Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/misc/R-pillar
From: Min Sik Kim
Date: 2018-04-07 23:06:34
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Log Message:
misc/R-pillar: Update to 1.2.1


    - Turned off using subtle style for digits that are considered
      insignificant. Negative numbers are shown all red. Set the new
      option pillar.subtle_num to TRUE to turn it on again (default:

    - The negation sign is printed next to the number again.

    - Scientific notation uses regular digits again for exponents.

    - Groups of three digits are now underlined, starting with the fourth
      before/after the decimal point. This gives a better idea of the
      order of magnitude of the numbers.

    - Logical columns are displayed as TRUE and FALSE again.

    - The decimal dot is now always printed for numbers of type
      numeric. Trailing zeros are not shown anymore if all displayed
      numbers are whole numbers.

    - Decimal values longer than 13 characters always print in
      scientific notation.

    - New styling helper style_subtle_num(), formatting depends on the
      pillar.subtle_num option.