using invalid pointer for error message
8.2.2574  Vim9: crash when calling partial with wrong function
8.2.2575  Vim9: a function name with "->" in the next line \ 
doesn't work
8.2.2576  Vim9: defining a :func function checks for white space
8.2.2577  compiler warning for type conversion
8.2.2578  Lua cannot handle a passed in lambda
8.2.2579  Vim9: crash in garbagecollect after for loop
8.2.2580  Vim9: checking vararg type may be wrong
8.2.2581  Vim9: sourcing Vim9 script triggers a redraw
8.2.2582  Vim9: screendump test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.2583  Vim9: cannot compare result of getenv() with null
8.2.2584  Vim9: type error for assigning "any" to a list
8.2.2585  Vim9: illegal memory access
8.2.2586  process id may be invalid
8.2.2587  recover test fails on FreeBSD
8.2.2588  build failure with tiny features
8.2.2589  recover test hangs in the GUI
8.2.2590  Vim9: default argument value may cause internal error
8.2.2591  Poke files are not recognized
8.2.2592  code coverage could be improved
8.2.2593  list of distributed files is incomplete
8.2.2594  alternate buffer added to session file even when it's hidden
8.2.2595  setting 'winminheight' may cause 'lines' to change
8.2.2596  :doautocmd may confuse scripts listening to WinEnter
8.2.2597  Vim9: "import * as" does not work at script level
8.2.2598  Vim9: :open does not need to be supported
8.2.2599  build failure
8.2.2600  Vim9: crash when putting an unknown type in a dictionary
8.2.2601  memory usage test often fails on FreeBSD
8.2.2602  Vim9: continue doesn't work if :while is very first command
8.2.2603  Vim9: no effect if user command is also a function
8.2.2604  GUI-specific command line arguments not tested
8.2.2605  Vim9: string index and slice does not include composing chars
8.2.2606  strchars() defaults to counting composing characters
8.2.2607  strcharpart() cannot include composing characters
8.2.2608  character input not fully tested
8.2.2609  test disabled on MS-Windows even though it should work
8.2.2610  mouse click test fails when using remote connection
8.2.2611  conditions for startup tests are not exactly right
8.2.2612  col('.') may get outdated column value
8.2.2613  new test throws exception
8.2.2614  Vim9: function is deleted while executing
8.2.2615  test is sourcing the wrong file
8.2.2616  Vim9: if 'cpo' is changed in Vim9 script it may be restored
8.2.2617  Vim9: script variable in block not found by function
8.2.2618  Vim9: cannot use a normal list name to store function refs
8.2.2619  Vim9: no test for return type of lambda
8.2.2620  Vim9: Using #{ for a dictionary gives strange errors
8.2.2621  typval2type() cannot handle recursive structures
8.2.2622  GTK: error when starting up and -geometry is given
8.2.2623  some tests fail when run as root
8.2.2624  atom files not recognized
8.2.2625  rss files not recognized
8.2.2626  GTK3: error when starting up and -geometry is given
8.2.2627  no need to check for BSD after checking for not root
8.2.2628  Vim9: #{ can still be used at the script level
8.2.2629  Vim9: error for #{{ is not desired
8.2.2630  hard to see where a test gets stuck
8.2.2631  commands from winrestcmd() do not always work properly
8.2.2632  not all command line arguments are tested
8.2.2633  multi-byte 'fillchars' for folding do not show properly
8.2.2634  'tagfunc' does not indicate using a pattern
8.2.2635  Vim9: cannot define an inline function
8.2.2636  memory leak when compiling inline function
8.2.2637  prop_remove() causes a redraw even when nothing changed
8.2.2638  cannot write a message to the terminal from the GUI
8.2.2639  build failure when fsync() is not available
8.2.2640  screenstring() returns non-existing composing characters
8.2.2641  display test fails because of lacking redraw
8.2.2642  Vim9: no clear error for wrong inline function
8.2.2643  various code not covered by tests
8.2.2644  prop_clear() causes a screen update even when nothing changed
8.2.2645  using inline function is not properly tested
8.2.2646  Vim9: error for not using string doesn't mentionargument
8.2.2647  terminal test sometimes hangs
8.2.2648  terminal resize test sometimes hangs
8.2.2649  Vim9: some wincmd arguments cause a white space error
8.2.2650  Vim9: command modifiers not handled in nested function
8.2.2651  Vim9: restoring command modifiers happens after jump
8.2.2652  Vim9: can use command modifier without an effect
8.2.2653  build failure
8.2.2654  Vim9: getting a character from a string can be slow
8.2.2655  The -w command line argument doesn't work
8.2.2656  some command line arguments and regexp errors not tested
8.2.2657  Vim9: error message for declaring variable in for loop
8.2.2658  :for cannot loop over a string
8.2.2659  eval test fails because for loop on string works
8.2.2660  Vim9: no error for declaration with trailing text
8.2.2661  leaking memory when looping over a string
8.2.2662  there is no way to avoid some escape sequences
8.2.2663  Vim9: leaking memory when inline function has an error
8.2.2664  Vim9: not enough function arguments checked for string
8.2.2665  test failures
8.2.2666  Vim9: not enough function arguments checked for string
8.2.2667  prop_find() cannot find item matching both id and type
8.2.2668  Vim9: omitting "call" for "confirm()" does not \ 
give an error
8.2.2669  command line completion does not work after "vim9"
8.2.2670  Vim9: error for append(0, text)
8.2.2671  error for line number in legacy script
8.2.2672  Vim9: cannot use :lockvar and :unlockvar in compiled script
8.2.2673  Vim9: script-local funcref can have lower case name
8.2.2674  Motif: cancelling the font dialog resets the font
8.2.2675  directory change in a terminal window shell is not followed
8.2.2676  missing error message
8.2.2677  Vim9: cannot use only some of the default arguments
8.2.2678  test for 'autoshelldir' does not reset the option
8.2.2679  status line missing for non-current window with winbar
8.2.2680  Vim9: problem defining a script variable from legacy function
8.2.2681  Vim9: test fails for redeclaring script variable
8.2.2682  Vim9: cannot find Name.Func from "import * as Name"
8.2.2683  build failure without the +eval feature
8.2.2684  not enough folding code is tested
8.2.2685  custom statusline not drawn correctly with WinBar
8.2.2686  status line is not updated when going to cmdline mode
8.2.2687  Vim9: cannot use "const" for global variable in :def function
8.2.2688  Vim9: crash when using s: for script variable
8.2.2689  tiny build fails
8.2.2690  PowerShell files are not recognized
8.2.2691  autoconf may mess up compiler flags
8.2.2692  Vim9: locked script variable can be changed
8.2.2693  Vim9: locked script variable can be changed
8.2.2694  when 'matchpairs' is empty every character beeps
8.2.2695  cursor position reset with nested autocommands
8.2.2696  Lua test fails with Lua 5.4.3 and later
8.2.2697  function list test fails
8.2.2698  Lua test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.2699  Lua test fails
8.2.2700  nested autocmd test fails sometimes
8.2.2701  order of removing FORTIFY_SOURCE is wrong
8.2.2702  compiler completion test fails when more scripts are added
8.2.2703  Vim9: memory leak when failing on locked variable
8.2.2704  adding a lot of completions can be a bit slow
8.2.2705  Vim9: misleading reported line number for wrong type
8.2.2706  Vim9: wrong line number reported for boolean operator
8.2.2707  adding a lot of completions can still be a bit slow
8.2.2708  test sometimes fails waiting for shell in terminal
8.2.2709  the GTK GUI has a gap next to the scrollbar
8.2.2710  Vim9: not all tests cover script and :def function
8.2.2711  "gj" in a closed fold does not move out of the fold
8.2.2712  memory leak when adding to a blob fails
8.2.2713  folding code not sufficiently tested
8.2.2714  filetype pattern ending in star is too far up
8.2.2715  Vim9: tests fail without the channel feature
8.2.2716  the equivalent class regexp is missing some characters
8.2.2717  GTK menu items don't show a tooltip
8.2.2718  Vim9: no explicit test for using a global function without g:
8.2.2719  Vim9: appending to dict item doesn't work in a :def function
8.2.2720  GTK menu tooltip moves the cursor
8.2.2721  Vim9: cannot have a linebreak inside a lambda
8.2.2722  Vim9: crash when using LHS with double index
8.2.2723  assignment test fails
8.2.2724  Vim9: concatenating to list in dict not tested
8.2.2725  Vim9: message about compiling is wrong when using try/catch
8.2.2726  confusing error message with white space before comma
8.2.2727  function test fails
8.2.2728  special key names don't work if 'isident' is cleared
8.2.2729  Vim9: wrong error message for referring to legacy script var
8.2.2730  Coverity complains about not restoring character
8.2.2731  Mac: SF symbols are not displayed properly
8.2.2732  prompt for s///c in Ex mode can be wrong
8.2.2733  detecting Lua version is not reliable
8.2.2734  Vim9: cannot use legacy script-local var from :def function
8.2.2735  Vim9: function reference found with prefix, not without
8.2.2736  Vim9: for loop over string is a bit slow
8.2.2737  status line not updated when local 'statusline' option set
8.2.2738  extending a list with itself can give wrong result
8.2.2739  Vim9: a lambda accepts too many arguments at the script level
8.2.2740  Vim9: lambda with varargs doesn't work
8.2.2741  Vim9: Partial call does not check right arguments
8.2.2742  Vim9: when compiling a function fails it is cleared
8.2.2743  Vim9: function state stuck when compiling with ":silent!"
8.2.2744  Vim9: no way to explicitly ignore an argument
8.2.2745  Vim9: missing part of the argument change
8.2.2746  check for duplicate arguments does not work
8.2.2747  Vim9: not always an error for too many function arguments
8.2.2748  Vim9: memory leak when calling :def function fails
8.2.2749  Vim9: test for error can be a bit flaky
8.2.2750  Vim9: error for using underscore in nested function
8.2.2751  Coverity warns for using NULL pointer
8.2.2752  Coverity reports unreachable code
8.2.2753  Vim9: cannot ignore an item in assignment unpack
8.2.2754  :sleep! does not always hide the cursor
8.2.2755  Vim9: no error for using a number in a condition
8.2.2756  Vim9: blob index and slice not implemented yet
8.2.2757  Vim9: blob tests for legacy and Vim9 script are separate
8.2.2758  Vim9: wrong line number for autoload function with wrong name
8.2.2759  Vim9: for loop infers type of loop variable
8.2.2760  Vim9: no error for changing a for loop variable
8.2.2761  using "syn include" does not work properly
8.2.2762  Vim9: function line truncated when compiling
8.2.2763  Vim9: cannot use type in for loop unpack at script level
8.2.2764  memory leak when default function argument is allocated
8.2.2765  Vim9: not all blob operations work
8.2.2766  test failure
8.2.2767  compiler warning for unused argument
8.2.2768  Vim9: memory leak with blob range error
8.2.2769  Modula-3 config files are not recognized
8.2.2770  Vim9: type of loop variable is not used
8.2.2771  Vim9: assignment not recognized if declaration was skipped
8.2.2772  problems when restoring 'runtimepath' from a session file
8.2.2773  PSL filetype not recognized
8.2.2774  Vim9: cannot import an existing name even when using "as"
8.2.2775  Vim9: wrong line number used for some commands
8.2.2776  :mksession uses current value of 'splitbelow' and 'splitright'
8.2.2777  Vim9: blob operations not tested in all ways
8.2.2778  problem restoring 'packpath' in session
8.2.2779  memory access error in remove() for blob
8.2.2780  Vim9: for loop over blob doesn't work
8.2.2781  add() silently skips when adding to null list or blob
8.2.2782  Vim9: blob operations not fully tested
8.2.2783  duplicate code for setting byte in blob, blob test may fail
8.2.2784  Vim9: cannot use \=expr in :substitute
8.2.2785  Vim9: cannot redirect to local variable
8.2.2786  Vim9: memory leak when using :s with expression
8.2.2787  MS-Windows: crash when using :echoconsole
8.2.2788  Raku is now the only name what once was called perl6
8.2.2789  Vim9: using \=expr in :substitute does not handle jumps
8.2.2790  filetype test fails
8.2.2791  Vim9: memory leak when using \=expr in :substitute
8.2.2792  Vim9: :disas shows instructions for default args but no text
8.2.2793  MS-Windows: string literals are writable with MSVC
8.2.2794  Linux users don't know how to get ncurses
8.2.2795  Coverity warns for not using return value
8.2.2796  Vim9: redir to variable does not accept an index
8.2.2797  Search highlight disappears in the Visual area
8.2.2798  Vim9: redir to variable with append does not accept an index
8.2.2799  Vim9: type casts don't fully work at the script level
8,2.2800  after a timer displays text a hit-enter prompt is given
   2021-02-28 01:23:37 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
update to version 8.2.2557.

8.2.2128  there is no way to do something on CTRL-Z
8.2.2129  MS-Windows: Checking if a file name is absolute is slow
8.2.2130  Insert mode completion messages end up in message history
8.2.2131  Vim9: crash when lambda uses same var as assignment
8.2.2132  padding not drawn properly for popup window with title
8.2.2133  Vim9: checking for a non-empty string is too strict
8.2.2134  Vim9: get E1099 when autocmd triggered in builtin function
8.2.2135  Vim9: #{ still seen as start of dict in some places
8.2.2136  Vim9: Using uninitialized variable
8.2.2137  Vim9: :echo and :execute give error for empty argument
8.2.2138  Vim9: "exit_cb" causes Vim to exit
8.2.2139  Vim9: unreachable code in assignment
8.2.2140  build failure with tiny features
8.2.2141  user command with try/catch may not catch an expression error
8.2.2142  memory leak when heredoc is not terminated
8.2.2143  Vim9: dead code in compiling :unlet
8.2.2144  Vim9: some corner cases not tested
8.2.2145  Vim9: concatenating lists does not adjust type of result
8.2.2146  Vim9: automatic conversion of number to string for dict key
8.2.2147  quickfix window title not updated in all tab pages
8.2.2148  Vim9: crash when user command doesn't match
8.2.2149  popupwin test for latin1 sometimes fails
8.2.2150  Github actions CI isn't used for all available platforms
8.2.2151  $dir not expanded when configure checks for moonjit
8.2.2152  screenpos() does not include the WinBar offset
8.2.2153  popupwin test for latin1 still fails sometimes
8.2.2154  popupwin test for terminal buffer fails sometimes
8.2.2155  warning from Github actions for code analysis
8.2.2156  Github actions run on pusing a tag
8.2.2157  Vim9: can delete a Vim9 script variable from a function
8.2.2158  CI on cirrus times out, coveralls doesn't always run
8.2.2159  Vim9: when declaring a list it is not allocated yet
8.2.2160  various typos
8.2.2161  arguments -T and -x not tested yet
8.2.2162  Vim9: Cannot load or store autoload variables
8.2.2163  crash when discarded exception is the current exception
8.2.2164  Vim9: autoload function doesn't work in uppercased script
8.2.2165  Vim9: assignment to dict member does not work
8.2.2166  auto format doesn't work when deleting text
8.2.2167  Vim9: assign test fails
8.2.2168  Vim9: error for assigning to dict of dict
8.2.2169  Vim9: test leaves file behind
8.2.2170  Vim9: a global function defined in a :def function fails
8.2.2171  valgrind warning for using uninitialized value
8.2.2172  Vim9: number of arguments is not always checked
8.2.2173  Vim9: get internal error when assigning to undefined variable
8.2.2174  Mac version doesn't specify the CPU architecture
8.2.2175  github actions: clang-11 handling suboptimal
8.2.2176  crash with a sequence of fold commands
8.2.2177  pattern "^" does not match if first character is combining
8.2.2178  Python 3: non-utf8 character cannot be handled
8.2.2179  Vim9: crash when indexing a dict with a number
8.2.2180  Vim9: test for error after error is flaky
8.2.2181  valgrind warnings for using uninitialized value
8.2.2182  Vim9: value of 'magic' is still relevant
8.2.2183  Vim9: value of 'edcompatible' and 'gdefault' are used
8.2.2184  Vim9: no error when using "2" for a line number
8.2.2185  BufUnload is not triggered for the quickfix dummy buffer
8.2.2186  Vim9: error when using 'opfunc'
8.2.2187  Python 3 test fails sometimes
8.2.2188  Vim9: crash when calling global function from :def function
8.2.2189  cannot repeat a command that uses the small delete register
8.2.2190  Vim9: crash when compiled with EXITFREE
8.2.2191  Vim9: using wrong name with lambda in nested function
8.2.2192  Codecov on github actions fails
8.2.2193  Vim9: can change constant in :def function
8.2.2194  Vim9: cannot use :const or :final at the script level
8.2.2195  failing tests for :const
8.2.2196  :version output has extra spaces in compile and link command
8.2.2197  assert arguments order reversed
8.2.2198  ml_get error when resizing window and using text property
8.2.2199  first write after setting 'eol' does not have NL added
8.2.2200  Vim9: lambda without white space around -> is confusing
8.2.2201  write file test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.2202  write file test still fails on MS-Windows
8.2.2203  Moodle gift files are not recognized
8.2.2204  Vim9: using -> both for method and lambda is confusing
8.2.2205  Vim9: memory leak when parsing lambda fails
8.2.2206  :exe command line completion only works for first argument
8.2.2207  illegal memory access if popup menu items are changed
8.2.2208  Vim9: after reloading a script variable index may be invalid
8.2.2209  Vim9: return type of => lambda not parsed
8.2.2210  Vim9: allocating a type to set TTFLAG_BOOL_OK
8.2.2211  MS-Windows: can't load Python dll if not in the path
8.2.2212  Vim9: lambda with => does not work at the script level
8.2.2213  checking white space around -> is not backwards compatible
8.2.2214  ":e#" does not give a warning for missing white space
8.2.2215  Vim9: `=expr` not recognized in global command
8.2.2216  Vim9: range with missing colon can be hard to spot
8.2.2217  Vim9: command modifiers not restored in catch block
8.2.2218  Vim9: failure if passing more args to lambda than expected
8.2.2219  Vim9: method call with expression not supported
8.2.2220  Vim9: memory leak when parsing nested parenthesis
8.2.2221  if <Down> is mapped on the command line 'wildchar' is \ 
8.2.2222  Vim9: cannot keep script variables when reloading
8.2.2223  Vim9: Reloading marks a :def function as deleted
8.2.2224  Vim9: crash if script reloaded with different variable type
8.2.2225  Vim9: error when using :import in legacy script twice
8.2.2226  Vim9: script test fails
8.2.2227  Vim9: recognizing lambda is too complicated
8.2.2228  Vim9: cannot use ":e #" because # starts a comment
8.2.2229  build failure without the +eval feature
8.2.2230  Vim9: insert completion runs into error
8.2.2231  when "--remote file" is used "file" is not reloaded
8.2.2232  compiler error for falling through into next case
8.2.2233  cannot convert a byte index into a character index
8.2.2234  command line wildmenu test often fails with Unix GUI
8.2.2235  build failure with some Ruby versions
8.2.2236  'scroll' option can change when setting the statusline
8.2.2237  CI on Mac fails in sed command
8.2.2238  Vim9: cannot load a Vim9 script without the +eval feature
8.2.2239  Vim9: concatenating lines with backslash is inconvenient
8.2.2240  clientserver test fails if full path is used
8.2.2241  Build with Ruby and clang may fail
8.2.2242  Vim9: bar line continuation does not work at script level
8.2.2243  crash when popup mask contains zeroes
8.2.2244  crash when making the window width negative
8.2.2245  Vim9: return value of winrestcmd() cannot be executed
8.2.2246  cursor keys not recognized at the hit-Enter prompt
8.2.2247  VMS: various smaller problems
8.2.2248  ASAN error on exit with GUI
8.2.2249  termcodes test is flaky when used over ssh
8.2.2250  Vim9: sublist is ambiguous
8.2.2251  test failures in legacy script
8.2.2252  Vim9: crash when using lambda without return type in dict
8.2.2253  Vim9: expr test fails
8.2.2254  Vim9: bool option type is number
8.2.2255  Tcl test fails
8.2.2256  Vim9: cannot use function( after line break in :def function
8.2.2257  Vim9: using -> for lambda is ambiguous
8.2.2258  not all OCaml related files are detected
8.2.2259  Test_Executable() fails when using chroot
8.2.2260  window resize test fails in very wide terminal
8.2.2261  Vim9: boolean option gets string type
8.2.2262  Vim9: converting bool to string prefixes v:
8.2.2263  Vim9: compilation error with try-catch in skipped block
8.2.2264  Vim9: no error for mismatched :endfunc or :enddef
8.2.2265  error message for missing endfunc/enddef is last line
8.2.2266  Vim9: it can be hard to see where white space is missing
8.2.2267  Vim9: cannot use unlet for a dict member
8.2.2268  Vim9: list unpack seen as declaration
8.2.2269  not all :hardcopy code covered by tests
8.2.2270  warning for size_t to int conversion
8.2.2271  ml_get error when changing hidden buffer in Python
8.2.2272  Vim9: extend() can violate the type of a variable
8.2.2273  build failure
8.2.2274  badge for Travis is outdated
8.2.2275  CTRL-C not recognized in Mintty
8.2.2276  list of distributed files is outdated
8.2.2277  missing backslash
8.2.2278  falling back to old regexp engine can some patterns
8.2.2279  Vim9: memory leak with catch in skipped block
8.2.2280  fuzzy matching doesn't give access to the scores
8.2.2281  Vim9: compiled "wincmd" cannot be followed by bar
8.2.2282  length check mismatch with argument of strncmp()
8.2.2283  Vim9: crash when lambda has fewer arguments than expected
8.2.2284  Vim9: cannot set an option to a boolean value
8.2.2285  Vim9: cannot set an option to a false
8.2.2286  sort test fails when locale is Canadian English
8.2.2287  sort test fails when locale is French Canadian
8.2.2288  Vim9: line break and comment not always skipped
8.2.2289  Vim9: 'cpo' can become empty
8.2.2290  Vim9: unlet of global variable cannot be compiled
8.2.2291  Vim9: cannot use "null" for v:null
8.2.2292  Vim: expr test fails
8.2.2293  build failure with Motif
8.2.2294  VMS: a few remaining problems
8.2.2295  incsearch does not detect empty pattern properly
8.2.2296  cannot use CTRL-N and CTRL-P in a popup menu
8.2.2297  Vim9: cannot set 'number' to a boolean value
8.2.2298  Vim9: comment right after "(" of function not recognized
8.2.2299  Vim9: invalid memory access making error message flaky
8.2.2300  Vim9: wrong order on type stack when using dict
8.2.2301  Vim9: cannot unlet a dict or list item
8.2.2302  Vim9: using an option value may use uninitialized memory
8.2.2303  Vim9: backtick expansion doesn't work for :foldopen
8.2.2304  Vim9: no test for unletting an imported variable
8.2.2305  Vim9: "++var" and "--var" are silently accepted
8.2.2306  Vim9: when using function reference type is not checked
8.2.2307  a shell command in the vimrc causes terminal output
8.2.2308  Vim9: no error when assigning lambda to funcref
8.2.2309  0o777 not recognized as octal
8.2.2310  Vim9: winsaveview() return type is too generic
8.2.2311  Vim9: cannot assign to variable that shadows command modifier
8.2.2312  build failure with Ruby 3.0 and 32 bits
8.2.2313  Vim9: using uninitialized field when parsing range
8.2.2314  Vim9: returning zero takes two instructions
8.2.2315  Vim9: "enddef" as dict key misintepreted as function end
8.2.2316  Vim9: cannot list a lambda function
8.2.2317  Vim9: command modifier before list unpack doesn't work
8.2.2318  Vim9: string and list index work differently
8.2.2319  "exptype_T" can be read as "expected type"
8.2.2320  Vim9: no error for comparing bool with string
8.2.2321  Vim9: cannot nest closures
8.2.2322  Vim9: closure nested limiting to one level
8.2.2323  Vim9: error when inferring type from empty dict/list
8.2.2324  not easy to get mark en cursor position by character count
8.2.2325  Vim9: crash if map() changes the item type
8.2.2326  build error with +eval feature but without +spell
8.2.2327  debugging code included
8.2.2328  some test files may not be deleted
8.2.2329  not all ways Vim can be started are tested
8.2.2330  Vim9: crash when using :trow in a not executed block
8.2.2331  Vim9: wrong error when modifying dict declared with :final
8.2.2332  Vim9: missing :endif not reported when using :windo
8.2.2333  Vim9: warning for uninitialized variable
8.2.2334  Pascal-like filetypes not always detected
8.2.2335  Vim9: "silent return" does not restore command modifiers
8.2.2336  Vim9: not possible to extend dictionary with different type
8.2.2337  configure test for GTK only says "no"
8.2.2338  Vim9: no error if using job_info() result wrongly
8.2.2339  cannot get the type of a value as a string
8.2.2340  win_execute() unexpectedly returns number zero when failing
8.2.2341  expression command line completion incomplete after "g:"
8.2.2342  "char" functions may return wrong column in Insert mode
8.2.2343  Vim9: return type of readfile() is any
8.2.2344  using inclusive index for slice is not always desired
8.2.2345  no focus events in a terminal
8.2.2346  Codecov reports every little coverage drop
8.2.2347  build failure without GUI
8.2.2348  no check for modified files after focus gained
8.2.2349  Vim9: cannot handle line break after parenthesis at line end
8.2.2350  using "void" for no reason
8.2.2351  Vim9: error msg for "throw" in function called with \ 
8.2.2352  if focus lost/gained is received twice code is not ignored
8.2.2353  spartql files are not detected
8.2.2354  crash with a weird combination of autocommands
8.2.2355  stray test failure on Appveyor
8.2.2356  Vim9: ":put =expr" does not handle a list properly
8.2.2357  Vim9: crash when parsing function return type fails
8.2.2358  wrong #ifdef for use_xterm_like_mouse()
8.2.2359  strange test failure with MS-Windows
8.2.2360  test leaves file behind
8.2.2361  Vim9: no highlight for "s///gc" when using 'opfunc'
8.2.2362  Vim9: check of builtin function argument type is incomplete
8.2.2363  curpos() does not accept a string argument as before
8.2.2364  Vim9: line break in lambda accesses freed memory
8.2.2365  Vim9: no check for map() changing item type at script level
8.2.2366  when using ":sleep" the cursor is always displayed
8.2.2367  test failures on some less often used systems
8.2.2368  insufficient tests for setting options
8.2.2369  Vim9: functions return true/false but can't be used as bool
8.2.2370  Vim9: command fails in catch block
8.2.2371  Vim9: crash when using types in :for with unpack
8.2.2372  confusing error message for wrong :let command
8.2.2373  Vim9: list assignment only accepts a number index
8.2.2374  accessing uninitialized memory in test_undo
8.2.2375  test for RGB color skipped in the terminal
8.2.2376  Vim9: crash when dividing by zero in compiled code
8.2.2377  Vim9: crash when using a range after another expression
8.2.2378  Vim9: no error message for dividing by zero
8.2.2379  do spell suggestions twice if 'spellsuggest' contains number
8.2.2380  Vim9: occasional crash when using try/catch and a timer
8.2.2381  Vim9: divide by zero does not abort expression execution
8.2.2382  build failure
8.2.2383  focus escape sequences are not named
8.2.2384  turtle filetype not recognized
8.2.2385  "gj" and "gk" do not work correctly when inside a fold
8.2.2386  Vim9: crash when using ":silent! put"
8.2.2387  runtime type check does not mention argument index
8.2.2388  no easy way to get the maximum or mininum number value
8.2.2389  test failure on a few systems
8.2.2390  Vim9: using positive offset is unexpected
8.2.2391  memory leak when creating a global function with closure
8.2.2392  fennel filetype not recognized
8.2.2393  Vim9: error message when script line starts with "[{"
8.2.2394  Vim9: min() and max() return type is "any"
8.2.2395  Vim9: error for wrong type may report wrong line number
8.2.2396  Vim9: no white space allowed before "->"
8.2.2397  Vim9: "%%" not seen as alternate file name for ":bdel"
8.2.2398  method test fails
8.2.2399  fold test fails in wide terminal
8.2.2400  Vim9: compiled functions are not profiled
8.2.2401  build fails without +profiling feature
8.2.2402  some filetypes not detected
8.2.2403  Vim9: profiling if/elseif/endif not correct
8.2.2404  Vim9: profiling try/catch not correct
8.2.2405  Vim9: no need to allow white space before "(" for :def
8.2.2406  Vim9: profiled :def function leaks memory
8.2.2407  old jumplist code is never used
8.2.2408  MinGW: "--preprocessor" flag no longer supported
8.2.2409  Vim9: profiling only works for one function
8.2.2410  build failure without the +profiling feature
8.2.2411  profile test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.2412  not all fields in "cstack" are initialized
8.2.2413  crash when using :all while using a cmdline window
8.2.2414  using freed memory when closing the cmdline window
8.2.2415  no way to check for the cmdwin feature
8.2.2416  may get stuck in command line window state
8.2.2417  condition stack values may be used when not set
8.2.2418  color not changed if ModeMsg highlight is set in InsertEnter
8.2.2419  autocmd test was failing on MS-Windows with GUI
8.2.2420  too many problems with using all autocommand events
8.2.2421  double free when using autocommand with "argdel"
8.2.2422  crash when deleting with line number out of range
8.2.2423  missing error message
8.2.2424  some tests are known to cause an error with ASAN
8.2.2425  cursor on invalid line with range and :substitute
8.2.2426  allowing 'completefunc' to switch windows causes trouble
8.2.2427  can still switch windows for 'completefunc'
8.2.2428  FocusGained does not work when 'ttymouse' is empty
8.2.2429  :goto does not work correctly with text properties
8.2.2430  :vimgrep expands wildcards twice
8.2.2431  warning for -fno-strength-reduce with Clang 11
8.2.2432  libvterm tests are executed even when libtool doesn't work
8.2.2433  opening cmdline window gives error in BufLeave autocommand
8.2.2434  Vim9: no error when compiling str2nr() with a number
8.2.2435  setline() gives an error for some types
8.2.2436  Vim9 script test is a bit flaky
8.2.2437  deprecation warnings with default configuration
8.2.2438  out of bounds compiler warning
8.2.2439  not easy to figure out what packages to get
8.2.2440  documentation based on patches is outdated
8.2.2441  Vim9: extend() does not give an error for a type mismatch
8.2.2442  automatic GUI selection does not check for GTK 3
8.2.2443  Vim9: no compile time error for wrong str2float argument
8.2.2444  Vim9: compile error with combination of operator and list
8.2.2445  Vim9: no proper error for lambda missing return type
8.2.2446  setting 'term' empty has different error if compiled with GUI
8.2.2447  'foldlevel' not applied to folds restored from session
8.2.2448  compilation error with Ruby 3.0
8.2.2449  Vim9: flatten() always changes the list type
8.2.2450  MS-Windows: ADS was not preserved if 'backupcopy' is "yes"
8.2.2451  MS-Windows: Extended Attributes not preserved
8.2.2452  no completion for the 'filetype' option
8.2.2453  Vim9: a variable name with "->" in the next line \ 
doesn't work
8.2.2454  leading space can not be made visible
8.2.2455  Vim9: key type for literal dict and indexing is inconsistent
8.2.2456  Coverity warning for strcpy() into fixed size array
8.2.2457  Coverity warns for memory leak
8.2.2458  Coverity warns for :retab using freed memory
8.2.2459  Coverity reports dead code
8.2.2460  Coverity warns for unused value
8.2.2461  Coverity warns for unchecked return value
8.2.2462  Coverity warns for not checking for fseek() error
8.2.2463  using :arglocal in an autocommand may use freed memory
8.2.2464  using freed memory if window closed in autocommand
8.2.2465  using freed memory in :psearch
8.2.2466  max() and min() can give many error messages
8.2.2467  script generated by :mkview changes alternate file
8.2.2468  not easy to get the full command name from a shortened one
8.2.2469  confusing error if :winsize has a wrong argument
8.2.2470  popup_getoptions() does not get textprop from other tab
8.2.2471  popup_setoptions() does not set textprop in other tab
8.2.2472  crash when using command line window in an autocommand
8.2.2473  crash when leaving command line window triggers autocommand
8.2.2474  using freed memory when window is closed by autocommand
8.2.2475  autocommand tests hangs on MS-Windows
8.2.2476  using freed memory when splitting window while closing buffer
8.2.2477  autocommand tests hang on MS-Windows
8.2.2478  MS-Windows: backup files for plugins are loaded
8.2.2479  set/getbufline test fails without the job feature
8.2.2480  Vim9: some errors for white space do not show context
8.2.2481  Vim9: confusing error when variable arguments have default
8.2.2482  build error
8.2.2483  Vim9: type error for misformed expression
8.2.2484  Vim9: Cannot use a comment starting with #{
8.2.2485  when sourcing a script again the script version isn't reset
8.2.2486  Vim9: some errors for white space do not show context
8.2.2487  terminal shows garbage after double-wide character
8.2.2488  json_encode() gives generic argument error
8.2.2489  current buffer is wrong after deletebufline() fails
8.2.2490  'wrap' option is always reset when starting diff mode
8.2.2491  popup window for text property may show in first screen line
8.2.2492  command line buffer name cannot be translated
8.2.2493  text property for text left of window shows up
8.2.2494  ":rviminfo!" clears most of oldfiles
8.2.2495  text jumps up and down when moving the cursor
8.2.2496  insufficien testing for text jumping fix
8.2.2497  no error when using more than one character for a register
8.2.2498  no test for what 8.2.2494 fixes
8.2.2499  "vim -g --version" does not redirect output
8.2.2500  build fails without the GUI feature
8.2.2501  not always clear where an error is reported
8.2.2502  a few github actions are failing
8.2.2503  Vim9: a caught error may leave something on the stack
8.2.2504  Vim9: crash when using an argument from a closure
8.2.2505  Vim9: crash after defining function with invalid return type
8.2.2506  Vim9: :continue does not work correctly in a :try block
8.2.2507  github build may fail if Ubuntu 20.04 is used
8.2.2508  cannot change the character displayed in non existing lines
8.2.2509  tests fail on s390 build
8.2.2510  internal error when popup with mask is zero height or width
8.2.2511  Vim9: cannot use Vim9 script syntax in some places
8.2.2512  Vim9: compiling error test sometimes fails
8.2.2513  Vim9: missing part of :vim9cmd change
8.2.2514  Vim9: build error in tiny version
8.2.2515  memory access error when truncating an empty message
8.2.2516  test failure on s390
8.2.2517  Vim9: fix for s390 not tested on other systems
8.2.2518  'listchars' should be window-local
8.2.2519  Vim9: no reason to keep strange Vi behavior
8.2.2520  missing tests for 'listchars'
8.2.2521  some compilers can't handle pointer initialization
8.2.2522  Beancount filetype not recognized
8.2.2523  Svelte filetype not recognized
8.2.2524  cannot change the characters displayed in the foldcolumn
8.2.2525  Vim9: only local variables checked for a name
8.2.2526  build failure
8.2.2527  Vim9: lambda return type is not determined at script level
8.2.2528  Vim9: crash when compiling lambda fails
8.2.2529  Vim9: Not possible to use legacy and Vim9 script in one file
8.2.2530  Vim9: not enough testing for profiling
8.2.2531  Vim9: the :k command is obscure
8.2.2532  Vim9: confusing error if :k is used with a range
8.2.2533  Vim9: cannot use a range with :unlet
8.2.2534  missing test coverage
8.2.2535  MS-Windows: cannot run all vim9 tests
8.2.2536  Coverity complains about unchecked return value
8.2.2537  Vim9: crash when map() fails
8.2.2538  crash when using Python list iterator
8.2.2539  Vim9: return from finally block causes a hang
8.2.2540  Vim9: no error for using script var name for argument
8.2.2541  popup_create() does not allow boolean for "cursorline"
8.2.2542  highlight of char beyond line end is not correct
8.2.2543  Vim9: a return inside try/catch does not restore properly
8.2.2544  Vim9: error for argument when checking for lambda
8.2.2545  errors and crash when terminal window is zero height
8.2.2546  typo in mouse key name
8.2.2547  "%" command not accurate for big files
8.2.2548  may get stuck in the cmdline window using :normal
8.2.2549  crash after using "g:" in a for loop
8.2.2550  signal stack size is wrong with latest glibc 2.34
8.2.2551  MS-Windows: colors test file is not installed
8.2.2552  Vim9: no reason to consider "{{{{{{{{" a command
8.2.2553  Vim9: Cannot put "|" after "{"
8.2.2554  Vim9: exporting a final is not tested
8.2.2555  Vim9: missing test for 8.2.2553
8.2.2556  Vim9: :import with "as" not fully supported
8.2.2557  compiler warning for shadowd variable
   2020-12-11 19:06:25 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to version 8.2.2127.

8.2.1934  Vim9: command modifiers in :def function not tested
8.2.1935  sort test fails on Mac
8.2.1936  session sets the local 'scrolloff' value to the global value
8.2.1937  Vim9: test for confirm modifier fails in some situations
8.2.1938  wiping out a terminal buffer makes some tests fail
8.2.1939  invalid memory access in Ex mode with global command
8.2.1940  Vim9: browse modifier test fails on Mac
8.2.1941  Ex mode test fails on MS-Windows with GUI
8.2.1942  insufficient test coverage for the Netbeans interface
8.2.1943  Vim9: wrong error message when colon is missing
8.2.1944  Netbeans test is flaky
8.2.1945  crash when passing NULL function to reduce()
8.2.1946  sort() with NULL string not tested
8.2.1947  crash when using "zj" without folds
8.2.1948  GUI: crash when handling message while closing a window
8.2.1949  Vim9: using extend() on null dict is silently ignored
8.2.1950  Vim9: crash when compiling function fails when getting type
8.2.1951  test for list and dict fails
8.2.1952  Vim9: crash when using a NULL dict key
8.2.1953  Vim9: extra "unknown" error after other error
8.2.1954  Vim9: not all command modifiers are tested
8.2.1955  Vim9: not all command modifiers are tested
8.2.1956  Vim9: cannot specify argument types for lambda
8.2.1957  diff and cursorcolumn highlighting don't mix
8.2.1958  build failure with timers
8.2.1959  crash when terminal buffer name is made empty
8.2.1960  warning for uninitialized variable
8.2.1961  various comments can be improved
8.2.1962  netbeans may access freed memory
8.2.1963  crash when using a popup window with "latin1" encoding
8.2.1964  not all ConTeXt files are recognized
8.2.1965  Vim9: tests fail without the channel feature
8.2.1966  popup becomes current window after closing a terminal window
8.2.1967  the session file does not restore the alternate file
8.2.1968  Vim9: has() assumes a feature does not change dynamically
8.2.1969  Vim9: map() may change the list or dict item type
8.2.1970  it is easy to make mistakes when cleaning up swap files
8.2.1971  memory leak when map() fails
8.2.1972  crash when recreating nested fold
8.2.1973  finding a patch number can be a bit slow
8.2.1974  Vim9: test for has('gui_running') fails with VIMDLL
8.2.1975  Win32: memory leak when encoding conversion fails
8.2.1976  cannot backspace in prompt buffer after using cursor-left
8.2.1977  Vim9: error for using a string in a condition is confusing
8.2.1978  making a mapping work in all modes is complicated
8.2.1979  "term_opencmd" option of term_start() is truncated
8.2.1980  Vim9: some tests are not done at the script level
8.2.1981  MinGW: parallel compilation might fail
8.2.1982  quickfix window not updated when adding invalid entries
8.2.1983  ml_get error when using <Cmd> to open a terminal
8.2.1984  cannot use :vimgrep in omni completion
8.2.1985  crash when closing terminal popup with <Cmd> mapping
8.2.1986  expression test is flaky on Appveyor
8.2.1987  MS-Windows: Win32.mak is no longer needed
8.2.1988  still in Insert mode when opening terminal popup
8.2.1989  info popup triggers WinEnter and WinLeave autocommands
8.2.1990  cursor position wrong in terminal popup with finished job
8.2.1991  Coverity warns for not using the ga_grow() return value
8.2.1992  build fails with small features
8.2.1993  occasional failure of the netbeans test
8.2.1994  MS-Windows: MinGW always does a full build
8.2.1995  the popup menu can cause too much redrawing
8.2.1996  Vim9: invalid error for argument of extend()
8.2.1997  window changes when using bufload() while in a terminal popup
8.2.1998  terminal Cmd test sometimes fails to close popup
8.2.1999  terminal popup test sometimes fails
8.2.2000  Vim9: dict.key assignment not implemented yet
8.2.2001  Vim9: :def function does not apply 'maxfuncdepth'
8.2.2002  Vim9: lambda argument shadowed by function name
8.2.2003  build error with +conceal but without +popupwin
8.2.2004  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
8.2.2005  redoing a mapping with <Cmd> doesn't work properly
8.2.2006  .pbtxt files are not recognized
8.2.2007  test for insert mode in popup is not reliable
8.2.2008  MS-Windows GUI: handling channel messages lags
8.2.2009  MS-Windows: setting $LANG in gvimext only causes problems
8.2.2010  Vim9: compiling fails for unreachable return statement
8.2.2011  "syn sync" reports a very large number
8.2.2012  Vim9: confusing error message when using bool wrongly
8.2.2013  Vim9: not skipping white space after unary minus
8.2.2014  using CTRL-O in a prompt buffer moves cursor to start
8.2.2015  Vim9: literal dict #{} is not like any other language
8.2.2016  swap file test is a little flaky
8.2.2017  missing part of the dict change
8.2.2018  Vim9: script variable not found from lambda
8.2.2019  swap file test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.2020  some compilers do not like the "namespace" argument
8.2.2021  Vim9: get E1099 when autocommand resets did_emsg
8.2.2022  Vim9: star command recognized errornously
8.2.2023  Vim: memory leak when :execute fails
8.2.2024  flicker when redrawing a popup with a title and border
8.2.2025  Amiga: Not all colors are used on OS4
8.2.2026  Coverity warns for possibly using not NUL terminated string
8.2.2027  Coverity warns for uninitialized field
8.2.2028  Coverity warns for using an uninitialized variable
8.2.2029  Coverity warns for not checking return value
8.2.2030  some tests fail on Mac
8.2.2031  some tests fail when run under valgrind
8.2.2032  cabalconfig and cabalproject filetypes not recognized
8.2.2033  Vim9: :def without argument gives compilation error
8.2.2034  Vim9: list unpack in for statement not compiled yet
8.2.2035  MS-Windows: some tests may fail
8.2.2036  buffer messed up if creating the quickfix window fails
8.2.2037  compiler test depends on list of compiler plugins
8.2.2038  compiler test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.2039  viminfo is not written when creating a new file
8.2.2040  terminal buffer disappears even when 'bufhidden' is "hide"
8.2.2041  haskell filetype not optimally recognized
8.2.2042  build failure with +profile but without +reltime
8.2.2043  GTK3: white border around text stands out
8.2.2044  MS-Windows: swap file test sometimes fails
8.2.2045  highlighting a character too much with incsearch
8.2.2046  some test failures don't give a clear error
8.2.2047  Amiga: FEAT_ARP defined when it should not
8.2.2048  Amiga: obsolete code
8.2.2049  Amiga: obsolete function
8.2.2050  search test contains unneeded sleeps
8.2.2051  Vim9: crash when aborting a user function call
8.2.2052  Vim9: "edit +4 fname" gives an error
8.2.2053  Vim9: lamba doesn't accept argument types
8.2.2054  Amiga: FEAT_ARP defined when it should not
8.2.2055  MS-Windows: two Vim instances may use the same temp file
8.2.2056  configure fails if building with implicit-function-declaration
8.2.2057  getting the selection may trigger TextYankPost autocmd
8.2.2058  using mkview/loadview changes the jumplist
8.2.2059  Amiga: can't find plugins
8.2.2060  check for features implemented with "if"
8.2.2061  Vim9: E1030 error when using empty string for term_sendkeys()
8.2.2062  <Cmd> does not handle CTRL-V
8.2.2063  Vim9: only one level of indexing supported
8.2.2064  terminal: cursor is on while redrawing, causing flicker
8.2.2065  using map() and filter() on a range() is inefficient
8.2.2066  Vim9: assignment with += doesn't work
8.2.2067  cursor position in popup terminal is wrong
8.2.2068  transparent syntax item uses start/end of containing region
8.2.2069  the quickfix window is not updated after setqflist()
8.2.2070  can't get the exit value in VimLeave(Pre) autocommands
8.2.2071  Vim9: list assign doesn't except empty remainder list
8.2.2072  Vim9: list assign not well tested
8.2.2073  Vim9: for with unpack only works for local variables
8.2.2074  Vim9: using :normal from Vim9 script can't handle range
8.2.2075  error for const argument to mapnew()
8.2.2076  MS-Windows console: sometimes drops typed characters
8.2.2077  build failure with small features
8.2.2078  illegal memory access when using :print on invalid text
8.2.2079  Vim9: cannot put a linebreak before or after "in" of \ 
8.2.2080  Vim9: no proper error message for using s:var in for loop
8.2.2081  Vim9: cannot handle a linebreak after "=" in assignment
8.2.2082  Vim9: can still use the depricated #{} dict syntax
8.2.2083  Vim9: crash when using ":silent!" and getting member fails
8.2.2084  CTRL-V U doesn't work to enter a Unicode character
8.2.2085  Qt translation file is recognized as typescript
8.2.2086  libvterm tests are only run on Linux
8.2.2087  Vim9: memory leak when statement is truncated
8.2.2088  Vim9: script test sometimes fails
8.2.2089  libvterm test fails to build on Mac
8.2.2090  Vim9: dict does not accept a key in quotes
8.2.2091  MS-Windows: build warnings
8.2.2092  Vim9: unpredictable errors for script tests
8.2.2093  Vim9: script test sometimes fails
8.2.2094  when an expression fails getting next command may be wrong
8.2.2095  Vim9: crash when failed dict member is followed by concat
8.2.2096  Vim9: command modifiers not restored after assignment
8.2.2097  Vim9: using :silent! when calling a function prevents abort
8.2.2098  Vim9: function argument of sort() and map() not tested
8.2.2099  Vim9: some checks are not tested
8.2.2100  insufficient testing for function range and dict
8.2.2101  Vim9: memory leak when literal dict has an error
8.2.2102  Vim9: not all error messages tested
8.2.2103  Vim9: unreachable code
8.2.2104  build problem with Ruby 2.7
8.2.2105  sound test is a bit flaky
8.2.2106  TOML files are not recognized
8.2.2107  Vim9: some errors not tested
8.2.2108  Vim9: no test to check for :let error
8.2.2109  "vim -" does not work well when modifyOtherKeys is enabled
8.2.2110  cannot use ":shell" when reading from stdin
8.2.2111  GTK: menu background is the same color as the main window
8.2.2112  running tests may leave some files behind
8.2.2113  MS-Windows GUI: crash after using ":set guifont=" four times
8.2.2114  Vim9: unreachable code in assignment
8.2.2115  Vim9: some errors not tested for; dead code
8.2.2116  MS-Windows GUI: test for 'guifont' is incomplete
8.2.2117  some functions use any value as a string
8.2.2118  dead code in the job support
8.2.2119  GTK3: status line background color is wrong
8.2.2120  not all Perl functionality is tested
8.2.2121  internal error when using \ze before \zs in a pattern
8.2.2122  Vim9: crash when sourcing vim9script early
8.2.2123  after using a complete popup the buffer is listed
8.2.2124  Vim9: a range cannot be computed at runtime
8.2.2125  Vim9: leaking memory
8.2.2126  Ruby: missing function prototype
8.2.2127  Vim9: executing user command from Vim9 script not tested
   2020-11-01 15:53:00 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to version 8.2.1933.

8.2.1710  Vim9: list of list type can be wrong
8.2.1711  Vim9: leaking memory when using partial
8.2.1712  Vim9: leaking memory when calling a lambda
8.2.1713  Motif GUI: crash when setting menu colors
8.2.1714  text properties corrupted with substitute command
8.2.1715  Motif GUI: commented out code missed {}
8.2.1716  options window has duplicate translations
8.2.1717  MS-Windows installer doesn't have Russian translations
8.2.1718  Vim9: :def function disallows "firstline" for no good reason
8.2.1719  Vim9: no error if comma is missing in between arguments
8.2.1720  Vim9: memory leak with heredoc that isn't executed
8.2.1721  MS-Windows installer doesn't work
8.2.1722  Vim9: cannot assign a lambda to a variable of type function
8.2.1723  Vim9: Variable argument name cannot start with underscore
8.2.1724  Vim9: assignment tests spread out
8.2.1725  not all Pascal files are recognized
8.2.1726  fuzzy matching only works on strings
8.2.1727  a popup created with "cursorline" will ignore \ 
8.2.1728  compiler warning for using uninitialized variable
8.2.1729  endless loop when ":normal" feeds popup window filter
8.2.1730  Vim9: cannot use member of unknown type
8.2.1731  Vim9: cannot use += to append to empty NULL list
8.2.1732  stuck when win_execute() for a popup causes an error
8.2.1733  Vim9: memory leaks when using nested function
8.2.1734  Vim9: cannot use a funcref for a closure twice
8.2.1735  Github actions appear to timeout too soon
8.2.1736  failure to compile a pattern not tested much
8.2.1737  cursor line highlight in popup window is not always updated
8.2.1738  Mac: str2float() recognizes comma instead of decimal point
8.2.1739  Vim9: crash when compiling a manually defined function
8.2.1740  test fails without the terminal feature
8.2.1741  pathshorten() only supports using one character
8.2.1742  test still fails without the terminal feature
8.2.1743  cannot build without the eval feature
8.2.1744  Vim9: using ":const!" is weird
8.2.1745  tiny version doesn't build
8.2.1746  Vim9: cannot use "fina" for "finally"
8.2.1747  result of expand() unexpectedly depends on 'completeslash'
8.2.1748  closing split window in other tab may cause a crash
8.2.1749  Vim9: crash when closure fails in nested function
8.2.1750  popup_setoptions() setting firstline fails if cursorline set
8.2.1751  using 2 where bool is expected may throw an error
8.2.1752  GTK GUI: cannot map alt-? with <A-?>
8.2.1753  Vim9: crash when using import at script level
8.2.1754  completion with spell checking not tested
8.2.1755  Vim9: crash when using invalid heredoc marker
8.2.1756  Vim9: :let will soon be disallowed
8.2.1757  Mac: default locale is lacking the encoding
8.2.1758  Vim9: type of unmaterialized list is wrong
8.2.1759  Vim9: Some tests are still using :let
8.2.1760  Vim9: crash when end marker is missing
8.2.1761  Vim9: Some tests are still using :let
8.2.1762  when a timer uses :stopinsert completion isn't stopped
8.2.1763  Vim9: cannot use "true" for popup window scrollbar option
8.2.1764  Vim9: no error when assigning to script var with wrong type
8.2.1765  Vim9: some tests use "var var"
8.2.1766  Vim9: Some tests are still using :let
8.2.1767  Vim9: test fails with python support
8.2.1768  cannot use the help menu from a terminal window
8.2.1769  popup filter interferes with using :normal to move the cursor
8.2.1770  invalid memory use when using SpellFileMissing autocmd
8.2.1771  synIDattr() cannot get the value of ctermul
8.2.1772  cannot use CTRL-W <Down> to move out of a terminal window
8.2.1773  crash when calling mapset() with a list as first argument
8.2.1774  GTK: hang when forced to exit
8.2.1775  MS-Windows: adding a long quickfix list is slow
8.2.1776  filetype.vim may be loaded twice
8.2.1777  Vim9: some assignment tests in the wrong file
8.2.1778  Vim9: returning from a partial call clears outer context
8.2.1779  some debian changelog files are not recognized
8.2.1780  statusline not updated when splitting windows
8.2.1781  writing to prompt buffer interferes with insert mode
8.2.1782  Vim9: cannot pass boolean to mapset()
8.2.1783  try-catch test fails
8.2.1784  commits are not scanned for security problems
8.2.1785  compiler warning for strcp() out of bounds
8.2.1786  various Normal mode commands not fully tested
8.2.1787  crash with 'incsearch' and very long line
8.2.1788  Vim9: still allows :let for declarations
8.2.1789  Vim9: crash with invalid list constant
8.2.1790  MS-Windows with Python: crash when executed from Vifm
8.2.1791  Vim9: debugger test fails
8.2.1792  Configure does not recognize Racket 6.1+
8.2.1793  not consistently giving the "is a directory" warning
8.2.1794  no falsy Coalescing operator
8.2.1795  Vim9: operators && and || have a confusing result
8.2.1796  Vim9: invalid memory access with weird function name
8.2.1797  Vim9: some parts of the code not tested
8.2.1798  Vim9: trinary operator condition is too permissive
8.2.1799  some Normal mode commands not fully tested
8.2.1800  Vim9: memory leak if "if" condition is invalid
8.2.1801  undo file not found when using ":args" or ":next"
8.2.1802  Vim9: crash with unterminated dict
8.2.1803  a few failures are not tested
8.2.1804  resolve('/') returns an empty string
8.2.1805  Unix: terminal mode changed when using ":shell"
8.2.1806  MS-Windows with Python: Vim freezes after import command
8.2.1807  can use :help in a terminal popup window
8.2.1808  no test coverage for ":spelldump!"
8.2.1809  mapping some keys with Ctrl does not work properly
8.2.1810  some code in normal.c not covered by tests
8.2.1811  mapping Ctrl-key does not work for '{', '}' and '|'
8.2.1812  Vim9: nested closure throws an internal error
8.2.1813  Vim9: can assign wrong type to script dict
8.2.1814  missing change to remove "static"
8.2.1815  Vim9: memory leak when using function reference
8.2.1816  Vim9: another memory leak when using function reference
8.2.1817  Vim9: wrong instruction when reusing a local variable spot
8.2.1818  SE Linux: deprecation warning for security_context_t
8.2.1819  Vim9: Memory leak when using a closure
8.2.1820  Vim9: crash when error happens in timer callback
8.2.1821  Vim9: concatenating to a NULL list doesn't work
8.2.1822  list test doesn't fail
8.2.1823  "gN" does not select the matched string
8.2.1824  Vim9: variables at the script level escape their scope
8.2.1825  Vim9: accessing freed memory
8.2.1826  Vim9: cannot use a {} block at script level
8.2.1827  filetype detection does not test enough file names
8.2.1828  build failure without the +eval feature
8.2.1829  warnings when executing Github actions
8.2.1830  MS-Windows: Python3 issue with stdin
8.2.1831  file missing from distribution
8.2.1832  readdirex() error is displayed as a message
8.2.1833  when reading from stdin dup() is called twice
8.2.1834  PyEval_InitThreads() is deprecated in Python 3.9
8.2.1835  ":help ??" finds the "!!" tag
8.2.1836  autocmd test fails on pacifist systems
8.2.1837  using "gn" after "gN" does not work
8.2.1838  Vim9: cannot insert a comment line in an expression
8.2.1839  Vim9: memory leaks reported in assign test
8.2.1840  Vim9: error message is not clear about compilation error
8.2.1841  Vim9: test for compilation error fails in normal build
8.2.1842  crash when USE_FNAME_CASE is defined and using :browse
8.2.1843  Netbeans: with huge buffer number memory allocation may fail
8.2.1844  using "q" at the more prompt doesn't stop a long message
8.2.1845  Vim9: function defined in a block can't use block variables
8.2.1846  Vim9: block variables are not found in compiled function
8.2.1847  Vim9: using negative value for unsigned type
8.2.1848  crash when passing a NULL string or list to popup_settext()
8.2.1849  Vim9: garbage collection frees block-local variables
8.2.1850  "vat" does not select tags correctly over line break
8.2.1851  Vim9: "!" followed by space incorrectly used
8.2.1852  map() returing zero for NULL list is unexpected
8.2.1853  "to_f" is recognized at "topleft" modifier
8.2.1854  Vim9: crash when throwing exception for NULL string
8.2.1855  Vim9: get error message when nothing is wrong
8.2.1856  "2resize" uses size of current window
8.2.1857  Vim9: using job_status() on an unused var gives an error
8.2.1858  Vim9: filter functions return number instead of bool
8.2.1859  Vim9: crash in unpack assignment
8.2.1860  Vim9: memory leak when throwing empty string
8.2.1861  Vim9: no specific error when parsing lambda fails
8.2.1862  vim9: memory leak when compiling lambda fails
8.2.1863  json code not sufficiently tested
8.2.1864  Vim9: no error for wrong list type
8.2.1865  Vim9: add() does not check type of argument
8.2.1866  Vim9: appending to pushed blob gives wrong result
8.2.1867  Vim9: argument to add() not checked for blob
8.2.1868  Vim9: no error for missing space after comma in dict
8.2.1869  Vim9: memory leak when using add()
8.2.1870  Vim9: no need to keep all script variables
8.2.1871  using %v in 'errorformat' may fail before %Z
8.2.1872  matchfuzzy() does not prefer sequential matches
8.2.1873  Vim9: missing white space when using <f-args>
8.2.1874  can't do something just before leaving Insert mode
8.2.1875  warning when building GTK gui
8.2.1876  Vim9: argument types are not checked at compile time
8.2.1877  test for function list fails
8.2.1878  GTK: error for redefining function
8.2.1879  Vim9: argument types of insert() not checked when compiling
8.2.1880  Vim9: asan complains about adding zero to NULL
8.2.1881  cannot build with GTK3
8.2.1882  Vim9: v:disallow_let is no longer needed
8.2.1883  compiler warnings when using Python
8.2.1884  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
8.2.1885  filetype tests unnessarily creates swap files
8.2.1886  using ":silent!" in a popup filter has unexpected effect
8.2.1887  Github actions not optimally configured
8.2.1888  Vim9: getbufline(-1, 1, '$') gives an error
8.2.1889  Vim9: errornous error for missing white space after {}
8.2.1890  Vim9: strange error for subtracting from a list
8.2.1891  Vim9: skipping over expression doesn't handle line breaks
8.2.1892  valgrind warns for using uninitialized access in tests
8.2.1893  fuzzy matching does not support multiple words
8.2.1894  Vim9: command modifiers are not supported
8.2.1895  Vim9: silent command modifier test fails
8.2.1896  valgrind warns for using uninitialized memory
8.2.1897  command modifiers are saved and set inconsistently
8.2.1898  command modifier parsing always uses global cmdmod
8.2.1899  crash in out-of-memory situation
8.2.1900  Vim9: command modifiers do not work
8.2.1901  variable completion does not work in command line window
8.2.1902  default option values changed with :badd for existing buffer
8.2.1903  buffer test fails with normal features
8.2.1904  still using default option values after using ":badd +1"
8.2.1905  the wininfo list may contain stale entries
8.2.1906  warning for signed/unsigned
8.2.1907  complete_info().selected may be wrong
8.2.1908  Lua is initialized even when not used
8.2.1909  number of status line items is limited to 80
8.2.1910  reading past the end of the command line
8.2.1911  tiny build fails
8.2.1912  with Python 3.9 some tests fail
8.2.1913  GTK GUI: rounding for the cell height is too strict
8.2.1914  Vim9: cannot put line break in expression for '=' register
8.2.1915  Vim9: error for wrong number of arguments is not useful
8.2.1916  Vim9: function call is aborted even when "silent!" is used
8.2.1917  no test for improved Man command
8.2.1918  Vim9: E1100 mentions :let
8.2.1919  assert_fails() setting emsg_silent changes normal execution
8.2.1920  listlbr test fails when run after another test
8.2.1921  fuzzy matching does not recognize path separators
8.2.1922  Win32: scrolling problems when part of window is off-screen
8.2.1923  Vim9: "filter" command modifier doesn't work
8.2.1924  Vim9: crash when indexing dict with NULL key
8.2.1925  list/dict test fails
8.2.1926  cannot use a space in 'spellfile'
8.2.1927  Vim9: get unknown error with an error in a timer function
8.2.1928  Vim9: "silent!" not effective when list index is wrong
8.2.1929  MS-Windows: problem loading Perl 5.32
8.2.1930  wrong input if removing shift results in special key code
8.2.1931  Vim9: arguments of extend() not checked at compile time
8.2.1932  compiler warnings when building with Athena GUI
8.2.1933  cannot sort using locale ordering
   2020-09-19 01:55:51 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to version 8.2.1709.

8.2.1034  compiler warning for uninitialized variables
8.2.1035  setreg() does not always clear the register
8.2.1036  popupwin test fails sometimes
8.2.1037  Vim9: crash when using line continuation inside :def
8.2.1038  popupwin test fails
8.2.1039  cannot put NUL byte on clipboard
8.2.1040  not enough testing for movement commands
8.2.1041  test summary is missing executed count
8.2.1042  Vim9: cannot put an operator on the next line
8.2.1043  %a item in 'statusline' not tested
8.2.1044  not all systemd file types are recognized
8.2.1045  Vim9: line break before operator does not work
8.2.1046  insufficient tests for src/buffer.c
8.2.1047  Vim9: script cannot use line continuation like :def function
8.2.1048  build failure without the eval feature
8.2.1049  Vim9: leaking memory when using continuation line
8.2.1050  missing change in struct
8.2.1051  crash when changing a list while using reduce() on it
8.2.1052  build failure with older compilers
8.2.1053  insufficient testing for 'statusline' and 'tabline'
8.2.1054  not so easy to pass a lua function to Vim
8.2.1055  no filetype set for pacman config files
8.2.1056  wrong display when mixing match conceal and syntax conceal
8.2.1057  cannot build with dynamic Lua
8.2.1058  multiline conceal causes display errors
8.2.1059  crash when using :tabonly in an autocommand
8.2.1060  not all elinks files are recognized
8.2.1061  insufficient testing for src/window.c
8.2.1062  Vim9: no line break allowed inside "cond ? val1 : val2"
8.2.1063  Vim9: no line break allowed before || or &&
8.2.1064  Vim9: no line break allowed before comperators
8.2.1065  Vim9: no line break allowed inside a list
8.2.1066  Lua arrays are zero based
8.2.1067  expression "!expr->func()" does not work
8.2.1068  Vim9: no line break allowed inside a dict
8.2.1069  Vim9: fail to check for white space in list
8.2.1070  Vim9: leaking memory when lacking white space in dict
8.2.1071  Vim9: no line break allowed inside a lambda
8.2.1072  missing libvterm test
8.2.1073  Vim9: no line break allowed in () expression
8.2.1074  Vim9: no line break allowed after some operators
8.2.1075  Vim9: no line break allowed in :echo expression
8.2.1076  Vim9: no line break allowed in :if expression
8.2.1077  not enough test coverage for highlighting
8.2.1078  highlight and match functionality together in one file
8.2.1079  Vim9: no line break allowed in a while loop
8.2.1080  Vim9: no line break allowed in a for loop
8.2.1081  Lua: cannot use table.insert() and table.remove()
8.2.1082  Coverity complains about ignoring dict_add() return value
8.2.1083  crash when using reduce() on a NULL list
8.2.1084  Lua: registering function has useless code
8.2.1085  Coverity complains about ignoring dict_add() return value
8.2.1086  possibly using freed memory when text properties used
8.2.1087  possible memory leak when file expansion fails
8.2.1088  a very long translation might cause a buffer overflow
8.2.1089  Coverity warns for pointer computation
8.2.1090  may use NULL pointer when skipping over name
8.2.1091  no check if opening a pty works
8.2.1092  not checking if saving for undo succeeds
8.2.1093  Python: double free when adding item to dict fails
8.2.1094  dead code in libvterm
8.2.1095  may use pointer after freeing it
8.2.1096  Vim9: return type of getqflist() is wrong
8.2.1097  highlight code not sufficiently tested
8.2.1098  Vim9: cannot use line break in :throw argument
8.2.1099  Vim9: cannot use line break in :cexpr argument
8.2.1100  Vim9: cannot use line break in :execute argument
8.2.1101  no error when using wrong arguments for setqflist()
8.2.1102  Coverity gets confused by an unnecessary NULL check
8.2.1103  Coverity reports an unnecessary NULL check
8.2.1104  Coverity warns for possible NULL pointer use
8.2.1105  insufficient test coverage for Lua
8.2.1106  crash when trying to use s: variable in typed command
8.2.1107  'imactivatefunc' and 'imstatusfunc' are not used in the GUI
8.2.1108  mouse left-right scroll is not supported in terminal window
8.2.1109  still crashing when using s:variable
8.2.1110  Vim9: line continuation does not work in function arguments
8.2.1111  inconsistent naming of get_list_tv() and eval_dict()
8.2.1112  Vim9: no line continuation allowed in method call
8.2.1113  no test for verbose output of :call
8.2.1114  terminal test sometimes times out
8.2.1115  iminsert test fails when compiled with VIMDLL
8.2.1116  Vim9: parsing command checks for list twice
8.2.1117  Coverity warns for unsing unitialized field
8.2.1118  condition can never be true, dead code
8.2.1119  configure fails with Xcode 12 beta
8.2.1120  Python code not tested properly
8.2.1121  command completion not working after ++arg
8.2.1122  Vim9: line continuation in dict member not recognized
8.2.1123  Python 3 test is old style
8.2.1124  Vim9: no line break allowed in :import command
8.2.1125  Vim9: double quote can be a string or a comment
8.2.1126  Vim9: using :copen causes an error
8.2.1127  Vim9: getting a dict member may not work
8.2.1128  the write message mentions characters, but it's bytes
8.2.1129  Vim9: bar not recognized after not compiled command
8.2.1130  Vim9: bar not recognized after function call
8.2.1131  Vim9: error message for returning a value is not clear
8.2.1132  Vim9: return type of repeat() is not specific enough
8.2.1133  Vim9: return type of add() is not specific enough
8.2.1134  Vim9: getting a list member may not work
8.2.1135  Vim9: getting a dict member may not work
8.2.1136  Vim9: return type of argv() is always any
8.2.1137  Vim9: modifiers not cleared after compiling function
8.2.1138  Vim9: return type of copy() and deepcopy() is any
8.2.1139  Vim9: test for silent echo fails in some environments
8.2.1140  Vim9: return type of extend() is any
8.2.1141  Vim9: return type of filter() is any
8.2.1142  Vim9: return type of insert() is any
8.2.1143  Vim9: return type of remove() is any
8.2.1144  Vim9: return type of reverse() is any
8.2.1145  Vim9: "for" only accepts a list at compile time
8.2.1146  not enough testing for Python
8.2.1147  :confirm may happen in cooked mode
8.2.1148  warning for using int instead of size_t
8.2.1149  Vim9: :eval command not handled properly
8.2.1150  ml_get error when using Python
8.2.1151  insufficient test coverage for Python
8.2.1152  Vim9: function reference is missing script prefix
8.2.1153  Vim9: script test fails on some systems
8.2.1154  Vim9: crash when using imported function
8.2.1155  Vim9: cannot handle line break inside lambda
8.2.1156  Vim9: No error for invalid command in compiled function
8.2.1157  Vim9: is not recognized as an expression
8.2.1158  build error
8.2.1159  Vim9: no error for missing space after a comma
8.2.1160  Vim9: memory leak in allocated types
8.2.1161  Vim9: using freed memory
8.2.1162  crash when using a lambda
8.2.1163  build error
8.2.1164  text cleared by checking terminal properties not redrawn
8.2.1165  insufficient testing for the Tcl interface
8.2.1166  once mouse move events are enabled getchar() returns them
8.2.1167  Vim9: builtin function method call only supports first arg
8.2.1168  wrong method argument for appendbufline()
8.2.1169  write NUL past allocated space using corrupted spell file
8.2.1170  cursor off by one with block paste while 'virtualedit' "all"
8.2.1171  possible crash when out of memory
8.2.1172  error messages when doing "make clean" in doc or tee
8.2.1173  tee doesn't build on some systems
8.2.1174  no test for the "recording @x" message
8.2.1175  Vim9: cannot split a line before ".member"
8.2.1176  Vim9: not enough type checking in Vim9 script
8.2.1177  terminal2 test sometimes hangs in the GUI
8.2.1178  Vim9: filter function recognized as command modifier
8.2.1179  Test_termwinscroll() sometimes hangs in the GUI
8.2.1180  build failure in small version
8.2.1181  json code not fully tested
8.2.1182  Vim9: no check for whitespace after comma in lambda
8.2.1183  assert_fails() checks the last error message
8.2.1184  some tests fail
8.2.1185  some other tests fail
8.2.1186  with SGR mouse codes balloon doesn't show up after click
8.2.1187  terminal2 test sometimes hangs in the GUI on Travis
8.2.1188  memory leak with invalid json input
8.2.1189  Vim9: line continuation in lambda doesn't always work
8.2.1190  Vim9: checking for Vim9 syntax is spread out
8.2.1191  Vim9: crash when function calls itself
8.2.1192  Lua test fails with older Lua version
8.2.1193  terminal window not redrawn when dragging a popup window
8.2.1194  test failure because shell prompt differs
8.2.1195  clientserver test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.1196  build failure with normal features
8.2.1197  clientserver test still fails on MS-Windows
8.2.1198  terminal2 test sometimes hangs in the GUI on Travis
8.2.1199  not all assert functions are fully tested
8.2.1200  Vim9: cannot disassemble a lambda function
8.2.1201  Vim9: crash when passing number as dict key
8.2.1202  Vim9: crash when calling a closure from a builtin function
8.2.1203  unused assignments in expression evaluation
8.2.1204  Vim9: true and false not recognized in Vim9 script
8.2.1205  Vim9: && and || work different when not compiled
8.2.1206  Vim9: crash in expr test when run in the GUI
8.2.1207  Vim9: crash in expr test when run in the GUI
8.2.1208  build failure
8.2.1209  Vim9: test failure
8.2.1210  using ht_used when looping through a hashtab is less reliable
8.2.1211  removed more than dead code
8.2.1212  cannot build with Lua 5.4
8.2.1213  mouse codes not tested sufficiently
8.2.1214  MS-Windows: default _vimrc not correct in silent install mode
8.2.1215  Atari MiNT support is outdated
8.2.1216  startup test fails
8.2.1217  startup test depends on random source file
8.2.1218  Vim9: cannot use 'text'->func()
8.2.1219  symlink not followed if dirname ends in //
8.2.1220  memory access error when dragging a popup window
8.2.1221  memory leak when updating popup window
8.2.1222  using valgrind in Vim command started by test doesn't work
8.2.1223  Vim9: invalid type error for function default value
8.2.1224  Vim9: arguments from partial are not used
8.2.1225  linker errors when building with dynamic Python 3.9
8.2.1226  MS-Windows: windows positioning wrong depending on taskbar
8.2.1227  Vim9: allowing both quoted and # comments is confusing
8.2.1228  scrollbars not flush against the window edges when maximised
8.2.1229  build error without the eval feature
8.2.1230  Vim9: list index error not caught by try/catch
8.2.1231  MS-Windows: GUI code can be cleaned up
8.2.1232  MS-Windows GUI: Snap cancelled by split command
8.2.1233  Vim9: various errors not caught by try/catch
8.2.1234  Lua build problem with old compiler
8.2.1235  Not all mouse codes covered by tests
8.2.1236  Vim9: a few errors not caught by try/catch
8.2.1237  changing 'completepopup' after opening popup has no effect
8.2.1238  Vim9: a few remaining errors not caught by try/catch
8.2.1239  "maxwidth" in 'completepopup' not obeyed
8.2.1240  GUI tests sometimes fail because of translations
8.2.1241  cannot use getbufinfo() as a method
8.2.1242  Vim9: no error if calling a function with wrong type
8.2.1243  Vim9: cannot have a comment line halfway a list
8.2.1244  Vim9: in lambda index assumes a list
8.2.1245  build failure in tiny version
8.2.1246  Vim9: comment after assignment doesn't work
8.2.1247  Vim9: cannot index a character in a string
8.2.1248  Netbeans test is flaky in the GUI
8.2.1249  Vim9: disassemble test fails
8.2.1250  Vim9: cannot use the g:, b:, t: and w: namespaces
8.2.1251  Vim9: warning for pointer usage, test failure undetected
8.2.1252  ":marks" may show '< and '> mixed up
8.2.1253  CTRL-K in Insert mode gets <CursorHold> inserted
8.2.1254  MS-Windows: regexp test may fail if 'iskeyword' set wrongly
8.2.1255  cannot use a lambda with quickfix functions
8.2.1256  Vim9: type wrong after getting dict item in lambda
8.2.1257  Vim9: list unpack doesn't work at the script level
8.2.1258  CursorHold does not work well
8.2.1259  empty group in 'tabline' may cause using an invalid pointer
8.2.1260  there is no good test for CursorHold
8.2.1261  Vim9: common type of function not tested
8.2.1262  src/ex_cmds.c file is too big
8.2.1263  Vim9: comperators use 'ignorecase' in Vim9 script
8.2.1264  terminal getwinpos() test is a bit flaky
8.2.1265  crash with EXITFREE when split() fails
8.2.1266  Makefile preference were accidentally included
8.2.1267  MS-Windows: tests may fail due to $PROMPT value
8.2.1268  Vim9: no error for using double quote comment
8.2.1269  language and locale code spread out
8.2.1270  Vim9: not skipping over function type declaration
8.2.1271  Vim9: Error for Funcref function argument type
8.2.1272  Vim9: type not checked if declaration also assigns value
8.2.1273  MS-Windows: terminal test may leave file behind
8.2.1274  Vim9: no error for missing white space at script level
8.2.1275  Vim9: compiler warning for buffer size
8.2.1276  MS-Windows: system test may fail if more.exe is installed
8.2.1277  tests on Travis do not run with EXITFREE
8.2.1278  Vim9: line break after "->" only allowed in :def function
8.2.1279  some tests on Travis have EXITFREE duplicated
8.2.1280  Ex command error cannot contain an argument
8.2.1281  the "trailing characters" error can be hard to understand
8.2.1282  Vim9: crash when using CheckScriptFailure()
8.2.1283  Vim9: error for misplaced -> lacks argument
8.2.1284  Vim9: skipping over type includes following white space
8.2.1285  Vim9: argument types are not checked on assignment
8.2.1286  Vim9: No error when using a type on a window variable
8.2.1287  Vim9: crash when using an imported function
8.2.1288  Vim9: cannot use mark in range
8.2.1289  crash when using a custom completion function
8.2.1290  Vim9: cannot replace a global function
8.2.1291  Vim9: type of varargs items is not checked
8.2.1292  AIDL filetype not recognized
8.2.1293  Vim9: :execute mixes up () expression and function call
8.2.1294  Vim9: error when using vim9script in TextYankPost
8.2.1295  tests 44 and 99 are old style
8.2.1296  some part of using 'smarcase' was not tested
8.2.1297  when a test fails it's often not easy to see where
8.2.1298  compiler warning for unused argument in small version
8.2.1299  compiler warning for using size_t for int and void pointer
8.2.1300  Vim9: optional argument type not parsed properly
8.2.1301  Vim9: varargs argument type not parsed properly
8.2.1302  Vim9: varargs arg after optional arg does not work
8.2.1303  calling popup_setoptions() resets 'signcolumn'
8.2.1304  debug backtrace isn't tested much
8.2.1305  some tests are still old style
8.2.1306  checking for first character of dict key is inconsistent
8.2.1307  popup window width does not include number of sign columns
8.2.1308  Vim9: accidentally using "x" causes Vim to exit
8.2.1309  build failure with tiny version
8.2.1310  configure with Xcode 12 fails to check for tgetent
8.2.1311  test failures with legacy Vim script
8.2.1312  MS-Windows: terminal test may fail if dir.exe exists
8.2.1313  Vim9 script: cannot assign to environment variable
8.2.1314  Vim9: rule for comment after :function is confusing
8.2.1315  MS-Windows: test log contains escape sequences
8.2.1316  test 42 is still old style
8.2.1317  MS-Windows tests on AppVeyor are slow
8.2.1318  no status badge for Github CI
8.2.1319  status badge for Github CI has wrong link
8.2.1320  Vim9: cannot declare some single letter variables
8.2.1321  GitHub CI also runs on tag push
8.2.1322  Vim9: method on double quoted string doesn't work
8.2.1323  Vim9: invalid operators only rejected in :def function
8.2.1324  Vim9: line break after "=" does not work
8.2.1325  Vim9: using Vim9 script for autaload not tested
8.2.1326  Vim9: skipping over white space after list
8.2.1327  Mac: configure can't find Tcl libraries
8.2.1328  no space allowed before comma in list
8.2.1329  Vim9: cannot define global function inside :def function
8.2.1330  Github workflow takes longer than needed
8.2.1331  Vim9: :echo with two lists doesn't work
8.2.1332  Vim9: memory leak when using nested global function
8.2.1333  Vim9: memory leak when using nested global function
8.2.1334  Github workflow timeout needs tuning
8.2.1335  CTRL-C in the GUI doesn't interrupt
8.2.1336  build failure on non-Unix systems
8.2.1337  Vim9: cannot use empty key in dict assignment
8.2.1338  Vim9: assigning to script-local variable doesn't check type
8.2.1339  Vim9: assigning to global dict variable doesn't work
8.2.1340  some tests fail on Cirrus CI and/or with FreeBSD
8.2.1341  build failures
8.2.1342  Vim9: accidentally using "t" gives a confusing error
8.2.1343  Vim9: cannot find global function when using g:
8.2.1344  Vim9: No test for trying to redefine global function
8.2.1345  Redraw error when using visual block and scroll
8.2.1346  small build fails
8.2.1347  cannot easily get the script ID
8.2.1348  build failure without the eval feature
8.2.1349  Vim9: can define a function with the name of an import
8.2.1350  Vim9: no test for error message when redefining function
8.2.1351  Vim9: no proper error if using namespace for nested function
8.2.1352  Vim9: no error for shadowing a script-local function
8.2.1353  crash when drawing double-wide character in terminal window
8.2.1354  test 59 is old style
8.2.1355  Vim9: no error using :let for options and registers
8.2.1356  Vim9: cannot get the percent register
8.2.1357  Vim9: cannot assign to / register
8.2.1358  Vim9: test fails with +dnd is not available
8.2.1359  Vim9: cannot assign to / register in Vim9 script
8.2.1360  stray error for white space after expression
8.2.1361  error for white space after expression in assignment
8.2.1362  last entry of ":set term=xxx" overwritten by error message
8.2.1363  test trying to run terminal when it is not supported
8.2.1364  invalid memory access when searching for raw string
8.2.1365  Vim9: no error for missing white space around operator
8.2.1366  test 49 is old style
8.2.1367  Vim9: no error for missing white space around operator
8.2.1368  Vim9: no error for missing white space around operator
8.2.1369  MS-Windows: autocommand test sometimes fails
8.2.1370  MS-Windows: warning for using fstat() with stat_T
8.2.1371  Vim9: no error for missing white space around operator
8.2.1372  Vim9: no error for missing white space around operator
8.2.1373  Vim9: no error for assigning to non-existing script var
8.2.1374  Vim9: error for assigning empty list to script variable
8.2.1375  Vim9: method name with digit not accepted
8.2.1376  Vim9: expression mapping causes error for using :import
8.2.1377  triggering the ATTENTION prompt causes typeahead mess up
8.2.1378  cannot put space between function name and paren
8.2.1379  curly braces expression ending in " }" does not work
8.2.1380  Vim9: return type of getreg() is always a string
8.2.1381  MS-Windows: crash with Python 3.5 when stdin is redirected
8.2.1382  Vim9: using :import in filetype plugin gives an error
8.2.1383  test 49 is old style
8.2.1384  no ATTENTION prompt for :vimgrep first match file
8.2.1385  no testing on ARM
8.2.1386  backslash not removed afer space with space in 'isfname'
8.2.1387  Vim9: cannot assign to single letter variable with type
8.2.1388  Vim9: += only works for numbers
8.2.1389  file missing from the distribution
8.2.1390  Vim9: type error after storing an option value
8.2.1391  Vim9: no error for shadowing a script function
8.2.1392  Vim9: line number incorrect after skipping over comment lines
8.2.1393  insufficient testing for script debugging
8.2.1394  Vim9: compiling a function interferes with command modifiers
8.2.1395  Vim9: no error if declaring a funcref with lower case letter
8.2.1396  Vim9: no error for unexpectedly returning a value
8.2.1397  Vim9: return type of maparg() not adjusted for fourth arg
8.2.1398  autoload script sourced twice if sourced directly
8.2.1399  Vim9: may find imported item in wrong script
8.2.1400  Vim9: test does not delete written files
8.2.1401  cannot jump to the last used tabpage
8.2.1402  s390x tests always fail
8.2.1403  Vim9: Vim highlighting may fail in cmdline window
8.2.1404  Vim9: script test fails in the GUI
8.2.1405  Vim9: vim9compile.c is getting too big
8.2.1406  popupwindow lacks scrollbar if no "maxheight" is used
8.2.1407  Vim9: type of list and dict only depends on first item
8.2.1408  Vim9: type casting not supported
8.2.1409  nmpmrc and php.ini filetypes not recognized
8.2.1410  adding compiler plugin requires test change
8.2.1411  when splitting a window localdir is copied but prevdir is not
8.2.1412  Vim: not operator does not result in boolean
8.2.1413  previous tab page not usable from an Ex command
8.2.1414  popupwindow missing last couple of lines
8.2.1415  closing a popup window with CTRL-C interrupts 'statusline'
8.2.1416  Vim9: boolean evaluation does not work as intended
8.2.1417  test 49 is old style
8.2.1418  Vim9: invalid error for missing white space
8.2.1419  Vim9: not operator applied too early
8.2.1420  test 49 is old style
8.2.1421  Vim9: handling "+" and "-" before number differs \ 
from script
8.2.1422  the Mac GUI implementation is outdated
8.2.1423  Vim9: find global function when looking for script-local
8.2.1424  Mac build fails
8.2.1425  Vim9: cannot use call() without :call
8.2.1426  Vim9: cannot call autoload function in :def function
8.2.1427  Vim9: cannot use a range with marks in :def function
8.2.1428  Vim9: :def function does not abort on nested function error
8.2.1429  Vim9: no error for missing white after : in dict
8.2.1430  Vim9: error for missing comma instead of extra white space
8.2.1431  Vim9: no error for white space before comma in dict
8.2.1432  various inconsistencies in test files
8.2.1433  Vim9: cannot mingle comments in multi-line lambda
8.2.1434  Vim9: crash when lambda uses outer function argument
8.2.1435  Vim9: always converting to string for ".." leads to mistakes
8.2.1436  function implementing :substitute has unexpected name
8.2.1437  Vim9: 'statusline' is evaluated using Vim9 script syntax
8.2.1438  missing tests for interrupting script execution from debugger
8.2.1439  tiny and small builds have no test coverage
8.2.1440  debugger code insufficiently tested
8.2.1441  running tests in tiny version gives error for summarize.vim
8.2.1442  outdated references to the Mac Carbon GUI
8.2.1443  Vim9: crash when interrupting a nested :def function
8.2.1444  error messages are spread out and names can be confusing
8.2.1445  Vim9: function expanded name is cleared when sourcing again
8.2.1446  Vim9: line number in error message is not correct
8.2.1447  Vim9: return type of keys() is list<any>
8.2.1448  test 77a for VMS depends on small.vim which does not exist
8.2.1449  some test makefiles delete files that are not generated
8.2.1450  Vim9: no check that script-local items don't become global
8.2.1451  Vim9: list type at script level only uses first item
8.2.1452  Vim9: dead code in to_name_end()
8.2.1453  Vim9: failure to compile lambda not tested
8.2.1454  Vim9: failure invoking lambda with wrong arguments
8.2.1455  Vim9: crash when using typecast before constant
8.2.1456  MS-Windows: test files are not deleted
8.2.1457  Vim9: the output of :disassemble cannot be interrupted
8.2.1458  .gawk files not recognized
8.2.1459  Vim9: declaring script var in script does not infer the type
8.2.1460  error messages are spread out
8.2.1461  Vim9: string indexes are counted in bytes
8.2.1462  Vim9: string slice not supported yet
8.2.1463  Vim9: list slice not supported yet
8.2.1464  Vim9: build warning for unused variable
8.2.1465  Vim9: subscript not handled properly
8.2.1466  Vim9: cannot index or slice a variable with type "any"
8.2.1467  Vim9: :echomsg doesn't like a dict argument
8.2.1468  Vim9: invalid error for missing white space
8.2.1469  Vim9: cannot assign string to string option
8.2.1470  errors in spell file not tested
8.2.1471  :const only locks the variable, not the value
8.2.1472  ":argdel" does not work like ":.argdel" as documented
8.2.1473  items in a list given to :const can still be modified
8.2.1474  /usr/lib/udef/rules.d not recognized as udevrules
8.2.1475  Vim9: can't use v:true for option flags
8.2.1476  filetype test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.1477  Vim9: error when using bufnr('%')
8.2.1478  Vim9: cannot use "true" for some popup options
8.2.1479  Vim9: error for list index uses wrong line number
8.2.1480  Vim9: skip expression in search() gives error
8.2.1481  Vim9: line number reported with error may be wrong
8.2.1482  Vim9: crash when using a nested lambda
8.2.1483  Vim9: error for using special as number
8.2.1484  flaky failure in assert_fails()
8.2.1485  Vim9: readdirex() expression doesn't accept bool
8.2.1486  Vim9: readdir() expression doesn't accept bool
8.2.1487  Travis: installing snd-dummy is not always useful
8.2.1488  text does not scroll when inserting above first line
8.2.1489  Vim9: error when setting an option with setbufvar()
8.2.1490  Vim9: using /= with float and number doesn't work
8.2.1491  Vim9: crash when compiling heredoc lines start with comment
8.2.1492  build failures
8.2.1493  not enough test coverage for the spell file handling
8.2.1494  missing change to calling eval_getline()
8.2.1495  "make clean" may delete too many files
8.2.1496  Vim9: cannot use " #" in a mapping
8.2.1497  CursorHold test is flaky
8.2.1498  on slow systems tests can be flaky
8.2.1499  Vim9: error when using "$" with col()
8.2.1500  Vim9: error when using address without a command
8.2.1501  Vim9: concatenating to constant reverses order
8.2.1502  Vim9: can use += with a :let command at script level
8.2.1503  Vim9: error for autocmd defined in :def in legacy script
8.2.1504  Vim9: white space checks are only done for a :def function
8.2.1505  not all file read and writecode is tested
8.2.1506  Vim9: no error when using a number other than 0 or 1 as bool
8.2.1507  using malloc() directly
8.2.1508  not all debugger commands covered by tests
8.2.1509  vertical separator is cleared when dragging a popup window
8.2.1510  using "var" in :def function may refer to legacy script var
8.2.1511  putting a string in Visual block mode ignores multi-byte
8.2.1512  failure after trinary expression fails
8.2.1513  cannot interrupt shell used for filename expansion
8.2.1514  multibyte vertical separator is cleared when dragging popup
8.2.1515  Vim9: can create s:var in legacy script but cannot unlet
8.2.1516  Vim9: error for :exe has wrong line number
8.2.1517  cannot easily get the character under the cursor
8.2.1518  Vim9: cannot assign to local option
8.2.1519  Vim9: Ex command default range is not set
8.2.1520  Vim9: CTRL-] used in :def function does not work
8.2.1521  reading past end of buffer when reading spellfile
8.2.1522  not enough test coverage for the spell file handling
8.2.1523  still not enough test coverage for the spell file handling
8.2.1524  no longer get an error for string concatenation with float
8.2.1525  messages from tests were not always displayed
8.2.1526  line in testdir Makefile got commented out
8.2.1527  Vim9: cannot use a function name at script level
8.2.1528  Vim9: :endif not found after "if false"
8.2.1529  Vim9: :elseif may be compiled when not needed
8.2.1530  Vim9: test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.1531  Vim9: test still fails on MS-Windows
8.2.1532  compiler warning for conversion of size_t to long
8.2.1533  Vim9: error when passing getreginfo() result to setreg()
8.2.1534  Vim9: type error for argument type is not at call position
8.2.1535  it is not possible to specify cell widths of characters
8.2.1536  cannot get the class of a character; emoji widths are wrong
8.2.1537  memory acccess error when using setcellwidths()
8.2.1538  Python: iteration over vim objects fails to keep reference
8.2.1539  using invalid script ID causes a crash
8.2.1540  the user cannot try out emoji character widths
8.2.1541  Vim9: cannot find function reference for s:Func
8.2.1542  Vim9: test with invalid SID does not work in the GUI
8.2.1543  Vim9: test with invalid SID is skipped in the GUI
8.2.1544  cannot translate messages in a Vim script
8.2.1545  ch_logfile() is unclear about closing when forking
8.2.1546  build rule for is unused
8.2.1547  various comment problems
8.2.1548  cannot move position of "%%" in message translations
8.2.1549  "r" fails if 'esckeys' is off and modifyOtherKeys is used
8.2.1550  Vim9: bufname('%') gives an error
8.2.1551  Vim9: error for argument type does not mention the number
8.2.1552  warnings from asan with clang-11
8.2.1553  crash in edit test
8.2.1554  crash in normal test
8.2.1555  not all tests are executed on Github Actions
8.2.1556  cursorline highlighting always overrules sign highlighting
8.2.1557  crash in :vimgrep when started as "vim -n"
8.2.1558  signs test fails
8.2.1559  s390x tests work again
8.2.1560  using NULL pointers in some code
8.2.1561  using NULL pointers in fold code
8.2.1562  Vim9: error when using "%" where a buffer is expected
8.2.1563  Vim9: error when using '%" with setbufvar() r getbufvar()
8.2.1564  a few remaining errors from ubsan
8.2.1565  spellfile test sometimes fails
8.2.1566  not all Bazel files are recognized
8.2.1567  no example to use ubsan with clang
8.2.1568  prop_find() skips properties in the same line
8.2.1569  Vim9: fixes not tested; failure in getchangelist()
8.2.1570  configure check for dirfd() does not work on HPUX
8.2.1571  Vim9: count() third argument cannot be "true"
8.2.1572  Vim9: expand() does not take "true" as argument
8.2.1573  Vim9: getreg() does not take "true" as argument
8.2.1574  Vim9: glob() doesnot take "true" as argument
8.2.1575  Vim9: globpath() doesnot take "true" as argument
8.2.1576  Vim9: index() does not take "true" as argument
8.2.1577  Vim9: hasmapto()/mapcheck()/maparg() do nottake "true" arg
8.2.1578  Vim9: popup_clear() does not take "true" as argument
8.2.1579  reports from asan are not optimal
8.2.1580  wildmenu does not work properly
8.2.1581  using line() for global popup window doesn't work
8.2.1582  the channel log does not show typed text
8.2.1583  MS-Windows: cannot easily measure code coverage
8.2.1584  Vim9: cannot use "true" for "skipstart" in prop_find()
8.2.1585  messages in globals.h not translated
8.2.1586  :resize command not fully tested
8.2.1587  loop for handling keys for the command line is too long
8.2.1588  cannot read back the prompt of a prompt buffer
8.2.1589  term_start() options for size are overruled by 'termwinsize'
8.2.1590  Vim9: bufnr() doesn't take "true" argument
8.2.1591  using winheight('.') in tests works but is wrong
8.2.1592  Vim9: passing "true" to char2nr() fails
8.2.1593  tests do not check the error number properly
8.2.1594  pull requests on github do not notify a maintainer
8.2.1595  cannot easily see what Vim sends to the terminal
8.2.1596  using win_screenpos('.') in tests works but is wrong
8.2.1597  the channel source file is too big
8.2.1598  starting a hidden terminal resizes the current window
8.2.1599  missing line end when skipping a long line with :cgetfile
8.2.1600  Vim9: cannot use "true" with deepcopy()
8.2.1601  Vim9: cannot use 'true" with garbagecollect()
8.2.1602  Vim9: cannot use 'true" with getbufinfo()
8.2.1603  Vim9: cannot use "true" with getchar()
8.2.1604  Vim9: cannot use "true" with getcompletion()
8.2.1605  default maintainer on github is wrong
8.2.1606  Vim9: cannot use "true" with has()
8.2.1607  Vim9: getchar() test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.1608  Vim9: getchar() test fails with GUI
8.2.1609  Vim9: test fails when build without +channel
8.2.1610  Vim9: cannot pass "true" to list2str() and str2list()
8.2.1611  Vim9: cannot pass "true" to nr2char()
8.2.1612  Vim9: cannot pass "true" to prop_remove()
8.2.1613  Vim9: cannot pass "true" to prop_type_add()
8.2.1614  Vim9: cannot pass "true" to searchcount()
8.2.1615  Vim9: cannot pass "true" to searchdecl()
8.2.1616  Vim9: cannot pass "true" to synID()
8.2.1617  Vim9: cannot pass "true" to win_splitmove()
8.2.1618  Vim9: cannot pass "true" to setloclist()
8.2.1619  Vim9: cannot pass "true" to spellsuggest()
8.2.1620  searchcount() test fails
8.2.1621  crash when using submatch(0, 1) in substitute()
8.2.1622  loop to handle keys for the command line is too long
8.2.1623  Vim9: using :call where it is not needed
8.2.1624  Vim9: cannot pass "true" to split(), str2nr() and strchars()
8.2.1625  compiler warning for use of fptr_T
8.2.1626  test for strchars() fails with different error number
8.2.1627  Vim9: cannot pass "true" to submatch/term_gettty/term_start
8.2.1628  Vim9: cannot pass "true" to timer_paused()
8.2.1629  test fails without terminal feature
8.2.1630  terminal test fails
8.2.1631  test_fails() does not check the context of the line number
8.2.1632  not checking the context of test_fails()
8.2.1633  some error messages are internal but do not use iemsg()
8.2.1634  loop to handle keys for the command line is too long
8.2.1635  no digraph for 0x2022 BULLET
8.2.1636  get stuck if a popup filter causes an error
8.2.1637  Vim9: :put ={expr} does not work inside :def function
8.2.1638  leaking memory when popup filter function can't be called
8.2.1639  options window cannot be translated
8.2.1640  Amiga: missing header for getgrgid()
8.2.1641  Vim9: cannot use 0 or 1 where a bool is expected
8.2.1642  options test fails
8.2.1643  Vim9: :defcompile compiles dead functions
8.2.1644  Vim9: cannot assign 1 and 0 to bool at script level
8.2.1645  GTK3: icons become broken images when resized
8.2.1646  Amiga: Unnecessary #include
8.2.1647  Vim9: result of expression with && and || is not a bool
8.2.1648  Amiga: no common build file for Amiga (-like) systems
8.2.1649  GTK3: using old file chooser
8.2.1650  Vim9: result of && and || expression is not bool in script
8.2.1651  spellfile code not completely tested
8.2.1652  cannot translate lines in the options window
8.2.1653  expand('<stack>') does not include the final line number
8.2.1654  when job writes to hidden buffer current window is wrong
8.2.1655  cannot build with Strawberry Perl 5.32.0
8.2.1656  Vim9: callstack wrong if :def function calls :def function
8.2.1657  Vim9: no proper error for nested ":def!"
8.2.1658  expand('<stack>') has trailing ".."
8.2.1659  spellfile code not completely tested
8.2.1660  assert functions require passing expected as first argument
8.2.1661  cannot connect to for host with only IPv6 addresses
8.2.1662  :mksession does not restore shared terminal buffer properly
8.2.1663  options window entries cannot be translated
8.2.1664  memory leak when using :mkview with a terminal buffer
8.2.1665  cannot do fuzzy string matching
8.2.1666  the initial value of 'backupskip' can have duplicate items
8.2.1667  local function name cannot shadow a global function name
8.2.1668  Vim9: not accepting 0 or 1 as bool when type is any
8.2.1669  Vim9: memory leak when storing a value fails
8.2.1670  a couple of gcc compiler warnings
8.2.1671  Vim9: stray error for missing white space
8.2.1672  v_lock is used when it is not initialized
8.2.1673  complete_info() selected index has an invalid value
8.2.1674  Vim9: internal error when using variable that was not set
8.2.1675  MinGW: testdir makefile deletes non-existing file
8.2.1676  compiler warnings for function typecast
8.2.1677  memory access errors when calling setloclist() in autocommand
8.2.1678  crash when using ":set" after ":ownsyntax"
8.2.1679  Vim9: ":*" is not recognized as a range
8.2.1680  Vim9: line number for compare error is wrong
8.2.1681  Vim9: unnessary :call commands in tests
8.2.1682  Vim9: const works in an unexpected way
8.2.1683  Vim9: assignment test fails
8.2.1684  "gF" does not use line number after file in Visual mode
8.2.1685  Vim9: cannot declare a constant value
8.2.1686  Vim9: "const!" not sufficiently tested
8.2.1687  Vim9: out of bounds error
8.2.1688  increment/decrement removes text property
8.2.1689  'colorcolumn' doesn't show in indent
8.2.1690  text properties not adjusted for "I" in Visual block mode
8.2.1691  Vim9: list<any> is not accepted where \ 
list<number> is expected
8.2.1692  build fails because TTFLAG_STATIC is missing
8.2.1693  "hi def" does not work for cleared highlight
8.2.1694  compiler warning for loss if data
8.2.1695  Vim9: crash when using varargs type "any"
8.2.1696  unused (duplicate) macros
8.2.1697  inconsistent capitalization of error messages
8.2.1698  cannot lock a variable in legacy Vim script like in Vim9
8.2.1699  build failure due to missing error message
8.2.1700  Vim9: try/catch causes wrong value to be returned
8.2.1701  Vim9: sort("i") does not work
8.2.1702  crash when using undo after deleting folded lines
8.2.1703  ":highlight clear" does not restore default link
8.2.1704  Vim9: crash in for loop when autoload script has an error
8.2.1705  "verbose hi Name" reports incorrect info after ":hi \ 
8.2.1706  Vim9: crash after running into the "Multiple closures" error
8.2.1707  small inconsitency in highlight test
8.2.1708  Vim9: error message for function has unpritable characters
8.2.1709  Vim9: memory leak when using multiple closures
   2020-08-31 20:13:29 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3631) | Package updated
Log message:
*: bump PKGREVISION for perl-5.32.
   2020-06-30 20:49:56 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
vim-share: Fix lua option.

Instead of the first unversioned lua interpreter being detected
(on NetBSD usually /usr/bin/lua), make sure the correct version
as selected by pkgsrc infrastructure gets used.

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