Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/p5-Mojolicious
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2018-06-24 11:41:23
Message id:

Log Message:
p5-Mojolicious: update to 7.85.

7.85  2018-06-17
  - Removed deprecated build_tx, config, handler and log methods from Mojo.
  - Added promisify method to Mojo::UserAgent::Transactor.
  - Improved Mojolicious::Command to die on template errors.

7.84  2018-06-05
  - Fixed a bug where test servers would be started when reusing a
    Mojo::UserAgent object after fork.

7.83  2018-06-02
  - Replaced MOJO_DAEMON_DEBUG and MOJO_USERAGENT_DEBUG environment variables
    with MOJO_SERVER_DEBUG and MOJO_CLIENT_DEBUG. (anparker)
  - Updated IO::Socket::SSL requirement to 2.009 for ALPN support.
  - Added modules Mojo::IOLoop::Stream::HTTPClient,
    Mojo::IOLoop::Stream::HTTPServer, Mojo::IOLoop::Stream::WebSocketClient and
    Mojo::IOLoop::Stream::WebSocketServer. (anparker)
  - Added transition method to Mojo::IOLoop. (anparker)
  - Added close_connections method to Mojo::Server::Daemon. (anparker)
  - Added stream_class and tls_protocols arguments to client and server methods
    in Mojo::IOLoop. (anparker, sri)
  - Fixed a small render_maybe argument localization bug.

7.82  2018-05-27
  - Removed experimental status from new_tag and selector methods in Mojo::DOM.
  - Improved Mojo::Server::PSGI with support for the before_server_start hook.
  - Fixed a bug where render_maybe in Mojolicious::Controller could not render
    multiple alternatives properly because arguments were not localized.

7.81  2018-05-21
  - Added request_id attribute to Mojo::Message::Request.
  - Improved all built in templates to contain a comment with their request id.
  - Improved some log messages to contain a request id.

7.80  2018-05-20
  - Many users expected that Mojo::UserAgent would verify all TLS certificates
    by default. Unfortunately that has not been the case so far, but will change
    with this release in an effort to strengthen security. By default
    Mojo::UserAgent will now reject all invalid TLS certificates. To return to
    the previous behavior you can use the new insecure attribute.
    To make testing easier, Test::Mojo will default to having the insecure
    attribute activated. And with the get command you can use the new -k option.
      mojo get -k
    That also means that Mojo::IOLoop::TLS will no longer have a default
    tls_verify value. To disable TLS certificate verification there you can use
    the value 0x00.
      $tls->negotiate(tls_verify => 0x00);
  - Added insecure attribute to Mojo::UserAgent.
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL server method to Mojolicious.
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL before_server_start hook.
  - Added -k option to get command.
  - Fixed a bug where Mojo::DOM could only reuse Mojo::DOM objects containing
    root nodes.

7.79  2018-05-14
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL selector method to Mojo::DOM.
  - Added reply->file helper to Mojolicious::Plugin::DefaultHelpers.

7.78  2018-05-11
  - Deprecated delay helper in Mojolicious::Plugin::DefaultHelpers.
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL new_tag method to Mojo::DOM. (jberger, sri)
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL tag method to Mojo::DOM::HTML.
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL tag_to_html function to Mojo::DOM::HTML.
  - Improved performance of all DOM manipulation methods in Mojo::DOM
    significantly when reusing Mojo::DOM objects.
  - Fixed a Windows directory traversal security issue. (dmanto)