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History of commit frequency

CVS Commit History:

   2020-12-04 21:45:51 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (456)
Log message:
Revbump packages with a runtime Python dep but no version prefix.

For the Python 3.8 default switch.
   2020-09-08 19:51:49 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
ansible: updated to 2.9.13


Minor Changes
- Updated network integration auth timeout to 90 secs.
- ansible-test - Remove ``pytest < 6.0.0`` constraint for managed \ 
installations on Python 3.x now that pytest 6 is supported.
- known_hosts - fix reference to non-existent parameter in example \ 

Security Fixes
- The fix for CVE-2020-1736 has been reverted. Users are encouraged to specify a \ 
``mode`` parameter in their file-based tasks when the files being manipulated \ 
contain sensitive data.
- dnf - Previously, regardless of the ``disable_gpg_check`` option, packages \ 
were not GPG validated. They are now. (CVE-2020-14365)

- Confirmed commit fails with TypeError in IOS XR netconf plugin \ 
( … /issues/74)
- Fix an exit code for a non-failing playbook \ 
- Fix execution of the meta tasks 'clear_facts', 'clear_host_errors', \ 
'end_play', 'end_host', and 'reset_connection' when the CLI flag '--flush-cache' \ 
is provided.
- Fix statistics reporting when rescue block contains another block (issue \
- Fixed Ansible reporting validate not supported by netconf server when enabled \ 
in netconf - \ 
( … issues/119).
- TOML inventory - Ensure we register dump functions for ``AnsibleUnsafe`` to \ 
support dumping unsafe values. Note that the TOML format has no functionality to \ 
mark that the data is unsafe for re-consumption. \ 
- ansible-test units - fixed collection location code to work under pytest >= \ 
- aws_acm_info - fix `KeyError` failure when retrieving keys with a `Failed` \ 
status ( … issues/198)
- cron - cron file should not be empty after adding var \ 
- mongodb_replicaset - fixes authentication to determine replicaset name \ 
( … issues/136).
- powershell - fix escaping of strings that broken modules like fetch when \ 
dealing with special chars -
- powershell - fix the CLIXML parser when it contains nested CLIXML objects - \
- psrp - Use native PSRP mechanism when copying files to support custom endpoints
- setup - Add a null check for ``Win32_Bios.ReleaseData`` to avoid a failure \ 
when that value is not set -
- strftime filter - Input epoch is allowed to be a float \ 
- systemd - fixed chroot usage on new versions of systemd, that broke because of \ 
upstream changes in systemctl output
- systemd - made the systemd module work correctly when the SYSTEMD_OFFLINE \ 
environment variable is set
- zabbix_host - fixed inventory_mode key error, which occurs with Zabbix 4.4.1 \ 
or more (
- zabbix_proxy - fixed support for Zabbix 5.0
   2020-08-24 12:58:41 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
ansible: updated to 2.9.12


Minor Changes
- ansible-test - the ACME test container was updated, it now supports external \ 
account creation and has a basic OCSP responder \ 
(, \ … /tag/2.0.0).
- debconf - add a note about no_log=True since module might expose sensitive \ 
information to logs (

Security Fixes
- **security issue** - copy - Redact the value of the no_log 'content' parameter \ 
in the result's invocation.module_args in check mode. Previously when used with \ 
check mode and with '-vvv', the module would not censor the content if a change \ 
would be made to the destination path. (CVE-2020-14332)

- **security issue** atomic_move - change default permissions when creating \ 
temporary files so they are not world readable \ 
( (CVE-2020-1736)

- Fix warning for default permission change when no mode is specified. Follow up \ 
to (CVE-2020-1736)

- Sanitize no_log values from any response keys that might be returned from the \ 
uri module (CVE-2020-14330).
- reset logging level to INFO due to CVE-2019-14846.

- Address compat with rpmfluff-0.6 for integration tests
- Ensure password passed in by -k is used on delegated hosts that do not have \ 
ansible_password set
- Template connection variables before using them \ 
- Terminal plugins - add "\e[m" to the list of ANSI sequences stripped \ 
from device output
- add magic/connection vars updates from delegated host info.
- ansible-galaxy collection install - fix fallback mechanism if the AH server \ 
did not have the collection requested - \
- ansible-test - Add ``pytest < 6.0.0`` constraint for managed installations \ 
on Python 3.x to avoid issues with relative imports.
- ansible-test - Change detection now properly resolves relative imports instead \ 
of treating them as absolute imports.
- api - time.clock is removed in Python 3.8, add backward compatible code \ 
- avoid clobbering existing facts inside loop when task also returns ansible_facts.
- basic - use PollSelector implementation when DefaultSelector fails \ 
- cron - encode and decode crontab files in UTF-8 explicitly to allow non-ascii \ 
chars in cron filepath and job (
- ensure delegated vars can resolve hostvars object and access vars from \ 
- facts - account for Slackware OS with ``+`` in the name \ 
- facts - fix incorrect UTC timestamp in ``iso8601_micro`` and ``iso8601``
- fix issue with inventory_hostname and delegated host vars mixing on connection \ 
- hashi_vault - Handle equal sign in key=value \ 
- ipa_hostgroup - fix an issue with load-balanced ipa and cookie handling with \ 
Python 3 - (
- lineinfile - fix not subscriptable error in exception handling around file creation
- linux network facts - get the correct value for broadcast address \ 
- mysql_user - fix overriding password to the same \ 
( … issues/543).
- net_put - Fixed UnboundLocalError when there is no change This is a backport \ 
from U( … mon/pull/6)
- nxos_user - do not fail when a custom role is used \ 
( … s/pull/130)
- ovirt_vm - fix cd_iso search
- playbooks - detect and propagate failures in ``always`` blocks after \ 
``rescue`` (
- profile_tasks - typecast result before slicing it \ 
- reboot - Add support for the runit init system, used on Void Linux, that does \ 
not support the normal Linux syntax.
- redfish_info, redfish_config, redfish_command - Fix Redfish response payload \ 
decode on Python 3.5 (
- shell - fix quoting of mkdir command in creation of remote_tmp in order to \ 
allow spaces and other special characters \ 
- templating - fix error message for ``x in y`` when y is undefined \ 
- unarchive - check ``fut_gid`` against ``run_gid`` in addition to supplemental \ 
groups (
- user - don't create home directory and missing parents when create_home == \ 
false (
- yum - fix yum list crashing if repoquery (used internally) prints errors in \ 
stdout (
   2020-08-07 09:40:42 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
ansible: parse the output of mount(8) instead of /etc/fstab.

PR pkg/55544
   2020-07-29 15:54:07 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
ansible: updated to 2.9.11


Minor Changes
- The ``items2dict`` filter can now create a dict whose values are the original \ 
elements of the input list, and whose keys are the value of some key in each \ 
dict. When the resulting dict is stored, this allows for O(1) lookup of a \ 
particular key without having to scan the entire list each time.
- k8s - update openshift requirements in documentation
- pipe lookup - update docs for Popen with shell=True usages \ 

- Allow TypeErrors on Undefined variables in filters to be handled or deferred \ 
when processing for loops.
- Fix ``delegate_facts: true`` when ``ansible_python_interpreter`` is not set. \ 
- Support check mode in NXOS BGP modules \ 
- TaskExecutor - Handle unexpected errors as failed while post validating loops \ 
- The `ansible_become` value was not being treated as a boolean value when set \ 
in an INI format inventory file (fixes bug \
- To fix ios_l2_interfaces facts parsing issue \ 
( … os/pull/59)
- To fix ios_user and ios_command test case failure fix \ 
( … os/pull/82)
- Vault - Allow single vault encrypted values to be used directly as module \ 
parameters. (
- add constraints file for ``anisble_runner`` test since an update to ``psutil`` \ 
is now causing test failures
- ansible-galaxy - Instead of assuming the first defined server is galaxy, \ 
filter based on the servers that support the v1 API, and return the first of \ 
those (
- ansible-test no longer tracebacks during change analysis due to processing an \ 
empty python file
- ansible-test now correctly recognizes imports in collections when using the \ 
``--changed`` option.
- ansible-test now ignores empty ``*.py`` files when analyzing module_utils \ 
imports for change detection
- assemble - fix decrypt argument in the module \ 
- docker_container - various error fixes in string handling for Python 2 to \ 
avoid crashes when non-ASCII characters are used in strings \ 
( … issues/640).
- eos_eapi - enable eapi by default
- group_by now should correctly refect changed status.
- json callback - Fix host result to task references in the resultant JSON \ 
output for non-lockstep strategy plugins such as free \ 
- nmcli - Add compatibility for new networkmanager library \ 
- puppet - fix command line construction for check mode and ``manifest:`` \ 
- selective callback - mark task failed correctly \ 
- windows async - use full path when calling PowerShell to reduce reliance on \ 
environment vars being correct -
- winrm - preserve winrm forensic data on put_file failures
   2020-06-20 08:55:04 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
ansible: updated to 2.9.10


Minor Changes
- Add new magic variable ``ansible_collection`` that contains the collection name
- Add new magic variable ``ansible_role_name`` that contains the FQCN of the role
- Added missing platform guide for FRR
- Fix a typo in remove_signature flag in podman_image module
- Remove the deprecation message for the ``TRANSFORM_INVALID_GROUP_CHARS`` setting.
- The results queue and counter for results are now split for standard / handler \ 
results. This allows the governing strategy to be truly independent from the \ 
handler strategy, which basically follows the linear methodology.
- Updates ``ansible_role_names``, ``ansible_play_role_names``, and \ 
``ansible_dependent_role_names`` to include the FQCN
- ``Display.deprecated()``, ``AnsibleModule.deprecate()`` and \ 
``Ansible.Basic.Deprecate()`` now also accept the deprecation-by-date parameters \ 
and collection name parameters from Ansible 2.10, so plugins and modules in \ 
collections that conform to Ansible 2.10 will run with newer versions of Ansible \ 
- ovirt: update operating system options
- ovirt_storage_vm_info: fix example
- ovirt_vm: fix quotas example

Deprecated Features
- Using the DefaultCallback without the correspodning doc_fragment or copying \ 
the documentation.

- Allow tasks to notify a fqcn handler name
- Avoid bare select() for running commands to avoid too large file descriptor \ 
numbers failing tasks
- Avoid running subfunctions that are passed to show_vars function when it will \ 
be a noop.
- Create an ``import_module`` compat util, for use across the codebase, to allow \ 
collection loading to work properly on Python26
- Do not keep empty blocks in PlayIterator after skipping tasks with tags.
- Ensure that ``--version`` works with non-ascii ansible project paths
- Fix content encoding/decoding and do not fail when key based auth is used
- Fix gather_facts not working for network platforms when network_os is in FQCN \ 
- Fix issue with nxos_l2_interfaces where replaced doesn't remove superfluous config
- Fix nxos_facts with VDC having no interfaces
- Fix nxos_interfaces enabled not working properly because of broken system \ 
default dict generation
- Fix the issue when OS secgroup rule couldn't be imported from a different tenant
- Fixed the equality check for IncludedFiles to ensure they are not accidently \ 
merged when process_include_results runs.
- Prevent a race condition when running handlers using a combination of the free \ 
strategy and include_role.
- Properly handle unicode in ``safe_eval``.
- Remove unused and invalid import from FRR cliconf plugin
- RoleRequirement - include stderr in the error message if a scm command fails
- To fix ios_l3_interfaces Loopback issue
- To fix ios_vlans vtp version 2 issue
- Update NX-OS cliconf to accomodate MDS
- Update terminal plugin to check feature privilege only when escalation is needed
- Validate include args in handlers.
- added 'unimplemented' prefix to file based caching
- added new option for default callback to compat variable to avoid old 3rd \ 
party plugins from erroring out.
- ansible-doc - Allow and give precedence to `removed_at_date` for deprecated \ 
- ansible-galaxy - Fix ``multipart/form-data`` body to include extra CRLF
- ansible-galaxy - Preserve symlinks when building and installing a collection
- ansible-galaxy collection build - Command did not ignore .git files, which had \ 
the potential to cause troubles later on (for example, when importing into \ 
Automation Hub)
- ansible-test - Disabled the ``duplicate-code`` and ``cyclic-import`` checks \ 
for the ``pylint`` sanity test due to inconsistent results.
- ansible-test - The shebang sanity test now correctly identifies modules in \ 
subdirectories in collections.
- ansible-test change detection - Run only sanity tests on ``docs/`` and \ 
``changelogs/`` in collections, to avoid triggering full CI runs of integration \ 
and unit tests when files in these directories change.
- ansible-test is now able to find its ``egg-info`` directory when it contains \ 
the Ansible version number
- ansible-test no longer optimizes setting ``PATH`` by prepending the directory \ 
containing the selected Python interpreter when it is named ``python``. This \ 
avoids unintentionally making other programs available on ``PATH``, including an \ 
already installed version of Ansible.
- ansible-test pylint sanity test - do not crash when ``version`` specified to \ 
``AnsibleModule.deprecate()`` or ``Display.deprecated()`` contains string \ 
components, f.ex. tagged version numbers for Ansible 2.10.
- archive - fix issue with empty file exclusion from archive
- avoid fatal traceback when a bad FQCN for a callback is supplied in the whitelist.
- ce - Modify the way of parsing NETCONF XML message in
- collection loader - fix file/module/class confusion issues on case-insensitive \ 
- copy - Fixed copy module not working in case that remote_src is enabled and \ 
dest ends in a /
- discovery will NOT update incorrect host anymore when in delegate_to task.
- dnf - enable logging using setup_loggers() API in dnf-4.2.17-6 or later
- docker_machine - fallback to ip subcommand output if IPAddress is missing
- ensure we pass on interpreter discovery values to delegated host.
- file - return ``'state': 'absent'`` when a file does not exist
- fixed issues when using net_get & net_put before the persistent connection \ 
has been started
- interpreter discovery will now use correct vars (from delegated host) when in \ 
delegate_to task.
- k8s - Handle set object retrieved from lookup plugin.
- lineinfile - use ``module.tmpdir`` to allow configuration of the remote temp \ 
- lxd_container - enables to set keys not present in existing config
- ovirt_disk fix activate
- ovirt_disk: fix upload/download of images for ovirt 4.4
- ovirt_disk: force wait when uploading disk
- ovirt_vm: fix cd_iso search by name
- profile_tasks - typecast results before using it
- sesu - make use of the prompt specified in the code
- syslog_json callback - fix plugin exception when running
- yum/dnf - check type of elements in a name
- zfs_delegate_admin - add missing choices diff/hold/release to the permissions \ 
   2020-05-19 14:58:46 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
ansible: updated to 2.9.9


- Fix an issue with the ``fileglob`` plugin where passing a subdirectory of \ 
non-existent directory would cause it to fail - \


Minor Changes
- Add test for reboot & wait_for_connection on EOS & IOS \ 
- Fixed 'intersect' filter spelling in constructed inventory plugin example.
- Move cli prompt check logic from action to cliconf plugin \ 
- Point inventory script location to their respective version rather than devel \ 
version in documentation.
- ansible-test - Now includes testing support for RHEL 8.2
- ansible-test - Remove obsolete support for provisioning remote vCenter \ 
instances. The supporting services are no longer available.

- Collections - Allow a collection role to call a stand alone role, without \ 
needing to explicitly add ``ansible.legacy`` to the collection search order \ 
within the collection role. (
- Fix cli context check for network_cli connection \ 
- Revert 5f6427b1fc7449a5c42212013d3f628665701c3d as it breaks netconf connection
- Role Installation - Ensure that a role containing files with non-ascii \ 
characters can be installed (
- Update ActionBase._low_level_execute_command to honor executable \ 
- collections - Handle errors better for filters and tests in collections, where \ 
a non-existent collection is specified, or importing the plugin results in an \ 
exception (
- deal with cases in which just a file is pased and not a path with directories, \ 
now fileglob correctly searches in 'files/' subdirs.
- dnf - Unified error messages when trying to install a nonexistent package with \ 
newer dnf (4.2.18) vs older dnf (4.2.9)
- dnf - Unified error messages when trying to remove a wildcard name that is not \ 
currently installed, with newer dnf (4.2.18) vs older dnf (4.2.9)
- hostname - make module work on Manjaro Linux \ 
- mysql_user - fix the error No database selected \ 
- ovirt_disk: add warning when uploading wrong format
- ovirt_disk: upload image auto detect size
- ovirt_network: allow to remove vlan_tag
- pip - The virtualenv_command option can now include arguments without \ 
requiring the full path to the binary. \ 
- pip - check_mode with ``state: present`` now returns the correct state for \ 
pre-release versioned packages
- postgresql_set - fix converting value to uppercase \ 
- redfish_config - fix support for boolean bios attrs \ 
- service_facts - Now correctly parses systemd list-unit-files for systemd >=245
- sysvinit - Add missing parameter ``module`` in call to ``daemonize()``.
- the default parsing will now show existing JSON errors and not just YAML (last \ 
attempted), also we avoid YAML parsing when we know we only want JSON issue
- win_psmodule - Fix TLS 1.2 compatibility with PSGallery.
- win_psrepository - Fix TLS 1.2 compatibility with PSGallery.
- win_psrepository - Fix ``Ignore`` error when trying to retrieve the list of \ 
registered repositories
- zabbix_template - no longer fails with KeyError when there are no macros \ 
present in existing template (see \ … /issues/19)
   2020-04-29 12:36:26 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
ansible: updated to 2.9.7


Minor Changes

- 'Edit on GitHub' link for plugin, cli documentation fixed to navigate to \ 
correct plugin, cli source.
- Handle get_tags_for_object API correctly in vmware_rest_client.
- Remove redundant encoding in json.load call in ipa module_utils \ 
- ansible-test - Upgrade OpenSUSE containers to use Leap 15.1.
- ansible-test now supports testing against RHEL 7.8 when using the ``--remote`` \ 
- vmware_cluster - Document alternatives for deprecated parameters

Removed Features (previously deprecated)

- ldap_attr, ldap_entry - The ``params`` option has been removed in Ansible-2.10 \ 
as it circumvents Ansible's option handling.  Setting ``bind_pw`` with the \ 
``params`` option was disallowed in Ansible-2.7, 2.8, and 2.9 as it was \ 
insecure.  For information about this policy, see the discussion at: \ … 0.log.html \ 
This fixes CVE-2020-1746


- **security issue** - The ``subversion`` module provided the password via the \ 
svn command line option ``--password`` and can be retrieved from the host's \ 
/proc/<pid>/cmdline file. Update the module to use the secure \ 
``--password-from-stdin`` option instead, and add a warning in the module and in \ 
the documentation if svn version is too old to support it. (CVE-2020-1739)

- **security issue** win_unzip - normalize paths in archive to ensure extracted \ 
files do not escape from the target directory (CVE-2020-1737)

- **security_issue** - create temporary vault file with strict permissions when \ 
editing and prevent race condition (CVE-2020-1740)
- Alter task_executor's start_connection to support newer modules from \ 
collections which expect to send task UUID.
- Ansible.ModuleUtils.WebRequest - actually set no proxy when ``use_proxy: no`` \ 
is set on a Windows module -
- Ensure DataLoader temp files are removed at appropriate times and that we \ 
observe the LOCAL_TMP setting.
- Ensure we don't allow ansible_facts subkey of ansible_facts to override top \ 
level, also fix 'deprefixing' to prevent key transforms.
- Ensure we get an error when creating a remote tmp if it already exists. \ 
- Fact Delegation - Add ability to indicate which facts must always be \ 
delegated. Primarily for ``discovered_interpreter_python`` right now, but \ 
extensible later. (
- Fix nxos_lacp replace operation (
- Handle equal sign in password while using passwordstore lookup plugin.
- In fetch action, avoid using slurp return to set up dest, also ensure no dir \ 
traversal CVE-2019-3828.
- In vmware_guest_network module use appropriate network while creating or \ 
reconfiguring (
- Log additional messages from persistent connection modules that may be missed \ 
if the module fails or returns early.
- `vmware_content_deploy_template`'s `cluster` argument no longer fails with an \ 
error message about resource pools.
- ansible command now correctly sends v2_playbook_on_start to callbacks
- ansible-galaxy - Error when install finds a tar with a file that will be \ 
extracted outside the collection install directory - CVE-2020-10691
- ansible-galaxy collection - Preserve executable bit on build and preserve mode \ 
on install from what tar member is set to - \
- dense callback - fix plugin access to its configuration variables and remove a \ 
warning message (
- display - Improve method of removing extra new line after warnings so it does \ 
not break Tower/Runner (
- docker connection plugin - do not prefix remote path if running on Windows \ 
- for those running uids for invalid users (containers), fallback to \ 
uid=<uid> when logging fixes
- get_url pass incorrect If-Modified-Since header \ 
- mysql_user - Fix idempotence when long grant lists are used \ 
- os_user_role - Fix os_user_role issue to grant a role in a domain.
- ovirt_storage_domain: fix update_check for warning_low_space
- purefa_snmp - Fix error when deleting a manager and when creating a v2c \ 
manager (
- rabbitmq_policy - Fix version parsing for RabbitMQ 3.8.
- routeros_facts - Prevent crash of module when ``ipv6`` package is not installed
- setup.ps1 - Fix ``ansible_fqdn`` using the wrong values to build the actual \ 
   2020-03-05 11:18:59 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
ansible: updated to 2.9.6


Minor Changes
- Fix URL in postgresql_table documentation.
- Refator net_base action plugin to support collection with network platform \ 
agnostic modules.
- docker connection plugin - run Powershell modules on Windows containers.
- ovirt_disk: correct description of storage_domain, there is no default value \ 
of the attribute
- ovirt_vm: remove deprecated warning of Linux boot parameters

- Bump the minimum openstacksdk version to 0.18.0 when os_network uses the \ 
port_security_enabled or mtu arguments.
- Fix Python3 compatibility for vmware_export_ovf module.
- Fix a bug when a host was not removed from a play after ``meta: end_host`` and \ 
as a result the host was still present in ``ansible_play_hosts`` and \ 
``ansible_play_batch`` variables.
- Fix collection install error that happened if a dependency specified \ 
dependencies to be null
- Fix examples in eos_vlans
- Templating - Ansible was caching results of Jinja2 expressions in some cases \ 
where these expressions could have dynamic results, like password generation
- Update the warning message for ``CONDITIONAL_BARE_VARS`` to list the original \ 
conditional not the value of the original conditional
- Use hostnamectl command to get current hostname for host while using systemd \ 
- also strip spaces around config values in pathlist as we do in list types
- ansible-galaxy - Display proper error when invalid token is used for Galaxy servers
- ansible-galaxy - Fix issue when compared installed dependencies with a \ 
collection having no ``MANIFEST.json`` or an empty version string in the json
- ansible-galaxy - Fix up pagination searcher for collection versions on \ 
Automation Hub
- ansible-galaxy - Remove uneeded verbose messages when accessing local token file
- ansible-galaxy - Send SHA256 hashes when publishing a collection
- ansible-galaxy - properly list roles when the role name also happens to be in \ 
the role path
- ansible-test validate-modules - Fix arg spec collector for PowerShell to find \ 
utils in both a collection and base.
- azure_rm_resourcegroup_facts - adds the ansible_facts as a sub map to fix the \ 
- docker_login - make sure that ``~/.docker/config.json`` is created with \ 
permissions ``0600``.
- ec2_asg - regression bug, when an existing autoscaling group was updated and \ 
but the launch config of existing instances was deleted.
- fix the bug where IOS vlans module throws traceback.
- fixes the eos_vlans repalced state behavior to configure the 'name' parameter
- get_certificate - Fix cryptography backend when pyopenssl is unavailable
- make ``no_log=False`` on a module option silence the ``no_log`` warning
- mysql_db - fix bug in the ``db_import`` function introduced by \
- nxos_vlans -  Allow nxos_l2_interfaces to append the allowed vlans list
- openssl_* modules - prevent crash on fingerprint determination in FIPS mode
- ovirt_vm: correct keyError for iSCSI parameters
- ovirt_vm: correct numa nodes and update documentation
- plugins - Allow ensure_type to decrypt the value for string types (and \ 
implicit string types) when value is an inline vault.
- proxysql - fixed mysql dictcursor
- route53 - improve handling of octal encoded characters
- synchronize - allow data to be passed between two managed nodes when using the \ 
docker connection plugin
- unixy - fixed duplicate log entries on loops
- vmware_host_firewall_manager - Fixed creating IP specific firewall rules with \ 
Python 2
- vultr - Fixed the issue retry max delay param was ignored.
- win_credential - Fix issue that errors when trying to add a ``name`` with \ 
- win_unzip - Fix support for paths with square brackets not being detected properly
   2020-02-24 20:36:49 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
ansible: updated to 2.9.5


Minor Changes
- add one note to help ansible user to understand the requirements to
- ovirt_disk: remove default value because the parameter is required when disk \ 
is attached to vm
- ovirt_vm add comunentaion about how to import ova
- powershell (shell plugin) - Fix `join_path` to support UNC paths

Deprecated Features
- aws_az_info (aws_az_facts) - Fixed deprecation warning so that it triggers \ 
when run as aws_az_facts.  Bumped removal version to 2.14

- AnsibleModule.run_command() - set ``close_fds`` to ``False`` on Python 2 if \ 
``pass_fds`` are passed to ``run_command()``. Since ``subprocess.Popen()`` on \ 
Python 2 does not have the ``pass_fds`` option, there is no way to exclude a \ 
specific list of file descriptors from being closed.

- Fix multiple issues with nxos_interfaces states
- Module arguments in suboptions which were marked as deprecated with \ 
``removed_in_version`` did not result in a warning.
- Redact GitLab Project variables which might include sensetive information such \ 
as password, api_keys and other project related details.
- Working implementation for editing Cisco IOS \ 
- ansible-test - Use ``virtualenv`` versions before 20 on provisioned macOS \ 
instances to remain compatible with an older pip install.
- ansible-test now limits Jinja2 installs to version 2.10 and earlier on Python 2.6
- ansible-test windows coverage - Ensure coverage reports are UTF-8 encoded \ 
without a BOM
- bump the minimum openstacksdk version when os_network uses the dns_domain argument
- display - remove extra new line after warnings
- dnf - Fix idempotence of `state: installed`
- docker_container - passing ``test: [NONE]`` now actually disables the image's \ 
healthcheck, as documented.
- docker_swarm_service - passing ``test: [NONE]`` now actually disables the \ 
image's healthcheck, as documented.
- file - change ``_diff_peek`` in argument spec to be the correct type, which is \ 
- galaxy - Fix an AttributeError on ansible-galaxy install with an empty \ 
- group - The group module was not correctly detecting whether a local group is \ 
existing or not with local set to yes if the same group exists in a non local \ 
group repository e.g. LDAP.

- include_vars - fix stack trace when passing ``dirs`` in an ad-hoc command
- ios_* - Fix bug where IPV6 was duplicated for replace state
- ios_banner - Modified the regular expression check to be non greedy when \ 
multiple banners are present.
- jenkins_job module: xml config encoding bugfix on python3
- mysql_user - fix support privileges with underscore
- mysql_variable - fix the module doesn't support variables name with dot
- nxos_facts: Don't throw an error if faninfo is not reported.
- nxos_telemetry - Fix fact gathering for sensor-groups
- openssl_publickey - fix a module crash caused when pyOpenSSL is not installed
- ovirt - add suport for search with space
- ovirt_job: add job when job is already existing and is in state finished
- ovirt_network: add check to control when creating network
- pacman - fix module crash with ``IndexError: list index out of range``
- pamd - Bugfix for attribute error when removing the first or last line
- pmrun plugin - The success command string was no longer quoted. This caused \ 
unusual use-cases like ``become_flags=su - root -c`` to fail.
- podman connection plugin - fix to handle the new default copy pause rootless \ 
containers from upstream
- pure - fix incorrect user_string setting in module_utils file
- redhat_subscription - do not set the default quantity to ``1`` when no \ 
quantity is provided
- synchronize - fix password authentication on Python 2
- systemd - don't require systemd to be running to enable/disable or mask/unmask \ 
- throttle: the linear strategy didn't always stuck with the throttle limit
- user - update module to support silencing ``no_log`` warnings in the future
- wait_for_connection - with pipelining enabled, interpreter discovery would \ 
fail if the first connection attempt was not successful


- yum - fix bug that caused ``enablerepo`` to not be honored when used with \ 
disablerepo all wildcard/glob


Minor Changes
- Fixed typos in various modules regarding argument_spec data types.
- dnf - Properly handle module AppStreams that don't define stream
- - update a containers restart_policy without restarting \ 
the container
- docker_stack - Added ``stdout``, ``stderr``, and ``rc`` to return values.
- zabbix_* - underlying python module now required in version zabbix-api==0.5.4

- **SECURITY** - CVE-2019-14904 - solaris_zone module accepts zone name and \ 
performs actions related to that. However, there is no user input validation \ 
done while performing actions. A malicious user could provide a crafted zone \ 
name which allows executing commands into the server manipulating the module \ 
behaviour. Adding user input validation as per Solaris Zone documentation fixes \ 
this issue.
- ActionBase - Add new ``cleanup`` method that is explicitly run by the \ 
``TaskExecutor`` to ensure that the shell plugins ``tmpdir`` is always removed. \ 
This change means that individual action plugins need not be responsible for \ 
removing the temporary directory, which ensures that we don't have code paths \ 
that accidentally leave behind the temporary directory.
- CVE-2019-14905 - nxos_file_copy module accepts remote_file parameter which is \ 
used for destination name and performs actions related to that on the device \ 
using the value of remote_file which is of string type However, there is no user \ 
input validation done while performing actions. A malicious code could crafts \ 
the filename parameter to take advantage by performing an OS command injection. \ 
This fix validates the option value if it is legitimate file path or not.
- Fix bandwidth calculation in nxos_ospf_vrf for Python 3
- Fix for network_cli become method to be compatible with collections
- Fix how the neighbour password was being defaulted
- Fix idempotence issue in nxos_lag_interfaces with Python 3
- Fix issue where nxos_l3_interfaces was not rendering 'dhcp' in facts
- Fix issue where nxos_user unintentionally creates user with two different roles
- Fix issue where purge breaks with empty aggregate
- Fix issue with callbacks ``set_options`` method that was not called with \ 
- Fix multiple issues with how nxos_vlans Resource Module behaves
- Fix nxos_hsrp throwing a KeyError for `auth_enc`
- Fix nxos_vxlan_vtep_vni rendering duplicate peer-ip commands
- Fix ordering of the commands sent in nxos_snmp_community
- Fix regular expression to allow dots in username
- Fixes in network action plugins load from collections using module prefix
- Fixes in network action plugins to work in network connection plugin and \ 
modules in collection
- Make netconf plugin configurable to set ncclient device handler name in \ 
netconf plugin
- Netconf modules are sending a bad rpc call for IOS-XR
- Use correct datastore in multi-datacenter environment while using vmware_deploy_ovf
- When cloning vm from the template it assigned Blank template to it and when \ 
rerun playbook it failed.
- ansible-galaxy - Expand the ``User-Agent`` to include more information and add \ 
it to more calls to Galaxy endpoints.
- ansible-galaxy - Treat the ``GALAXY_SERVER_LIST`` config entry that is defined \ 
but with no values as an empty list
- ansible-test no longer tries to install ``coverage`` 5.0+ since those versions \ 
are unsupported
- ansible-test no longer tries to install ``setuptools`` 45+ on Python 2.x since \ 
those versions are unsupported
- ansible-test now ignores warnings when comparing pip versions before and after \ 
integration tests run
- ansible-test now properly recognizes modules and module_utils in collections \ 
when using the ``blacklist`` plugin for the ``pylint`` sanity test
- collection_loader - sort Windows modules below other plugin types so the \ 
correct builtin plugin inside a role is selected
- cyberarkpassword - fix invalid attribute access
- display logging - Fix issue where 3rd party modules will print tracebacks when \ 
attempting to log information when ``ANSIBLE_LOG_PATH`` is set - \
- display logging - Fixed up the logging formatter to use the proper prefixes \ 
for ``u=user`` and ``p=process``
- display logging - Re-added the ``name`` attribute to the log formatter so that \ 
the source of the log can be seen
- dnf module - Ensure the modules exit_json['msg'] response is always string, \ 
not sometimes a tuple.
- docker_container - wait for removal of container if docker API returns early
- docker_image - fix validation of build options.
- docker_image - improve file handling when loading images from disk.
- docker_login - fix error handling when ``username`` or ``password`` is not \ 
specified when ``state`` is ``present``.
- docker_network - fix idempotency for multiple IPAM configs of the same IP version
- docker_network - validate IPAM config subnet CIDR notation on module setup and \ 
not during idempotence checking.
- docker_swarm_service - fix task always reporting as changed when using \ 
- ec2_group - Fix regression with revoking security groups in EC2 Classic Load \ 
- ec2_group_info, ec2_vol_info, ec2_vol_info - Fixed RuntimeErrors on Python3.8 \ 
when iterating filter dictionaries.
- elb_application_lb, elb_network_lb - fixed errors during listener rule \ 
comparison which caused broken JSON, and which caused some values not being \ 
compared correctly.
- elb_application_lb, elb_network_lb - idempotence check for rules now compares \ 
all values order-independently, instead of just comparing the first value if \ 
multiple are specified.
- fact gathering - Display warnings and deprecation messages that are created \ 
during the fact gathering phase
- gitlab_runner - fix idempotency for shared runner
- mysql - dont mask ``mysql_connect`` function errors from modules
- openssl_certificate - ``provider`` option was documented as required, but it \ 
was not checked whether it was provided. It is now only required when ``state`` \ 
is ``present``.
- ovirt_network: correct external_provider logic - first try to import when not \ 
found try to create it
- pacman - Fix pacman output parsing on localized environment.
- paramiko - catch and handle exception to prevent stack trace when running in \ 
FIPS mode
- postgresql_privs - fix sorting lists with None elements for python3
- postgresql_schema - use query parameters with cursor object
- postgresql_sequence - use query parameters with cursor object
- postgresql_set - use query parameters with cursor object
- postgresql_slot - use query parameters with cursor object
- roles - Ensure that ``allow_duplicates: true`` enables to run single role \ 
multiple times
- terraform - adding support for absolute paths additionally to the relative \ 
path within project_path
- terraform module - fixes usage for providers not supporting workspaces
- user - fix comparison on macOS so module does not improperly report a change
- user - on systems using busybox, honor the ``on_changed`` parameter to prevent \ 
unnecessary password changing
- win_uri win_get_url - Fix the behaviour of ``follow_redirects: safe`` to \ 
actual redirect on ``GET`` and ``HEAD`` requests - \
- yum - performance bugfix, the YumBase object was being  instantiated multiple \ 
times unnecessarily, which lead to considerable overhead when operating against \ 
large sets of packages.

New Plugins

- ce - Use ce netconf plugin to run netconf commands on Huawei Cloudengine platform
- default - Use default netconf plugin to run standard netconf commands as per RFC
- iosxr - Use iosxr netconf plugin to run netconf commands on Cisco IOSXR platform
- junos - Use junos netconf plugin to run netconf commands on Juniper JUNOS platform
- sros - Use Nokia SROS netconf plugin to run netconf commands on Nokia SROS platform

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