Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/py-dns
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2016-06-30 19:45:04
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Log Message:
Updated py-dns to 1.14.0.

2016-05-27  Bob Halley  <>

	* (Version 1.14.0 released)

	* Add CSYNC RR support

	* Fix bug in LOC which destroyed N/S and E/W distinctions within
	  a degree of the equator or prime merdian respectively.

	* Misc. fixes to deal with fallout from the Python 2 & 3 merge.
	  [issue #156], [issue #157], [issue #158], [issue #159],
	  [issue #160].

	* Running with python optimization on caused issues when
	  stripped docstrings were referenced. [issue #154]

	* erroneously required the zone to be provided.
	  [issue #153]

2016-05-13  Bob Halley  <>

	* dns/ (make_query): Setting any value which implies
	  EDNS will turn on EDNS if 'use_edns' has not been specified.

2016-05-12  Bob Halley  <>

	* TSIG signature algorithm setting was broken by the Python 2
	  and Python 3 code line merge.  Fixed.

2016-05-10  Bob Halley  <>

	* (Version 1.13.0 released)

2016-05-10  Bob Halley  <>

	* Dropped support for Python 2.4 and 2.5.

	* Zone origin can be specified as a string.

	* Support string representation for all DNSExceptions.

	* Use setuptools not distutils

	* A number of Unicode name bug fixes.

	* Added support for CAA, CDS, CDNSKEY, EUI48, EUI64, and URI RR

	* Names now support the pickle protocol.

	* NameDicts now keep the max-depth value correct, and update

	* resolv.conf processing rejects lines with too few tokens.

	* Ports can be specified per-nameserver in the stub resolver.

2016-05-03  Arthur Gautier

        * Single source support for python 2.6+ and 3.3+

2014-09-04  Bob Halley  <>

	* Comparing two rdata is now always done by comparing the binary
	  data of the DNSSEC digestable forms.  This corrects a number of
	  errors where dnspython's rdata comparison order was not the
	  DNSSEC order.

	* Add CAA implementation.  Thanks to Brian Wellington for the