Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/audio/alsa-utils
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2016-04-15 10:50:21
Message id:

Log Message:
Update alsa-utils to 1.1.0.


    Release v1.1.1
    alsabat: add tinyalsa support
    alsabat: add standalone mode
    aconnect: Show sequencer sound card numer/PID via aconnect

ALSA Control (alsactl)

    alsactl: init/ca0106, init/hda - use CTL{values} instead CTL{value}
    alsactl: remove debug line in set_ctl_values()


    aconnect: Show sequencer sound card numer/PID via aconnect

    alsa-info: add to EXTRA_DIST add man page


    amixer: skip showing asoc tlv byte controls


    aplay/arecord: handle parsing errors of parameter values

bat (basic audio tester)

    alsabat: add tinyalsa support
    alsabat: move alsa process to a single block
    alsabat: use general data generator function
    alsabat: clean return value for playback and capture threads
    alsabat: use general function for wav header update
    alsabat: refactoring alsa capture thread
    alsabat: use variable for thread return value
    alsabat: fix fopen and messages
    alsabat: fix misusing of errno
    alsabat: add bash test script
    alsabat: add standalone mode
    alsabat: add default device name for playback and capture
    alsabat: truncate sample frames for faster FFT analysis
    alsabat: rename to avoid naming conflict
    bat: Don't pass incompatible function pointers to pthread_cleanup_push()
    bat: Avoid local signal.h file