Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/connect
From: Makoto Fujiwara
Date: 2015-03-08 14:00:15
Message id:

Log Message:
 - convert just compile (by cc) into (almost) regular make packaging,
   with minor trick, say, renaming WRKSRC etc.
 - Update 1.96 to 1.104
Added tag 1.104 for changeset fd6f352325d4 			  2014-09-24
new version number to 1.104 					  2014-09-24
allow to use '@' in user name part of host spec string (close #6) 2014-09-24
Clang support on Win32. 					  2012-09-19
Win32 support for GNU-like toolchains in Makefile		  2012-09-19
Fixed typos	  						  2012-09-19
Added return type to domain_match				  2012-09-11
Add Interix support						  2012-08-25
Fix to support some old Solaris environment. (close #4)		  2012-07-26
make Makefile as closs-platform (close #3)			  2012-07-26
need ifdef for using make_localnet_as_direct().			  2012-06-20

Added tag 1.103 for changeset c7321796112d			  2012-05-14
Use closesocket() on HTTP proxy.				  2012-05-14
redefine ECONNRESET only when it is lacked.			  2012-04-30
resolve hostname localy before determine direct.		  2012-04-21
add feature to make direct access for hosts on the local network. 2012-04-21
doc: fix notes format a little					  2012-04-21
Add document and support elisp code.				  2009-12-17

Added tag 1.101 for changeset cf9579815b7e			  2009-12-17
bump-up to version 1.101.					  2009-12-17
fix-up path separator of ssh askpass executable on win32 except cygwin.
Define version number string explicitly to remove SCM dependency. 2009-12-17

Added tag 1.100 for changeset 7c036cbffb61			  2009-12-17
Import connect.c version 1.100.					  2009-12-17