Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/openocd
Date: 2018-02-11 01:55:58
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to 0.10.0

* Fix the hardcoded pathes and the flag for libhidapi option
* Tested with STM32F4Discovery board

Highlights of the changes made in the OpenOCD source archive release

JTAG Layer:

    New driver for J-Link adapters based on libjaylink
      (including support for FPGA configuration, SWO and EMUCOM)
    FTDI improvements to work at 30MHz clock
    BCM2835 native driver SWD and Raspberry Pi2 support
    BCM2835 is set to 4ma drive, slow slew rate
    ixo-usb-jtag (emulation of an Altera Bus Blaster I on Cypress FX2 IC)
    JTAG pass-through mode for CMSIS-DAP (including support for FPGA
    OpenJTAG support for Cypress CY7C65215
    connect_assert_srst support for SWD
    Xilinx Virtex-II Series7 bitstream loading support
    Use JEP106 data to decode IDs
    Deprecated “ft2232″ driver removed (use “ftdi” instead)
    GPL-incompatible FTDI D2XX library support dropped (Presto, OpenJTAG and
      USB-Blaster I are using libftdi only now)
    ZY1000 support dropped (unmaintained since long)
    oocd_trace support dropped

Target Layer:

    ARMv7-A, Cortex-M, Cortex-A/R important fixes and improvements (allowing
      e.g. simultaneous debugging of A8 and M3 cores, JTAG WAIT support etc.)
    ARM Cortex-A,R allow interrupt disable during single-step (maskisr command)
    Semihosting support for ARMv7-A
    ARM Cortex-M7 support
    Intel Quark mcu D2000 support
    Freescale LS102x SAP support
    ThreadX RTOS support on ARM926E-JS
    Cortex-M RTOS stack alignment fixes
    FreeRTOS FPU support
    uC/OS-III RTOS support
    bridging semihosting to GDB’s File-I/O support
    -defer-examine option added to target create command
    verify_image_checksum command added

Flash Layer:

    Atmel SAM4S, SAM4N, SAM4C support
    Atmel SAMV, SAMS, SAME (Cortex-M7) support
    Atmel AT91SAMD handle reset run/halt in DSU, other fixes
    Atmel AT91SAML21, SAML22, SAMC20/SAMC21, SAMD09 support
    ST STM32F4x support
    ST STM32F74x/76x/77x, STM32L4 support
    ST STM32L0 categories 1, 2 and 5 support
    Kinetis K02, K21, K22, K24, K26, K63, K64, K66 support
    Kinetis KE, KVx, K8x families support
    Kinetis FlexNVM handling
    Kinetis flash protection, security, mass_erase improvements
    Infineon XMC4xxx family support
    Infineon XMC1000 flash driver
    Energy Micro EFM32 Happy Gecko support
    Energy Micro EFM32 debug interface lock support
    Analog Devices ADuCM360 support
    Unified Nuvoton NuMicro flash driver
    NIIET K1921VK01T (Cortex-M4) support
    Nordic Semiconductor nRF51 improvements
    Spansion FM4 flash (including MB9BFx64/x65, S6E2DH) driver
    Ambiq Micro Apollo flash driver
    PIC32MX new device IDs, 17x/27x flash support
    read_bank() and verify_bank() NOR flash internal API to allow reading
      (and verifying) non-memory-mapped devices
    JTAGSPI driver to access SPI NOR flashes via a trivial FPGA proxy
    Milandr read/verify for Info memory support
    Various discrete SPI NOR flashes support
    CFI 16-bit flash reversed endianness support

Board, Target, and Interface Configuration Scripts:

    Digilent JTAG-HS2, JTAG-HS3 interfaces configs
    FTDI UM232H module as JTAG interface config
    100ask’s OpenJTAG interface config
    MBFTDI interface config
    XDS100v3 interface config
    Freescale Vybrid VF6xx target config
    EmCraft VF6 SOM and baseboard configs
    Freescale SabreSD board config
    Freescale VF65GS10 tower board config
    Pipistrello Xilinx Spartan6 LX45 FPGA board config
    miniSpartan6+ board config
    Xilinx Kintex7 Development board config
    Parallella-I board config
    Digilent Atlys and Analog Discovery board configs
    Numato Opsis board config
    Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA “Device DNA” reading support
    Altera 10M50 FPGA (MAX10 family) target config
    Altera EPM240 CPLD (MAXII family) target config
    Marsohod2, Marsohod3 FPGA, Marsohod CPLD boards configs
    Novena’s integrated FPGA board config
    XMOS XS1-XAU8A-10′s ARM core config
    XMOS xCORE-XA Core Module board config
    Exynos5250 target config
    Arndale board config
    FM4 MB9BFxxx family configs
    Spansion SK-FM4-U120-9B560 board config
    Diolan LPC4357-DB1 board config
    ST STM32F469 discovery board config
    ST STM32F7-DISCO, STM327[4|5]6G-EVAL boards configs
    ST STM32L4 discovery, NUCLEO L476RG, STM32F429I-DISC1 boards configs
    Atheros AR2313, AR2315 targets config
    Netgear WP102 board config
    La Fonera FON2200 board config
    Linksys WAG200G board config
    LPC-Link2 board config
    NXP LPC4370 target config
    Atmel SAMV, SAMS, SAME target configs
    Atmel SAM E70 Xplained, SAM V71 Xplained Ultra boards configs
    Nordic nRF52 target config
    Nordic nRF51-DK, nRF52-DK boards configs
    Infineon XMC4700 Relax Kit, XMC4800 Relax EtherCAT Kit, XMC4300 Relax
      EtherCAT Kit boards configs
    Renesas S7G2 target config
    Renesas DK-S7G2 board config
    Altera EP3C10 FPGA (Cyclone III family) target config
    TI MSP432P4xx target config
    Cypress PSoC 5LP target config
    Analog Devices ADSP-SC58x target config (Cortex-A5 core only)

Server Layer:

    tcl_trace command for async target trace output via Tcl RPC

Build and Release:

    Various fixes thanks to
    libftdi is now autodetected with pkgconfig
    Releases should now support reproducible builds
    Conversion to non-recursive make, requires automake >= 1.14
    Udev rules modified to add uaccess tag and moved to 60-openocd.rules
    Support searching for scripts relative to the openocd binary for all
      major architectures