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CVS Commit History:

   2020-10-25 00:39:49 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (45) | Package updated
Log message:
collectd: update to 5.11.0

Provided by Edgar Fuß via pkgsrc-wip.

Changes not found, but more plugins added.
   2020-08-31 20:13:29 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3631)
Log message:
*: bump PKGREVISION for perl-5.32.
   2020-01-18 22:51:16 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1836)
Log message:
*: Recursive revision bump for openssl 1.1.1.
   2019-08-11 15:25:21 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3557)
Log message:
Bump PKGREVISIONs for perl 5.30.0
   2018-08-22 11:48:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3558)
Log message:
Recursive bump for perl5-5.28.0
   2016-10-13 17:17:29 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (27) | Package updated
Log message:
Update sysutils/collectd and subpackages to 5.6.1.

- Simplify patching somewhat by calling automake
- Temporarily disable the processes plugin patch for NetBSD, until
  its code is amended for collectd code changes.

Version 5.6.1
- Build system: Unnecessary linking of the Write Graphite plugin
  with libyajl has been removed.
- collectd: A bug in the FlushInterval option that caused a
  segmentation fault in the Write HTTP plugin has been fixed.
- Apache plugin: A syntax error has been fixed.
- cURL-JSON plugin: A segmentation fault that occurred when
  handling JSON with unexpected structure has been fixed.
- PostgreSQL plugin: Handling of NULL values in the query_plans
  and query_plans_by_table queries has been fixed.
- RRDCacheD plugin: Reconnection behavior has been added.
- VServer plugin: Use of a deprecated API (readdir_r()) has been
- Write Graphite plugin: Make default values configurable at
  compile time again.
- Write HTTP plugin: A bug has been fixed that lead to flush
  callbacks being registered twice.

Version 5.6.0
- Build system: An option to to avoid building the DF plugin
  against XFS has been added.
- Build system: Autoconf >=2.60, a C99-capable compiler and
  pkg-config are now required.
- Build system: Building with -Werror is now optional.
- Build system: Many compilation issues on non-Linux platforms
  have been fixed, leading to wider plugin support.
- Build system: The configuration summary now also ends up in
- collectd: All command-line options now override global options
  from the config file.
- collectd: A number of unit tests for commonly used functions
  have been added.
- collectd: Plugins start up and read timeouts are now logged.
- collectd: Support for a timeout has been added to FLUSH
- collectd: The -T command line switch now reports more errors.
- collectd: The max size of value list elements
  (DATA_MAX_NAME_LEN) has been doubled and is now configurable at
  build time.
- Set target: The MetaData option has been added.
- AMQP plugin, Write_HTTP plugin, Write_Kafka plugin: Support for
  libyajl < 2 has been added.
- APC UPS plugin: Parsing of end markers has been fixed.
- APC UPS plugin: The PersistentConnection option has been added.
- ceph plugin, DNS plugin, Exec plugin, IPTables plugin, Ping
  plugin, turbostat plugin: When running unprivileged, these
  plugins will now warn about insuffiscient permissions or
- Chrony plugin: This new plugin collects NTP data from the chrony
  NTP server.
- cpusleep plugin: This new plugin measures time spent by CPU in
  deep sleep mode.
- CPU plugin: The ReportNumCpu option has been added.
- cURL plugin, cURL-JSON plugin, cURL-XML plugin: The new
  Statistics reports various per-HTTP connection timers.
- DBI plugin: The Interval option has been added to Database
- Disk plugin: Support for FreeBSD has been added.
- Empty Counter match: Support for derives has been implemented.
- GenericJMX plugin: Support for TabularData and the PluginName
  option have been added.
- GPS plugin: This new plugin reports the number of sattelites
  seen by and precision of a GPS receiver.
- gRPC plugin: This new client and server plugin allows sending
  and receiving metrics using the gRPC protocol. Comparable to the
  UnixSock plugin, but using TCP and TLS.
- Interface plugin: Reporting dropped packets has been added.
- Interface plugin: The ReportInactive has been added, letting
  users skip inactive network interfaces.
- Interface plugin: The new, Solaris-only UniqueName option has
  been added.
- Lua plugin: This new language binding allows writing plugins
  using the Lua programming language.
- Memory plugin: Reporting of ARC memory on Solaris has been
- MQTT plugin: This new plugin sends metrics to and/or receives
  metrics from an MQTT broker.
- MySQL plugin: Connection to the database server can now be done
  over SSL.
- MySQL plugin: Monitoring slow queries has been added.
- MySQL plugin: mysql_bpool_pages-flushed has been renamed to
  mysql_bpool_counters-pages_flushed because the value is
- MySQL plugin: Support for Galera statistics has been added.
- MySQL plugin: Support for InnoDB metrics was improved.
- MySQL plugin: The mysql_sort type has been split into 3
  different types.
- Network plugin: Decryption error logging has been improved.
- Notify Nagios plugin: This new plugin sends notifications to
  Nagios as a passive check result.
- NTPd plugin: The plugin now detects if the ntp daemon reports
  nanoseconds instead of microseconds.
- OpenLDAP plugin: Several connection-related improvements have
  been made.
- OpenLDAP plugin: Support for "simple authentication" has been
- Ping plugin: The Size option has been added, allowing the ICMP
  data payload size to be configured.
- PostgreSQL plugin, DBI plugin, Oracle plugin: The new
  PluginInstanceFrom option has been added.
- PowerDNS plugin: The recursor metrics have been updated to 3.7.3
  and missing rr types have been added.
- Processes plugin: Counting of context switches was added for
- Processes plugin: Improve reliability of thread counts on Linux.
- Python plugin: Minimal Python version requirement has been
  bumped to 2.6.
- Redis plugin: Several additional metrics are now collected.
- Sensors plugin: The UseLabels option has been added.
- SMART plugin: The new IgnoreSleepMode option has been added.
- SMART plugin: The new UseSerial option allows identifying
  devices in a stable way.
- SNMP plugin: The IpAddress can now be used for instances.
- StatsD plugin: Latency calculation histogram is now able to
  shrink automatically to optimal size.
- StatsD plugin: The CounterSum option has been added.
- UUID plugin: The plugin now also looks in in smbios system table
  and /sys/class/dmi.
- virt plugin: The PluginInstanceFormat option has been added.
- Write Graphite plugin: The ReconnectInterval option has been
- Write HTTP plugin: A KairosDB formatter has been added.
- Write HTTP plugin: Notifications are now handled by this plugin.
- Write HTTP plugin: The LogHttpError option has been added.
- Write HTTP plugin: The new Headers option allows setting custom
  HTTP headers in outgoing requests.
- Write Kafka plugin: Key handling has been made more
  comprehensive and reliable.
- Write Redis plugin: The Database, MaxSetSize, Prefix and
  StoreRates options have been added.
- Write Riemann plugin: The new BatchFlushTimeout and Timeout
  option have been added.
- Write Riemann plugin: This plugin now requires the
  riemann-c-client library, version 1.6.0+. This adds support for
  submitting values to Riemann over TLS.
- Write TSDB plugin, Write Sensu plugin, Write Riemann plugin,
  Write Graphite plugin, Write TSDB plugin: TCP keepalive is now
  enabled, helping graceful recovery from unclean network
- XenCPU plugin: This new plugin collects XEN Hypervisor CPU
- ZFS ARC plugin: Several new statistics have been added and a
  couple of obsolete ones removed.
- Zone plugin: This new plugin reads per-zone CPU usage on

Version 5.5.2
- collectd: A division by zero has been fixed in the
  plugin_dispatch_multivalue() function.
- collectd: The address of the Free Software Foundation has been
  fixed in GPL license headers.
- Build system: Detection and handling of librrd 1.6 and later has
  been fixed.
- Apache plugin: A warning about a possible misconfiguration has
  been added.
- cURL, cURL-JSON and cURL-XML plugins: A memory leak when
  allocating more memory fails has been fixed.
- DF plugin: A build issue on DragonFlyBSD has been fixed.
- Ethstat plugin: Code to strip leading whitespace from device
  names. This works around an issue in the VMXNet3 driver.
- Exec plugin: A problem in the error handling of an fdopen()
  failure has been fixed.
- Modbus plugin: The debug output has been disabled by default. It
  is now only enabled when building with --enable-debug.
- Network plugin: A check for the initialization of secure memory
  has been added. Previously, failure to initialize this memory
  was ignored.
- Network plugin: A heap overflow has been fixed in the server
  code. This issue can be triggered remotely and is potentially
- Perl plugin: Init callbacks have been changed to run essentially
  single-threaded to avoid race conditions by init functions which
  create additional threads.
- Processes plugin: A compilation error on systems without regex.h
  has been fixed.
- Processes plugin: A memory leak on Solaris has been fixed.
- Processes plugin: A warning about too long process names has
  been added.
- Redis plugin: A memory leak in an error handling code path has
  been fixed.
- Redis plugin: The data source type of the expired_keys metric
  has been corrected to DERIVE.
- SMART plugin: A build dependency on libudev has been added.
- StatsD plugin: A deadlock on plugin shutdown has been fixed.
- Write HTTP plugin: Freeing of memory holding HTTP headers during
  shutdown has been fixed.
- Write Sensu plugin: A segfault when the Tag was unset has been
- ZFS ARC plugin: The cache_operation-stolen metric has been
  removed for FreeBSD 10.2 and later.
   2016-03-05 12:29:49 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1813)
Log message:
Bump PKGREVISION for security/openssl ABI bump.
   2015-06-10 22:05:27 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (20) | Package updated
Log message:
Update sysutils/collectd to 5.5.0.

Changes since 5.4.2:
* Build system: Ability to make out-of-tree builds has been fixed.
* Build system, Disk and Users plugins: Detection and use of libstatgrab
  >=0.90 has been added.
* Build system, Memory, CPU, TCPConns and Processes plugins: Numerous
  fixes related to OpenBSD support have been added.
* Build system: Plugins now only export "module_register()".
* Build system: Various cleanups and improvements have been done.
* collectd: Numerous internal changes and improvements to the daemon and
  the plugin API have been make.
* collectd: Numerous spelling mistakes have been corrected in comments
  and documentation and several error messages have been improved.
* collectd: Rules/Targets can now be appended to existing Filter Chains.
* collectd: Failing Filter Chains destinations will now log the list of
  available write targets.
* collectd: Support for process signaling and management by upstart and
  systemd has been implemented for the Linux platform.
* collectd: The "CollectInternalStats" option has been added.
* collectd: The daemon source code and dependencies have moved to the
  "src/daemon/" directory.
* collectd: The new "MaxReadInterval" option allows to cap the
  exponential retry interval of plugins read errors.
* collectd: The "-P" command-line option now has precedence over the
  "PIDFile" option.
* collection.cgi: Various data-source related adjustments have been made.
* libcollectdclient: Now propagates errors when signing / encrypting
  network packets.
* Configuration: Support for unquoted IPv6 addresses has been added.
* Documentation: Various improvements have been done.
* Examples: the sample C plugin has been updated to the current plugin API.
* Licensing: The following components have been relicensed to the MIT
  license: the Apple Sensors, Ascent, DBI, E-Mail, Entropy, GenericJMX,
  gmond, LogFile, nginx, Notify Desktop, NTPd, NUT, olsrd, Perl, Ping,
  PostgreSQL, Protocols, RouterOS, RRDCacheD, SNMP, StatsD, SysLog,
  Table, Tail, UnixSock, vmem, VServer, Wireless, Write Riemann and XMMS
  plugins, the core collectd daemon, the collectdmon, collectd-nagios
  and collectd-tg utilities, all the Targets and Matches, liboconfig,
  most of the "utils_*" files and the plugin API.
* Tests: A test suite has been added.
* Threshold: The hysteresis calculation has been made more reliable.
* Threshold: Various fixes and improvements have been made.
* AMQP plugin: The "ConnectionRetryDelay" option has been added,
  allowing to delay reconnection.
* AMQP plugin: The "QueueDurable" and "QueueAutoDelete" \ 
options have
  been added, giving control over queue creation and deletion.
* Apache, Ascent, BIND, cURL, cURL-JSON, cURL-XML, nginx and Write HTTP
  plugins: Customizing the "User-Agent" field is now possible at
* Apache, Ascent, BIND, cURL, cURL-JSON, cURL-XML, nginx plugins: The
  connection will be reset if it hasn't completed within the configured
  "Interval". The new "Timeout" option gives control over \ 
this behavior.
* Apache, Ascent, cURL, cURL-JSON, cURL-XML, nginx, Write HTTP plugins:
  Allow usernames and passwords to contain colons if built against
  libcurl >= 7.19.1.
* Apache plugin: The "SSLCiphers" option gives control over the
  encryption algorithms to use with TLS connections.
* Barometer plugin: This new plugin reads sensor data from various
  Freescale and Bosch digital barometers.
* Battery plugin: Reporting values as percentages and reporting degraded
  batteries has been added.
* Battery plugin: Support for reading values from sysfs on Linux has
  been added.
* Battery plugin: The value for current is no longer supplied unless the
  battery provides this information.
* BIND plugin: Bind's XML v3 API is now supported.
* Ceph plugin: This new plugin collects statistics from the Ceph
  distributed storage system.
* ConnTrack plugin: Support for reporting values as percentages as well
  as legacy conntrack files in "/proc" has been added.
* CPU plugin: The plugin is now able to report values as percentages and
  aggregate values per-state and per-CPU.
* cURL-JSON plugin: Extracting values from complex JSON structures has
  been enhanced.
* cURL-JSON plugin: Intervals can now be configured on a per-URL basis.
* cURL-JSON, cURL-XML, Write HTTP plugins: These plugins now also follow
  HTTP redirects.
* cURL, cURL-JSON, cURL-XML plugins: HTTP Digest authentication has been
* DBI, Oracle, PostgreSQL plugins: A "MetadataFrom" parameter has been
  added which allows to set metadata from database columns.
* DBI plugin: Querying several databases in parallel is now possible.
* Disk plugin: On the Linux platform, disk names can now get looked up
  in udev with the "UdevNameAttr" option.
* Disk plugin: This plugin now collects several additional I/O-related
  metrics on the Linux platform.
* DRBD plugin: This new plugin reads Linux's Distributed Replicated
  Block Device (DRBD) statistics.
* Exec, UnixSock plugins: The "PUTNOTIF" command now allows to set
  metadata on notifications.
* fhcount plugin: This new plugin reports the number of used file handles.
* GenericJMX plugin: A Class Loader for "JMXConnectorFactory" has been
  added, allowing the plugin to work with JBOSS > 7.
* IPC plugin: This new plugin collects information related to shared memory.
* Java plugin: Now uses the hostname defined in the configuration file.
* Load plugin: The plugin is now able to report values as percentages.
* Log Logstash plugin: This new plugin writes collectd logs and events
  as Logstash JSON formatted events.
* LVM plugin: The plugin collects thin pool data volumes size, and no
  longer reports virtual volumes.
* memcached plugin: "listen_disabled_num" are now also reported.
* Memory plugin: Slab memory reporting on the Linux platform has been added.
* Memory plugin: The plugin is now able to report values as percentages.
* Modbus plugin: Selecting between holding and input registers is now
* Modbus plugin: Support for accessing devices through an RS-485 serial
  port has been added.
* Multimeter plugin: This plugin isn't built by default on the AIX
  platform anymore.
* MySQL and PostgreSQL plugins: Passing "" as a host will now
  result in the global Hostname being used in metric names.
* MySQL plugin: InnoDB, Select and Sort statistics collection has been added.
* MySQL plugin: The "Alias" and "ConnectTimeout" options \ 
have been added.
* Netlink plugin: Support for 64bit netlink counters has been added.
* Network plugin: The "ReconnectInterval" configuration option has \ 
been added.
* NFS plugin: Support for NFSv4.0 has been implemented.
* OneWire plugin: Support for more temperature-providing sensor families
  has been added.
* OneWire plugin: Support for full OWFS path and more device families
  has been implemented.
* OpenLDAP plugin: This new plugin reads monitoring information from
  OpenLDAP's "cn=Monitor" subtree.
* OpenVPN plugin: Support for OpenVPN 2.3.0 has been implemented.
* OpenVZ plugin: Various improvements have been made, making the plugin
  report values like the other collectd plugins do.
* Perl plugin: A new "listval_filter" method has been added, various
  internal cleanups and improvements have been made and a test suite has
  been added.
* PostgreSQL plugin: The new "ExpireDelay" option allows skipping older
  values pending write when the database slows down.
* PowerDNS plugin: The plugin was updated for stats from pdns 3.4.3.
* Processes plugin: A memory-usage related optimization for low-profile
  systems has been added.
* Python plugin: Support for Python3 has been improved, "ModulePath" is
  now prepended to "sys.path", and the "get_dataset()" \ 
function has been
  added to the Python API.
* Redis and Write_Redis plugins: The support library has been switched
  from credis to hiredis.
* Redis plugin: Custom commands can now be used to fetch values stored
  in Redis.
* Redis plugin: Support for passwords up to 512 characters long has been added.
* Sensors plugin: Support for lm_sensors' power sensors has been added.
* SMART plugin: This new plugin collects SMART statistics from disk drives.
* SNMP plugin: A blacklist/whitelist feature can now be used to filter
  which OIDs to collect.
* SNMP plugin: SNMPv3 authentication and encryption support has been
* SNMP plugin: Two error messages have been disambiguated.
* Swap plugin: The plugin is now able to report values as percentages.
* Swap plugin: The plugin no longer fails on Linux systems where
  "SwapCached" isn't exposed by the kernel.
* Tail plugin: "GaugeInc" and "GaugeAdd" options have been \ 
* Tail plugin: Intervals can now be configured on a per-File basis.
* TCPConns plugin: The "AllPortsSummary" option, allowing to summarize
  all connections, has been added.
* TCPConns plugin: Three metrics were renamed on the AIX platform, for
  the sake of consistency.
* Turbostat plugin: This new plugin reads CPU frequency and C-state
  residency on modern Intel turbo-capable processors.
* UnixSock plugin: The "GETTHRESHOLD" command has been re-added.
* Varnish plugin: Varnish 4 support has been added, as well as as
  monitoring metrics only available in Varnish 4.
* virt plugin: Guests memory usage is now also collected.
* virt plugin: It is now possible to chose between using guests' name or
  UUID as plugin_instance.
* virt plugin: The libvirt plugin has been renamed to virt.
* Write Graphite plugin: When the connection to graphite fails,
  reconnection attempts are now limited to once per second.
* Write HTTP plugin: Multi-instance support of this plugin has been
  improved. The "<URL "url">" block has been \ 
deprecated in favor of
  "<Node "identifier">".
* Write HTTP plugin: Several TLS-related configuration options have been
* Write HTTP plugin: The "LowSpeedLimit" and "Timeout" \ 
options allow to
  reset slow/stalled network connections.
* Write HTTP plugin: The size of the payload posted to the HTTP server
  can now be controlled with the "BufferSize" option.
* Write Kafka plugin: This new plugin sends data to Apache Kafka, a
  distributed messaging queue.
  ciomaire, Vincent Bernat, Marc Fournier. #670, #694, #794, #853, #014
* Write Log plugin: This new plugin dispatches collected values to the
  configured log destination(s).
* Write Riemann plugin: Extra meta strings are now added as attributes
  in notifications.
* Write Riemann plugin: Notification message are now sent to the Riemann
  server via the description field.
* Write Riemann plugin: Support for custom attributes has been added.
* Write Riemann plugin: Support had been implemented for sending events
  to Riemann in batches (when using TCP), and is enabled by default.
* Write Riemann plugin: The "EventServicePrefix" option has been added,
  which adds a prefix to event service names.
* Write Riemann plugin: Threshold checks can now be passed down to the
  Riemann server.
* Write Sensu plugin: This new plugin submits values to Sensu, a stream
  processing and monitoring system.
* Write TSDB plugin: This new plugin sends data to OpenTSDB, a scalable
  time series database.
* ZFS ARC plugin: Support for ZFS-on-Linux has been added.
* Zookeeper plugin: This new plugin reads data from the Apache Zookeeper
  "MNTR" command.
   2014-02-17 12:21:55 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (37)
Log message:
Import collectd-5.4.1 as sysutils/collectd (+ plugins), based on wip/collectd5.

collectd is a daemon which collects system performance statistics periodically
and provides mechanisms to store the values in a variety of ways, for example
in RRD-files.

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