Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/stow
From: Mark Davies
Date: 2017-01-19 11:37:21
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Log Message:
Update to stow 2.2.2

* Changes in version 2.2.2

** @VERSION@ substitution was set up for the Stow::Util module.

* Changes in version 2.2.1

Version 2.2.1 was not released since it was rejected by
due to Stow::Util missing $VERSION.

** Small improvements to documentation
** Fix Perl warnings
** Fix "Undefined subroutine &main::error" error
** Failed system calls now include error description
** Default ignore list now ignores top-level README.*, LICENSE.*,
   and COPYING
** Correctly handle the stow/target directories as non-canonical paths
** Fix stowing of relative links when --no-folding is used.

* Changes in version 2.2.0

** New --no-folding option
** Remove -a option (--adopt still available)
** Improve error message when stow package is not found.
** Test suite improvements
** Documentation improvements
** Remove "There are no outstanding operations to perform" warning.

* Changes in version 2.1.3

** New --adopt / -a option
** ./configure now checks for Perl modules required by the test suite.

* Changes in version 2.1.2

  Many thanks to Stefano Lattarini for help with numerous autoconf and
  automake issues which are addressed in this release.
** Significantly improve the handling of --with-pmdir.
** ./configure now aborts if Perl isn't found.
** Ensured the ChangeLog is up-to-date when making a new distribution.
** Fixed bug with `make clean' removing files which the user may not
   be able to rebuild.

* Changes in version 2.1.1

** Fixed bug where ./configure --with-pmdir=X was ineffectual.
** Calculated the correct default value for pmdir based on the
   local Perl installation.
** Fixed some automake issues
** Improved various bits of documentation.

* Changes in version 2.1.0

** Major refactoring of code into separate Stow and Stow::Util Perl
** Added support for ignore list files.
** Added support for CPAN-style installation and distribution via
** Introduced `make test' target and significantly tightened up test
** Very large number of code and documentation fixes (over 80 commits
   since version 2.0.1).
** The '--conflicts' option has been removed.
** Improved debugging output.
** Converted man page to POD format.
** Include PDF, and both split- and single-page HTML versions of manual
   in the distribution.
** Fixed code style consistency issues.
** Running configure from outside the source tree now works.
** `make distcheck' now works.

* Changes in version 2.0.1

** Defer operations until all potential conflicts have been assessed.
** Multiple stow directories will now cooperate in folding/unfolding.
** Conflict messages are more uniform and informative.
** Verbosity and tracing is more extensive and uniform.
** Implemented option parsing via Getopt::Long.
** Default command line arguments set via '.stowrc' and '~/.stowrc' files.
** Support multiple actions per invocation.
** New (repeatable) command line arg: --ignore='<regex>'
** New (repeatable) command line arg: --defer='<regex>'
** New (repeatable) command line arg: --defer='<regex>'
** New (repeatable) command line arg: --override='<regex>'
** By default, search less aggressively for invalid symlinks when unstowing.
** New chkstow utility for checking the integrity of the target directory.