Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/xextproto
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2012-06-03 20:39:09
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to 7.2.1:
Alan Coopersmith (1):
      xextproto 7.2.1

Gaetan Nadon (23):
      Documentation: add Docbook external references support
      Install target dbs alongside generated documents
      Install xml versions of specs even if HAVE_XMLTO is false global maintenance update - entities, images and olinking embed css styles inside the HTML HEAD element
      Use more appropriate docbook element to get "Edited by"
      docs: remove <productnumber> which is not used by default
      docs: use the &fullrelvers; entity to set X11 release information
      sync: fix author name and authors affiliation
      appgrp: use <copyright> markup and minor titlepage fixes
      dbe spec: fix author affiliation and copyright notices
      dpms spec: fix author affiliation
      evi spec: fix copyright and orphan markup
      geproto: fix author's e-mail
      lbx: complete the authors name
      multibuf spec: refactor copyright legal text for multi licensing
      security: fix X Consortium copyrigh legal text and minor markups
      shape spec: fix author affiliation and copyright text
      shm spec: fix author affiliation and copyright text
      sync spec: fix copyright markup for multiple authors
      top-cup spec: remove orphan corpname markup
      xtest spec: fix copyright markup
      geproto spec: add missing copyright with the author's permission

Matt Dew (3):
      Add id attributes to funcsynopsis to allow other docs to olink to them.
      #1 - fix the capitalization of the ID attriutes to
      informaltable cleanup