Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/py-twisted
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2018-07-24 17:10:04
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Log Message:
py-twisted: updated to 18.7.0

Twisted 18.7.0:

- Cancelling a Deferred returned by twisted.internet.defer.inlineCallbacks now \ 
cancels the Deferred it is waiting on.
- twisted.application.internet.ClientService now accepts a function to \ 
initialize or validate a connection before it is returned by the whenConnected \ 
method as the prepareConnection argument.
- Traceback generated for twisted.internet.defer.inlineCallbacks now includes \ 
the full stack of inlineCallbacks generators between catcher and raiser (before \ 
it only contained raiser's stack).
- Add optional cwd argument to twisted.runner.procmon.ProcMon.addProcess
- twisted.python.failure.Failure tracebacks generated by coroutines scheduled \ 
with twisted.internet.defer.ensureDeferred - i.e. any Deferred-awaiting \ 
coroutine - now contain fewer extraneous frames from the trampoline \ 
implementation, and correctly indicate the source of exceptions raised in other \ 
call stacks - i.e. the function that raised the exception.  In other words: if \ 
you 'await' a function that raises an exception, you'll be able to see where the \ 
error came from.

- On UNIX-like platforms, Twisted attempts to recover from EMFILE when accepting \ 
connections on TCP and UNIX ports by shedding incoming clients.
- The documentation of IReactorTime.getDelayedCalls() has been corrected to \ 
indicate that the method returns a list, not a tuple.
- "python -m twisted web --help" now refers to "--listen" \ 
instead of the non-existing "--http"
- twisted.python.htmlizer.TokenPrinter now explicitly works on bytestrings.
- twisted.enterprise.adbapi.ConnectionPool.runWithConnection and runInteraction \ 
now use the reactor that is passed to ConnectionPool's constructor.

Improved Documentation
- The Twisted Coding Standard now contains examples of how to mark up a feature \ 
as added in the next Twisted release.

Deprecations and Removals
- Deprecate direct introspection of ProcMon's processes: processes should not be \ 
directly accessed or pickled.
- twisted.internet.address.IPv4Address._bwHack and \ 
twisted.internet.address.UNIXAddress._bwHack, as well as the parameters to the \ 
constructors, deprecated since Twisted 11.0, have been removed.