Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/cross/dasm
Date: 2013-06-16 11:40:58
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Update to 2.20.11

* Build with distfile's Makefile.
* Install our own do-install target (install target is not provided).


2.20.11 -- 07 April 2008

    * Peter H. Froehlich <phf at acm dot org> took over as maintainer
      from Andrew Davie, but both Andrew and Thomas Mathys still help.

    * DASM moved to, the new website for DASM is now
      available at <>.

    * Fixed (the obvious version of) the long-standing "-1 bug" that
      made DASM reject sources with negative integer literals; there
      may still be signed/unsigned problems in other areas; there is
      certainly still a range checking error.

    * Fixed the usage message to reflect that symbol table sorting is
      controlled by -T and not by -t as the message claimed; also the
      format of the usage message is now more GNU-like.

    * The range of values for -T is now checked, you have to stick to
      0 or 1, arbitrary numbers will not work anymore.

    * Removed spurious output when running DASM. In general command
      line tools should only make output when there's something to
      report (a central Unix tenent). Sorry if you miss the messages,
      just look at the usage information instead. :-)

    * Added new -E# option to select format of error messages; -E0 is
      the default MS style, -E1 is "classic" style from Matthew Dillon,
      -E2 is GNU style from their coding standards.

2.20.10 -- 31 October 2004

    * Thomas Mathys added support for the Fairchild F8 processor to
      DASM. Thank you, Thomas!

    * Support files for the Channel-F Video Entertainment System (VES)

2.20.08 -- unreleased

    * Documentation changed from Word documents back to text files.

2.20.07 -- 17 July 2003

    * No user-visible changes.

2.20.05 -- unreleased

    * Symbol table dump is now performed even if an error occurred.

    * Symbol table dump now displays string symbols in string form.

2.20.04 -- 24 April 2003

    * Command line options now allow "/" as prefix in addition to \ 
      as before.

    * Division by zero is now treated as an unrecoverable error.

    * Error messages now contain more information about the error,
      including the actual source code where possible.

    * Output reworked. Typically, the -v option is now unnecessary as
      more appropriate messages allow you to find errors better.
      Compatibility with the -v option has been maintained, although
      there may be a few minor changes.

    * Branch out of range errors now list the distance to the branch.

    * Undefined symbols are now always listed in a separate table. If
      an unresolved symbol causes an error, the table is displayed
      automatically at the end of assembly. (Note: It can be alright
      to have a referenced but undefined symbol, for example when
      IFCONST is used. In this case, the undefined table will only
      be displayed if there is another undefined label, but it will
      contain *all* unresolved symbols.)

    * New command line option -T# where # is 0 or 1; 0 sorts symbol
      table alphabetically (default), 1 sorts symbol table by address.
      If available memory precludes sorting, the table is unsorted.

2.20.02 -- 24 April 2003

    * John Saeger contributed support for all illegal 6502 opcodes.
      Thank you, John! This fixes the LAX opcode as well.

2.20.01 -- 22 March 2003

    * Andrew Davie <atari2600 at taswegian dot com> took up the DASM
      project, starting from Olaf "Rhialto" Seibert's 2.12.04 version
      with both Olaf's and Matthew Dillon's blessing.

    * REPEAT now detects negative loop count (used to lock up).

    * Errors are now in the format "file (line): Error: string" to
      be compatible with MS VisualStudio.

    * Support files for the Atari 2600 Video Computer System (VCS)

    * Support for illegal 6502/6507 opcodes NOP zp and LAZ (zp),y

2.12.14 -- 19 August 1995

    * Olaf "Rhialto" Seibert's release of DASM with many changes to
      Matthew Dillon's 2.12 release.

Note that everything before 2.20.11 was *reconstructed* by Peter
Froehlich for the 2.20.11 release. Peter had no first-hand knowledge
of the early years but tried to be as accurate as possible, working
from multiple sources. Please feel free to submit any corrections you
may have regarding dates, features, and people.