Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/print
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2015-04-08 07:43:48
Message id:

Log Message:
Update print/tex-pgfplots and print/tex-pgfplots-doc to 1.12, from
Leonardo Taccari in PR 49818.

1.12: scalability + performance
- scalability: reduced TeX memory consumption for huge inline tables
- scalability: lualatex allows bigger 3d graphics
- scalability: lualatex now reduces compilation time for huge 3d graphics
   (requires \pgfplotsset{compat=newest} at the time of this writing)
        surf shader=faceted: time reduced to 61% of pdflatex
                (\addplot3[surf,samples=70] {exp(-x^2-y^2 +x*y)})

        surf shader=interp: time reduced to 25% of pdflatex
                (\addplot3[surf,shader=interp,samples=70] {exp(-x^2-y^2 +x*y)})

        surf shader=interp, parametric: time reduced to 36% of pdflatex
                (\addplot3[surf,shader=interp,z buffer=sort, samples=50,domain=-
1:0,y domain=0:2*pi] ({sqrt(1-x^2) * cos(deg(y))}, {sqrt( 1-x^2 ) * sin(deg(y))}
, x);)

        surf shader=faceted, parametric: time reduced to 40% of pdflatex
                (\addplot3[surf,z buffer=sort, samples=50,domain=-1:0,y domain=0
:2*pi] ({sqrt(1-x^2) * cos(deg(y))}, {sqrt( 1-x^2 ) * sin(deg(y))}, x);)

- scalability: lualated now reduces compilation time for boxplots.
    10000 input points from table: time reduced to 23% of pdflatex
- fixed bug: 3d axes where all axes used log scale produced compile failure
- fixed bug: axis equal did not respect "disabledatascaling"
- fixed bug: mesh legend was confused by color input=explicit
- fixed bug: colorbar style did not reset zmin/zmax
- fixed bug: memory allocation in FPU consumed too much memory
- fixed bug: boxplots: removed compilation error due to spurious spaces in optio
ns list
- fixed bug: boxplots: now uses standard quantile estimators: has all 9 estimato
rs of R and uses the same as in Excel as default (as of compat=1.12)
- fixed bug: boxplots: sometimes failed to compute boxplot statistics for specia
l inputs
- fixed bug: boxplots: now, it sets 'mark=*' for outliers if there is no mark (c
- fixed regression: compat=1.11 broke arcs inside of axis
- new feature: ensured that arcs inside of axis make use of 'axis cs' and 'axis
direction cs' automatically
- new feature: ensured that (0:1) is evaluated with axis cs
- fixed bug: precision of transformation cartesian to polar was too low (added a
tan2 to fpu)
- fixed bug: z buffer caused 'mesh legend' to produce a compile error
- new feature: added 'y filter/.expression={y==3 ? nan : y}' to simplify coordin
ate filters

1.11: usability + bug fixes.
- new feature: "hide obscured x ticks=false" to disable the feature \ 
which hides
- simplified UI for symbolic coords: now, it accepts unexpandable
  dictionary entries including umlauts, undefined macros, math mode, ...
- simplified UI for symbolic coords: added magic prefix
        [normalized]<number> to allow something like xmin={[normalized]0.7}
- simplified UI for custom annotations: one does not need to say "axis \ 
cs" any l
  coordinates like (1,2) are now automatically interpreted as (axis cs:1,2)
- new feature: 'type ticklabels with struts' improves baseline alignment of tick
- new feature: 'trig format plots=rad' allows to use radians in trigonometric ev
- simplified 'external lib': added driver auto-detection for pdflatex, lualatex,
 xelatex, dvips
        (\usepgfplotslibrary{external}, or, with the next PGF release, \usetikzl
- simplified UI for \addplot coordinates: now, it expands macros as it goes.
- new feature: 'intersection segments' now accepts negative indices to count fro
m the last backwards
- simplified UI: 'intersection segments' now accepts new syntax with 1-based ind
ices (old 0-based are still supported)
- fixed bug: fillbetween has had a problem with pins on input paths
- fixed bug: now, 'stacked ignores zero' is no longer applied to error bars.
- fixed bug: tick lines were drawn incorrectly for centered axis lines in 3d
- fixed bug: variable=u failed to work in some contexts
- fixed bug: fill between implicitly activated layers, but did not install the
   correct layers for grid lines etc.
- fixed bug: z grid style was applied to y grid style
- fixed bug: using 'x=1cm' failed to work in axis descriptions (legends)
- fixed bug: mesh legend failed to work with 'shader=interp'
- fixed bug: bounding box of shader=interp was wrong if there were transformatio
- fixed bug: added support for \addplot graphics in ConTeXt
- fixed bug: external lib failed to work with dvips (since PGF 3.0.0 I suppose);
 now it produces correct bounding boxes
- fixed bug: \pgfplotstablenew can now overwrite existing tables.
- fixed bug: extra ticks near intersections of axis lines were hidden
- fixed bug: 'intersection segments' did not work with '--cycle'
- fixed bug: 'intersection segments' did not update the last tikz point
- fixed bug: tick lines/grid lines have been clipped when they were near the bou
- fixed bug: soft clip decoration failed to apply the transformation matrix
- fixed bug: polar axes and units library resulted in broken bounding box
- fixed bug: \addplot[stack plots=false] used to work up to 1.8, but failed unti
l now. Fixed.
- fixed bug: hist/density was broken since some time

- new feature: fill between plots (library fillbetween)
- new feature: concatenate intersection segments (library fillbetween)
- fixed bug: xelatex failed to run contour external
- fixed incompatibility with \label and \usepackage{mcaption}
- fixed bug: histograms produced wrong point meta
- fixed bug: histograms reported the wrong 'plot name' and confused shifts of ba
r plots

- new feature: asymmetric error bars
- new feature: activated math parser for axis limit arguments, arguments in axis
 cs, and domain argument in log plots
- new feature: stacked bar plots place their 'nodes near coords' correctly in th
e middle and print the increment (compat=1.9)
- new feature: stacked bar plots suppress empty increments (compat=1.9).
- new feature: 'scatter/position=relative|absolute' allow to position 'nodes nea
r coords' absolutely.
   use-case: bar plots + nodes near coords which are at, say, y=0 rather than th
eir y value
- new feature: integration of smooth shadings & auto-CMYK conversion
    \usepackage[cmyk]{xcolor} or \selectcolormodel{cmyk} will reconfigure pgfplo
ts to use CMYK (document-wide)
- new feature (advanced audience only): programmatic access to data coordinates
during the visualization phase
        -> allows much more customization for error bars, stacked plots, nodes n
ear coords.
- wrote beginner tutorials
- fixed bug: error bars and point meta did not work together
- fixed bug: stacked plots did not respect 'visualization depends on'
- fixed bug: luatex 0.76 is not backwards compatible; added version switch
- fixed bug: ternary library precision has been improved
- fixed bug: problem with axis limits very close to 0
- fixed bug: colormap specification limit case produced out of bounds exception

- new feature: tight bounding box even if the axis is no box and bb excludes cli
p path
- new feature: mesh/color input=explicit
- new feature: shader=interp now has drivers for both dvipdfmx and xetex
- new feature: support for more color spaces in colormap definitions
- new feature: shader=interp and device-level gray colorspaces
- new feature: 'contour/contour dir=[xyz]' to draw contours in different directi
- new feature: statistics library with boxplot handler (both boxplot prepared an
d automatic computation)
- fixed bug: 3d centered axis lines and label placement (requires compat=1.8 or
- fixed bug: axis lines and placement of labels, tick scale labels, and reversed
    (requires compat=1.8 or higher)
- fixed bug: filtering out coords from a mesh plot failed
- fixed bug: every legend image post was not respected inside of \ref{plotlabel}
- fixed bug: high-order patches computed the shader=flat mean in a wrong way.
- fixed bug: remember picture inside of pgfplots axes failed (due to cell pictur
- fixed bug: now, the tick scale label will be omitted if there are no ticks
- fixed bug: axis box path was not closed
- fixed bug: the bounding box was non-empty even if the axis was hidden.
- fixed bug: auto-alignment of nodes near coords failed for xbar plots
- fixed bug: providing bar width / bar shift in terms of axis units did
    not work with [xy]bar and nodes near coords
- fixed bug: transformation 'data cs=cart' -> polar is more robust now
- fixed bug: code did not compile against pgf 2.00
- fixed bug: patch plot lib and shader=interp,patch type=biquadratic
- fixed bug: context path searching issue (pgfplots.lua)
- fixed bug: shader=interp and dvips driver
- fixed bug: error bars with explicit relative input failed

- added feature: 'bar shift' and 'bar width' can now be expressed in terms of ax
is units (compat=1.7 or higher)
- fixed incompatibility regression pgfplots 1.6.1 pgf 2.10: layers
- fixed incompatibility pgfplots and imakeidx
- added feature: 'enlargelimits={abs=1cm}', i.e. enlarge by dimension rather tha
n unit
- patchplots lib: added patch type=bicubic
- patchplots lib: added support for global paths (fillable)
- patchplots lib: added patch type sampling feature
- patchplots lib: improved usability (documentation and improvements)
- fixed path issues in context: moved lua input file to tex/generic
- fixed bug: \ref{legendimage} inside of legend text was wrong.

- fixed incompatibility lualatex,shader=interp, and german package (introduced i
n 1.6)

- added support for layered graphics (main use case: multiple axes and layers)
- added support for second colormap in mesh plots (mesh/interior colormap name)
- added support for scopes inside of axes
- contour plots: added ability to provide list of discrete labels (mesh/levels)
- empty lines are interpreted as interruptions in data plots (was undocumented s
ince 1.4)
- added more scaling options to 'scale mode=scale uniformly' (affects axis equal
 in 3d
  and \addplot3 graphics)
- fixed wrong implementation of 'axis equal' and 'unit vector ratio' in 3d
  (backwards compatible for 2d, but not for 3d - the 3d implementation was plain
- fixed incompatibility of lualatex and shader=interp
- fixed bugs/added features around \addplot3 graphics
- fixed bug: colorbar did not support ymode=log
- fixed a couple of minor bugs
- fixed bounding box computation for clip=false,axis lines=none

- more operations for FPU library (==, !=,<=,>=,?)
- fixed bug in usage of decorations in \addplot
- bugfix for contour prepared format=matlab
- added 'const plot mark mid' and 'jump mark mid' plot handlers
- nodes on a plot (\addplot ... node[pos=<fraction>] {};)
- 'trim axis group left' and 'trim axis group right'
- bugfixes for polar axes and log+stacked plots
- added style 'log ticks with fixed point'
- introduced patched tikz paths to simplify circles and ellipses within an axis
- patchplots lib: patch type=polygon
- some more bugfixes

 - Contour plots,
 - Histograms,
 - Quiver plots,
 - patch plots (library)
      - Triangle Meshes
      - Bilinear Elements
      - Quadratic Triangles
      - Biquadratic Quadrilaterals
      - Coons Patches
 - Discrete colorbars,
 - Table sorting,
 - Linear regression,
 - Ternary diagrams,
      - Tieline Plots
 - Smith Charts
 - Polar axes,
 - Empty lines in input files result in interrupted plots,
 - PDF user defined coordinate mouse popups
 - CMYK colormaps and shadings,
 - new markers and cycle lists
 - access to axis limits,
 - \addplot3 graphics: pgfplots draws an appropriate axis for a three-dimensiona
l(!) external png graphics
 - 3D axes: support to provide explicit unit vectors:
        - explicit unit vectors
        - explicit unit vectors which are uniformly rescaled to match width/heig
 - 3D axes: improved support for unit vector ratios
 - improvements of the groupplot styles
 - preliminary support for (2d) bar plots in 3d axes
 - new shader 'faceted interp'
 - table package:
        - 'every nth row' style
        - 'comment chars' key to define comment characters in input files
        - 'skip first n' style
 - lots of smaller bugfixes (see ChangeLog for details)