Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/apache-tomcat8
From: Zafer Aydogan
Date: 2018-07-25 23:20:03
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to 8.0.53

Tomcat 8.0.53 (violetagg)

	Fix:  Treat the <mapped-name> element of a <env-entry> in web.xml \ 
in the same way as the mappedName element of the equivalent @Resource \ 
annotation. Both now attempt to set the mappedName property of the resource. \ 
	Fix:  Correct the processing of resources with <injection-target>s \ 
defined in web.xml. First look for a match using JavaBean property names and \ 
then, only if a match is not found, look for a match using fields. (markt)
	Fix:  When restoring a saved request with a request body after FORM \ 
authentication, ensure that calls to the HttpServletRequest methods \ 
getRequestURI(), getQueryString() and getProtocol() are not corrupted by the \ 
processing of the saved request body. (markt)
	Fix:  JNDI resources that are defined with injection targets but no value are \ 
now treated as if the resource is not defined. (markt)
	Fix:  Ensure that JNDI names used for <lookup-name> entries in web.xml \ 
and for lookup elements of @Resource annotations specify a name with an explicit \ 
java: namespace. (markt)
	Code:  Refactor the org.apache.naming package to reduce duplicate code. \ 
Duplicate code identified by the Simian tool. (markt)
	Fix:  50019: Add support for <lookup-name>. Based on a patch by Gurkan \ 
Erdogdu. (markt)
	Fix:  60490: Various formatting and layout improvements for the \ 
ErrorReportValve. Patch provided by Michael Osipov. (markt)
	Fix:  62343: Make CORS filter defaults more secure. This is the fix for \ 
CVE-2018-8014. (markt)
	Fix:  Ensure that the web application resources implementation does not \ 
incorrectly cache results for resources that are only visible as class loader \ 
resources. (markt)
	Fix:  Make all loggers associated with Tomcat provided Filters non-static to \ 
ensure that log messages are not lost when a web application is reloaded. \ 
	Fix:  Correct the manifest for the annotations-api.jar. The JAR implements the \ 
Common Annotations API 1.2 and the manifest should reflect that. (markt)
	Fix:  Switch to non-static loggers where there is a possibility of a logger \ 
becoming associated with a web application class loader causing log messages to \ 
be lost if the web application is stopped. (markt)
	Add:  62389: Add the IPv6 loopback address to the default internalProxies \ 
regular expression. Patch by Craig Andrews. (markt)
	Fix:  In the RemoteIpValve and RemoteIpFilter, correctly handle the case when \ 
the request passes through one or more trustedProxies but no internalProxies. \ 
Based on a patch by zhanhb. (markt)
	Fix:  Correct the logic in MBeanFactory.removeConnector() to ensure that the \ 
correct Connector is removed when there are multiple Connectors using different \ 
addresses but the same port. (markt)
	Fix:  Make JAASRealm mis-configuration more obvious by requiring the \ 
authenticated Subject to include at least one Principal of a type specified by \ 
userClassNames. (markt)
	Fix:  62476: Use GMT timezone for the value of Expires header as required by \ 
HTTP specification (RFC 7231, 7234). (kkolinko)