Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases/unixodbc
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2018-01-11 00:07:01
Message id:

Log Message:
unixodbc: update to 2.3.5.


    * Add configure option --enable-setlibversion set mark the libs with VERS_3.52
      Linux only, so any driver built with the libs will work with closed source
    * Add persistent storage of isql command line history if readline() is used \ 
(thanks Axel)
    * Rename some local mutex functions to avoid name clashes
    * Assorted fixes (Thanks Markus * 2)
    * Fix regression in ini caching
    * Make SQLDrivers look in user as well as system odbcinst.ini for driver \ 
    * If in use, clear the ini cache when a write is done via \ 
SQLWritePrivateProfileString() so
      the new value is read
    * Fix problem with pooling if the environment was released by the application
    * Add check for SQL_COLUMN_COUNT in SQLColAttribute
    * isql would not display long error messages. Fixed now.
    * Fix problem calling the driver to report errors if the error is from the \ 
DM and the driver
      has not been called
    * SQLSetConnectAttrW crashes when attempting to set SQL_ATTR_LOGIN_TIMEOUT
    * Buffer overflow in unicode_to_ansi_copy()
    * SQLDriverConnect with not-found FILEDSN causes crash
    * SQLGetDescRec with null name pointer causes crash
    * Connection string escaping does not work
    * SQLDriverConnect/W with very long driver name causes crash
    * Connection string with trailing empty value causes crash
    * Freeing explicitly allocated descriptor results in writing to freed memory
    * Buffer overflows and missing null checks in SQLConfigDataSource, \ 
SQLInstallDriverEx, and SQLWriteFileDSN
    * Statement enters incorrect state upon SQLExecDirectW returning SQL_NO_DATA
    * SQLBulkOperations fails to exit async state after success
    * SQLFreeStmt causes prepared statements in S1 or S2 to erroneously \ 
transition to S3
    * Buffer length fixes for SQLGetDiagField
    * SQLSetConnectAttrW and Unicode string pre-connect attributes do not work
    * SQLGetData and SQLSetPos async states are incorrect
    * Various string conversion and length issues in SQLColAttribute(s)
    * Missing buffer length check in SQLColAttribute(s)W
    * SQLGetStmtAttr state handling incorrect in S5, S6, and S7 (via \ 
    * SQLSetPos and SQLExtendedFetch state management fixes
    * SQLExecDirect/W erroneous transition to S1 upon error in S5
    * Async SQLGetData and SQLExecDirect/W fails to restore state upon cancellation
    * SQLFetchScroll cannot move cursor back into the rowset
    * SQLSetDescField doesn't adjust the length of the buffer when converting to \ 
    * SQLGetDescField/W and SQLSetDescField/W do not check for negative buffer \ 
accept null
    * SQLGetData async state reentrancy issues
    * SQLDriversW off-by-one in enumerating driver list
    * SQLPrimaryKeys does not pass length in characters to driver
    * SQLGetConnectAttr with string attributes truncates to half buffer length
    * SQLTransact with autocommit enabled erroneously changes statement state
    * SQLDataSources/W fails to reset list position upon end
    * SQLGetEnvAttr successfully returns unset SQL_ATTR_ODBC_VERSION
    * Lack of SQL_HANDLE_SENV support
    * SQLAllocEnv fails to set environment version correctly
    * SQLMoreResults with streamed output parameters returns unexpected HY010
    * Custom pre-connect pointer attributes are truncated to 32 bits
    * 08003 message should be "Connection not open"
    * SQL_ATTR_ACCESS_MODE set using SQLSetConnectOption/W before connecting \ 
does not persist after disconnecting
    * SQL_ATTR_AUTOCOMMIT incorrect default value before connecting
    * SQL_AUTOCOMMIT set using SQLSetConnectOption/W before connecting does not \ 
persist after disconnecting
    * SQLAllocHandle/SQLFreeHandle with invalid handle type should return \ 
    * SQLAllocHandleStd not setting ODBC version correctly
    * SQLBindParameter does not ignore BufferLength for DAE parameters
    * SQLBindParameter does not ignore BufferLength for fixed-length parameters
    * SQLBindParameter returns "Invalid application buffer type" \ 
instead of " Program type out of range"
    * SQLCancel with 01S05 returned from driver should result in SQL_SUCCESS, \ 
      (see )
    * SQLColAttribute/SQLColAttributes should return number of bytes needed for \ 
Unicode string when truncating
    * SQLColumnPrivileges/W differing error message precedence from Windows DM \ 
and order in ODBC spec
    * SQLColumns/W extraneous checks on null string's length
    * SQLCopyDesc does not copy descriptors across connections correctly
    * SQLDescribeParam extraneous checks for state
    * SQLDriverConnect/W adds extraneous DM prefix to diagnostic messages
    * SQLDriversW before ODBC version set returns incorrect SQLSTATE
    * SQLFetch in state S7 does not return error from DM
    * SQLFetchScroll missing check for SQL_FETCH_BOOKMARK
    * SQLForeignKeys/W missing check for null table names
    * SQLGetConnectAttr/W erroneously retrieves attributes with no default \ 
    * SQLGetConnectAttr/W fails to get some set attributes before connecting
    * SQLGetConnectAttr/W fails to retrieve set attributes with no connection
    * SQLGetConnectAttrW returns incorrect value for SQL_ATTR_TRACE
    * SQLGetConnectOption/W cannot retrieve SQL_ODBC_CURSORS before connection
    * SQLGetConnectOption/W fails to retrieve SQL_LOGIN_TIMEOUT before connecting
    * SQLGetConnectOption/W fails to retrieve SQL_ATTR_ACCESS_MODE set with \ 
    * SQLGetData and SQLSetPos async states are incorrect
    * SQLGetData missing check for cursor end indication; SQLSetCursorName/W \ 
fails to clear previous diagnostic records
    * SQLGetDiagField/W does not check record number for SQL_DIAG_ROW_COUNT and \ 
    * SQLGetDiagField/W missing check for negative buffer length for string fields
    * SQLGetDiagField/W inconsistent handling of statement-only diagnostic fields
    * SQLGetInstalledDrivers off-by-one length
    * SQLGetStmtOption various state handling issues
    * SQLSetConnectAttr/W SQL_ATTR_CURRENT_CATALOG extraneous check with error 24000
    * SQLSetConnectAttr/W does not prevent attempts to set ODBC 3.x statement \ 
    * SQLSetConnectAttr/W with null string attributes causes crash
    * SQLSetConnectOption passes SQL_ATTR_TRACEFILE to the driver
    * SQLSetConnectOption/W or SQLSetConnectAttr/W missing validity checks for \ 
    * SQLSetConnectOption/W setting SQL_ATTR_TRACEFILE to null results in \ 
different error
    * SQLSetCursorName/W missing checks for negative name length
    * SQLSetDescField/W missing check for negative SQL_DESC_COUNT
    * SQLSetParam missing various error checks for invalid data types and buffer
    * SQLSetPos does not check for state S5
    * SQLSetPos missing checks in state S7
    * SQLSetScrollOptions various state handling issues
    * SQLSetStmtOption/W missing check for positive rowset sizes
    * SQLSpecialColumns/W error precedence differs from Windows DM
    * SQLSpecialColumns/W incorrect check for SQL_NTS string lengths
    * SQLStatisticsW uniqueness parameter missing validation
    * SQLTablePrivileges/W extraneous checks on null string's length
    * Various issues with SQLGetFunctions
    * Various string conversion and length issues in SQLColAttribute; missing \ 
buffer length check in SQLColAttributeW
    * As above, but for SQLColAttributes and SQLColAttributesW; incorrect check \ 
    * Setting SQL_ATTR_TRACEFILE to null value results in different error
    * check_target_type allows driver-specific C data types for ODBC < 3.8
    * fix empty SQL_DIAG_SERVER_NAME field in DM-supplied diag recs
    * fix differing behaviour for an empty string DSN in SQLConnect/W
    * Alter isql to return errors from SQLMoreResults
    * Handle case of building on mingw-w64