Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/objfw
From: Benny Siegert
Date: 2017-10-29 13:13:13
Message id:

Log Message:
Update ObjFW to 0.90.2, from Jonathan Schleifer in PR pkg/52645.

ObjFW 0.90.1 -> ObjFW 0.90.2, 23.10.2017
 * Fix shadowed variables which caused many bugs (e.g. using the wrong object)
 * Many, many nullability fixes
 * OFTCPSocket: Fix exception not being retained for async connect
 * OFThread: Fix setting the name on the wrong thread
 * OFMutableSet: Fix missing override for -[copy]
 * configure: Fix posix_spawnp check
 * Xcode project: Set the correct version for the bridge
 * Better check for iOS
 * tests: Fix testing the wrong OFKernelEventObserver

ObjFW 0.90 -> ObjFW 0.90.1, 20.08.2017
 * OFData: Fix -[description]
 * OFFileManager: Set errno to 0 before readdir()
 * OFDate: Add -[localMinute]
 * OFTarArchiveEntry: Fix prefix handling for ustar
 * OFZIPArchive: Fix uncompressed + data descriptor
 * OFArray: Fix MessagePack encoding
 * of_asprintf: Don't require set up OFLocalization
 * OFGZIPStream: Add missing documentation
 * Fix a linker warning on OpenBSD/SPARC64
 * Remove the OFFile b modes from MorphOS
   (they were already removed for all other OSes)