Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/ne
From: Patrick Welche
Date: 2017-12-16 20:46:29
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Log Message:
Update ne to 3.13

Version 3.13 19-December-2016

1. Since 3.12 the list of commands that are allowed in readonly mode was out of
step by one.

2. Output "reading" or "writing" when reporting failure to \ 
open a file.

3. If a regular expression match in widechars mode encountered a line
containing an invalid UTF-8 string, it behaved as "no match" on that line
instead of reporting the error from PCRE.

4. In screen mode, if a global limit was set, the ending message for a global
match (e.g. "No More: x matches, y changes") was overwritten at the \ 
start by a
line number unless "all" was given to the global prompt.

5. The global limit mark has been separated from the text mark and now operates
independently. As a result, it is now possible to cut and paste text and do
bulk line operations while a global limit is set.

6. The "configure" script now checks for the presence of the chosen PCRE
library and also for the termcap or terminfo library.

Version 3.12 04-October-2016

The way that the "back" command works is completely revised. It is now \ 
to change the size of the "regions" that "back" remembers, \ 
using the BACKREGION
command. The "front" command (defaulted on the ^F keystroke) moves to \ 
the line
that is at the top of the back stack.

Version 3.11 19-August-2016

1. NE was crashing if a BACK command was issued before any changes were made
   to the file.

2. "Back" line handling was doing some unnecessary processing and \ 
   giving a mysterious (incorrect) error message about reading commands in
   binary mode. This should have been "'back' line not found", an internal
   error. The internal error has been fixed. It happened in some cases when two
   changes were made on a line that was subsequently deleted - only one
   instance was removed from the "back" list if the two instances were

3. "Back" handling wasn't always remembering modification points for \ 
    cursor movements.

Version 3.10 27-January-2016

1. Default to using PCRE2, but with a configure option to revert to PCRE1.

2. Removed some old coding macros that were set up for 16-bit Borland C, which
   are surely obsolete now.

3. Fix minor uninitialized read issue in argument decoding on 64-bit systems.

4. After compiling with a lot of warnings enabled, a lot of code tidying has
   been done, mainly turning many int variables into unsigned ints, and
   removing parameters that are not used in Unix-like environments (a hangover
   from early versions that ran on different systems). There is still plenty
   that could be done, however.

5. Removed configure tests for strerror(), memmove(), and bcopy() as these are
   nowadays always available, and anyway, the code no longer checked the
   macros (bcopy() wasn't even used). TIOCGWINSZ was assumed in the
   configuration, so removed the checks in the code.

Version 3.04 27-December-13

1. Change 2 for 3.03 broke full-screen editing when run from a non-xterm
   terminal (e.g. "screen") because it acccidentally insisted on the \ 
   of a Delete key.

Version 3.03 09-November-13

1. Removed some set but unused variables (detected by clever new compiler).

2. Updated special keystroke handling for xterm to use more of the default
   strings as specified in the default terminfo file (at least, the one on my
   Arch Linux system).