Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/opengoo
From: Takahiro Kambe
Date: 2009-12-11 17:32:31
Message id:

Log Message:
Update opengoo package to 1.6.

Since 1.6-rc

bugfix: Some widgets in the dashboard showed wrong icons when item spanned more \ 
than one line.
bugfix: Template subtasks don't keep linked objects.
bugfix: Query error when upgrading from 1.5.3.
bugfix: Missing lang for archived objects in objects' history.
bugfix: Don't allow trashing the owner company.
bugfix: Opengoo stops working if owner company was trashed.
bugfix: When discarding an email, two confirmation prompts pop up.
bugfix: When clicking on print report, on time module, the active workspace \ 
should be set as the workspace for the report.
bugfix: Linked "Weblink files" showed a "Download" shortcut \ 
instead of an "Open weblink" shortcut.
bigfix: Importing calendar ics file wasn't working.
bugfix: When editing a document, tags were lost.
bugfix: Send email buttons unaligned on some languages.
bugfix: Some contact websites were missing the "http://" in the \ 
contacts listing.
bugfix: Fixed detection of autodetect timezone config option.
bugfix: Repeating events a fixed number of times didn't show the last repetition.
bugfix: Changed how quoted text is hidden.
bugfix: Added a tabstop to HTML email composing.
bugfix: Sorting emails by subject sorted by date.
bugfix: Sometimes completed tasks were shown when filtering by \ 
"Pending" (completed_by_id was 0).

Since 1.6-beta3

feature: User config option to hide quoted text added.
feature: Added a cron event to clear tmp folder.

usability: Added an icon for archived objects on the object's view, like there \ 
is for trashed objects.
usability: When deleting a company warn about deleting users.

bugfix: Displaying a document in IIS showed "Connection reset error".
bugfix: Tags with accents don't filter correctly on IE.
bugfix: '24 hour' / 'AM-PM' user config option not respected in listings.
bugfix: Add user: billing category is mandatory, it shouldn't be mandatory.
bugfix: Error importing companies when no workspace is selected.
bugfix: If forwarding an email with attachments, saving a draft, and sending the \ 
email, an error pops up about not being able to attach.
bugfix: When importing contacts from a vCard file, all contacts with no email \ 
were considered as the same contact.
bugfix: Fixed several Errors and warnings logged in log.php.
bugfix: Objects of archived workspaces were not being filtered out.
bugfix: Archived documents and messages were not being filtered out of the Dashboard.
bugfix: Search results were printed in reverse modified date order.
bugfix: Contact birthdays were not being shown in the dashboard calendar.
bugfix: When viewing a custom report, date parameters in conditions were shown \ 
as today's date.

Since 1.6-beta2

usability: Added pagination to the Time module.
usability: Show 'Archived by' in object properties if an object is archived.
usability: Show read/unread status in Dahsboard/View as list.
usability: Warn a user when replying or forwarding an email and a new email \ 
arrives at the conversation.
usability: Add the magnifying glass to the email views.
usability: Removed 'Account already being checked' error message.

bugfix: An empty 'Custom properties' fieldset is shown in 'Update profile'.
bugfix: Fix autodetect timezone with DST and enable by default.
bugfix: Check mail doesn't refresh view if an error occurs in one account.
bugfix: Filtering email conversations by tag is not working correctly. It should \ 
show a conversation if any one email in it is tagged.
bugfix: If someone replies to an email but changes the subject the email should \ 
be put into a new conversation.
bugfix: If you delete the newest email in a conversation, the conversation is no \ 
longer listed (when email is shown as conversation).
bugfix: Notifications are not sent when subscribing from 'Modify subscribers'.
bugfix: Put default repetition value for repeating events and tasks.
bugfix: Remove illegal UTF-8 characters before saving an email.
bugfix: Save custom fields when saving an email draft.
bugfix: Sort emails by received date instead of sent date in email listing and \ 
in conversation listing (in email view).
bugfix: Value for 'mail_drag_prompt' user config option is not loaded correctly.
bugfix: Wrap HTML emails in a div with CKEditor style.
bugfix: Delete conversation after deleting last email in conversation.
bugfix: An email's quoted reply is deleted when changing 'From' account.
bugfix: Replying to an email, saving as draft, loading the draft and sending the \ 
email doesn't add the reply to the conversation.
bugfix: Unauthenticated content warnings over SSL in FF 3.5.
bugfix: User-type custom reports fail to execute.
bugfix: When a file is downloaded it should be marked as read.
bugfix: Wrong initial email filters for new installations.

Since 1.6-beta

feature: Added an experimental new search mechanism. It can be much slower but \ 
finds more results.

usability: Added description to system permissions
usability: CKEditor is shown in user's language
usability: Linked objects section in an object's view has no title telling what it is

bugfix: Check write permissions for file installed_version.php when upgrading
bugfix: CKEditor images should point to the actual image in OpenGoo
bugfix: Contact import from csv does not import contacts if user does not have \ 
'can manage contacts' permission but has write permissions on the workspace.
bugfix: Custom reports can only be printed once in Chrome.
bugfix: Edit comment textbox is too small.
bugfix: Email links are opened on the email's body when showing quoted text.
bugfix: Error 500 when adding a file web link.
bugfix: Forgot password token is always the same.
bugfix: If I click on 'Print' when on 'Time' tab it should print by default \ 
'General Timeslots' or 'All timeslots', not 'Task timeslots'.
bugfix: If you delete a signature with images from the email's body, the images \ 
are sent anyway.
bugfix: MySQL Error Message when adding a user and no data has been entered.
bugfix: Removed private milestone options.
bugfix: Search ignores tags on newly uploaded files.
bugfix: Show all linked objects pagination is not working correctly.
bugfix: Show that an email has attachment on search results.
bugfix: Changed all PHP 5.3 deprecated functions for non-depracated alternatives.
bugfix: When printing reports: substitute true/false with yes/no.
bugfix: When user does not have write contact permissions over a workspace, \ 
import from csv does not display errors.
bugfix: HTML editor's height is not adjusted correctly when changing format in a \ 
new email.
bugfix: Error when creating new user.
bugfix: Error when adding a task.