Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics/gifsicle
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2017-04-05 18:07:17
Message id:

Log Message:
Updated gifsicle to 1.88.

Version 1.88   1.Jul.2015

* Fix bug where long comments were read incorrectly. Reported by

* Add --no-ignore-errors option.

Version 1.87   9.Dec.2014

* Always optimize as if the background is transparent. This fixes some
  rare bugs reported by Lars Dieckow.

* Fix --crop issue with must-be-preserved frames that are out of the
  crop window.

Version 1.86   14.Oct.2014

* Further fix --rotate + --crop.

Version 1.85   14.Oct.2014

* Greatly improve optimization time for images with many colors.

* Add --no-extensions (with the s) and document those options more.

* Fix bug in interaction of --resize and --rotate reported by Michał

Version 1.84   29.Jun.2014

* Correct optimizer bug that affected GIFs with 65535 or more total
  colors. Reported by Jernej Simončič.

Version 1.83   21.Apr.2014

* Correct bug in custom gamma values reported by Kornel Lesiński.

* Update Windows build.

Version 1.82   27.Mar.2014

* Correct bug in `mix` sampling method reported by Bryan Stillwell.

Version 1.81   24.Mar.2014

* Correct bug in `mix` sampling method reported by Bryan Stillwell.

Version 1.80   18.Mar.2014

* Bug fixes and improved error messages.

Version 1.79   17.Mar.2014

* Major improvements in image scaling. Work sponsored by Tumblr via
  Mike Hurwitz.

** Add new resize sampling methods `mix`, `box`, `catrom`, `mitchell`,
   `lanczos2`, and `lanczos3`, selectable by `--resize-method`. The
   `catrom` filter often gives good results; the slightly faster `mix`
   method (a bilinear interpolator) is now the default. These new
   sampling methods consider all of the image's input colors when
   shrinking the image, producing better, less noisy output for most

** Add `--resize-colors`, which allows Gifsicle to enlarge the palette
   when resizing images. This is particularly important when shrinking
   images with small colormaps---e.g., shrinking a black-and-white
   image should probably introduce shades of gray.

* Support extensions such as XMP4 in which extension packet boundaries
  matter. Reported by `ata4`.

* Many bug fixes, especially to cropping. Thanks to Tumblr and to
  Bryan Stillwell, Tal Lev-Ami, "Marco," and others.