Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/presentproto
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2017-01-26 09:40:32
Message id:

Log Message:
Updated presentproto to 1.1.

This release fixes a bug causing libXpresent to have a wrong idea of the
present wire protocol structures.  Plus a number of documentation

Aaron Plattner (1):
      Copy the standard .gitignore from other proto packages

Adam Jackson (2):
      Add COPYING
      Force Window and Pixmap to be CARD32 on the wire

Alan Coopersmith (1):
      configure: Drop AM_MAINTAINER_MODE

Emil Velikov (1): use quoted string variables

Gaetan Nadon (2):
      Add the required README file.
      config: replace deprecated use of AC_OUTPUT with AC_CONFIG_FILES

Julien Cristau (2):
      Fix wrong reference to DRI3 in the protocol spec
      Bump version to 1.1

Keith Packard (4):
      Fix spelling of James Jones' email address
      Move Redirect stuff to 'later version' sections
      Don't define 'redirect' stuff in header files Implement GNOME Build API

Kenneth Graunke (1):
      Fix typo (modifiy -> modify)

Mihail Konev (1):
      autogen: add default patch prefix

Peter Hutterer (1): use exec instead of waiting for configure to finish