Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/math/nickle
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2017-03-20 14:13:51
Message id:

Log Message:
Updated nickle to 2.79.

    Ensure data cache value array is aligned adequately

    Data caches are used to store pointers and other potentially long
    values. Make sure that the position of the values portion of the cache
    is aligned to a suitable address. Fixes a bus error on sparc64 machines.

    Building nickle on arm64 now, change package names
    built .deb and .rpm files are now amd64 instead of i386

    Update to version 2.78

    Also depend on bison and flex

    newer version of flex doesn't have yyunput

    This line was just removing a warning about yyunput unused; newer
    versions of flex don't even have that symbol anymore. Better to have a
    warning than fail to compile.

    Adapt tests to new automake requirements

    Automake now has a separate variable for the program to run the test
    scripts with, and breaks if you try to embed that in the
    TESTS_ENVIRONMENT variable, which used to be how this was done.

    Use 'G' format for elements when printing arrays in 'g' format

    This restricts array printing to just recurse one level.

    When using pointer as hash, first cast to intptr_t

    This avoids a compiler warning when pointers are not the same size as

    Initialize 'replace' in NewTypedBox

    When left uninitialized, undefined results will occur. This caused a
    test failure on MIPS when being built with PIE support.

    Debian bug 857840.

    Reported-by: James Cowgill <>

    Open quote character is a single char, not a string

    When checking to see if a string needs to be dequoted, check the first
    character of the string against the quote character, rather than
    checking the whole string.

    Probably using strings for the quote markers wasn't the best API
    choice as this would have been caught by typechecking had the quote
    characters been an int instead.

    Define release date in and use that instead of build date

    This avoids encoding the current date into the resulting output so
    that it can be reproduced.

    Add JSON input/output code

    Reverse data written in linked FileChains

    FileChains are linked in newest-in order, so they need to be written

    Add is_hash primitive

    Checks whether a value is a hash

    Abort karatsuba multiply in more places

    removed gratuitous -O2 from to let CFLAGS handle it

    Added a lightly-optimized choose(n, k) function to math.5c.

    The lack of a choose operator has continually bugged me;
    I've constantly rewritten it "the bad way". This is a
    lightly optimized version of that function that seems to
    handle most edge cases reasonably. It has only been tested a
    little bit.

    added check mode to sudoku solver

    cleaned up a bunch of sudoku solver stuff

    added edge cache to sudoku example

    tutorial: Close a couple of SGML tags

    nsgmls found a couple of unclosed tags which may make some versions
    of docbook tools unhappy.

    Fix release docs to use git log instead of git-log

    git-log disappeared a long time ago

    actually added Sudoku example

    added Sudoku generator example

    added sudoku example