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History of commit frequency

CVS Commit History:

   2020-02-28 12:33:43 by Michael Baeuerle | Files touched by this commit (5)
Log message:
doom2-pwad-eviternity: Imported version 1.0

Eviternity is a megawad comprised of six 5-map
episodes (called Chapters) plus two secret maps.
This project exclusively uses OTEX, a brand new
high quality texture pack by ukiro.

Eviternity's six chapters explore a series of
unique and varied themes, each featuring classic
gameplay with an interest in making each map hold
its own unique identity and personality. The
themes are "Medieval", "Techbase", "Icy Castles",
"Industrial / Brutalism", "Hell / Gore / Alien" and

This project was created as a birthday gift to
Doom, which is celebrating its 25th birthday the day
this was first released ("RC1", Released on December
10th, 2018. The texture pack used in this project,
OTEX, was also released on the same day - so please
do not use Eviternity as a base for your wads & mods.
While mostly being a "Dragonfly project", with 24
maps being made or heavily worked on by myself, I
present to you a mighty lineup of well-known guest
mappers who have crafted beautiful and fun levels.

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