Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/print
From: Mark Davies
Date: 2018-05-08 13:24:18
Message id:

Log Message:
tex-standalone{,-doc}: update to 1.3a

Bug fix update:

Fixed compatibility issues with LuaTeX which arised after \ 
non-backward-compatible updates to LuaTeX.

Config file:
 * Fixed log file warnings when used outside preamble by wrapping \ 
\PassOptionsToPackage call into preamble check.

 * Added check if \sa at requestedpage is undefined or empty, which can happen \ 
with newer versions of LuaLaTeX.
 * Updated page handling to new graphics driver version.

Also fixed the following reported bugs: (see \
 * Issue #22: Removed processing of AUX file with \globaldefs.
 * Issue #25: Changed how papersize special is added for dvips.
 * Issue #26: Adding '-units PixelsPerInch' to 'convert' call so that generated \ 
PNGs have correct units parameter.
 * Issue #30: Replaced jobname with subjobname in DVIPS precommand.
 * Issue #31: Added \makeatother before inputting .sta files so that the \ 
subpreamble-changed test works with files
using \makeatletter.
 * Issue #40: Corrected order of border option in manual.