Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/py-Pyro
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2017-10-08 12:21:57
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Log Message:
py-Pyro: update to 4.62

Pyro 4.62:
major new feature: SSL/TLS support added - a handful of new config items \ 
(‘SSL’ prefixed), supports server-only certificate and also 2-way-ssl \ 
(server+client certificates). For testing purposes, self-signed server and \ 
client certificates are available in the ‘certs’ directory. SSL/TLS in Pyro \ 
is supported on Python 2.7.11+ or Python 3.4.4+ (these versions have various \ 
important security related changes such as disabling vulnerable cyphers or \ 
protocols by default)
added SSL example that shows how to configure 2-way-SSL in Pyro and how to do \ 
certificate verification on both sides.
added cloudpickle serialization support (
added a small extended-pickle example that shows what dill and cloudpickle can \ 
do (send actual functions)
daemon is now more resilient to exceptions occurring with socket communications \ 
(it logs them but is otherwise not interrupted) (this was required to avoid \ 
errors occurring in the SSL layer stopping the server)
some small bugs fixed (crash when logging certain errors in thread server, \ 
invalid protected members showing up on pypy3)
the raise data line in a traceback coming from Pyro now has a comment after it, \ 
telling you that you probably should inspect the remote traceback as well.
note: if you’re using Python 3 only and are interested in a modernized version \ 
of Pyro, have a look at Pyro5: It’s \ 
experimental work in progress, but it works pretty well.
note: Pyro4 is reaching a state where I consider it “feature complete”: \ 
I’m considering not adding more new features but only doing bug-fixes. New \ 
features (if any) will then appear only in Pyro5.