Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/math/mathomatic
From: Aleksej Saushev
Date: 2012-08-13 17:20:19
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Log Message:
Update to Mathomatic 16.0.2


A nice cleanup and documenting of everything, while my mind still works.

07/23/12 - Enabled links in "manual.pdf" (the Mathomatic User Guide
           and Command Reference), they were not working before,
           but they work great now.

07/24/12 - Allow -a option ("set alternative") with sets alternative
           color mode, useful in MS-Windows when using Cygwin with the
           MinGW compiled version.

07/27/12 - Two bug fixes today:

           Fixed using rlwrap under Cygwin and possibly other places,
           when running rmath.

           get_yes_no() question asker wasn't working in Cygwin or rmath.
           Fixed to always ask the question, even if the input is not a TTY.

07/28/12 - Reading directories and empty files gives an error now.

07/30/12 - Split off changes.txt to changes.txt and changes_series_15.txt.
           changes.txt and NEWS now contain only series 16 changes.

           Added tests/ to prove there is a plotting bug
           in gnuplot itself.

08/01/12 - Removed directive to use large font in the CSS for all Mathomatic
           documentation.  This is so it can be browsed easily with a mobile
           device.  The font size should be set by the user.

08/02/12 - A one-sided expression with an equals sign now only sets the
           expression equal to zero if autocalc didn't work on it.  In the
           Symbolic Math Library, or without autocalc enabled, all is the
           same.  This makes it more likely purely numerical input is only
           calculated, even when preceded or followed by an equals sign,
           when autocalc is enabled.  Reason for this change:
           Why would you want to set a constant equal to 0?

           Fixed a bunch more error reporting bugs coded into version 16.0.1
           of Mathomatic to apply identical operations to both sides of an
           equation.  All fixed now.  Points to the error correctly now, too.

08/04/12 - Major change to Symbolic Math Library.  It now works exactly like
           the application when it comes to purely numerical input,
           approximating and displaying the result, however sign variables
           are not expanded and the result is not 100% simplified,
           so running "simplify sign" afterwards helps with that.
           To revert to the old way, just turn off autocalc, or set
           the numerical input equal to some normal variable; then there
           will be no automatic approximation nor simplification.
           You can tell when an input has been approximated because it
           was numerical input, because it will always be preceded with
           "answer =".

08/05/12 - m4/degrees.m4 copied with m4/functions.m4, when installing with
           "make m4install", thanks to a suggestion by Reini Urban,
           maintainer of the Cygwin version.

Mathomatic version 16.0.2 released Monday 08/06/12.


07/06/12 - Confirmed successful compilation and testing with the
           Tiny C compiler (tcc).  Only needed to set the tcc linker
           library directories to the current gcc library directories
           to make it work (using the -L option).

           Searched globally for the word "simply" and fixed many outdated
           texts in the Mathomatic documentation and READMEs, deleting some
           wrongly used "simply"s, too.

07/07/12 - Allow "set modulus_mode language", where language is C, Java,
           Python, or positive.

07/08/12 - Now leaving the "UNIX" C preprocessor define alone,
           when "HANDHELD" is defined.  "UNIX" was previously
           forced undefined.

07/11/12 - "make test", "make check", and ./t now display \ 
the actual
           Mathomatic version number being tested.

           matho-primes now has a -v (display version number) option,
           like Mathomatic does.

           Mathomatic now automatically clears out all old
           numeric calculations if it runs out of equation spaces,
           requiring no action from the user.

07/12/12 - The solve command never needs the "repeat solve" prefix anymore.
           The repeat flag is always set for the solve command, so that
           it will always do full simplifies when verifying.

           Added quadratic formula derivation and proof to

07/17/12 - I came up with a swinging new and easy way to add, subtract,
           multiply, divide, modular and integer divide,
           and raise to the power of both sides of an equation by any
           expression.  To add x+1 to both sides of the current
           equation, just type "+=x+1" at the main prompt.  To divide both
           sides by c^2, type "/=c^2".  You can add stuff to non-equations
           too, this way.  Be sure and use the simplify command after this
           if needed, because only a small amount of simplification is done
           by default, just enough so you can see what is happening.

07/20/12 - Changed floating point to rational floating point conversion
           routine (f_to_fraction()) to ignore converting anything with
           over 15 digits, for greater accuracy.
           This fixes some small accuracy bugs: "factor number 17!" \ 
now gives
           an error instead of the wrong value.

07/21/12 - Integrate, Laplace, and Numerical Integrate commands now warn
           when the current equation is not a properly solved equation.

Mathomatic version 16.0.1 released Sunday 07/22/12.