Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases/sql-workbench
From: David Brownlee
Date: 2017-06-12 14:07:39
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Log Message:
Updated databases/sql-workbench to 122

Also some minor pkglint

Build 122 (2017-02-04)

    Conditional execution of Workbench commands now support -isDBMS and -isNotDBMS
    Added basic support for EXAsol
    Added support for SSH tunneling per connection profile
    When loading a SQL script it's now possible to automatically detect the encoding
    It's now possible to filter the output of WbVarList
    It's now possible to pin a result tab so that it doesn't get closed even if \ 
append mode is not enabled
    WbExport, WbImport, WbCopy and WbConfirm now support conditional execution
    WbTriggerSource now also supports writing the source to a file
    For Postgres, dependencies between triggers and tables are no shown in the \ 
DbExplorer and DbTree
    For Postgres, functions defined as "returns setof refcursor" are \ 
now processed correctly when using "select * from function()"
    For Postgres, it's now possible to import values into array columns if the \ 
source data is formatted as a Postgres array literal (WbImport and WbCopy)
    A new annotation (@WbCrossTab) is available to create simple crosstabs (aka \ 
"pivot") from query results.
    Improved editing of Postgres' hstore result columns.
    For SQL Server, the object dependencies now include named default \ 
constraints and custom data types

Bug fixes

    For Oracle the DDL for tables using reference partitioning was not generated \ 
    In batch mode when specifying a connection profile using -profile, the \ 
setting to ignore drop errors from the profile was ignored
    The width of the DbTree was limited if the DbExplorer panel was also displayed
    For HSQLDB, BIT columns were not displayed correctly.
    For Oracle, the DEDUPLICATION option was not shown for LOB columns
    Auto completion did not overwrite a partial table (or column) name if that \ 
part was a SQL keyword.
    Activating the object list filter in the DbExplorer by using the toolbar \ 
button did not work reliably.
    Passing connection properties using -connectionProperties to WbCreateProfile \ 
did not work
    When using a profile specific macro file, opening a new window did not \ 
always work.
    When using an Oracle 12.x JDBC driver, materialized views were always \ 
reported as missing with WbSchemaDiff
    It was no longer possible to select "As Is" for the built-in SQL \ 
    Several features in the DbExplorer did not work for Amazon Redshift
    Feedback from connect scripts was not always shown in the message tab
    Error messages were not shown for errors that occurred in connect scripts
    For Postgres, the remarks for indexes were not retrieved correctly if \ 
indexes with the same name existed in different schemas
    The formatter did not treat the := operator properly for MySQL
    For Postgres, the source of a table was not shown when an old (unsupported) \ 
version of Postgres was used
    For SQL Server (and other DBMS supporting schemas and catalogs) the list of \ 
schemas was not properly refreshed when the database was changed in the \ 
DbExplorer's dropdowns
    For Oracle, value literals for RAW columns where not created correctly
    For Oracle, -clobAsFile for WbExport was not working for XML columns
    For Oracle, overloaded procedures inside packages where no longer displayed.
    For SQL Server, the source of procedures, functions and triggers was not \ 
displayed correctly in the DbExplorer for databases other then the default \ 
database of the connection.
    When using -configDir in console mode the connection profiles were still \ 
loaded from the default location.
    For Postgres, when generating scripts for tables and sequences the owner \ 
column for a sequence was not correctly generated.

Build 121 (2016-07-31)
Bug fixes

    Some DDL statements were not generated properly when changing tables or \ 
indexes in the DbExplorer
    For Oracle, columns defined as TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE or TIMESTAMP WITH \ 
LOCAL TIMEZONE where not displayed correctly
    It was no longer possible to use a timestamp format without time for WbImport
    When loading a new macro file, the macro menu was not updated.