Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases/pgpool2
From: Filip Hajny
Date: 2016-11-24 13:52:47
Message id:

Log Message:
Update databases/pgpool2 to 3.6.0.


Notable new features

- Improve the behavior of fail-over.
- New PGPOOL SET command has been introduced.
- Watchdog is significantly enhanced.
- Handling of extended query protocol (e.g. used by Java applications)
  in streaming replication mode speeds up if many rows are returned
  in a result set.
- Import parser of PostgreSQL 9.6.
- In some cases pg_terminate_backend() now does not trigger a fail-over.
- Change documentation format from raw HTML to SGML.


Bug fixes

- Fix buffer over run problem in "show pool_nodes".
- Fix usage of wait(2) in pgpool main process.
- Save and restore errno in each signal handler.
- Fix handling of pcp_listen_addresses config parameter.
- Fix "kind mismatch" error message in pgpool.
- Replace "MAJOR" macro to prevent occasional failure.
- Fixing a coding mistake in watchdog code.
- doc : Fixing a typo in english doc
- Fix for bun 215 that pgpool doesn't escalate ip in case of another node
- Fix for bug of inconsistent status of Postgresql nodes in Pgpool instances
  after restart.
- SIGUSR1 signal handler should be installed before watchdog initialization.
- Fix for bug 228 that pgpool doesn't de-escalate IP in case network
- Fix hang when portal suspend received.
- test : Add regression test for bug 230.
- Fixing a typo in the log message.
- Fixing the error messages when the socket operation fails.
- Tighten up health check timer expired condition in pool_check_fd().
- doc : Add comment to the document about connection_cache.
- Fix Handling of pcp_socket_dir was missing from pool_get_config().
- doc : Fix Japanese document typo.
- Fix "out of memory" by using "pg_md5 -m".
- Fix for 237 that Pgpool-II fails to start if listen_addresses is empty


New features

- Allow to access to pgpool while doing health checking

Bug fixes

- Fix is_set_transaction_serializable() when
  SET default_transaction_isolation TO 'serializable'.
- Fix Chinese documetation bug about raw mode
- Fix confusing comments in pgpool.conf
- Fix extended protocol handling in raw mode
- Permit pgpool to support multiple SSL cipher protocols
- If statement timeout is enabled on backend and do_query() sends a
  query to primary node, and all of following user queries are sent to
  standby, it is possible that the next command, for example END, could
  cause a statement timeout error on the primary, and a kind mismatch
  error on pgpool-II is raised.
- Deal with the case when the primary is not node 0 in streaming replication
- Fix a posible hang during health checking
- change the Makefile under this directory src/sql/,that is proposed by
- fix for 0000197: pgpool hangs connections to database..
- Fix bug with load balance node id info on shmem
- Fixing coverity scan reported issues.



- Fix for segfault during trusted_servers check
- Removing the limit on the maximum number of items in the
  black_function_list and white_function_list lists
- Fix check "PCP Directory" in "Parameter Setting" in install
- Fix extended protocol hang with empty query
- Redirect all user queries to primary server
- Change the PID length of pcp_proc_count command result to 6 characters



- Add some warning messages for wd_authkey hash calculation failure
- test: Fix regression test to check timeout of each test
- test: Allow timeout value to be specified by the command option
- Fix compile issue on FreeBSD
- test: Fix test/regression/ to remove binary files of
  010.rewrite_timestamp test
- Fix memorry leak reported by Coverity (CID 1350095)
- Fixing pgpool-recovery module compilation issue with PostgreSQL 9.6
- Fix to properly process an empty query that has only comments
- Fix a reset query stuck problem
- Fix a reset query stuck problem
- Fix query stuck problems in streaming replication mode with extended
  protocol queries
- Fix pgpool hung after receiving error state from backend
- Fix bug that child processes exit and are not re-spawned
- Fix typo in configure
- doc: Change description of backend_flag
- doc: Fix installation procedure.
- test: Fix pgpool_setup to not confuse log output
- Fix to validate the PCP packet length