Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/apache-tomcat8
Date: 2017-09-04 15:53:49
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Log Message:
Update to 8.0.46

Tomcat 8.0.46 (violetagg)

    Fix: Additional permission for deleting files is granted to JULI as it is \ 
required by FileHandler when running under a Security Manager. The thread that \ 
cleans the log files is marked as daemon thread. (violetagg)
    Fix: 61229: Correct a regression in 8.0.44 that broke WebDAV handling for \ 
resources with names that included a & character. (markt)
    Fix: 61232: When log rotation is disabled only one separator will be used \ 
when generating the log file name. For example if the prefix is catalina. and \ 
the suffix is .log then the log file name will be catalina.log instead of \ 
catalina..log. Patch provided by Katya Stoycheva. (violetagg)
    Fix: Performance improvements for service loader look-ups (and look-ups of \ 
other class loader resources) when the web application is deployed in a packed \ 
WAR file. (markt)
    Fix: 61253: Add warn message when Digester.updateAttributes throws an \ 
exception instead of ignoring it. (csutherl)
    Fix: 61313: Make the read timeout configurable in the JNDIRealm and ensure \ 
that a read timeout will result in an attempt to fail over to the alternateURL. \ 
Based on patches by Peter Maloney and Felix Schumacher. (markt)
    Add: 61366: Add a new attribute, localDataSource, to the JDBCStore that \ 
allows the Store to be configured to use a DataSource defined by the web \ 
application rather than the default of using a globally defined DataSource. \ 
Patch provided by Jonathan Horowitz. (markt)


    Fix: 61086: Ensure to explicitly signal an empty request body for HTTP 205 \ 
responses. Additional fix to r1795278. Based on a patch provided by Alexandr \ 
Saperov. (violetagg)
    Fix: 61322: Correct two regressions caused by the fix for 60319 when using \ 
BIO with an external Executor. Firstly, use the maxThreads setting from the \ 
Executor as the default for maxConnections if none is specified. Secondly, use \ 
maxThreads from the Executor when calculating the point at which to disable \ 
keep-alive. (markt)
    Fix: Prevent exceptions being thrown during normal shutdown of NIO \ 
connections. This enables TLS connections to close cleanly. (markt)


    Add: 53031: Add support for the fork option when compiling JSPs with the \ 
Jasper Ant task and javac. (markt)


    Add: 57767: Add support to the WebSocket client for following redirects when \ 
attempting to establish a WebSocket connection. Patch provided by J Fernandez. \ 

Web applications

    Fix: Remove references to the Loader attribute searchExternalFirst from the \ 
documentation since the attribute is no longer supported. (markt)
    Fix: Correct the documentation for how StandardRoot is configured. (markt)


    Add: 52791: Add the ability to set the defaults used by the Windows \ 
installer from a configuration file. Patch provided by Sandra Madden. (markt)