Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/misc/rlwrap
From: Leonardo Taccari
Date: 2017-04-10 22:30:15
Message id:

Log Message:
Update misc/rlwrap to 0.43

pkgsrc changes:
 - depends on python3* now that filters can be written in Python
 - update MASTER_SITES and HOMEPAGE (old homepage seems no longer available)
 - take MAINTAINERship

 - Added Hisanobu Okuda's python3 module
   and example filters. Filters can now be written in python
   as well as perl.
 - If a filter was used, rlwrap would pass all input, output,
   history items, prompts, ... through the filter, even if it
   wouldn't change them. Now, at startup, filters (even filter
   pipelines) tell rlwrap which messages they handle, after which
   rlwrap won't bother them with anything else.
 - Added bindable readline command rlwrap-direct-keypress
   that bypasses readline editing and sends its keypress directly
   to the rlwrapped command (like CTRL-G for the Erlang shell)
 - Added bindable readline command rlwrap-hotkey that passes
   the current input buffer and history to the filter (or
   filter pipeline) specified with the '-z' option. This can
   be used e.g. to insert the current selection at the cursor
   position, or to edit (re-write) the history.
   This uncovered quite a few bugs and inconsistencies:
      - My ncurses' termcap emulation misses some codes (like
        term_cursor_hpos) that its terminfo has. rlwrap now
        always searches terminfo before termcap.
      - rlwrap was confused about the role of history_offset,
        resulting in muddled and unclear (although correct) code.
      - rlwrap --history-size -0 would clobber the history file
        (as per the manual - that has been updated as well)
      - rlwrap's ad hoc way of sending lists of strings to filters
        by interspersing them with TABS or spaces is becoming
        unwieldy, it has been replaced by a standard encoding
        <length1><string1><length2><string2>.... (where the
        <lengths> are fixed length hexadecimal numbers (this is a
        contribution by Hisanobu Okuda)
 - Playing back a readline macro consisting of more than one line
   would crash with SIGSEGV
 - rlwrap with negative --histsize would fail when there is no
   history file yet.
 - An empty prompt would make $filter->{cumulative_output} miss
   its last line
 - Pre-given (-P) input would only be put in input line after
   cooking timeout (usually 40 msec)
 - One-shot (-o) rlwrap could accept more than one line when input
   in quick succession.
 - rlwrap didn't delete the tempfiles used in a multi-line
 - now works even when cross-compiling (skipping some
   tests, but providing sensible defaults)
 - --enable-pedantic-ansi is a new configure option separate from
   --enable-debug (it used to be implied by --enable-debug)
 - --complete-filenames (-c) will now work on OS X and FreeBSD as well