Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/p5-Mojolicious
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2018-05-02 22:12:39
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Log Message:
p5-Mojolicious: update to 7.77.

7.77  2018-04-28
  - Added support for namespace selectors like "ns|*" to Mojo::DOM::CSS.
  - Added support for :link and :visited pseudo-classes to Mojo::DOM::CSS.
  - Added support for hyphen-separated list attribute selectors like
    "[heflang|=en]" to Mojo::DOM::CSS.

7.76  2018-04-23
  - Due to lack of domain experts on the team, Windows is no longer officially
    supported. Moving forward, we will try to keep Mojolicious installable on
    Windows, but cannot make any promises regarding security and/or reliability.
  - Fixed a bug in Mojolicious::Plugin::Config where the config stash value was
    not available when the config_override feature was used. (tim)

7.75  2018-04-09
  - Deprecated placeholder quoting with "(placeholder)" in favor of
  - Fixed warnings in Mojo::Collection.

7.74  2018-04-06
  - Improved unknown placeholder types to match nothing in

7.73  2018-04-05
  - Added support for routes with placeholder types.
  - Added types attribute to Mojolicious::Routes and
  - Added add_type method to Mojolicious::Routes.
  - Added to_file method to Mojo::Asset, Mojo::Asset::File and
  - Added num placeholder type to Mojolicious::Routes.
  - Removed deprecated use of Mojo::Promise::all and Mojo::Promise::race as
    instance methods.

7.72  2018-04-02
  - Improved Mojo::Content::MultiPart performance for large numbers of parts.
  - Fixed another problem with ordering of sources for content negotiation in