Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/security/gnupg
From: Tim Zingelman
Date: 2018-06-15 23:51:23
Message id:

Log Message:
gnupg: update to 1.4.23

Fixes CVE-2017-7526

Updates since 1.4.22:

2018-06-11  Werner Koch  <>

        Release 1.4.23.
        + commit 8ae6a246bef5b5eb0684e9fb1c933a4f8441dadd

2018-06-08  Werner Koch  <>

        gpg: Sanitize diagnostic with the original file name.
        + commit 2326851c60793653069494379b16d84e4c10a0ac
        * g10/mainproc.c (proc_plaintext): Sanitize verbose output.

2018-04-13  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

        g10: Push compress filter only if compressed.
        + commit 0f8fd95ab32a6d29dac79e19f0850037c7d0c16f
        * g10/compress.c (handle_compressed): Fix memory leak.

2017-12-18  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

        po: Update Japanese translation.
        + commit 1338bce5f66a95b53f18c4b54f0e9ac79604500a
        * po/ja.po: Fix message with no "%s".

2017-12-04  NIIBE Yutaka  <>
            Damien Goutte-Gattat  <>

        g10: Fix regexp sanitization.
        + commit 9441946e1824eb58249c58432ed1f554d0d8a102
        * g10/trustdb.c (sanitize_regexp): Only escape operators.

2017-11-10  Dario Niedermann  <>

        Do not use C99 feature.
        + commit 877e3073d731fec55a88673f91ed646a75e786c8
        * cipher/rsa.c (secret): Move var decl to the beginning.

2017-09-06  Frans Spiesschaert  <>

        po: update Dutch translation.
        + commit aa26eda8ab679a80a7be2c82478cb4440b45ec8c

2017-08-04  Marcus Brinkmann  <>

        doc: Remove documentation for future option --faked-system-time.
        + commit eb15d5ed8e4a765998e9de7698bdc65328bcaaa3
        doc/gpg.texi: Remove documentation for --faked-system-time.

2017-08-02  Daniel Kahn Gillmor  <>

        debian: Remove packaging from upstream repository.
        + commit 9832a4bacfa5232534f2c7fe7655bd0677a41f6e
        Debian packaging for GnuPG is handled in debian git repositories, and
        doesn't belong here in the upstream repository.  The packaging was
        significantly out of date anyway.

        If you're looking for debian packaging for the 1.4 branch of GnuPG,
        please use the following git remote:


2017-08-02  Joe Hansen  <>

        po: Update Danish translation.
        + commit 12afc37a946477692257d725acac513f271c4e9e
        Originally reported at:

2017-08-02  Frans Spiesschaert  <>

        po: Update Dutch translation.
        + commit 6d5c5204d79fa9d01981c0076d3acde18534640a
        Debian-Bug-Id: 845695

2017-08-01  Manuel Venturi Porras Peralta  <>

        po: Update Spanish translation.
        + commit 76239356bcb3bfeec5327637ed87429594868fef
        Debian-Bug-Id: 814541