Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/chat
From: Maya Rashish
Date: 2017-10-23 17:08:24
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Log Message:
irssi: update to 1.0.5

	- Fix missing -sasl_method '' in /NETWORK (#718, #719).
	- Fix incorrect restoration of term state when hitting SUSP
          inside screen (#737, #733).
	- Fix out of bounds read when compressing colour
          sequences. Found by Hanno Böck (GL#12, GL!18).
	- Fix use after free condition during a race condition when
          waiting on channel sync during a rejoin (GL#13, GL!19).
	- Fix null pointer dereference when parsing certain malformed
          CTCP DCC messages (GL#14, GL!20).
	- Fix crash due to null pointer dereference when failing to
          split messages due to overlong nick or target (GL#15, GL!21).
	- Fix out of bounds read when trying to skip a safe channel ID
          without verifying that the ID is long enough (GL#16, GL!22).
	- Fix return of random memory when inet_ntop failed (#769).
	- Minor statusbar help update. By Robert Bisewski (#758,

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