Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/misc/kdrill
From: Sergey Svishchev
Date: 2014-09-12 23:47:23
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Log Message:
Update to 6.5.  Notable changes:

Added radical search.
Added usefile toggle in multikanji search display.
'cheat' is now a toggle highlight for the current question.
Added [return] key accelerator for stroke count search.

Added handling of non-shifted JIS for cut-n-paste (rxvt support)
Added handling of ascii-escaped unicode char cut-n-paste
   (for pan, and other gtk2 based progs)
Patched doJISConvert to understand gtk2 unicode cutnpaste format.

Fixed buffer overflow in doJISConvert, that made coredumps
  for long cut-n-paste strings.
Fixed bug in matchromaji() that was giving bogus matches too soon.