Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang/pforth
From: Aleksej Saushev
Date: 2010-11-22 02:25:49
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to pForth version 27.
Assume maintainership.

Changes since version 21:

      They used to use single precision offset. Now use double as specified.
    - Delete object directories in Makefile clean.
    - Fixed "Issue 4: Filehandle remains locked upon INCLUDE error".
    - Fixed scrambled HISTORY on 64-bit systems. Was using CELL+ but really \ 
needed 4 +.
    - Fixed floating point input. Now accepts "1E" as 1.0. Was Issue #2.
    - Fixed lots of warning and made code compatible with C89 and ANSI. Uses \ 
    - Use fseek and ftell on WIN32 instead of fseeko and ftello.
    - Makefile is now more standard. Builds in same dir as Makefile. Uses CFLAGS etc.
    - Add support for console IO with _WATCOMC_
    - Internal CStringToForth and ForthStringToC now take a destination size for \ 
    - Run units tests for CStringToForth and ForthStringToC if PF_UNIT_TESTS is \ 

V26  5/20/2010
    - 64-bit support for M* UM/MOD etc by Aleksej Saushev. Thanks Aleksej!

V25  5/19/2010
    - Added 64-bit CELL support contributed by Aleksej Saushev. Thanks Aleksej!
    - Added "-x c" to Makefile CCOPTS to prevent confusion with C++
	- Allow space after -d command line option.
	- Restore normal tty mode if pForth dictionary loading fails.

V24 2/20/09
	- Fixed Posix IO on Mac. ?TERMINAL was always returning true.
	- ACCCEPT now emits a space at end of line before output.
	- Fixed RESIZE because it was returning the wrong address.

V23 8/4/2008
	- Removed -v option from mkdir in build/unix/Makefile. It was not supported on \ 
	  Thank you Alexsej Saushev for reporting this.

V23  7/20/2008
    - Reorganized for Google Code project.

V22  (unreleased)
    - Added command line history and cursor control words.
	- Sped up UM* and M* by a factor of 3. Thanks to Steve Green for suggested \ 
	- Modified ACCEPT so that a line at the end of a file that does NOT have a line
	    terminator will now be processed.
	- Use _getch(), _putch(), and _kbhit() so that KEY, EMIT and ?TERMINAL will \ 
work on PC.
	- Fixed  : foo { -- } 55 ;  - Was entering local frame but not exiting. Now \ 
prints error.
    - Redefined MAKE_ID to protect it from 16 bit ints
    - John Providenza says "If you split local variables onto 2 lines, \ 
PForth crashes." Fixed. Also allow \
    - Fixed float evaluation in EVALUATE in "quit.fth".
    - Flush register cache for ffColon and ffSemiColon to prevent stack warnings \ 
from ;