Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/math/R-xts
From: Wen Heping
Date: 2017-12-02 12:53:31
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to 0.10-0

Upstream changes:
Changed in xts 0.10-0:

Major changes include:
o  A new plot.xts() that is incompatible with earlier versions of plot.xts().
o  Moved development from R-Forge to GitHub.
o  New xts FAQ.

Other, less disruptive changes include:

o  merge.xts() now throws an error if the index contains non-finite values

o  Constructors xts() and .xts() now ensure and index arguments do not
   contain non-finite values. Many xts functions, most notably merge.xts(),
   expect all index values to be finite. Missing index values usually indicate
   an error, and always occurred at the end of the index (#173, #194, #199).

o  Fixed bug in endpoints() when called on sparse data that have the same month
   and day, but different years (#169).

o  Fixed bug in [.xts did not do the same checks on logical xts objects as it
   does for all other data types (#163).

o  Fixed bug that caused split.xts() to error if 'f' is a character vector with
   more than 1 element (#134).

o  Fixed bug that crashed R if 'k' argument to lag.xts() was not an integer and
   would be NA when coerced to integer (#152).

o  period.apply() now checks to ensure the object's index is unique and sorted,
   and sets INDEX <- sort(unique(INDEX)) if it is not. It also ensures INDEX
   starts with 0 and ends with NROW(x) (#171).

o  All references to the 'its' package have been removed, since it is now
   archived on CRAN at the request of its maintainer.

o  Fixed bug that crashed R when merge.xts() was called on an empty xts object
   and more than one non-xts object (#157).

o  Fixed bug that did not set the index's tzone attribute to UTC when
   index<-.xts or indexClass<- were called and 'value' did not have a tzone
   attribute (#148).

o  Fixed a bug in endpoints() that caused incorrect results if the index was
   less than the epoch (#144).

o  Fixed a bug that caused diff.xts() on a logical xts object to return an
   object with a POSIXct index.

o  index.xts() works even if the package containing the class for the index
   is not attached (it needs to be loaded, however).

o  [.xts now returns NA if a one-column xts object is subsect by NA, instead
   of throwing an uninformative error (#97).

o  Fixed bugs that would crash R when [.xts was called a certain way and 'j'
   contained NA values (#97, #181).

o  Fixed a bug in endpoints() where 1 second would be subtracted for any date
   in the year 1969. The subtraction is only supposed to occur on
   1969-12-31 23:59:59.9... to work around behavior in strptime().

o  timeBasedSeq() now honors hour/min/sec 'BY' values (#91).

o  [.xts now throws an error if 'j' is character and not one of the column
   names. This is consistent with [.zoo and [.matrix (#48).

o  timeBasedSeq() now works correctly when resolution is "days" the \ 
   includes a daylight saving time change (#67).

o  Explicitly set indexTZ="UTC" for all index classes that do not have a TZ
   (#66).  indexTZ="GMT" is also allowed.

o  Fixed as.xts() when called on an 'mts' object (#64).

o  Moved development from R-Forge to GitHub.

o  Fixed bug in to.period() that errored when name=NULL (#5937).

o  Fixed bug in .index* functions that did not account for timezones (#5891).

o  Fixed bug that allowed index<-.xts to produce an unsorted index (#5893).

o  Fixed bug so subsetting a zero-width xts object with a zero-length 'i'
   vector no longer returns an object with column names (#5885).

o  Updated [.xts to handle 'i' containing multiple zeros (e.g. subsetting by a
   "logical" column of an integer xts object).

o endpoints() now errors if k < 0.