Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/lynx
From: Nia Alarie
Date: 2018-11-14 17:09:03
Message id:

Log Message:
www/lynx: Update to lynx-


2018-07-08 (2.8.9rel.1)
* documentation/metrics updates -TD

2018-06-10 (2.8.9pre.1)
* fix an inconsistency in message for "-listonly" option (Debian \ 
#805753) -TD

2018-05-17 (2.8.9dev.19)
* update test-packages to use current ncurses test-packages -TD
* improve portability for sockaddr structures used in HTTP and FTP, for
  IPv6 and SOCKS configurations -TD
* fix several minor warnings reported by Coverity -TD
* build-fix overlooked in 2.8.9dev.3 when INACTIVE_INPUT_STYLE_VH is defined,
  for problem introduced by 2.8.8dev.17 code-cleanup -GV
* trim unnecessary intllib symbols from src/chrtrans/ -TD
* when cross-compiling, trim LDFLAGS from makefile rule linking makeuctb,
  because it is a build tool, which should generally use BUILD_LDFLAGS
  (patch by Thomas Petazzoni)

2018-05-06 (2.8.9dev.18)
* ignore content-encoding in HTContentToCompressType() if the content-type is
  known, to improve the suggested filename (report by Russell Bell) -TD
* add support for using client certificate with OpenSSL configuration (patch
  by Elliot Thomas).
* fix a few more memory leaks -TD
* put Lynx.leaks file in home directory like Lynx.trace (report by GV) -TD
* fix a memory leak in HTFTP.c -GV
* modify HTDoConnect(), adding a check for keyboard interrupt with 'z' in the
  select-loop -TD
* modify legacy feature from Lynx 2.7.2 which checks the hostname of a URI
  to guess whether to use HTTP, FTP, etc., depending upon the prefix of the
  URIs hostname.  This is now an optional feature, GUESS_SCHEME, which defaults
  to FALSE (Debian #893907) -TD

2018-03-21 (2.8.9dev.17)
* modify samples/oldlynx.bat to check if Lynx recognizes the -lss option -TD
* modify samples/*lynx.bat to check for environment variables that Lynx would
  test for temp-directory, and only if those are absent will the scripts
  attempt to create a temp-directory -TD
* modify samples/*lynx.bat to set PATH for executing utility programs -TD
* remove unused critSec_DNS -TD
* use EnterCriticalSection in ws_netread rather than InitializeCriticalSection
  since critSec_READ was initialized in LYMain.c (report by GV) -TD
* use freeaddrinfo() in one case where free() was used (report by GV) -TD
* implement "+" item type for gopher protocol (report by James \ 
Tomasino) -TD
* add checks in options-menu in case no color-styles have been defined -TD
* add Visual Studio project files for 2010, 2012 -TD
* improve checks for strings which should not be empty -TD
* check for empty personal-mail-address (report by TG) -TD
* modify samples/lynx-demo.cfg to use SOURCE_CACHE:memory -TD
* modify samples/*lynx.bat to use existing TEMP-directory if possible -TD
* modify windows installer to select directory containing SSL DLLs and copy
  them into lynx's application directory -TD
* add oldlynx.bat sample script to windows installer -TD
* use default lynx.lss color scheme with samples/lynx.bat -TD
* modify windows installers to use static libraries for pdcurses and slang,
  because the dll for the latter is much larger than the rest of lynx.
  Even with this change, lynx.exe is 50% larger when using slang than with
  pdcurses -TD
* rename test-package for ".rpm" to "lynx-dev" for \ 
consistency with ".deb" -TD
* improve samples/lynx.bat by using location of script rather than current
  directory ("Smuggler")
* permanently enable MISC_EXP feature -TD
* remove several obsolete ifdefs: DGUX, DGUX_OLD, HP_TERMINAL,
* improve logic in HTCopy used to limit reads based on content-length to
  take into account server headers which extend past the first block read
  (report/test-case by Dick Wesseling) -TD
* permanently enable EXP_HTTP_HEADERS feature -TD
* modify color-style hashing to check for collisions (reported by TG, Russell
  Bell) -TD
* add PREFERRED_CONTENT_TYPE defaulting to text/plain and options-menu to
  replace an assumption in HTMIMEConvert that everything is text/html.
  Since most servers provide a valid Content-Type for HTML, and are more likely
  to omit it for files lacking a known suffix, defaulting to text/plain is a
  better choice -TD
* remove dead-code for OMIT_SCN_KEEPING -TD
* remove dead/unreachable pretty-source code in HTML.c, noticed because
  it complicates hashing -TD
* improve hashing for anchors and styles by using a more suitable hash-table
  size -TD
* add a note in lynx.cfg telling how to remove a default key-mapping -TD
* modify "=" command to make it possible to disable margins for the \ 
URL string,
  by first disabling wrapping using "|" -TD
* several fixes for Windows version -TH
  + fix an abnormal terminate when pressing 'd'(download) on no action button.
  + work around incompatibility in move() between POSIX and Windows.
    ref: \ … 9+function
  + fix limit-check for SJIS which prevented showing a show long title in the
    title bar on Windows environment.
  + fix problem with PDCurses when wrapping lines.
    ref: lynx-dev discussions "Subject: Wrapping line behavior"
  + fix resizing terminal problem with Windows + PDCurses.
    This problem occurs only with some combinations of source and destination
    screen size.
    For example: 80x25 -> 90x20
  + including some code clean up
* improve consistency in help-files discussing line-edit keymaps (prompted by
  Debian #888391) -TD
* additional fixes to work with LibreSSL on OpenBSD 6.2 -TD
* build-fixes for OpenSSL 1.1.0 versus 1.0.0 (patch by Quentin Minster).
* modify configure script to make a quirk of NetBSD's make-program less
  noticeable -TD
* modify configure script to work around pkgsrc's misconfiguration of shared
  libraries -TD
* modify po/makefile.inn to ensure the temporary files have distinct names
  to avoid problem with "make -j8" (Debian #890811) -TD
* update makefile/batch-scripts to allow building with newer Visual Studio
  versions, e.g., 2010, 2012, so that a 64-bit executable can be built -TD
* repair link in lynx_help_main.html to HTML 3.2 documentation
  (Savannah #47803) -TD
* update eo.po, fr.po from
* improved several configure macros:
* updated ftp-site url -TD
* update config.guess (2018-01-26), config.sub (2018-01-15)

2017-07-10 (2.8.9dev.16)
* modify configure script to warn if NLS cannot be configured, and disable
  the feature rather than leaving it partly configured and failing during
  the build -TD
* modify configure script to allow pre-set $MSGFMT and $XGETTEXT variables to
  to used to build the NLS configuration using system's native NLS support -TD
* convert po/zh_TW.po to UTF-8 to work with Solaris10, which lacks big5 -TD
* build-fix for OSX Panther, which has PRId64 but not SCNd64 (patch by Martijn
* modify po-makefile to use msgmerge to align with lynx.pot, and also use sed
  to update some obsolete homepage URLs in translations -TD
* add a note in the comments for INCLUDE in lynx.cfg regarding the default
  directory searches LYOpenCFG(), added in 2.8.4dev.20 (Debian #818047) -TD
* add a check to ensure that HTML_put_string() will not append a chunk onto
  itself (report by Ned Williamson) -TD
* update da.po, et.po, tr.po from

2017-07-04 (2.8.9dev.15)
* add note in lynx.cfg about default values (Debian #408448) -TD
* amended Backes' change to the COLLAPSE_BR_TAGS feature for compatibility -TD
  + use ENABLE_LYNXRC to determine whether it is written to the .lynxrc file.
  + add command-line option, etc., for controlling whether blank lines are
    trimmed, e.g., trailing lines as well as the special case for collapsing
    br-tags.  Leading blank lines at the top of the document are untouched.
  + modify limit for trimmed lines to retain as little as 1 line; previously
    the trimming would go no smaller than 2 lines.
* add command-line option and options-menu item for COLLAPSE_BR_TAGS (patch
  by Peter Backes).
* fix strict gcc7 warnings on OSX, aside from those due to incorrect system
  headers -TD
* adjust definition of alloca() in HTUtils.h to quiet bogus compiler warning
  with NetBSD 7 -TD
* add configure check for preprocessor -C option, overlooked in c99 -TD
* correct logic in HTCopy() when re-reading a page (Debian #863008) -TD
* fix lintian warnings in ".deb" test-package -TD
* build-fix for PGI compilers, e.g., symbol conflicts -TD
* update eo.po from

2017-05-10 (2.8.9dev.14)
* amend fix for Debian #841155, adding check for complete multibyte strings to
  decide when the cell-limit has been met (Debian #862148) -TD
* minor improvements to configure script to reduce warnings in config.log -TD
* update config.sub (2017-04-02)
* compiler-warning fixes for c99 on OSX -TD

2017-04-29 (2.8.9dev.13)
* amend fix for Debian #841155, adding check for special case where the
  expected number of cells is zero (report by Larry Hynes) -TD

2017-04-28 (2.8.9dev.12)
* correct logic in cell2char(), which gave up too early in determining the
  number of cells needed for a multibyte string in the editable text-fields
  (Debian #841155) -TD
* improve manual page discussion of environment variables, prompted by
  comments in Debian #791452, which overlooked the fact that details of proxy
  behavior are found in the user guide -TD
* cleanup some of the user's guide formatting, e.g., for quote-characters -TD
* consistently use "_" in command-line options table and manual page, \ 
to work
  with program logic that treats "-" as "_", but not the \ 
reverse (report by
  Larry Hynes) -TD
* improved several configure macros:  CF_ADD_CFLAGS, CF_CC_ENV_FLAGS,
* modify Windows makefile to allow SSL_LIBS and SSL_DEFS to be overridden,
  reflecting naming-incompatibility in recent OpenSSL development -TD
* modify ncurses-specific code to allow its TERMINAL struct to be opaque -TD
* refine special case of server Content-Type from 2.8.7dev.11 changes to
  decompress files offered for download when the server has gzip'd them
  (report by TH) -TD
* amend comparision from 2.8.8dev.10 changes to handle slang specially
  (report/testcase by TH) -TD
* minor cleanup of UCDomap.c -TD
* build-fix for color-style with leak-checking -TD
* amend merge/fixes from
  as well as problem introduced by 2.8.8dev.6 cleanup -TH
* update ca.po, from
* tidy whitespace in lynx.cfg (report by David Niklas) -TD
* fix two more typos in the list of ENABLE_LYNXRC in lynx.cfg -TD
* remove a repeated item for SEND_USERAGENT from lynx.cfg (Larry Hynes)
* accept userinfo in a URL, subject to override by -auth option or -pauth
  options.  According to RFC-3986, this is deprecated, but testing shows other
  clients support it -TD
* fix several minor warnings reported by Coverity -TD
* remove redundant asserts which follow a check that leads to outofmem(),
  added in 2.8.8dev.4 to appease clang 2.6, since clang 3.x understands
  no-return function declarations -TD
* when converting host+params to idna, temporarily separate the params to
  avoid a warning from idna_to_ascii_8z() -TD
* improve warning messages from 2.8.9dev.11 fixes when stripping user/password,
  dropping an unnecessary message and fixing a case where all-punctuation
  user name was not logged (report by Axel Beckert) -TD
* update config.guess (2017-03-05), config.sub (2017-02-07)

2016-11-15 (2.8.9dev.11)
* amend fix for stripping user/password to ensure that the stripped value is
  used when connecting to the host (prompted by discussion of CVE-2016-9179
  at … html#00072) -TD

2016-11-08 (2.8.9dev.10)
* improved fix for OpenSSL 1.1 (Taketo Kabe).
* improve warning message when stripping user/password from URL; report on treated as a Lynx parsing error the
  punctuation such as "?" which is permitted by RFC-1738 in a user or \ 
  field.  RFC-3986 subsequently modified this.  The improved message points out
  the possible confusion by users when these fields contain punctuation -TD
* build-fix for OpenSSL 1.1 (Kamil Dudka)
* begin work to parse gopher extension "link to URL" -TD
* remove an obsolete comment in the manual page about -dump versus -force_html
  (report by Peter Schmitt) -TD
* modify samples/oldlynx to provide an empty ".lss" file as a better \ 
  than providing an empty "-lss" option -TD
* amend change made in 2.8.8dev.17 to permit multiple COLOR_STYLE items to
  restore the ability to cancel the color-style by providing an explicitly
  empty configuration item (in lynx.cfg, -lss or $LYNX_LSS).  In lynx.cfg, it
  is possible to follow the empty COLOR_STYLE with other data, but the -lss
  option overrides everything, and if that is not found, $LYNX_LSS overrides
  lynx.cfg -TD
* correct ifdef so that if the "news" parsing is disabled at compile time,
  HTTP.c interprets https:// links correctly when a https_proxy is set up
  (patch by Al Walker).
* add a limit-check in case colspan is given as zero for non-nested-table case
  (report by Sami Liedes) -TD
* update nl.po, sl.po from

2016-04-26 (2.8.9dev.9)
* add workaround for servers such as which fail to close
  the connection when they finish sending compressed data.  This relies on
  the content-length (report by Klaus-Peter Wegge) -TD
* restore fix to filter out left-to-right marks which was broken in refactoring
  in 2.8.9dev.2, and also filter out right-to-left marks (Debian #808949) -TD
* fix build for current gnutls configuration which dropped the
  gnutls_protocol_set_priority function (reported by Axel Beckert, Andreas
  Metzler) -TD
* modify CF_LD_RPATH_OPT configure macro, changing FreeBSD case to use
  -Wl,-rpath rather than -rpath option.  According to FreeBSD #178732, either
  works since FreeBSD 4.x; however scons does not accept anything except the
  -Wl,-rpath form -TD
* add null-pointer checks for ssl_ctx in HTTP.c in case of error from calls
  on SSL_CTX_new (report by Yuan Jochen Kang) -TD
* update config.guess (2016-01-01), config.sub (2016-01-01)
* update da.po, fi.po, tr.po from

2015-12-18 (2.8.9dev.8)
* fix regression in SSL support (report by Axel Beckert) -TD
* update et.po, fr.po, vi.po, zh_CN.po from

2015-12-18 (2.8.9dev.7)
* make the HTTP version configurable, defaulting to "1.0" (HTTP/1.0) as
  HTTP_PROTOCOL, and make it changeable in the options menu -TD
* switch HTTP version to 1.1, adding an explicit "close" to work around
  the pitfall of persistent connections.  This is to work around a selective
  reading of RFC 2068 by - see … index.html
  -Axel Beckert
* fix a potential null dereference in tidy_tls.c reported by Coverity -TD
* extend advanced mode by showing field names in forms in the status line
  (suggested by TG) -TD
* fix some typos found by lintian -Axel Beckert
* correct buffer size in pretty_html() function of LYKeymap.c -TG
* add support for some HTML5 elements -Kihara Hideto
  Using this change, you can jump to <section id="speakers">.
  (The addition in src{0,1}_HTMLDTD.txt is copied from DIV.)
  <section>, <article>, <main>, <aside>, <header>, \ 
<footer>, <nav>, <figure>
* improve configure check for extended curses functions, needed for compiling
  with ncursesw on OSX, in particular when configuring with ncurses6 (report
  by Tom Wyant) -TD
* set SSL_MODE_AUTO_RETRY in OpenSSL configuration, completing work needed for
  Debian #707059 -TD
* correct description used for "K" vs "k" key binding in \ 
manpage -TD
* adopt some of the patches from Debian lynx package:
  + add Delete key usage to manpage (patch by Denis Briand, Debian #74358)
  + add $(LDFLAGS) when building makeuctb (patch by Atsuhito Kohda).
  + add NO_BUILDSTAMP symbol to appease … mCPPMacros
  + add -n option to gzip when making gzip'd helpfiles (patch by Andreas
  + add support for client certificates (patch by Simon Kainz, Debian #797901).
* use POSIX locale when sorting entries in cfg_defs.h (patch by Reiner Hermann,
  Debian #792770).
* move homepage for Lynx from
  because ISC has ended support -TD
* change "GNU Public License" to "GNU General Public \ 
License" for consistency
  (report by Axel Beckert) -TD
* free a use-after-free in scan_cookie_sublist (Redhat #1120925) -TG
* updates for configure macros from ncurses and xterm -TD
* fix for gnutls logic to support rehandshake on negotiation for optional
  client certificate, e.g., for (patch by
  Simon Kainz, Debian #797059).
* update ca.po, sv.po, et.po from
* use gnutls_set_default_priority() to simplify algorithm priorities in the
  gnutls configuration as well as track occassional changes in that library
  (patch by Andreas Metzler, Debian #789189, Debian #784430).
* correct logic in LYsetRcValue() from 2.8.8dev.13, which would free the wrong
  pointer if the input had leading blanks (patch by Ruda Moura).
* fix CF_CHECK_SIZEOF autoconf macro to work when its working variables have
  been preset to an empty value (report by Andrew Arensburger) -TD
* update config.guess (2015-10-21), config.sub (2015-08-20)

2015-05-06 (2.8.9dev.6)
* add a note about OCSP to url-support documentation (Debian #745835) -TD
* change defaults for SSL prompts when a problem is detected to "no" \ 
  #783477) -TD
* if an SSL error message is too long for the screen-width, trim it with an
  ellipsis so that the "(y)" part of the prompt for continuing will be \ 
  (Debian #783476) -TD
* update test-packages to use ncurses6 test-packages -TD
* modify configure script to check for ncurses ".pc" files first \ 
before looking
  for the "ncurses*-config" scripts -TD
* modify configure script to accept a release-number for the ncurses/ncursesw
  values of the "--with-screen" option, e.g., \ 
"--with-screen=ncursesw6" -TD
* cosmetic fixes for autoconf macros to avoid vi-workaround -TD
* update da.po, et.po, fr.po, nl.po, vi.po from
* regenerated lynx.pot, sent to translation project -TD
* update config.guess (2015-03-04), config.sub (2015-03-08)

2015-04-12 (2.8.9dev.5)
* add codes U+200A, U+200B to def7_uni.tbl (prompted by report by Sven
  Hartrumpf, as well as referring to -TD
* restore large buffer-size from follow_link_number() which was altered in
  2.8.8dev.10 changes to use LYgetBString() (Debian #699068) -TD, -TG
* loosen the check in IsOurFile() to permit hard-linked files
  (Debian #429606) -TD
* update ca.po, cs.po, et.po, fi.po, fr.po, id.po, nl.po, pt_BR.po, ru.po,
  sl.po, tr.po, vi.po from

2015-01-25 (2.8.9dev.4)
* modify check after gnutls_certificate_verify_peers2() to use
  gnutls_certificate_verification_status_print() when available, to give
  potentially more details on certficate revocation (patch by Andreas Metzler,
  Debian #745835, Debian #752610)

2015-01-05 (2.8.9dev.3)
* correct shortcut for "Send To" link used in Inno Setup script, broken in
  2.8.8dev.15 -TD
* amend change made in 2.8.8dev.10 to LYLocal.c get_filename(), ensuring that
  the bstring parameter can be (re)allocated within that function's call to
  LYgetBString() (report by Raoul Megelas) -TG
* build-fixes for djgpp 2.04 and gcc 4.8.4 using Watt-32 -GV

2014-12-21 (2.8.9dev.2)
* correct an inconsistent check for reload using isLYNXCGI() in the
  options-screen -TD
* add script after using msginit to create en.po, to work around renaming in
  Cygwin environment -TD
* improve overlay of field contents in form for "-dump" option; the change
  in 2.8.8dev.3 did not take into account UTF-8 values (Debian #770011) -TD
* correct a bug in the map_string_to_keysym() function introduced in
  2.8.8dev.17:  as used via the remap() function, this returns the curses
  code for a special key rather than Lynx's internal code (Debian #769601) -TD
* add checks when translating from UTF-8 to Unicode, to ensure that only the
  shortest encoding is accepted.  Other/longer encodings are mapped to the UCS
  replacement character as in xterm (Debian #763268) -TD
* modify LYExpandHostForURL() to call HTGetAddrInfo(), allowing DNS lookups
  for IPv6 to be interrupted, e.g., by typing ^G.  This was a path overlooked
  in 2.8.8dev.13 (reports by Chad Kline, etc.) -TD
* drop libgnutls-extra when using --with-gnutls-compat option -TD
* drop libgcrypt dependency when building with gnutls, using gnutls_rnd()
  rather than gcry_randomize() (adapted from patch by Andreas Metzler,
  Debian #753699) -TD
* fix a reference-after-free in scan_cookie_sublist(), probably fixing RedHat
  #1120925 -Mike Gorse
* update eo.po, id.po from
* improve workaround for too-long pathnames in LYPrint.c SetupFilename() -TD
* fix a few inconsistencies between #if / #ifdef, including one for sleep()
  which broke cross-compiles for MinGW -TD
* updated/improved configure script macros (TD):
  + CF_ACVERSION_CHECK:  work around another gratuitous incompatibility
    introduced in 2.69 (reported by Ross Burton,
  + CF_ADD_CFLAGS:  workaround for ash-shell
  + CF_ADD_LIBS:  workaround in CF_X_TOOLKIT uses pkgconfig, whose files
    generally are using incomplete dependencies - in turn introducing lots of
    duplication.  filter out the duplicates.
  + CF_CHECK_CFLAGS:  workaround for ash-shell
  + CF_CURSES_FUNCS:  improve workaround for weak-linkage, seems to fix tests
    with NetBSD 6.1
  + CF_INTEL_COMPILER:  cleanup the -no-gcc option which was leftover from
    testing - prcs does not build with this option.
  + CF_MAKEFLAGS:  workaround for GNU make 4.0 incompatibility with previous
  + CF_SUBDIR_PATH:  add /usr/pkg and /opt/local to help configuring with
    pkgsrc and macports -TD
  + CF_XOPEN_SOURCE:  Minix3.2 ifdef's the POSIX.1-2001 functions inside
    _NETBSD_SOURCE, even though it was released 2012-02-29 - appease it.  At
    the same time, turn on the verbose flag to show that most platforms need
    platform-specific define's to get POSIX (sic).  Also, add case for UnixWare
    (report/discussion with Mark Ryan).
  + CF_X_ATHENA:  add --with-Xaw3dxft option
  + CF_X_TOOLKIT:  add workaround for breakage in XQuartz upgrades
* add check to ensure that "submit" command from 2.8.8dev.10 is performed
  in a form (report by Karen Lewellen) -TD
* update config.guess (2014-03-23), config.sub (2014-07-28)