Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases/db6
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2015-09-14 12:52:58
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Log Message:
Changes 6.1.26:
A 'salvage' (db_dump -r) no longer hangs on a corrupt database which contains a \ 
loop in an overflow item's chain of pages.

Remove +u1 compiler flag from the HP-UX build and fixed related alignment issue.

Fixed DB_RUNRECOVERY errors caused by pthreads-based mutexes.

Allow the failchk process to call __env_refresh when necessary.

DB->open() now detects invalid pagesizes sooner, avoiding a potential \ 
floating point exception when a purported database file has a pagesize of 0. \ 
Added a pre-verify step to the db_dump utility.

Fixed a bug that can cause DBcursor->get to return incorrect data when \ 
DB_GET_BOTH_RANGE flag is used.

Added support for Java 8.

Aborting a transaction no longer panics if a deadlock error occurs while freeing \ 
up the transaction's cursors.

Fixed a crash which could occur when multiple BDB SQL processes repeatedly open \ 
a database file.

Fixed a bug where db_printlog improperly handled a "No such file or \ 
directory" error condition.

Fixed a bug that could cause a master crash in the following cases: an \ 
unencrypted client attempts to join an encrypted replication group, or an \ 
encrypted client attempts to join an unencrypted replication group.

Fixed a bug that can cause a crash when DB_ENV->memp_stat() is called.

Added support for arm64.

Reduced the minimum hash table size.

Fixed a bug where file names were not displayed correctly when a file failed to \ 
open during backup.

Enabled cross compiling the JDBC driver.

Fixed a crash when writing to a SQL BLOB while txn_bulk is enabled.

DB->open() now detects invalid bt_minkey better, avoiding a potential \ 
floating point excetpion.

Removed EnvironmentConfig.setTxnNotDurable() and Environment.getTxnNotDurable() \ 
from the Java API. This flag cannot be set on environments.