Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/archivers/lzip
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2018-02-25 22:07:53
Message id:

Log Message:
lzip: update to 1.20.

Changes in version 1.20:

The option '--loose-trailing', has been added.

The test used by lzip to discriminate trailing data from a corrupt
header in multimember or concatenated files has been improved to a
Hamming distance (HD) of 3, and the 3 bit flips must happen in different
magic bytes for the test to fail. As a consequence some kinds of files
no longer can be appended to a lzip file as trailing data unless the
'--loose-trailing' option is used when decompressing.
Lziprecover can be used to remove conflicting trailing data from a file.

The contents of a corrupt or truncated header found in a multimember
file are now shown, after the error message, in the same format as
trailing data.

Option '-S, --volume-size' now keeps input files unchanged.

When creating multimember files or splitting the output in volumes, the
dictionary size is now adjusted for each member individually.

The 'bits/byte' ratio has been replaced with the inverse compression
ratio in the output.

The progress of decompression is now shown at verbosity level 2 (-vv) or

Progress of (de)compression is only shown if stderr is a terminal.

A final diagnostic is now shown at verbosity level 1 (-v) or higher if
any file fails the test when testing multiple files.

A second '.lz' extension is no longer added to the argument of '-o' if
it already ends in '.lz' or '.tlz'.

In case of (de)compressed size mismatch, the stored size is now also
shown in hexadecimal to ease visual comparison.

The dictionary size is now shown at verbosity level 4 (-vvvv) when
decompressing or testing.

The new chapter "Meaning of lzip's output" has been added to the manual.