Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/security/keychain
From: NONAKA Kimihiro
Date: 2016-08-18 08:09:01
Message id:

Log Message:
Update security/keychain to 2.8.2.

* keychain 2.8.2 (06 Nov 2015)

  Summary: Support new ssh features, bug fix release.

  Support for new hash algorithms (Ben Boeckel)

  Remove bashisms (Daniel Hertz)

  Various optimizations (Daniel Hahler)

  --timeout option now gets passed to agent, doc fixes (Andrew Bezella, Emil

  RPM, Makefile fixes (Mike Frysinger)

* keychain 2.8.1 (29 May 2015)

  Summary: POSIX compatibility and bug fix release.

  Only set PATH to a standard value if PATH is not set. Otherwise, do not

  Makefile Cygwin and RPM spec fixes (thanks Luke Bakken and Ricardo Silva)

  Confhost fixes. Deprecate in_path. Use command -v instead.

  Find_pids: Modify "ps" call to work with non-GNU ps. (Bryan Drewery)

  Re-introduce POSIX compatibility (remove shopt.) (vaeth)

* keychain 2.8.0 (21 Mar 2015)

  Support for OpenSSH 6.8 fingerprints.
  Support for GnuPG 2.1.0.

  Handle private keys that are symlinks, even if the associated public key is
  in the target directory rather than alongside the symlink.

  Allow private keys to have extensions, such as foo.priv. When looking for
  matching public keys, look for, but also strip extension and
  look for if doesn't exist.

  Initial support for --list/-l option to list SSH keys.

  Updated docs for fish shell usage.

* keychain 2.7.2_beta1 (07 July 2014)

  Various changes and updates:

  Fixes for fish from Marc Joliet.

  Keychain will default to start only ssh-agent unless GPG is explicitly
  updated using --agents.

  Write ~/.gpg-agent-info when launching gpg-agent - fix from Thomas Spura.

  Add support for injecting agents into systemd (Ben Boeckel)

  Add support for --query option (Ben Boeckel)

  Add --absolute flag, allowing user to set a full path without getting a
  .keychain suffix automatically appended.

  Add --confhost option to scan ~/.ssh/config file to locate private key
  path specified there.